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Second Chance by Shinedown Song Lyrics

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Shinedown - Second Chance Song Reviews

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- WOW!5 star

Great album, my favourites are If You Only Knew, Second Chance and What A Shame (: worth buying!!!

- The Crow & The Butterfly5 star

Great song by Shinedown

- Review5 star

Awesome XD

- Amazing5 star


- Amazing5 star

They mix rock with orchestra perfectly! Love this album!

- Can't say enough ...5 star

This band has been my musical "rock" for the past few years, since I was so lucky to discover them. Saw them at SunFest one year and fell even more in love. They really have done no wrong and always seem to write my heart and soul ... LOVE it!!! Keep it up!!!

- #55 star

I love the song the crow chasing the butterfly <3

- Great from beginning to end5 star

Every song is good. I can't find any clunkers

- Touching5 star

I really like What A Shame because it reminded me of what my dad did 2 himself,I liked Son of Same

- Som5 star

Cause I created the sound of madness, wrote the book on pain somehow I'm still hear to explain. At the darkest hour Neva comes in the nite. U can sleep w/ a gun when u gonna wake up and FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

- FIVESTARS!!!5 star

These songs keep me sane. They are full of emotion and artistic brilliants. I could listen 2 just this album the rest of my life, it's the best. :)

- knv5 star

YOUR THE MOST GREATEST BAND IN THE WORLD! :) but I wish I could the song ENERGY... because it's so awsome!

- great4 star

this album really is what shinedowns about between second chance and the crow and the buttterfly this is shinedowns best album.

- Greatest band ever5 star

Shinedown is my all time favorite band

- I have found it!!!!!!!5 star

I would listen to a rock station on the radio as a kid and I fell in love with some of theses songs but I never heard the name or title of the songs. I'm so happy that I have finally found what they are called and who they are by I love shinedown and will keep on listening! And for all the haters out there shut up your probably hearing impaired and cant tell what's good music and what's not, cuz this is good music!

- The Sound of Madness4 star

I heard the sound of madness today and I was surprised when the message was to put down your guns. A song about non-violence however it sounds really violent. I never got what the lyrics meant until today

- Awesomeness!!5 star

Love shinedown!

- Best of the Best!5 star

Not only was this the best album ever! This band is the most down to earth group of people I've ever met. EVERY SINGLE SONG has a wonderful story. EVERY SINGLE SONG is one you'll never forget! Amazing!! <3

- Awesome5 star

My favorite songs are Call me and Second chance

- Shinedown Classic5 star

Shinedown is one of the only bands today I see becoming a classic rock band years down the road. Brent Smith's voice cuts through the haze of a lot of sound alike rock singers with its soulful and gritty tone. Crow and the Butterfly, What A Shame, Call Me, and Second Chance all show off his melodic talent. However, the band kicks it into overdrive for the more metal songs Sound of Madness, Cry for Help, Sin with A Grin, and Cyanide Sweet Tooth. This is a fantastic blend of modern rock and metal, and if Shinedown continues making albums like this, they could be sticking around a long time.

- Perfect!5 star

Anyone who likes any kind of rock will love this album. Like me! This album has that smooth love type rock like the crow and the butterfly all the way to the metal like devour! I'm definitely buying this when I get to some better wifi!

- Amazing!5 star

This entire album is absolutely amazing!! One of my favorite bands. They never let me down. 👍

- @rockminister5 star

@rockminister- dude shut up!!!!! AvoidingX is trash I've seen u on so many different bands reviews saying "this is good check out avoidingX also" I've seen u on disturbed,Metallica,nickelback,& I think maybe even A7X- & I remember seeing ur review on a couple others I just can't remember which ones cuz I know so many bands- AvoidingX is garbage y do u think they got 1 review? They're nobodies so stop posting stupid comments. & I'm sure you've post comments on bands I haven't even looked at their reviews yet

- yay5 star

just buy it seriously these guy are a fresh breath of rock

- Best Band Ever!!5 star

I love this album. So much better than their previous ones. The vocals are absolutely amazing. You can feel the emotion dripping from every song. I honestly listen to it repeatedly and know every lyric to every song. The talent that this group of musicians has is epic.

- Sad1 star

I was rly hoping to like them but I can't they sound like a 9 tearing girl wrote there songs in her bed room but everyone has there own type of music this just isn't mine :@

- Awesome5 star

I love everything they do!

- OMG!!!5 star

Ok, I was reading other reviews saying that half these were not rock songs and I respect their opinion but if you compare this to classic rock which is the most original you can get, this band's music could be considered hard rock. Led Zeppelin was rock! So why can't this be considered rock!?

- phenomenal5 star

The Crow and the Butterfly is beautiful <3

- Great riffs and melody!4 star

This is a great cd for the most part, but some of the songs are too slow for me. I like all of the hard songs like Devour, Sound of Madness, Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide, Cry for help, and Sin with a Grin. They are a great hard rock band and this cd has alot of intensity, but some of the songs I just wasn't feeling them.

- My Favorite Band5 star

Brent Smith has an amazing voice and I've never been disappointed with anything I've heard. The substance behind every song is remarkable in transforming them into the great artists they are. This is my favorite album by them, even though I love everything by them. <3 you Shinedown :)

- Beast5 star

Shinedown is beast.Rock is real music.Rap is crap.Haha.U people that r giving them 1 and 2 stars r stupid,so eat that.

- Best album of all!5 star

My favorite shinedown album by far. My favorite songs are What A Shame, The Crow and The Butterfly, and Breaking. I LOVE every song on this album though, definetily worth the money!

- This is great.5 star

I love this album. My favorite song is second chance. I'm hopefully getting it for my birthday. Best gift ever. But I dont like it wen ppl write reviews making fun of or saying rude comments about it. I know that's their opinion but please, keep the rude words to yourself.

- The Sound Of Madness5 star

I love this album. Freekin Great!!! ICON RISING, Breaking Benjamin. Love this stuff!!!

- Shinedown is the best5 star

I remember the first time I ever saw the "Save Me" video......I fell in love then and still to this day think that theres no other band that has touched upon my own personal experiences in life like they do in their songs. I have been a fan forever and had the great honor of seeing them live at The Pain in the Grass 2010 show with Godsmack,Puddle of Mudd and so on. I have to say my whole reason to attend was to be able to see them live,to feel the emotion of the gift god bestowed upon them. They are now and will forever be my number one favorite band. You guys are perfect harmony and I thank you for being so kind as to share it with the world. With much love and respect Carol D

- Still Great5 star

I've heard people say that they're sellouts or something, I don't think so. This is my favorite album by them. Plus "Son of Sam" is my favorite song right now.

- This is what made Shinedown my favorite band5 star

This is Shinedown's best album yet. Their older post-grunge sound was good, but now they have a new sound that is very unique. Here's a song-by-song review: 1. Devour- drums at the beginning are a great opening, very fast and intense song 10/10 2. Sound of Madness- love the bass drum at the beginning, also pretty intense 10/10 3. Second Chance- one of the few songs I don't mind being overplayed on the radio, it's slower but that doesnt take away from the quality 9.5/10 4. Cry for Help- a very fast song, and very good, but it doesn't amaze me quite as much as the first 3 songs 8.5/10 5. The Crow & the Butterfly- this is a beautiful song but if you listen to it too much it can get kind of old, it's good but there are better slow songs on this album 8.5/10 6. If You Only Knew- for everyone who says this is a slow song, it's not. It's like radio rock, only better 9/10 7. Sin with a Grin- the album picks up again with another very intense song, one of my favorites 10/10 8. What a Shame- easily the best power ballad I have ever heard, even people who hate power ballads will still like this one 10/10 9. Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide- another fast song, pretty catchy, the lyrics are kind of weird though, still good 8.5/10 10. Breaking Inside- slower, but not that slow, and also kind of catchy, sounds a little like Second Chance, and almost as good 9/10 11. Call Me- clever title, never thought I would actually like a piano ballad, although there are better slow songs here if you're looking for one, still, it works well as a closer 8/10 Overall, this is a fantastic album, and I was surprized at how good the songs were all the way through. It's not one of those albums that starts off great, but gets boring half way through. In fact, at the time I bought this, it was the only album where I liked every single song. My advice is that no matter what kind of rock fan you are (alternative, post grunge, metal, etc.) you should definitely try out this album, because it can't be classified as one single genre. It appeals to everyone who loves rock. Well done, Shinedown.

- Finally some new Rock anthems4 star

Shinedown have been around for a while but, only recently started getting the proper respect they should have. This album is what shot them into the mainstream. Everyone has heard at least 1 of these songs. My reccomendation is listen with caution. The songs are all good but can start sounding the same after a while. If you like the song second chance then you will enjoy the whole album otherwise you will not be impressed.

- Good5 star

Are they Christian

- This genre is terrible1 star

It makes me sad that people listen to this kind of music.

- my signature song5 star

This song rocks. second chance is me and my friends signature song

- Love it!!5 star

I love call me, its amazing but my iTunes deleted this album from me and now I'm sad 

- oh my gosh5 star

I like the song "Second Chance".

- GOOD ALBUM4 star


- In a word ...5 star


- Awsom5 star

This band is great but to the Nathan 1994 guy that said f u. W.t.h. Is ur prob if your going to act like that go listen to the Beatles u jack wagon

- you won't ever get tired of it5 star

this cd is amazing! it has the awesome fast songs like devour but also beautiful slower songs like my favorite, what a shame. all the songs on this cd are worth getting. my dad and i play it in the car almost every day and we both sing to it. the best part is, we never get tired of it! buyyyy itttttt!!!

- sounds great5 star

the songs not only sound great, but have a good meaning too. I normally listien to metal bands, but this is a nice relaxing album, one of my favorites. I dont understand why kesha and the black eyed peas are so much more popular then good music like this...

- Concert for the troops overseas, fan for life!!!!5 star

These guys took the time to play for free for us troops in Iraq while I was there, they are AMAZING!!!!!! Their music is fanominal, I will always support these guys. Keep up the good work, I like all that I hear from this band.

- Eargasm.5 star

Best band ever. Only problem is that Sin with a Grin is extremely underrated. GET SIN WITH A GRIN.


so i bought this song and i freakin love it!!!! it was my uh friends/ boyfrriends fav song to listen to and when i heard it i fell in love EMMEDIATELY... i so freakin love this song!!!! :)

- Wow, good music…5 star

Modern music is stuck in a poppy, overly Auto-tuned rut. This band has talent. My favorite is Second Chance. The Crow and the Butterfly and If You Only Knew are also really good.


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Canuk - Rocking Album5 star

This is a Solid Album by a great band. If you like their style definitely Purchase this Album. I listened to it for a day and realized that there are only three songs that I'm not crazy about. Everything else is Golden. Great for a Summer Car ride, with the bass turned up. Buy it!!!

TheoryOfADeadMan - Great album!5 star

I ve been waiting for this for a while now ! Great stuff shinedown!

Wedge090 - Wunderbar!5 star

This is their best album yet, it just blows their first one out of the water. It's definately a keeper.

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Musicadegeorge5 star

Second Chance de Shinedown #NowPlaying 👉🏻

RavensFlock20205 star

@ppeachout @AntisocialMasss @esti_tabarnak Yeah, I'm gonna listen to "Second Chance" by Shinedown. That song is my jam.

Ann_ailina5 star

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Cocaine_snoot5 star

@slutonly4you @sadxmayonnaise Gurlll, listen to 'second chance' by Shinedown

Lenares_kristi5 star

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Jay_LovesBoobs5 star

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Rafa_Al3xandr35 star

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GingerSnips_5 star

Shinedown - Second Chance (Official Video) via @YouTube

MilliDarlling5 star

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You can find here music lyrics from artist Shinedown, album The Sound of Madness (Deluxe Version), song Second Chance, released 23 June 2008. Listening online to Second Chance - Shinedown song preview is free and does not require registration...

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