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MercyMe - I Can Only Imagine Song Reviews

- Hwb123

Best song

- Great album

I love this one.

- I can only imagine

Every time i listen to i can only imagine i start to cry. This album is for both christians and non believers but especially for those who want to believe. This song is very moving and it will help you lift your eyes up to Christ and thank him for giving you life

- I Can Only Imagine

Is "I Can Only Imagine" the greatest song ever? If you think so, say this review was helpful.

- total ripoff to have to buy the album

the message of this should be about worship, but after seeing the "album only" option for "I Can Only Imagine", it seems that the only message is "let's make as much off the fans as possible". Pretty far from Christ's ideas..

- wonderful

this is amazing music. it really touches peoples hearts and souls. This is the kind of music that god would want us to listen to. This band touches my soul.

- I can only imagine

I can only imagine is probably the greatest songs i've ever heard! This song was used in a slideshow at Godparents retreat that i went to and everyone started crying when it came on. It was awesome!

- ):

"I can only imagine" is 1.29 ... And I have 1.25 ): aww man , I feel like crying !!! My dad won't refill my account until next week ! I can't wait that long !!! Other wise, amazing song . Everytime I hear it , I always have to listen to it in complete silence and really think about it , makes me cry everytime too , I wish I had a couple extra pennies . ):


This is one of the most awesome contemporary Christian songs I have ever heard. It makes you want to stand up and march for Jesus!

- Great Album

First album I bought of Mercyme without knowing that the anthem "I can only Imagine" was on there. I quickly realized that the singer has an amazing and versatile voice. This band sends out woship with creativity and effectiveness.

- I can only imagine

I can only imagine is the best song i ever heard. I luv that song for many reason. That song just brings memories bck and its wonderful. I luv it :)!


This is one of the greatest songs EVER!! I love this song it's very heart warming though!! :)

- Mercy me

Today, I play "I Can Only Imagine" at my awesome Dad's Memorial. Forever more, to worship Him. Sail free Dad. Thanks Mercyme!!

- God is With you!

Amazing Song! GReat Job! God is deffinently speaking through you to everybody that listens to this song. It made a huge impact on my life! Great job! Kepp singing more and God Bless you! ♥

- One of my all time favorites

I first hear this in church 8 years ago. The music minister had lost his father and sang this to the congregation in remembrance of him. Needless to say, there wasn't a dry eye in the pews. I still don't know how he got throw the whole song. The next day I went out and purchased this CD and to this day it is still one of my favorite songs. I still tear up a little every time I hear it as I thinking about family I have lost.

- I Can Only Imagine

Of course everyone is going to love this album for the amazing song "I Can Only Imagine"...and they should! After listening to that song one time, it will be your go-to song for when you need daily inspiration! MercyMe is great!

- MercyMe is awesome!!!!! :)

Almost There "All Fall Down" and " In You" are soothing and awesome. Two of my favoriye songs. :)

- Boring!

I Can Only Imagine is the most over rated Christian song ever.

- Awesome!!!!

Great uplifting music

- I love this song!

This is my first review written ever. I can imagine! God bless those who wrote the song and sang it so beautifully. AWESOME!

- Love it

I used to listen to I can only imagine when I was little all the time! It is amazing! This inspires me to do great things! I can only imagine when they day will come... Will I be able to speak at all? I can only imagine!

- Awesome

I love this song

- Great Worship

i would recommend this to any one. I have already bought so many mercyme songs including i can only imagine and God with us which is a fabulous song!

- I'm at a loss for words...

MercyMe's song "I Can Only Imagine" is one of the most touching songs I have ever herd. When I had to learn the lyrics in sign language, I got goosebumps on my arms every time I listened to it. It is such a powerful song and will continue to be one of my favorites.

- Amazing song full of remberance

I love this song it always reminds me of my dad who sang this song in church the night before he died when I was two

- Awesomely Inspirational

A very inspirational CD.

- WoW!!!!!!!!

This entire album has a strong praise and worship effect. Very strong and motivational message.

- Love you Guys!!

The First time I heard this song, I was Amazed at how beautifully it was written & I remember just being blown away by it, and I could not wait to hear it again, and again and again. I have heard it probably a thousand times & it is one of the few songs that I never ever grow tired of listening to. Thank you a million times for this gift of inspiration, and please Keep up your blessed work.

- I can only imagine

This is a wonderful song and I love it. To me this song helps me remeber god and my friend Taylor Storch. I hope he makes some more songs like this.

- Almost There

A great CD! I listen to it a lot. It gets me in a worshipful mood. I highly recommend it.

- My uncle died in 2007 and this song was played at his funeral and every time my mom hears it she cri

I love it!!

- Great Music

Beautiful, excellent, etc.

- Thank u!

This song is great. They played it at my friend's brother's funeral. Everybody was sad, but I just want to thank MercyMe for writing such a touching song.

- !!!!! :)

amazing!!!! so freakin awesome!!!!

- amazing!

i love "i can only imagine"! it was played at my cousin's funeral. it's a powerful song.

- One best albums ever produced

But you people saying mercyme created I can only imagine are terribly wrong they did not create the song they just sang it

- Love it

I can only imagine never gets old. I love it God bless you.

- llllooooovvvv iiiittttt!!!!!!

i lov it!!!!!!!! i can only imagine is the best

- cool

love the song this makes me have tears in my eyes when I hear it.

- OMG...

This is a great song. It has a great message in it that really stands out, when you listen to this song. I love this song because it is a song about heavan, and standing up towards god. This is a great song for anyone to listen to.

- I can only image

Amazing song! Powerful words! Amazing artists. Way to go! You guys definitely nailed this one :)

- Very faithful and sad song

i couldnt help thinking wow when i first heard this song because God loves each one of us individually and would never let anything happen to us. the thing i like the most about this song is that i feel close to God and he is with me...... He sends people our way to help us.... it reminds me how my mother helps people understand God because she is a religious ed teacher for public school children.... In mass i listen to the gospel and know this is the song that can help us we all need help getting our paths straight to God.... I really encourage you to get this song

- Comfort and joy in I Can Only Imagine

I listened to my iPod a lot while staying with my dying father in his hospital room. My daughter had downloaded several contemporary Christian songs onto my iPod including I Can Only Imagine. The song is about how we might react when we finally come into the Lord's presence. I hadn't heard the song before but when I played it, I was so comforted by imagining how my dad might react when the Lord called him home. It's such a joyful song - one of my all-time favorites.

- Divine

Oh yes, oh yeaaaasa

- Very nice

This is a very nice album to have and very inspiring

- I can only imagine life without this inspiring song

I love this song the first time i heard it on the radio i was hooked! If you really stop and listen to the lyrics you realize how beautiful and meaningful they are. I love this song and the whole album and i would recommened it to anyone!!! : )

- Awesome!!!!!!

I love the song "I can only imagine"!! I love it because when I was 5 y bff Hannah ( Hannah b bannah!!! That whatbu called her!!!) died of cancer when I was asleep. It hurt me sook badly, but then I heard this song and I know I will c my bff one day in heaven and we will ride our eletric scooters together again!!!! Lol!!!! We use to do that alll the time!!! Luv ALE7X

- 1.29 for I can only imagine...crazy

Just like the title says. This is an older album and charging 1.29 for I can only is just iTunes ripping you off. Otherwise great great band and song 5 stars! Sorry for the poor review -.-

- It's ok

I really can't decide how to rate I can only imagine. For now it's ok

- I Can Only Imagine

This song is great!! God Works through these artists to bring uplifting music!

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And to hear this live... wah i can only imagine .

AlongSider Radio

MercyMe - I Can Only Imagine.


@agarcv @KetchesonDale @MdMcLean1 Ha I can only imagine..

Ally Fogg

@stillstroppy Oh god, I can only imagine..

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