Melancholy Sunshine Song Lyrics

Melancholy Sunshine by Zhang Zhe Han Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Zhang Zhe Han song Melancholy Sunshine coming soon. Today's advice: ❝Don't always believe what you think.❞

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Zhang Zhe Han - Melancholy Sunshine Song Reviews

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好听. 非常好听!大爱!

抚慰心灵的声音. 歌声悠扬 抚慰心灵 谢谢你的坚强 带着大家走出阴霾 手中开出了一朵花 他在合掌 拯救信仰 歌词和演绎都非常棒

忧伤的基调. 声线优美!

his voice is so clean. the song is full of a lot of story

又见张哲瀚. 加油!小哲!咱们演唱会的约定永远都在,我等着看你在舞台中央发光呢!

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beautiful. This song sounds good!

Nice voice. I like his voice,very soft,it feels like I'm swimming at a sunny day.Love it!!

pretty. i love your voice

强者的歌. 歌词很感人,好像看到歌者这一年多来的人生起伏,看到他又一次站起来,忍不住要为他鼓掌👏

Brilliant song. Slowly Gently and Stoutly …Bravo!

Melancholy Sunshine (Zhang Zhe Han Song) Comments

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FAQs for Melancholy Sunshine

When did melancholy sunshine come out?

Melancholy Sunshine is a song that was released in 15 December 2022.

From which album is the song melancholy sunshine?

Melancholy Sunshine is a song from the 憂傷的晴朗 - Single album.

Who performs the song melancholy sunshine?

Melancholy Sunshine is performed by Zhang Zhe Han.

How long is melancholy sunshine?

Melancholy Sunshine has a duration of 3:50 minutes.

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