That Spirit of Christmas (Remastered) Song Lyrics

That Spirit of Christmas (Remastered) by Ray Charles Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Ray Charles song That Spirit of Christmas (Remastered) coming soon. Today's advice: ❝A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.❞

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Ray Charles - That Spirit of Christmas (Remastered) Song Reviews

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As good as a Xmas album gets. Quite simply, this is the best complete album of Christmas music by any single artist. Best version of "Winter Wonderland" ever recorded.

Finally!!. Love this album and it’s not cheap tryin to find a cd or vinyl. So happy it’s available here!!

FINALLY. I’ve wanted the song “Spirit of Christmas” for a LONG time, it’s one of my favorite Christmas songs and infinitely better than anything Mariah Carey could EVER make.

My favorite Christmas Album. Ray Charles “All I Want For Christmas” along with the other songs on this album are absolutely the best of the holiday season.

Oh.My.Goodness.. How could Mariah Carey's album still be #1 on the best selling list?!? Wake up, you sniveling Gen-Xers and Millennials. THERE'S TRUE GREATNESS RIGHT HERE! Ray Charles' The Spirit of Christmas defines the genre. From the first track to the last, it is the soundtrack of Christmas.

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That Spirit of Christmas (Remastered) (Ray Charles Song) Comments

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FAQs for That Spirit of Christmas (Remastered)

When did that spirit of christmas (remastered) come out?

That Spirit of Christmas (Remastered) is a song that was released in 16 July 1985.

From which album is the song that spirit of christmas (remastered)?

That Spirit of Christmas (Remastered) is a song from the The Spirit of Christmas (Remastered) album.

Who performs the song that spirit of christmas (remastered)?

That Spirit of Christmas (Remastered) is performed by Ray Charles.

How long is that spirit of christmas (remastered)?

That Spirit of Christmas (Remastered) has a duration of 5:04 minutes.

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