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Oh My God by Adele Song Lyrics

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Adele - Oh My God Song Reviews

- Feminist as it’s best :-(

I love Adele music but this album is a huge disappointment. As a man I could related to mostly all her past music, as it was written without any gender in mind, just good, deep, soulful lyrics for everyone. This album is feminist as its best. Hope, she remember next time, that her fans are not just women. Best wishes ❤️

- Love it

It is one of the best albums by her! I love it!

- adele :))

so beautiful and rae the queen is back

- Her best album yet!!!

Its still Adele but a slightly different version. The sounds on this album are a new take for her, a risk for sure. From the first listen, I was hooked.

- So real,so beautiful


- Like watching ocean and sky

Loved all albums. Her voice is magnificent on this one. I love songs but can almost hear her stories in her voice without listening to lyrics. I think have a favorite depending on day I listen. But at my age (very mature) I think Hold On tells story of lasting through storms of life. This is not depressing. Sad in places yes. But so truthful about what life is about. Clearly her deepest album yet. It must have taken great courage

- Bobby Bee on '30'

I pre-ordered it and haven't been disappointed yet. All Hail Adele! Now that I know the "source " of her making this CD, it makes it even more reverent. Her BEST work to date. She's AWESOME!!!!



- Disappointed

I preordered this album because I love Adele’s voice. Did not care for Easy on Me. Hoped it would grow on me but after listening to the whole album I don’t want to hear any of it again. I wish she would belt out some standards or some early Jazz. Some beautiful love songs with her beautiful voice. Wish I could get my money back. Sorry

- 🧐

wow what happened to her? i mean she used to be decent but then she came back and made annoying songs. the ones that you can’t ever get out of your head.

- 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Tithe Oscar reward goes to ADELE! Yay!!’

- adele

adele is such an amazing person and it kills me that she has to go through sad times like us .

- Till this day!!!

I remember waiting for thisAlbum to drop for anybody who don’t like this album you should probably go give it a second listen because the songs are really good in their own way mind you she said it was a personal album

- Queen

Excellent album front to back, thank you.

- Amazing!

Love it so much!

- 💜

Made music for her generation

- Love

Love I drink wine! Great message and I can relate 100%.

- So many haters

She has a voice record an adult after five years so that’s awesome

- J’aime trop Adèle

J’aime trop Adèle

- I’m sorry

This ain’t rolling in the deep. It will be OK if there was one to maybe even three sad songs but the whole album is sad. I can’t do it

- Adele’s Best Album Yet 🙌

This album has a mix of everything it’s one of a kind in the generation. Was worth the wait

- Yikes

She fell of hard


I loved her other albums, this was awful, her voice went with the weight loss. 😫

- Stellar with heart wrenching vulnerability

I’ve been listening to this album DAILY for the last 2 1/2 months. I cannot get enough of the rawness. There is so much truth and depth that is not present in a lot of modern day music. The vocals are the best of the best. Hair raising. The arrangements and melodies are remarkable. So well produced. Love Love Love!

- Disappointment

I feel like we were tricked by the first single being great, because the rest of the album is so bad. Sorry. I’m actually a big fan. 🤷🏻‍♂️

- What Happened?

In her on words, this is what happens "If you don't choose to grow". "Complacency is the worst trait to have"...

- love.

nothing more to say just love & tears.

- starting to grow on me

this album didn’t have a good first impression on me, but it’s starting to grow on me and these songs are actually deep and personal once you take the time to read and decipher the lyrics. of course 21 and 25 will still be very special to me and be my favorites because i fell in love with them first. however, this album is still great all around. every artist grows and will experiment and do different things and adele did just that and i love it. some of my favorites on this album are my little love, i drink wine, and can i get it. i also like. easy on me and it was a great lead single choice. overall, i’d say it’s a 9/10 album.

- The Queen is back

In my opinion her best work yet. It seems as though she gets better and better with each album

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️


- Not her best

I love Adele but this album is boring and insipid. She did not bring anything new, just more of the same. Hopefully the next one (in 10 more years) is better.

- Awful

Two amazing songs (Easy on me & Hold On) the rest is rubbish. Defo not her best work. I fear the Adele well has ran dry.

- Not her best …

Unfortunately, this CD lacks the penetrating songs of her prior CDs. I can understand why the CD was shelved for 2 years before being released. That’s where it should have stayed frankly. Lackluster songs rambling on aimlessly … I hope the next one (35, 50?) recaptures the originality of her earlier outings. This is a poor showing, IMO.

- Album

It’s somewhat disappointing, with exception of a few song

- Love it

Adele is back. Rhythmic and fun yet emotional and real

- So disappointed… want my money back!

I’m a big fan of Adel but this album was so disappointing, all her other albums are epic, strong epic sound, strong powerful voice. There are maybe 2 songs that are ok quality on this album. This album has poor music quality and sounds like a fluff album, feels rushed. We have all anticipated her up coming album, new producer and we had high hopes but we were incredibly disappointed.. I want my money back! Comparing to her past albums this is clearly not the quality we are used to. It’s as if she has “made it” and no longer giving the passion she once did. Sound like she tried to go in a different direction, stick to what you’re so good at. Greatly disappointed!

- Welcome back!

Love every song!! She’s done it again!

- No thanks!!!

It’s like a weird yodeling album. Every song is the exact same tone and repetition. She’s way overrated. I give her career another year before she collapses. Plus real Americans don’t support commies like her!!


oh my god i cant believe it

- No!

God please make it stop! She’s become the Celine Dion of this generation. Her voice is so annoying. Every song is depressing and sounds the same.

- Adele is the best

Amazing so worth the money 🎶🎤🎧

- Meh

Nothing fresh.



- Impeccable!

A musical work of art!

- This Album

It is amazing, I have always loved Adele’s music and this music makes me blown away by her talent.

- Simply Put

Truly extraordinary. As usual. Adele is like no other.

- Adele!!!!

Raw. Vulnerable. One of my faves.

- dissatisfied

adele is a disappointment to her fans and why people continue to support her is beyond me. waste your money and time on another artist who holds up their end.

- Love This Album!

Each song speaks to her journey that many people ignore. That’s why one star raters are struck in past songs, and not the current. The songs on the album speak to the ‘30 Adele’ in the current…not the past. Love that she sang her heart and soul out about it, and displays beauty and confidence doing it. Beautiful artist, voice and album…you go Adele!

- ☹️

🤬…………. 🥸

Wise 💸

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- Fab


- Love it

Really nice song. Can’t wait to hear the rest!! Adele is the best.



- Sounds Recycled like déjà vu

nothing new here

- Adele come back!

Welcome back Adele!! Missed you so much, and this new single is a solid start to a new era!

- tears


- Yes

Yes queen

- Adele does it again!,

Amazing and beautiful!!

- Easy On Me

Brilliant ❤️

- Nothing special at all

Overrated. Sounds the same as all her other songs. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

- Wow

Queen. That is all

- Amazing

Adele’s songs are healing

- Just what we needed after Covid wrecked the world

Never disappoints .Music is Adele

- Beautiful

Powerful song! She is amazing!

- Welcome back Adele!

Welcome back ! Rob from Montreal :-)

- Robin in Cobourg

Haunting single, clever as ever

- 6 years in the making…

Everyone welcome back that silky smooth voice that we’ve all learned to know and love. Well done Adele!

- Blessed

We are all so blessed to have the gift of this magnificent talent and musician.

- Welcome back Adele!!

I love the new Adele song… I’m so excited for the new era. Adele makes the best breakup albums!!

- Dang, girl.

Adele can’t go wrong. Another beautiful ballad, by a beautiful talent. Keep ‘em coming!

- Welcome back!

Absolutely love it

- Christmas Present

This album will be on my Christmas Wish List for sure. Missed hearing new songs but when she does a new album, it is as great as the past albums...Beautiful voice from a beautiful person. Merci

- 10/10

Adele put her entire badussy hairs into this album😍😍

- Love it

This song is amazing

- Insane

6 years later and worth the wait 😭

- easy on me

Beautifull song i love it i can feeeel it deeply so beautifull voice melody it shaaaaaat

- Yayayayayayayay she’s back


- Adele 30

Sad and boring always the same complain

- She Rocks

Can’t wait for this so glad she’s back

- Amazing


- 😐…….

It sounds like every other song and it’s not catchy.I don’t like how she sounds like she’s yelling when she sings “easy on me”.#disappointed😠😒😐

- So excited to hear more

Love the first song and can’t wait for the rest of the release. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- The wait was worth it!

Amazing voice! My favourite artist; glad she is back!

- What!!!

I didn’t like it at all

- Nothing to write home about

The album is okayish. That’s it. Definitely not worth waiting 6 years for! Those two stars are mainly for ‘To be Loved’.

- I loved this song

Her vocals are amazing ❤️❤️❤️



- Song


- Everything.

Puts you in the emotions every time you listen to her songs. One of the greats.

- She is the best!

This return after nearly 6 years feels like she was always with us. Love her, more!

- ⭐️⭐️

Not bad

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- Pure HiT

I’ll be honest, so the song has a special place in my heart. I love this album

- Adele is the best

I expect a blast..

- 😍😍😍😍


- Greatness!!

I’m expecting that greatness vibes as always. Big love ❤️ Pure Energy 🙌🏾

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