Girls Want Girls (feat. Lil Baby) Song Lyrics

Girls Want Girls (feat. Lil Baby) by Drake Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Drake song Girls Want Girls (feat. Lil Baby) coming soon. Today's advice: ❝Avoid mixing Ginger Nuts with other biscuits, they contaminate. Keep separated.❞

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Drake - Girls Want Girls (feat. Lil Baby) Song Reviews

- DONDA IS BETTER⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️


- 😮‍💨

drake really made pipe down

- Safe

Very drake like, safe album. Lucy type of move for a bigger play.

- DONDA is better than this album


- Not the best

Is not just it

- 🐑🦉

What you get when you mix a owl and goat together 💯💯🔥🔥

- Ehh

I fell asleep after listening to the first 4 songs.

- To sexy for me

Check your self before you wreck your self

- West who

💯💯💯💯 enough said he did that

- Very bad album

It’s really bad a prefer not to listen to

- Lazy

Nothing special, he needs to do better. Only a few bops on here, sad

- Drizzy On Days

Drake "Aubry" Graham, Is the sole response, to find, freeing motivation, for his exceptionally expansive, recordings. We all formulate, the mentality to mindfulness, to direct his devotion to daily instantaneous, decisions to make a responsive surrealism for music, I adore & admire, his chiasma of excellent, decency, the constant decisions are to prelate to the response, never give up you're dreams, cause he's a role model .

- No cap


- Poo poo stinky

Not good

- Awful

Worst album of the year

- NWTS Vol. 2 feel 🥵

I wish the songs were the placed better. But, Fair Trade and Knife Talk my favs 🔥

- Great


- Very mediocre

Not a great track list. Really just bland.

- The best

Best rapper

- Excelente!

Gran álbum!

- Great album

Gets better the more you listen 🐐

- Album is horrible.

Complete trash.

- Album of the decade so far

One of the most under appreciated albums of all time

- Stick to features Jimmy

Hate when good artists fall off but it’s happened for him. At least we still have the classics.


could do better


yall some hater fr … so u gonna act like y’all don’t like way 2 sexy ??? cmon now.

- 🔥


- It’s flat out boring

I love Drake so much but Idk what he’s doing anymore. Since Views, nothings been that good. He has features that trump his last 3 albums. Come back when you remember who you are Aubrey. 🤦🏾‍♀️😔

- Goat

another classic

- Hold up watching u🤔

Not yet but happy 😃 U NEED AERDUD

- not good at all

his worst work yet you rlly sat here and made us wait this long for this 🗑 cmon bro

- Review 2 6 Dios

At the end of day it’s music to evolve 2. Production A+ Top notch. Tour soon… Killy Drizzy back on road. After dat… new chapter. Rick Ross collab album sounds fitting 4 2022. Only right. Jeez. Smiley has to open up for CLB tour run. Popcaan too. No cap. FutureThePrince and Oliver make it happen !

- Fire

Drakes album has been on for me about 3. Weeks lol fire. He should do a certified lover girl as like with the females, I could see

- Goat

The goat de la década

- Certified Classic

This CD is a true certified classic. Like all his other albums you have to listen to it several times for his word play. I love it and cannot stop banging it. Him bringing in Project Pat and Yebba from Memphis, genius. Folks need to not sleep on this album!! It’s a classic like all his others.

- Horrible!

Drake is the definition of overrated!!!

- Awful

Cash grab

- Okay

V j

- Drake who?

What kinda music is this…


Awesome Album!


Wow amazing, drake don’t miss 🤰🏿🤰🏻🤰🏼🦉

- The state of music is sad

This is absolute garbage. It’s actually worse then Donde and I didn’t think that would be possible.

- Not what i expected from Drake

expected much better

- drakeee

beautiful work


BEST ALBUM EVER DRAKE IS FIRE , we literally got goo the sounds from all his old stuff , really love it it’s a classic

- Horrible

S*x words and horrible.

- Awesome

iTunes you got this twisted. There’s no such thing as toxic masculinity; stop villainizing men for being men. There are other personalities besides women and what they want. This album is heat, as always, from one of my favorite artists. I can’t stand your album summaries. “Toxic masculinity” is a fallacy of mind by those who can’t accept the other side and ways of our genders.

- Mid

Absolutely garbage. Worst from drake. This was a disappointment and a disasters very mid.

- Great Album Safemoon Wallet

Drakes album is awesome and I can’t wait for the Safemoon Wallet to drop.

- Aight

I mean it’s overhyped as can be but I mean that just seems to be the way things go with champagne papi

Wise 💸

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So hard I dont know why all the Kanye fans mad😭😂

- Not feeling this album tbh

What happened to Drake and his music ain’t good anymore :(

- 10/10

This album is amazing, drake is the goat and this is aoty

- What else is new ?!

Just another 6 god at the top album 🔥🔥

- Dissapointment

All the songs sound the same

- You know

Awesome 2am🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥CLB

- #RIP Drake’s Hunger

What else is there for Drake to achieve? Couple songs that are kinda catchy. But you can hear it in the music that he knows he’s already made it. The hunger + effort is no longer there.

- 🔥🔥🔥


- 🔥🔥🔥

This was so worth the wait! 🦉



- 🔥🔥🔥



First play through was nice the second time is even better #GOAT

- Somebody daughters is getting pregnant this fall

Sexy, groovy, smooth. Drake did the damn thing!

- Best album

Best album

- Fire

Bad boy Toronto’s Finest- Metro Housing 2 sexy.

- UN C🌞🌞L DRE🔱


- Banger

Since the beginning it slapped so hard. 🙌🏾🐐🌟🖤

- He passed Hov with this one

Time for the world to acknowledge the 🐐

- The 🐐 is back

Every era of drake in one album… hits no misses. AOTY!

- What is there to say…

Great album. Cohesive. Stunning musical genius at a level only few hope to achieve.

- Kinda mid but better than Donda

Donda def an L

- Great album

I love this album

- clb

drake is the goat way better than kanye. simple🐐

- Best album of all time

Best album ever produced. Narrowly surpassed thriller

- Great

Loved it

- Bad

Just awful, so repetitive, just stopped listening half way through

- Trash

Why, just WHY?? Annoying

- Lit

Lit AF

- Trash



Classic by Drizzy

- Greatest of all time

Finally dropped it 👏🏾

- Wanna know a man's thoughts?

It hit different when you know your story. Just enjoy this sound of truth. ❤️‍🔥.

- Drake


- Delivered ✅🔥

Delivered as usual 🔥 People will definitely come back to this and realize that they’ve been sleeping on all of these great tracks. 🌹

- Yooo

Not the best tbh

- this is fire

i was so hyped and it lived up to the hype i recomend u get it

- Certified Album

Thank you Drake for this masterpiece.

- Terrible

I really don’t like this album

- Fire

Absolutely fire



- Trash

Ye wins

- Certified Trash Album


- Certified Lover Boy

Masterpiece CLB>Donda

- Fjjmn


- HHahgdh


- Same Drake again

Drake stopped showing versatility in his career ! Almost all the songs seem same ! Lyrics are corny and most of the the album is a yawn fest ! There are few great records on this but the disaster content dominates the good.

- Need to learn from Kanye

Need more

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- Flawless victory’s

This was worth the wait, I can play this back to back and enjoy it,

- Doo doo

I’ve hard farts more musical than this

- Overrated

No good at all period


Anotha classicooooo🌹💥

- 1st class 👌🏽

Wow 👌🏽🔥

- Weak

It’s below par for me

- Banger HE IS GOAT 🐐 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


- Average drake album

Very underwhelming, average drake album with very similar songs and lots of mid but will get a pass cause of 2/3 tiktok hits

- The goat

Nobody comes close to this guy. Consistently great album after great album. No friends in this industry is the best

- Just so bad

Why drake ?

- 🗑🗑🗑


- Awful

Who buys this utter rubbish?



- Not his best work.

Only like 1-2 songs I actually enjoyed on this

- Worst Drake album to date.

I really want to like this album but I can’t. Waste of £11.99.

- Delivered

The boy back again

- Boring

Same flow throughout the entire album. Gets repetitive/boring.

- It’s alright

Meh kinda generic super disappointed

- Boredom

2/3 songs are ok (not great) and that Future song is awful!

- Kai6655


- Lol

Give it up

- Terrible

Looking forward to this since January and it’s complete garbage. Also, what happened to all the good songs that got leaked?

- Clb review

Only a couple songs stood out to me and generally didn’t sound amazing. 4/10

- boring

donda better, this put me to sleep

- mid

donda better

- ❤️

Love love love!

- The best songs ever

Hello my name is Jessica and I love your songs pls can u do more songs this it an d I’m only 9 but ma big fan of them

- Goat recognise Goat

Both album “ Donda & CLB” are super good! Yet different characters different artist but both genius in theirs own materials! Rather to talk s…t bout him or him we should be grateful to have two incredible art album from 2 amazing artist!

- Really?

Been following you since Room for Improvement, laugh now cry later was the best song not on this album 🤫

- Everyone else is saying 1 star

I’d give it none if I could

- Good but some songs sound the same

Kinda mid

- goat

insane album, worth the 3 and a half year wait🔥

- 🔥🔥

The album gets better with every listen. A great piece of art altogether but it is not his best

- High expectations but a chore to listen to

Was so excited to listen to this album, I much prefer the slower r&b drake but this album all sounded the same and was very disappointing

- Disappointing

At this point drake is just rapping the same flows over different beats

- More complaining about fame and women.

As if Drake hasn’t already done enough of the same, CLB is further proof that Drake hasn’t grown up. A few glimpses of decent songwriting can be found, but nothing more.

- 🐐🐐🐐🐐


- Utter Rubbish

Every song sounds the same, crappy beat and whining vocals, give it a rest🥱🥱🥱

- CLB review

Amazing piece of music! An album that you can listen to from front to back without skipping a track, Absolute fire!

- God help us!!!!

Do people actually buy this crap?!!!

- Terrible

Save your money and listen to it on YouTube for free. Most overhyped album in recent years.

- Love All - loyalty is priceless

Great album

- Certified Lover Boy?

Certified Trash more like..

- clb

CLB is the🦊🦊🦊

- Club


- CLB🐐


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