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Therefore I Am by Billie Eilish Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Billie Eilish song Therefore I Am coming soon.

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Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am Song Reviews

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- All her song sound the same

I really don’t understand how people can stand by such a repetitive artist. To top it off she’s mumbling in nearly every song. She does have a beautiful voice but her style is so off.

- Not music

Idk what this is but it’s not talent



- Y’all are dumb

You’re saying that she’s talking in rhythm ... what do you think rap is?? Its all music!!


i absolutely love billie and her music and i will continue to love it. if you hate on her that’s embarrassing just saying

- Hi


- 🔥Fire🔥

I don’t get why everybody hating 😑is good 😌 they just mad that they don’t have talent

- 💜💜💜 amazing

I love Billie and her music. If u don’t like this song why listen to it to all the people that wrote a bad review about the song. And one more thing put a smile on your face it looks good on u ,have good day.❤️


I’m a big fan of her.She so good and talented.LIKE WOW!.if u don’t like her..ur a boring person.

- Terrible

What is this? This is not music. Overrated...

- Love it

Billie is amazing and this song is awesome. Love it

- 🔥

This is fire stop the hate

- listen up

ok ok. i get y’all think it sounds the same as all her other music but it doesn’t. this is entirely new. from an unbiased point of view, i can see why you all don’t like her. yes, some of billies music sounds the same. but so does everyone else’s! ariana grandes music is the same way, so is melanie martinez, bts, and a lot more. i really like this song, and i don’t really care if you do. just don’t call people trash, k?

- Not improving

I used to like her music back in 2018-2019. Now I’m realizing it all sounds the same. She has the same monotone sound throughout and every new song sounds the same. I have no idea how people still listen to her.

- Love this


- very very bad

this is just pure mumbling, absolutely no thought must’ve been put into this song.

- terrible

The only good part is the start and thats it pogchamp

- H8trs

Funny how there’s always people taking time to write negative comments...funny she’s won 5 Grammys this year...haters... lol

- No my fav

Good but not my favorite. I encourage those saying she doesn’t have talent to listen her love or a stripped down recording of her singing. It is truly amazing

- billies bae

best artist

- Catchy

Catchy, fun song

- Nooooooo

After that one song that made her famous, she fell off.

- Shame

She has such a beautiful voice, but this doesn’t not showcase it :(

- We Stan

Where is all the whispering you guys are talking about?! Are you guys deaf?! If you don’t like her music, fine. Don’t bother saying she isn’t talented. Also, you guys can ** ** **** when you say, “What happened to actual good singing,” because it’s your opinion, and it’s still singing. Not all her songs sound the same. NONE OF THEM DO!

- Her worst song by far


- Uhhh

I have no idea why I like this song

- y’all are some haters

Ok so all i see in the reviews are 1 stars. and reviews by 30 year old men who have nothing better to do. your hate only makes my girl more successful. when you play the song to find out what’s wrong with it or to find something you don’t like guess what buddy. you are only helping her get more famous and she’s only benefiting off of you. don’t feel special because you hate the song. she couldn’t care less. i’ve spoken you haters are flops, you yanked and you will never be successful.

- This is just a mood

This song is amazing

- what’s with the hate?

if you don’t like her songs then don’t listen?? i personally like this song and it’s catchy.

- What a masterpiece!

Pure talent! The production is amazing and the control in her voice is immaculate! Gas! 💀

- Just stop

Trash music

- I love this

This is an amazing song and it’s a bop. Periodt

- Another thing...

Haters, if you don’t like Billie there’s no reason for your terrible words! You’re not the only person that has feelings! Simply shut the heck up. Love your music Billie!

- 👎

I don’t understand why she’s so popular

- 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


- if u don’t like the song then don’t comment bush

wthhh if u don’t like it don’t comment bishhh i think it’s great she’s so young and beautiful

- Impressive

I am continually impressed with Eilish’s ability to write songs such as this one. The Rene Descartes quote she uses in the chorus, “I think therefore I am,” is a very powerful conclusion and I think that it fits very well with the tone of the song. It takes talent to pull something like this off with home equipment and yet, she comes through. I am yet to give a song a 5 star review, but I would like to make it known that this was very close. Bravo -Alfalfa

- Actually, pretty catchy.

I’m no fan of Billie but I can say that this song right here is just...

- Confused

The biggest aspect of her music which confuses me is her lyric “I think, therefore I am” which is a deeply philosophical statement about the only thing we can be sure about in life is that we exist. When hearing this song, I do not think the true weight or meaning of this highly important concept was conveyed. Therefore, I am disappointed.

- Great musician

Not only is she an amazing singer but as well an amazing person. I love she advocates in mental health, and body image. I love how different her songs are than the typical baby pop crap. Girl you keep being you! Screw the haters!

- I'm not ashamed to be an avacado!

Woo-hoo! I love this song! Can't get it out of my head! For those who liked this, listen to my all time favorite Bellyache.

- Coi


- Awful

She can’t sing, can’t write a song, and the only reason people like her is because she’s this quirky weird stereotype and someone for unpopular kids to listen to to feel better about themselves.

- Upbeat for Billie

UPBEAT SONGS BY BILLIE EILISH 1. Bad Guy 2. This song This song is really good, I’m addicted to it! And I’m a kid!

- Love it also stop it haters

You know what? She’s a talented artist and y’all haters don’t know what Talent is you don’t have taste in Music she’s a queen The song is amazing if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything haters gonna hate

- I ain’t no emo

This song isn’t bad...? But it isn’t Good either..? Anywho, I don’t really like this song i don’t understand the words. “Therefor I... mumble- mumble..,;” not the best and it sounds like it’s ment for emo people ( no offense )

- ily billie!!

billie is my idol and i love her with all of my heart. bil if u are seeing this my tik tok is @linseilish! ily🥰

- Yuk

she whispers!!!!! What kind of singer is this!!!!!!! HORRIBLE, NO TALENT

- Stay mad

Period. she’s a queen, Megan the stallion, Beyoncé, nicki, and all those dumb b**** don’t hold a candle to her!!!

- That’s why I’m single

She is the greatest !!

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- Smoothing

Billie the best

- Review

This is fab!

- Is just another lemon tree

Yesterday you told me bout the blue blue sky

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Sawce is a band but we bandmates all have sawce in ourselves so therefore I, as an individual, am sawce.


You think that youre the man i think therefore i am.


I think, therefore i am questioning every decision i have ever made.


Genuinely without him i wouldn’t have got into dsmp and found more comfort ccs who have helped me through really hard times therefore i am so so grateful for quackity 🥺.


@princeofcocks Listen I am just saying... if the demon monster crow is a shapeshifter... and if he wanted Aimee to host his eggs. She clearly cannot MAKE eggs... so therefore he'd have to ovipost them in her... Late night horny thoughts.


@ImmortalTech I listen to your music but am concerned about your interview which you stated you want to make sure the young generation knows what it is to "be a man" I am concerned because this would force more gender roles on society therefore most likely creating hierarchy.

God Free World

@elchilakillers I am an atheist - I don’t claim there is any ‘god’. Atheism isn’t an attempt to explain anything, as I stated before, therefore your second bullet point is irrelevant. Your first is an assert of a truth claim that is neither justifiable nor in any way explanatory..

Joe 🦦

I think therefore i am 🧘🏾‍♂️.

Meghan Roberts

@RickyPDillon It brought me you and therefore I am forever grateful for O2L as well. You have been someone I’ve looked up to for years and I have always been such a huge fan. When I finally met you, you were super sweet to me. I thank you for everything you have done for me. I love you Ricky🤍.



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