You Should Probably Leave Song Lyrics

You Should Probably Leave by Chris Stapleton Song Lyrics

I know it ain't all that late
But you should probably leave
I recognize that look in your eyes
Yeah, you should probably leave
'Cause I know you and you know me

And we both know where this is gonna lead

You want me to say that I want you to stay

So you should probably leave

Yeah, you should probably leave

There's still time for you to finish your wine

Then you should probably leave

And it's hard to resist, alright, just one kiss

Then you should probably leave

'Cause I know you and you know me

And we both know where this is gonna lead

You want me to say that I want you to stay

So you should probably leave

Yeah, you should probably leave

Like a devil on my shoulder you keep whisperin' in my ear

And it's gettin' kinda hard for me to do the right thing here

I wanna do the right thing, baby

Sun on your skin, 6AM

And I been watchin' you sleep

And honey, I'm so afraid you're gonna wake up and say

That you should probably leave

'Cause I know you and you know me

And we both know where this is gonna lead

I want you to stay but you'll probably say

That you should probably leave

Yeah, you should probably leave

Oh, you should probably leave

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Chris Stapleton - You Should Probably Leave Song Reviews

- Another 5 star album

Simply the greatest artist of our time.

- Love his sound

Another great record! Love Chris and love his sound! This is country

- Amazing as always!

Chris Stapleton’s music is always amazing. Never a bad song, and this album continues that trend

- Best part of 2020

This album is amazing! Stapleton is one of the best in the business right now.

- Delivers

If you are a fan you probably already bought this. If you’re not, it would certainly add to your soul to have a listen. Some people just have it and always deliver. Right from the beginning of each song, you can feel what’s coming and you know it’s going to be good. It has you wanting to sing along before you even know the words. Got up at 4 am to put some wood in the stove and have had this on loop all morning. Singer/Songwriter home run

- Different

Was expecting a little more country but I guess music has changed

- Oh that Voice

So happy to finally hear some new music! Never disappoints! This album is amazing!!!!

- Chris is the standard

Each album Chris comes out with showcases his vocal and instrumental talent. Each album continues to raise the bar for the country genre as a whole. From the light hearted Arkansas, the loving Joy of my Life, to the impassioned Watch You Burn. Chris has done it again. Well done, sir.

- Looking forward to buying this one too!

I watched you perform "You Should Probably Leave" on YouTube and looked for it everywhere. I was so happy to learn you recorded it on this album! I love what I sampled and Your album will be my birthday present to me... Best wishes to the family and for your humanity toward others.

- 🔥


- Christ Stapleton......

I am obsessed with his music. His voice is amazing!!!! Every day I check to see if he slipped out a song!! I can’t wait for his album to be released next month 😍😍😇

- Good music that’s it

Only listening to the good music not the other nonsense. This is good music. Outside of that is irrelevant to me. When I watch sports I’m watching athlete performance not uneducated messages/protests.

- Starting over

Mike phillips 5786 Is there an aqoustc version of this song as performed a the 2020 music Awards in November 2020? That was so awesome!! Simply greatness Chris!

- Pretty Good

Good tunes. Couple of them sound like he just re-hashed some of his older songs, but otherwise it's a solid album.

- Fantastic

I'm not a big country fan; But Chris Stapleton is that guy.

- A+

I could listen to his voice 24/7!

- The greatest

Glad to have him back!

- If This is Starting Over...

What makes Chris Stapleton and his band absolutely appealing to so many is the ability to rock out in southern rock, slow down to blues, skirt the line of Stapleton’s roots in blue grass, and just good country. He’s versatile, his music doesn’t all sound the same, thankfully. It’s not a one-hit-wonder material, it’s well-made and absolute talent. My wife and I saw Chris Stapleton live in Virginia a couple years ago and it was a great concert, rained and stormed like crazy and it made for a wild and memorable show. We’re looking forward to seeing Chris Stapleton again, performing many of the songs off Starting Over.

- Pity The Fool

As B.A. Baracus used to say on the television program, The A Team... “I pity the fool that lets their cult of personality determine what music they listen to.” I may be paraphrasing...


I don’t agree with what was CBS portrayed as his position towards BLM. I don’t agree with what BLM is portrayed as in ANY media. I do believe that BLM started like almost every other movement, with good intentions until it swallowed too much of itself. The album on the other hand is just as perfect as the rest of his albums! You don’t have to agree with the views of the creator of a product to appreciate the product itself.

- ❤️


- Focus more on music and less on Politics

This is trash compared to previous music of his. Focus on your music and less on Politics.

- Amazing

Another amazing album. The only singer where I can put on any album and listen to the entire thing every time

- Amen!! rriley115

And Chris Stapleton definitely is a GOAT! Thanks for the great country music Chris Stapleton, your concert in Cary NC was forever memorable and mesmerizing to all who attended!

- Wow! Just wow

THIS! this is the best yet! Every single song is fantastic! Hope he keeps ‘em coming❣️

- Hypocrites

All you people only care about black lives when they’re killed by white cops. Other than that....COMPLETE SILENCE

- Greatness!!!!

Best songwriter.

- Good as/Better than TRAVELER

Been a fan since the Steel Driver days...Not going to lie, this album hits home with several songs. Chris could sing the eastern Kentucky phone book and still win awards!

- Glad he’s back

Hoping “Bad Side of the Blood” is on this album under a different name, really like that song. Hillbilly one doesn’t really fit, who knows. Just glad he’s back. Very good album. Shame the F your feelings crowd has such sensitive feelings. You’re a dang genius Chris, well rounded genius. Keep it up. March to the beat of your own drum.

- Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!!!

Love the sound of Cold!! Missed seeing you this year. Chris is a once in a generation superstar. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. He doesn’t require a big band to fill voids in his music, like other artists do. So special!

- Always releases quality music

One of few artists I get excited about hearing new music from, such a refreshing sound in this music industry

- I Hate Country

But LOVE Chris Stapleton and this album reassures me that he’s top notch. I see his style to be more Blues, as evident with this album. Can’t wait to see him live in Chicago next summer. Other than the early release songs, Worry B Gone, Maggie’s Song, Watch You Burn...crazy good. Chris’s voice is unmatched! Sprinkle in Morgan. Man, this album is amazing.

- Great so far

Can’t wait to the album gets released

- Average

Not as good as before

- Gratifying

As always, Chris Stapleton, delivered another amazing album. Its simple, it’s how you feel, you connect and when you close your eyes you feel it. It takes something special to be able to connect to your fans when you don’t even realize it. You’re helping yourself but saving someone else’s. Peace. Love.

- Beautiful

Soulful as always

- Downhill Slide

Chris Stapleton was at one time a breathe of fresh air in the world of Nashville Pop-Sorry…Country Music. But this latest album, shows Stapleton has lost his creative edge. Case in point-“Devil Always Made Me Think Twice” is nothing more than a sloppy attempt to rip off John Fogerty’s “Old Man Down The Road”. Maybe there are those of us that hold Chris Stapleton to a higher standard? Sadly, this album is not near his best-Not Even Close!!!

- Amazing as always 😍

Love his voice and ALL his music!

- Love the music!

Love the songs!

- Genius

This man is unreal👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Trash

Get this trash off here. If he hates America so much, I believe he shouldn’t profit from the American people. Should have kept his mouth shut

- Best Album Yet

Love this album! Chris brings his grit and REAL country voice to this album with a range of emotion about this crazy life we live. Highly recommend!


Today, yesterday, and always.

- No


- Personal and as good as it gets

The COVID album release period has been a bit of a bust for me. But Chris and his wife always amaze me. Story telling. Love and appreciation and the giant middle finger where it belongs. I can feel it all. Thanks again. Well done.

- Excited

Can’t wait for the rest!

- Celebrities stay out of politics

We’re just sick of it

- Outstanding

Chris never disappoints. This album is perfection. One of the best voices in country music today.

- Perfect!

I pre-ordered this album knowing Chris is incapable of not making great music, and I was right! Love, love, love Starting Over! ❤️As always, his and Morgane’s harmonies are heavenly. I shall be playing it on a loop!

- Legend


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Chris Stapleton - You Should Probably Leave (Official Audio) via @YouTube Chris You should probably leave.


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And it's hard to resist, alright, just one kiss Then you should probably leave.

Nick C

You should probably leave.

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