WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) Song Lyrics

WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) by Cardi B Song Lyrics

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Cardi B - WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) Song Reviews

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- Garbage.1 star

Straight trash.

- Worst Song of the year1 star

Worst song of my lifetime.

- For the ratchet and uneducated1 star

The only reason this song is popular is due to cardi’s following. It’s unfortunate that her lack of raw talent indicates that she can still influence her followers. She has to be controversial or add anther popular talent to stay relevant. I get why the kids like her, but we should praise those that are truly talented. Unless she perfects her craft she eventually will fall off. But then again she’s good at pole dancing.

- Pure Trash 🚮1 star

Why? How? What was the reason? 😖🥴

- Ew1 star

Cardi b is garbo

- Gen Z5 star

I think most of us like this song cuz it’s a big mooood ngl. That being said,,, ITS A GOOD SONG

- bomb5 star

the song is catchy and good.

- 🔥🔥🔥Touch that little dangly thang 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Yasssss Queen Cardi & Hot Girl Meg.. Real Queens stay on the charts for more than 1 weekend. The same people hating on the song dancing to it on the low. 😫😂 Haters.. clearly more people like it cuz it’s still #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Bop3 star

Henny this is a great f-ing song but ugh... like really? This is what stays in the top 10 in charts in the US

- Huh?1 star

What is this

- !!5 star

Lighten up, it’s a fun song.

- Trashy1 star

Should be banned

- TRASH 🗑 🤢1 star

The song overall was horrible her body looked disgusting & botched up in the video👎🏽🤢

- I’ve never laughed so hard.5 star

Very entertaining

- song of the year!5 star


- poor1 star

really poor

- eh1 star

not to good

- Song of the year!!!5 star


- umm1 star

the lyrics aren’t even lyrical

- TrashyB1 star


- Wrong in so many ways1 star

This is not music. This is trash lyrically and musically. And to think this woman wants to be taken seriously?

- Eww 😷1 star

This is what y’all call rap these days? Stan bts and nicki and doja instead 🤪


It is so sad that this song is so popular. Praying to God everyone will repent...

- Garbage person1 star

Mind your politics

- Love it5 star

People saying they can’t believe this song exists got down to worse music in their day and act like we ain’t know that

- Very inspiring stuff1 star

I’m empowered

- Trash!!!!!‼️👎🏾1 star

The lyrics..... I can’t 🤢🥴

- Trash1 star

Is this really what music has turned to pathetic

- WAP5 star

I love it!

- Yoooo5 star

Cardiiiiiii .... I never used to listen to her music but this song hiiiiiits

- Disgusting1 star


- The best songs5 star

One of the best songs to ever exist

- uhhh2 star

the lyrics are so bad and give such a bad image to women to say that this is all they are. No, just no. Horrible lyrics, everything else is pretty below par.

- Great 🥵🔥5 star

This song make me dance 💃🏻

- Garbage1 star

What is happening to people these days, it a total garbage and such a downgrading to what a women represent, in powering women my A**, this music and this garbage b***** dose not represent women and n any way

- WAP4 star

When I first heard it I wasn’t sure about. The song ended up growing on me.

- Not the barbz writing bad reviews😂5 star

I don’t care what nobody says this song was iconic

- Nasty1 star

This is not music. It’s nasty.

- Finally we got some balls back in music5 star

I personally love this song it reminds me back in the day when artists were pushing the limits of what could be said in music even if some people take it offensive I wasn’t the biggest fan of Cardi B but now I fully support her and her artistic style like I said in the title music has balls again and it took a strong woman too show us that

- Proof the industry is rigged.1 star

Unless 90 percent of humanity are complete morons.

- For 🐵🙈🙉🙉🐵🙈🙈🐵🙈🙊1 star

This is for you 🙈🐵🙈🙉🙈🐵🐵🙈🙉🙉 haha I won’t stream wap

- Less than a star1 star

As a woman who struggles against the sexism in the world, I don’t approve someone taking us back to the 1960’s. Just stop. If you don’t want to help, then walk away. Stop hurting our efforts!!!!

- Trash1 star

If I could give this ZERO stars I would, but unfortunately that would mean no review. This song is complete trash just like the artist. Im terrified for our generation to grow up thinking this is R&B/Rap/HipHop. I really cannot believe this is the top song listened to right now. This song is a whole new level of "sexualizing woman". #Garbage #TrashMusic #ClasslessCardiB

- 😟1 star


- Ew1 star

How can anyone enjoy this trash

- No classss!!! Have some self respect 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮1 star

Why do you want to fill the young minds with filth? Shame on you ITunes!!!

- WAP5 star

I love it!

- Actually good5 star

Everyone’s mad because the song “degrades women” or they’re mad because these amazing women are rapping about their bodies. Male rappers rap about that all the time and nobody cares, even though they talk about both men and women most of the time, actually degrading women. Megan and Cardi are just proud of their bodies and these softies in the reviews think it’s horrible and disgusting. It’s a song that has a lot to do with s*x and if you don’t like it when it’s women singing then that’s too bad. I think this song has a great beat and it’s really catchy and fun.

- Garbage1 star

No stars wasn’t an option

- Bad1 star

It’s sad that younger people (especially kids) are frowning up listening to this kind of music. Also don’t forget Cardi B raped, drugged, and robbed people.


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myxxixi - 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Yooooooo this song is on respect 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dbopi - FIRE5 star

Naughty, and not trying too hard. Into it

boijoi - Owning themselves5 star

[email protected] I love it!!!

torontoraptor9 - even meg couldn’t save it1 star


just to unlock😂 - BEST SONG 20205 star

Ppl can hate all they want but this song is so good omg🥵

futesvyqagtw - Yassss5 star

Extra large extra hard🔥

Jay GreenWood - I-3 star

Meg’s part is great, the rest is.... trash.

Pumpkiny21 - Garbage1 star

Complete garbage

Nico Tulabut - So bad!1 star

Trash!!! 🤢🤮

Ineedabetternamee - Gross1 star

Can she stop making music I can’t stand her

Étoile de l'avis - Garbage1 star

The MV is decent but the song is garbage. I’m putting one star because of Megan but yeah

Canadianxhick - Beat slaps5 star

Love women pushing the boundaries. I like the explicit version better. Meg ate her bars.

JoshhSuxx - A bop5 star

Gonna get dicked down to this

salyyo - um1 star

i like meghans part- follow my ig😭 theyylovelucass 🔇❤️😫🔈💔🆘😫😳😹😭⛓😻😢🛩⏳😫😎🍃

kitkat1w3 - AWFUL TRASH!1 star

I can’t believe people pay for this!

PM_2897 - Horrible1 star

This song is horrible. Offbeat and mediocre lyrics, half of which aren’t even written by the artists. It’s unfortunate that this is what these two chose to come together to “rap” about. Music video had to use Normani, Kylie and Meg for relevance. This generation needs to do better and support real rappers and lyricists, not classless strippers and entertainers.

weehndy117 - Discounted on release1 star

+ Megan and the song is still garbage. 😱😂

Daviddude133 - annoying1 star

this is terrible

Frfmxqmcatkzq26&, - 😯5 star


Kkkkk 12345678910 - Love love it5 star


Eti09 - BRAVO les filles :D5 star

Deux rappeuses iconiques américaines qui nous en donnent plein les oreilles, "WAP" est un succès!! 👏

Gohabsgo1212 - Gtfo you losers1 star

Nicki is and will stay on top u bit*h !!!!

o.y🥀 - 👅5 star


Sage24x - Audible trash1 star

I feel like I lost IQ points, I would give zero stars if I could, Trap/mumble sh*t needs to stop for good.

S,skakakakkakalsxhxh - Bad1 star

Crappy song

Yaysushdbddbbdbxnxz - LOVE THE SONG CARDI 🥺🔥5 star


hesus0001 - Um....1 star

Had an open mind for Meggggs but this is trash lol.

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Trina12233 - Men can stay pressed5 star

Megan’s verse also slapped as per usual 😌

ForeverBuckley - 2 Queens5 star

If you don’t like this you are probably a Dua Lipa fan



Biggles6t9 - Feminism5 star


OnlyTheo - Slay Me5 star


Queenpinkprint - No1 star

So bad , not worth buying

xOddxSocksx - Love it5 star

Thanks to all the outrage fans you helped me find this song :)

Antony Box - CRAP - Dirty [email protected]1 star

Nikki is streets ahead of this Ho...

Jamesellis5 - Crap1 star

This could be the worst song ever recorded

19lucky75 - How awful. This is disturbing in many ways.1 star

Can the decency and standards in music decline any further????Can’t believe this muck is allowed. Feel sorry for this generation of young girls and women who look up to these so called artists and listen to such crap.

Ladyheroin - Shoulda Left Thotianna Out...1 star

I’m confused as to why they put in a talentless..classless..fake body..Black D Hunter from the Kardashian-Jenner ‘heaux’ clan in the video..should have left her drowning in baby batter..her natural..preferred habitat.

Diamond doll77 - Wap Wap5 star

They popped off on this track yasss

FaheemFazPlaysMC - AN AMAZING SONG !!!5 star

This song is ICONIC !!!!! it was an amazing comeback and is a powerful lead single !!!

itsstayahh - STREAM WAP FOR CLEAR SKIN✨5 star

Cardi and Meg both slayed😍

There's only one Chazmo - About as empowering as a livejasmin session1 star

Why is it every time women rappers comes together it’s labelled as an “empowerment anthem”? Especially considering that vocal in the background. Utter crap

nick mersey - Offset dad1 star

Cardi b fall off big time Megan carried the hole song Nicky> cardi

WilliamVlogs - VILE1 star

Sorry but who would want to listen to this s***

enyere - Best song of the year period5 star

I just wanna go the strip club and watch girls pop the cats to this song periodddddt. This song is a whole bop



BaltimoreRavens1 - Grim topic Good flow3 star

They clearly work on the beat and have good flows but the topic is a little grim to listen to.

kikilouz - Boring Af cardi needs to shhh her big trap.1 star

You ain’t gonna last long fake, ugly and plastic AF! . Your whole ora and demeanour is trash you belong on a pole you are not an artist. Flapping those lips and that voice 🤫 🇮🇹🇬🇧🇪🇸🇲🇽Girl bye 👋🏽

*Carlotta* - Does it all5 star

5 stars for two women on the top of their game singing about what they want to sing about. I’d add another 5 for getting all the puritans and misogynists in the comments so damn PRESSED, rock on Cardi and Megan

nizzy24s - Woman empowerment in the music video5 star

Loveeee this song, keep going Cardi your doing great. Bardi gang got you we getting this to number 1🔥👠❤️

RudiBrechin - Meh2 star

This ain’t it.

AmyJanee - YASSSSSSSS5 star

What we needed

Lycha256 - Amazing!5 star

Had to buy the song as soon as I saw the video, so catchy! Two confident women owning their sexuality has got so many people triggered, I love it!

Joe Avis - Awful1 star


henry-ames - Love it5 star

Love it

NMBarbUk - Disgusting1 star

The song goes against everything strong feminists have preached for year! So much for empowering women this song goes against that! Radio should not be able to play this vile song! I normally like Megan’s music but this is the worst I’ve ever heard... they both need to be introduced to flow they cannot ride the beat!

frootfriday - embarrassing1 star

give it upppp

sjmuse - Awful1 star

Classless. Disgusting.

jaydennathan - YESSSSS😍5 star

Yesssss cardi x Megan

DotJJ - Ewwww1 star

No no no 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

chontsx - Bopppp5 star

Best collab of the year yaassss🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Pudding9923 - Trash1 star

Dead track, dead artists - stream lighter instead

Joe199006 - Gross1 star

Can’t believe a song about having a wet p***y is even charting. What has music become!

dragonfruityy - Great song5 star


janet bebb - No1 star

Lyrics are trash

ooh638 - Omg stop with the N word1 star

What is it with black people using the N word in crappy rap songs and yet as soon as a white person says the N word its omg lets have a protest and steal stuff from shops its a joke!

Ryan 333 - Cardi and Megan5 star

Song of the year

SuperLovatic - Amazing5 star

This is a bopppp

sennycti - Kfcbhbm1 star


aniratakzuir - They snapped5 star

Queen and princess ended everyone

underscore10 - CARDI IS BACK5 star

This was such a good collaboration! The video is insane! The explicit version is something else. Can’t wait to hear more from Cardi B, it’s been too long!

CJ loves tattoos - CARDI B IS SUPERIOR TO NICKI MINAJ, the real queen👑5 star


louistaylorr - A big no👎1 star

The beat sounds like any other generic rap song and they both rapping OFFBEAT. Save your coin for something better sounding. Clearly this was a business collab, nothing organic or natural at all about this song

RD16.1 - cardi and meg1 star

Cardi’s verses are trash. Meg did her thing though

Rainbow llama 🌈 - eww1 star

cardi b is so irrelavent lol

Djones1996xo - The girls did what?5 star

THAT... that is what they did.

Staceb101 - Amazing!!!5 star

This is fire!

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LaCaldiBardi5 star

@mtvema 2020's nominees predictions BEST VIDEO Lady Gaga  (feat. Ariana Grande) — "Rain On Me" The Weekend — "Bl…

Kvngtianna5 star

@hosthetics: instead of streaming #that, stream the #1 song in the world. Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion. 🦋 …

CATPlNK5 star

TWICE "FANCY" and Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion "WAP" (Remix) - lukebfx via @YouTube

Milacamouflage5 star

Descubra "WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)" de Cardi B na Deezer

Utilies1115 star

3 muskeeters-NextYoung & ppcocaine Wap- Cardi b & Megan Thee Stallion Lets link- WhoHeem No guidence- (remix) F…

Knoppleberry5 star

This remix is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Cardi B - WAP (David Guetta Remix) [feat. Megan Thee Stallion] via @YouTube

Dom972Joe5 star

Cardi B - WAP (David Guetta Remix) [feat. Megan Thee Stallion] via @YouTube


@millebiennium: i’m hayden christensen and my kiss 92.5 song of the summer is WAP by Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion

Millebiennium5 star

i’m hayden christensen and my kiss 92.5 song of the summer is WAP by Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion

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