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Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Ava Max song Sweet but Psycho coming soon.

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Ava Max - Sweet but Psycho Song Reviews

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- It’s ok

Some tracks stood out to me while others didn’t. I highly recommend you give this album a chance however, because YOU might like it!

- Ava Max DID THAT!!

An amazing album, Bops after bops! Literally a no skip album! She’s my new favourite artist!

- Worth the wait!!!!!

I been hearing her songs for the past year or so and finally she gave us what 2020 needed!!!!

- Nostalgic Pop

If you love synth pop w/ an 80s feel and beautiful harmonies, this is the pop album for you. Not a single bad song on this album.

- Amazing

It’s rare that I find an album with zero skips and this is that album. She did great on each song

- Finally!

Ava saving pop music ❤️

- where’s her Grammy tho :(

looooove this woman and I’m a forever stan! Loooooove Naked and Tattoo the most right now, love you Ava and Avatars. ❤️😌


i didn’t have Ava Max releasing one of the best pop albums of the year on my 2020 bingo card YET HERE WE ARE!

- Fun, easy listening

As far as basic teen-pop albums go, this one is at the top of the pack. A lot of the songs are similar-sounding, but it’s an enjoyable listen overall. This will be in my rotation for a while.

- Generic

There are a few decent songs, but nothing that will be remotely memorable in 10 or 15 years. She’s talented but her sound and her voice are watered down versions of pop girls from the early 2010s.



- keep it in the dump


- Ended Ariola

New queen of pop. Ariana is shaking

- Amazing

Great list of songs from fast paced to slower songs!


I have been waiting for this to drop for so long and it didn’t disappoint! Every song is catchy, up beat and dance heavy. Ava has worked so hard and it is paying off. Buy now and support a real, hard working artist!

- Ava Max, Queen ♥️♥️♥️

Every song is amazing!! We finally have an entire album and it’s FLAWLESS!!!! ♥️

- Loved it

Loved this album! Good music quality

- speechless


- Too much talent for this world

I love this album so much! There isn’t anything not to love about it! Ava’s songs are so empowering and she’s too talented for this world🔥

- I hope..

Let people give her a fair shake because she really does seem to be more so not herself but rather Lady Gaga. her music is extremely good. She’s definitely put in the work

- I would rate this album 100/100

I don’t know how to say but I really loved this album so much 🥰🥰


i listened to this album out of curiosity but I LOVE IT AND AM OBSESSED 😍😍


a classic.


You are my idol ahhhhhhhh I love this album I listened to all songs today on a walk and I was thing that this is amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍇

- This album is lit!

Pop hit after hit. Ava is so much fun and beautiful. I love that she shines in a class all on her own. Her music is uplifting and amazing.

- We love basic recycled pop music

How dare you steal the melody of Major Tom (Coming Home)

- Yassss

All of these are bops!

- Soooo catchy

After listening to the whole album for the 5th time, let me say that it is sooooooooo good😍

- amazing

heaven and hell is a really good album! i love the first track 💙

- The surprise Pop album to come in 2020

This album is a cohesive pop experience from beginning to end - bringing back feel good Pop vibes through and through.


She’s breathing life into pop music


You gotta love this album😻 I’ve been waiting for this album since she first talked about it in an interview haha

- almost there

i kinda just felt like a lot of the songs were very childish and while children can bring A LOT of money to you, if your intentions were to sound more mature and adult then it didn’t come off as that.

- Not a fan

Sounds like a bunch of boring, overproduced pop music. I was expecting better but every song sounds nearly the same and they give me a migraine

- Album of the year

A pop perfection Album. All of the songs can be singles and literally has 0 skips

- So good!

This is a high quality pop album! All the songs are great!

- Perfection

Im in love with this!!

- Wow

Every song is literally a bop.. amazing album!!!!




Ugh, best complete album I’ve heard in a while!

- Outdated


- On Her Way Up

I believe that this album is a solid 4.5, but giving it a 5 doesn't feel wrong as you can tell that Ava Max has given her all when it comes to making this album. From Sweet but Psycho, I found myself seeking out whatever music I could from Ava Max, knowing that once an album arrived I would be buying it. I had no idea it would take so long. So Am I further confirmed this for me, Torn proving that she knows how to create a song that will get stuck in your head. The songs are feel good, turn up the radio, drive around and enjoy life types of songs. There is no great depth to this album. It isn't deep. It isn't trying to create a story of any structure other than the first half are meant to be Heaven and the last half are meant to be Hell. That's it. But, that's enough for her first album. I'm not expecting more than that as what we've been given are songs you want to listen to while you're trying to entertain yourself while under Covid-19 lockdown. There isn't one song on this album that I skip. I play through this album on repeat and allow Ava Max to lift my spirits. I'm ready for a 2nd album, and I do hope that it doesn't take as long as this one did. We want to hear from you again, Ms. Max.

- All Hail The Queen

Move out of the way Madonna. There is a new Queen of Pop and her name is AVA F*CKING MAX!

- Bland

This girls music has zero personality

- Go Ava Go

She brings teen pop back and I love that!

- Incredible

One of the best albums ever recorded.

- Ava Max the Best

I am a huge fan and I was NOT disappointed with this album. Great stuff!

- 100% Recommend

I’m so excited she made an album! I love the news songs, as well as the old. I can’t wait to see what direction she takes her music, as well as her career! Keep up awesome work!!

- Amazing!!!

Tattoo and Born To The Night are BOPS!!!

- Amazing & Different

I love this album!!! It’s so good lyrically if you’re looking for that and instrumental wise it’s also amazing!!! 10/10 stream it! You would not be disappointed. xoxo

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- Nice


- Ya y

H Gege

- generic


- Looks great 😍😘

It looks great while listening to this music. Ava as usual you nailed it✌️

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- Good vibes

So far all the songs are really good can’t wait to hear the rest of the album

- Love it

This is going to be so good!!!

- Amazing

She’s so good

- Can’t stop listening!

This song is one of the songs I can’t stop listening to!

- Loving this sound

I’ll adjust my review when it’s out, but I’m really pleasantly surprised by the songs so far which have led me to pre-order the album (v unlike me for someone I’ve not heard a whole album from before). In the nicest way, this is giving me the best vibes of a mix of Lady Gaga vs Ace of Bass vs Aqua and I’m here for that!

- Kings and queens

I love this song so much it’s the best

- Best album already

Its not even out and its the best! 🔥

- next big thing

ava hasn’t put out a bad song for this album, every song has been so good. cannot wait to hear this album

- Amazing debut

Every single she has put out so far has been an absolute pop anthem

- Finally! 🔥

Can’t wait for this! Ava never disappoints! Every single she puts out is amazing 👑

- hmm

on somebody is her best song y’all slept on it. i don’t LOVE most of the songs she’s put out but i really wish her well with this album

- One hit wonder

Not impressed to be honest. I get she’s trying to bring back pop. But she needs move with the times. The album is gonna a disappointment if I am totally honest.

- Woa

It’s going to be like a memory!!! AVA!! From LOLIPOP GAMER 645312

- Karaoke at best

Eurovision version of Lady Gaga

- FIRE 🔥💙🧡

Who’s laughing now is AMAZING so happy for Ava this era is going to be amazing 💙🧡

- ooOoOoOOOooOOo

I didn’t know qween could roast

- All sound the same

No difference in any of the songs, so boring and meaningless

- can’t wait

who’s laughing now sounds amazing, can’t wait for the rest of the album

- uhh

amazing singer but she should change up her music genre a bit and sweet but physcho needs to get out of the album sorry

Haifa 🥟

Oh she’s sweet but a psycho.


Sweet but Psycho | Ava Max | Sweet but Psycho.


Sweet but Psycho via @YouTube ♥️♥️why 🤷🏻‍♀️🎶.

𝕿𝖍𝖎𝖘 𝖇𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖉 𝖓𝖔 𝖇𝖊 𝖆𝖌𝖊𝖌𝖊🌼🎈

@seyishae Oh she's sweet but a psycho.

!! kura 🍓

Oh he's sweet but a psycho /ly .


A little bit psycho .

Ava Max Greece

@AvaMax's peak streams of songs on Greek Spotify Chart 1)Kings & Queens(4.097 streams) 2)Sweet but psycho(3.908 streams) 3)Christmas without you(3.897 streams)🆕 4)Salt(3.085 streams) 5)So am I(2.723 streams) 6)Alone pt. II(2.179 streams).

Ava Max Greece

@AvaMax's Highest charting songs on Greek spotify chart #11 Sweet but psycho #54 So am I #88 Kings & Queens #127 Salt #136 Alone pt. II #159 Sweet but psycho(Morgan Page remix) #194 Christmas without you🆕.


Done. Short and sweet. Actually that wasn't sweet at all, quite the opposite. "but trusting and being betrayed feels better to me than being suspicious and staying safe." This one made me really fall for her On to Psycho Logical .

アンh | 岡崎契の猫

@KOUK0UNUT Kanato route is very upsetting in my opinion! I like him but sometimes I despite him 😂 I feel like he can be a little psycho, but then he can also be caring and sweet towards MC ☺️✨ That is the feels I got from him hehe~ when I first played Ayato, it freaked me out a lot🙄.

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