DON'T CHASE THE DEAD by Marilyn Manson Song Lyrics

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Marilyn Manson - DON'T CHASE THE DEAD Song Reviews

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- Another best for manson!5 star

I’m truly surprised with what he did yet again! Keep me coming!

- Love it! Manson does it again! 🖤5 star

Like others have said, Manson is 51 years old now and his music has matured. I really love this album, personally. Broken needles and Keep my head together are two of my personal favorites. Thanks for making 2020 a bit better, MM!! 🖤💚

- Strong 4 to light 5/103 star

It’s not the worst thing ever but it’s pretty repetitive and I feel like this style doesn’t really fit marylin. Glad he’s back though.

- A hauntingly great mix of past and new5 star

I always felt like Pale Emperor was his strongest work since Holywood, but in terms of what’s “closest” to some old sounds this album is it. Not in terms of just his singing but the overall atmosphere of the album and little elements sprinkles in like the intro to RED BLACK AND BLUE. The samples and extra sounds turned back the clock while still staying to his current self. INFINITE DARKNESS is a staple banger in Manson’s discography.

- This man is an abuser and rapist1 star

So cool give him more money 👍

- Pleasantly Surprised5 star

Loved how this album shaped out to be a bit country, a bit gothic and a bit pop. Absolutely surprised in the best of ways by this album!!!

- This is a Masterpiece5 star

About time we have an album worth listening to in this dumpster of a year. Thank you Marilyn Manson ❤️

- The best album since mechanical animal5 star

I have enjoyed every album of manson since antichrist however this album becomes my favorite along with mechanical animal. Great job!

- Just Wow5 star

I’ve been listening to MM since the 90’s and though his style has changed over time I really loved “The Pale Emperor” but this album has far surpassed even that one. It’s got a great mix of everything we love about MM. There’s not one bad song on this album. Great work sir!

- Amazing5 star

Loved it

- Amazing5 star

He still relevant he still rock he’s still worth listening to.

- awful1 star

wish I could give zero stars.

- Definitely Marilyn but best has past!3 star

Though it’s no doubt Manson it’s the older Manson. Unfortunately the best has past. He needs to get that edge back. The quest to offend! But I like his sound but he needs to get his old band back together. Like I said he seems to have lost that edge! I sure hope he finds it again and soon!

- Great as always5 star

Thank you for being Marilyn Manson. Thank you for your art and rock.

- Great album5 star

Fresh yet familiar

- Sounds great5 star

Very Bowie inspired sound on this one. Fantastic production. Manson is going for a much more colorful and pretty atmosphere on this record and I like it a lot. Definitely the best release he’s had since holywood.

- Trash1 star

Not good. What an awful release date.

- Perfect5 star


- Keep it up, Manson!5 star

Yes there are songs on the album that aren’t my thing, but that happens with all music artists and albums I’ve listened to. The fact is that manson is still going strong! His music still has that Manson undertone no matter how he reinvents himself. He’s amazing and a great artist!

- Open minded5 star

I really don’t understand why people who hate the new material bother taking the time to write an entire review. Anyway, MM’s thing has always been to challenge the listener. My rule has always been to not form any expectations. Just keep an open mind. I enjoyed it thoroughly. With each album he reinvents himself and that’s the point. It takes a few listens before it grows on you. Very solid record. Love it

- Better than Heaven Upside Down and half the discography5 star

Great album definitely put it up with pale emperor or above that that’s how good the album is

- His best record since Holywood5 star

This has got to be the most refreshing record Manson has put out since Holywood. The record has no filler songs in it. Everything flows with a concept driven production and Manson’s vocals haven’t sounded this melodic and the way his vocals are mixed is sublime. This is Manson at his best. His trip rich of Antichrist, Mechanical and Holywood has now ended...We Are Chaos should be added to his very best records. Congrats to Manson and to all the fans that continue to support him and are always open to hear what he releases next!

- Ehhhh2 star

I love Marilyn Manson, but not these songs. His older songs are awesome.

- Trash1 star


- This is an incredible reinvention5 star

Went into this album without many expectations. I listen to his new material and compare it to Anti-Christ superstar, I can’t lie. What I got from this release was a similar feeling. It’s not loud and abrasive like superstar but it’s dark moody and a unique listening experience. Manson has become and incredible songwriter in his own right and it really shines on this album.

- 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼1 star


- Enjoy the Bowie sound5 star

It’s different obviously it it will grow on some people but this ain’t 1996 it’s 2020 so move with the time or get your ass left behind. Good job Manson keep it up

- Incredible.5 star

That’s it. Thank you, Marilyn Manson.

- Great record5 star

Not '96 anymore fools. This is evolution. Great vocal work. Great tunes. Each song seems like it comes from it's own soundtrack.

- Same artist, different medium. Perfect painting5 star


- We Are Chaos5 star

5 Stars.

- PERFECT!5 star

Yes! He is back, and coming on strong! Just what every true Marylin Manson fan needs right now! 🖤🖤🖤

- MM5 star


- He’s awful1 star


- I like it....4 star

Great album....

- Refreshing5 star

MM is like good wine and everybody knows what happens to it over time 🙏🏻

- Yawn1 star

All of us WANT this to be great record, but it just isn’t. I’ve read reviews suggesting that he constantly reinvents himself, but he has NO new sounds and this album is just MM in a rocking chair. I picture him wearing a cardigan while singing these songs, wondering where 1996 went. Do yourself a favor and just listen to Antichrist Superstar and leave this yawning disaster on the shelf. MM: do YOURself a favor and stop making music. Be MM or be done.

- 😕2 star

I think he needs to team back up with Trent Reznor and stay away from shooter. I only cared for one song off this album.

- Solid, lighter mature record.4 star

He’s getting older. It’s Bowie, Queen, Beatles. It’s not old school Manson, but it’s crafty. It’s growing on me. I’ve been a fan 26 years.

- Epic5 star

Excellent album. Wouldn’t expect anything else from MM

- AOTY5 star

This album is way better than HUSD (in my opinion) i like overall sound and aesthetic i definitely recommend this album to anyone who’s a huge bowie fan or even new to manson!

- 🔥5 star

I like it. Manson never disappoints

- Amazing5 star

A amazing album!

- Rude1 star

It’s 9/11

- Best MM album sense Holywood5 star

This album is amazing. Don’t base it on the song we are chaos. If that’s all you’ve heard you heard a song that does not represent this as a whole.

- Horrendous1 star

Horrible album by a horrible abuser

- A Erie cooning5 star

Dude can’t keep repeating the old days. Now this is released and I’ve listened a few times. I feel a 80s synthesized wicked ride to a horror vibe hell. I am picking up HIM and ghost vibes with this as well. Past 3 Manson releases have been solid. I feel the Pale Emperor, Heaven upside Down and this is some odd trilogy. I was surprised how much I like this

- Ehhh2 star

Musically it’s not too bad, if you don’t compare it to some of his older stuff. I miss the catchy drum beats and heaviness of his early days...this an album full of ballads and slower songs. Not a fan

- We Are Chaos is 🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Marilyn Manson is an incredibly talented musician. This album is incredible! I have been a fan since the year 2000.

- Solid album5 star

This album sounds really fresh, production is on point ! It’s not easy to sound like this after being in the industry for this long. Definitely better than his last album and it easily ranks amongst his best ones along Pale Emperor. Give it a try !


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