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Daechwita by Agust D Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Agust D song Daechwita coming soon.

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Agust D - Daechwita Song Reviews

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Pran95 - AgustD 🔥5 star

Love 10/10 songs, best best!!! Whoever is giving one star seriously has very poor music taste😂

shivbaj - Best mixtape of the century5 star

A to the G to the U to the STD!!!! 😎😎

crazy_army_forever - Man’s very hot lol5 star

Stream D_2. That’s all ig lol

n_k_yoo - A trap for haters as Yoongi said 👌5 star

All the one stars are from people desperately trying to pull another artist down to bring their artist up 🤷‍♀️ how pitiful

shvgnfjdjc - MIND BLOWINH5 star

amazing album every track is so beautiful

David z Hmar - Must buy5 star


Yoonfie - A masterpiece5 star

What else can we expect from him but masterpieces? I mean he's a lyrical genius and this mixtape is chefs kiss. Yoongi world domination fellas

ot7_bangtan_army - YOU NAILED IT 🔥5 star


inaya rautela - boppp5 star

this album is so good

Sakshi Warrior - Banger!5 star

A roller coaster ride of emotions. Begins with banging your head and leaves you tore apart in end. love It.

tae619 - Amazing5 star


[email protected] - The best ❤️5 star

4 years were worth the wait when you listen to Agust D-2! Each song reflects different emotions. Suga’s singing is as great as his rapping. I love you, Agust D aka Suga!

VanTae_98 - Perfection.5 star

After the Agust D, the second album hits in another level. The songs, beats and as well as the lyrics hit home and hard. There should be a way to give 10 stars. It’s so good. The music video for the title track is so good. The cinematography is a piece of heaven. Each songs has a deep meaning. Im

in your head lul - Refund1 star

This turned out to be absolutely garbage🤢🤮

Staygoldbts - Stay gold at5 star

Ended everyone👌👌👌

Tri Pullare - Emotional, Fierce and Raw5 star

I don’t know how to describe this collection of songs accurately. In D-2, Yoongi bares all while donning the persona of AGUST D, and the listeners are wrapped up in the spellbinding effect of his raspy verses and enchanting vocals. As a fan, this may be a biased review, but music is meant to make you feel things, and every single song on this mixtape makes you feel. Strongly.

Lisanath - Amazing5 star

There is a me before and after this mixtape, splendid work by Min Yoongi aka AgustD

inthisbangtanshitforlife - Legendary5 star


Jimin'sGirl - When talent meets swag5 star

This album is like a breath of fresh air. It goes hard on the haters and their malice. Thank you so much for giving us this album. You did a great job. Salute and only respect.

HYYH_Butterfly - DAECHWITAAAA5 star

This whole mixtape is an emotional roller coaster! I would recommend people to go through the meaning of each songs in this mixtape! I’m listening to it on loop! ❤️

prln_22 - BACK WITH A BANG!!5 star

D-2 is a masterpiece laced with emotions, wordplay and instrumental of your dreams!!!!! 5/5 recommend amazing never done before iconic beauty literal music to the ears

saljoonie - ⭐️5 star

Such a talented artist - his lyrics are so heartfelt, clever and beautiful. Rap/hip hop lovers, don’t miss out on his sick beats!

cutumochi - A beautiful album, if heard without prejudice5 star

This is a very very highly anticipated mixtape by Min Yoongi aka SUGA of BTS (under the alias AgustD). It is amazingly crafted and it shows how hard he’s worked for it! Unfortunately there are jealous people in the industry leaving terrible reviews but I hope they are not paid any heed.

AnushkaJ98 - Amazing album5 star

Words are sewed amazingly and tune is damn catchy.

mrmr9294 - MASTERPIECE5 star

Absolutely amazing album not a single skip 10/10 reccomend

give62mback - Agust d aka genius5 star

Wow the whole album sounds so great, as expected of BTS suga. Sound music lyrics video rhythm a whole bop 💜

Nupaaa - The absolute best5 star

Everything about this album is absolutely perfect. Each song is intricately layered in terms of the composition, the lyrics and the tone. Each song is packaged together so beautifully and tells us an experience, a story about Agust D. You can see how the man has evolved and changed since the last mixtape. As much as it’s personal to him, it also gives us something to relate to. There’s so many emotions going through it from the beginning. Whether it’s anger, pain, sorrow or hope, each song tends to capture your heart. What’s even more breathtaking is the fact that he took part in each and every step. He produced and wrote and directed everything. Agust D, Suga, Min Yoongi; I’m so proud of all three of you and thank you for giving us this absolute gem.

yb3102000 - yb5 star

yoongi’s a lyrical genius. i feel sorry for the people that can’t keep an open mind enough to listen to music this brilliant.

poojabugga - Min Yoongi is A FREAKING GENIUS!!!5 star

This mixtape is probably one of the best mixtapes out there! I mean what can you expect from Suga!!! Everything that comes out of the Genius lab is A FREAKING BOP.

navaneethsr - Nah1 star

Didn’t like it

LOYAL A.R.M.Y - ;)5 star

This is everything

RheaLxx - Absolutely phenomenal5 star

Ksi fans y’all are pathetic fr. You want to play dirty?? Our fandom is 10x bigger than urs, don’t p!ss us off. Y’all aren’t the only ones who can mass dislike. Once we all start doing it, you’re boy isn’t gonna be seen on any charts and you can kiss bald ski or whatever goodbye

Parullllll_ - AGUST D5 star

I love the songs 💜

TANIYA07 - Literally the best album in the world!!5 star

Pls buy this album, why because he has worked on it for 4 years and is not interested in the profit as he has uploaded his album in various websites that are for free. For some appreciation, pls buys it

ARMYfromIndia - KINGGG5 star

Just wow!!

A proud poor Indian - Snapped5 star

This is masterpiece.

raghu69 - Agust D is Back5 star

Well, there's only one thing to say it's amazing. From the music production to the lyrical aspect it's beautifully composed.

aryaman-123 - Standard Kpop trash1 star

Never heard a worse album. Hope young people don’t waste their money on this.

Sanay_Khurana - Trash1 star


lovecores - hits a little too hard5 star

this album is Beautiful to listen because it’s raw and personal, you don’t need to read the lyrics to know that dear my friend and interlude are a little too personal and honest, the title track goes wayyyy too hard, makes me angry at the whole world, burn it is literally so sexy Max vocals go so well with the rap, the whole album is a masterpiece !

Engima_kartik - A try.1 star

The most horrendous piece of music I have ever come across. It’s a shame. Maybe next time.

Parth_arora9909089089 - Indian plebs1 star

Indians who listen to kpop are poor people .

Forcedtorate2 - Daeng5 star

Awesome album. It’s like cold water in this hot summer. So refreshing and enjoyable !!!

tinyperson09 - Hip hop/ R&B5 star

This mixtape isn’t pop or kpop music. If you like hip hop and/or r&b you’d def like this, the flow this man has is amazing and each song has its own feels it’s wonderful. look up lyric translations on genius

anitadsouza - Genius5 star

Min Yoongi is a genius . This mixtape is amazing

AmazingFreak1210 - MIND BLOWING5 star

He is a king.

BTStan130613 - Artwork5 star

I RATE THIS MIXTAPE infinite/100

Meybir - RECORD BREAKING!5 star

Keep up the good work Min Yoongi! I stan!

joonsluvbot - KING5 star

The lyrics, the beat, literally everything about this is amazing. He never disappoints. Always a king. SO PROUD OF HIM!

ShjslLalsnfb - Best!5 star

World class album and production ! Proud of you yoongi !

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tockin - No skips5 star

Every song on here is amazing and has a different feel yet still fits together cohesively. Anyone that says it’s bad is just mad not as many people like their fav

Themagicfrijolito - Yoongi king5 star

Yoongi boss, the album is fire

poojal98 - Amazing Album5 star

Amazing in every way. So proud of Yoongi.

that bts stan :))) - he does it again5 star

min yoongi is truly an artist. he never disappoints and he never releases anything short of spectacular. this mixtape is an example of that and thank LORD he released this masterpiece to the world!! i’ve been waiting more than three years for agust d to return and i couldn’t be happier. stan best producer and rapper king min yoongi! (also the one star reviews are salty ksi and lady gaga/ariana grande fans who are purposely rating this low cuz they’re sore losers)

Kurokos guns - Heck ye5 star

Lyrical genius :) Yoongi put so much effort and time into his music and I think it really paid off.

Iamahumanandiamhappy - LEGEND yoongi I love you5 star

yoongi is just so talented in every way and it saddens me to see some people rating it 1 star because they don’t want him to succeed, yoongi is such a talented individual and made this entire masterpiece over 4 years!!! There is not one bad song on this album TRUST ME!!! Anyone who says otherwise has no taste in music or is saying this because they feel threatened by him and that’s just pathetic, look you don’t have to be a genius to understand just how much time and effort went into making this NOT TO MENTION it’s just so amazing I can’t even begin to describe it

taeyooniverse - MIN YOONGI5 star

honestly the realest and most relatable lyrics of 2020. talks about his hardships with the work and also himself it gives listeners a view into his thoughts and how he feels about social issues.

Pezzasprincess - king came to bless everyone5 star

stream stream stream stream stream

btslegends - amazing5 star

yoongi’s best work congrats on the amazing release 💕💖💜

shownu loml - King Yoongi5 star

ngl man really popped off and the whole mixtape is FIREEE. not really an army, but i know god tier music when i hear it 😌

ellabarker - bruh5 star

he didn't have to go this hard. what an icon.

Zgirl2001 - Listen on repeat5 star

Don’t normally listen to rap but hot dam I love so many songs on this album. The title track is my new fave

Itz Cayley - Amazing5 star

No skip-able songs on this album. Each one has its own story to tell

GreatOolongTea - Great Mixtape!5 star

‘Dear My Friend’ was very much a stand out to me due to it’s superb lyrical story telling and how both artists used their voice’s tonal capacity to the fullest but overall each song brought something new to the table making it a very enjoyable listen.

jikook😇 - Amazing as always5 star

I am so proud of Agust D, I can't stop listening to this mixtape

yeonjunmins - Gorgeous5 star

A beautifully done album. Full of interesting and varied pieces, Agust D has outdone himself again. D-2 is an evocative, emotional experience that gets better with each listen.

donkeyzoe - THE BEST5 star

Best album holyyyyyy

ezrazzle - He did it again, army5 star

Fantastic album, not a single bad track. Wbk Min Yoongi producer of the century.

Djdoginthehouse - amazing album5 star

all the immature ksi fans 🤦🏻‍♀️ if anyone sees a one star rating it’s from them. finally agust d is back!!! the album is amazinggggg and daechwita hits hard it and it features traditional korean music as a backbone. please listen and as he says “you’ll like bts music if you listen WITHOUT prejudice”

Tok puff - no lie it’s really a banger5 star

absolutely fire

Cammy_joseph - A masterpiece5 star

Agust D introduced me to BTS in 2016 and now we’ve come full-circle. What a way to do so! Absolute masterpiece. Every song.

Klouise01 - King 👑5 star

Genius Min Yoongi.. you have outdone yourself once again.. so proud of you and Thankyou for incredible music 💜

[dahnee] - best thing to ever listen to!5 star

Yoongi, once again surpasses everyone’s expectations and delivers messages and reflections from his personal life, that make you appreciate him more as an artist. makes you proud of where he’s come from and where he’s going! Min Yoongi is a genius, an amazing artist and above all, he continues to show people why he’s a king and a boss!

kkkkkkmmmsssss - Blessed mixtape5 star

That’s just a bomb !! I love it so much ! The best of the best !

ashwini.ms - 5 stars isn't enough5 star

Such an amazing album, and honestly he did more than just serve and deliver. I expected a high standard of quality for this self produced album, but yoongi went above and beyond. I really applaud him because of how amazing this album is and I'm so proud of you yoonie- you've come so far!

bangstergram - amazing5 star

just released and already the best mixtape of the year. the sound is captivating, the lyrics are passionate, angry, and emotional. stan bts and min yoongi, stream d-2

Itsmenattyb - great stuff5 star

A really well produced album!! Yoongi honestly did a fantastic job. He managed to produce complex beats without the songs sounding messy and or overwhelming. The mixing and mastering done on the songs is top quality. Great lyricism as expected. Just in general his ability to switch flows and cadences while having a distinct sound amazes me! Anywho I just really like this album, i've been wanting a good rap release for so long now. No clue why its under pop though LIKE? dude?

han_112s - Best album ever5 star

A masterpiece 😤😤

hunnimon - amazing5 star

his music will never stop inspiring me

kmae_28 - King Agust D!5 star

Yoongi is just hands down so so so talented! Min PD 짱!

raphrbwr - d2 : a masterpiece5 star

yoongi is by far one of the most talent people in the music industry. he can rap, sing, produce and write. all his songs r his own, i can never get bored listening to his music.

Emill48 - August d5 star

Amazing!!!!! So glad we got another album from him. 👌

sunshinehopeboy - 10/105 star

great hype music to clean the house to, last few songs hit hard emotionally so I would recommend a cleaning break to cry 👍🏻

lisa leong - King.5 star

One of the BEST albums even listened to.

siarralh - love it5 star

you can tell yoongi puts a lot of effort into his music and he is truly passionate about it!! love the album and it was well worth the wait

User 😀 - MASTERPIECE5 star

Perfect comeback 👌🏽

Cookie_Suga - Nice lyrics and best5 star

The album is a masterpiece. I have been waiting for so long, and I have high expectations for it, this mixtape just exceed it! Should have a listen fo burn it!

Monface - FLEXING....AgustD is his own flex5 star

AgustD has done it again. After 4 years he has followed up with another masterpiece. He has bared his soul, thoughts and feelings and straight talked the haters. It may be in Korean but this does not affect the beats or the flow. When you translate the lyrics, The Genius which is AgustD truly is the Boss and the King

NellyBelly2020 - Lit!!!!5 star

Agust D is literally the best!!!

Emzee234 - Amazing5 star

Lyrics are amazing, and beats are a banger

xlindaac - Agust D is backkk5 star

the growth that he has showcased in this second mixtape compared to the first is amazing wow

kimmchhii - Amazing5 star

No skips, truly a masterpiece! The wait was totally worth it.

TheCrunchie91 - Agust D!5 star

My god I'm in love with all these songs, he truly is a genius <3

Sneaky_Burrito - Amazing k-hiphop mixtape5 star

So many bangers, Daechwita is amazing, listen to it does not disappoint

andkvrjbs - LEGENDARY5 star

Truly amazing, thank you king

gvldfn - oh wow5 star

stunning. beautiful. amazing. genius. we stan agust d & bts in this house hold.

kapc_elv - Absolutely love it!!!5 star

This is an amazing display of Suga’s raw talents and wonderful lyricism!! Him as Suga and Agust D is the two vastly brilliant sides of Min Yoongi!!

Hannah Dom - mix tape is in a whole new level of rap5 star

loved the entire album! no skips

Littlemissflare - AMAZING!!!!!!!5 star

He’s worked hard and it paid off. 💜💜💜💜💜

KamboCommando - On repeat5 star

This album from AgustD aka Suga aka Min Yoongi is absolutely incredible! There are bars but then there are BARS! When you can rhyme in English and Korean at the same time on the same bar.. your tongue technology is on a whole nother level! Deserves a Grammy!

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Ysemama375 star

お昼のタイムイベント中♪ 7/10(金) 13:39まで💜 @BTS_twt #BTS ON Stay Gold Lights Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey) Sweet Night V Daechwita…

Sshuookgya5 star


Sshuookgya5 star


Kalaylazarus165 star

@BTSCharts_SA: iTunes 🇿🇦 Singles Chart #38 - Moon #144 - Daechwita (Agust D) @BTS_twt

Tjdbs09095 star

@BTS_twt: 흉터 첫 시뮬 때 #DAECHWITA #AGUST_D_2

Kookii_Love_BTS5 star

@BB_Votaciones: [INFO📊] (@BTS_twt) La canción del mixtape D-2 - "Daechwita" de Agust D alcanza su 74vo #1 en iTunes en Papúa Nueva G…

BTSPaveTheWay75 star

@BTSPressData: [email protected]_twt’s #1s on iTunes worldwide update: Black Swan - 104 Moon - 77 ON - 92 Sweet Night - 105 Filter - 39 Intro: Pe…

Jkjeonjungo5 star

@BTS_twt: 흉터 첫 시뮬 때 #DAECHWITA #AGUST_D_2

Ipurpledream_5 star

@raicitabangtan: ✨👑 Min Yoongi 👑✨ ¿Qué opinan de llevar a "Interlude: Shadow" a los 100M ? Ya lo hicimos con "Agust D" y "Daechwita". 😗…

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