The Good Ones Song Lyrics

The Good Ones by Gabby Barrett Song Lyrics

He's a phone call to his parents
He's a bible by the bed
He's the t-shirt that I'm wearing
He's the song stuck in my head
He's solid and he's steady
Like the Allegheny runs
He knows just where he's going
And he's proud of where he's from

One of the good ones
He's one of the good ones

A love me like he should one
Like he wrote the book one
The kind you find when you don't even look one
Anybody can be good once

But he's good all the time
He's one of the good ones
And he's all mine
He's one of the good ones

You'll know him when you see him
By the way he looks at me
You'd say he hung the moon
I'd say he hung the galaxy
Nobody does it better
Oh the way he pulls me in
I've known a couple bad ones
But they all led me to him

He's one of the good ones

A love me like he should one
Like he wrote the book one

The kind you find when you don't even look one
Anybody can be good once
But he's good all the time
He's one of the good ones
And he's all mine
He's one of the good ones

We should all find us one
They're out there, minus one
Some of the good ones
Yeah I got a good one

A love me like he should one
Like he wrote the book one
The kind you find when you don't even look
Anybody can be good once
But he's good all the time
He's one of the good ones

And he's all mine
He's one of the good ones

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Gabby Barrett - The Good Ones Song Reviews

- Amazing

Congrats on the #1 album! This album is incredible and definitely worth waiting for! Every song is different in a good way!! Proud of you!!💗

- Excited for more music

She’s good

- so...

I love this and that she features Charlie, but she seems like a generic Carrie Underwood

- -2 stars

-2 stars for obnoxious singing voice... good song anyways 👍🏽

- Love it

Great album, amazing voice and catchy lyrics.

- Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Every single song on this album is AMAZING.

- Next Carrie Underwood

I’m so proud of you.

- I like it

Really good

- Love Charlie

Love Charlie, don’t care for Gabby screaming.

- Amazing

This album is so good. Every song is amazing and different. Been on repeat for days. So happy I started listening to her miusic. She is an up and coming star.

- Ahaha

The reason why she sang I Hope was because she wants to be like Carrie Underwood and she basically copied Before he cheats


this isn’t even country & she’s trying to hard to be like Carrie

- Great!

Love it

- A Star in the Making

Excellent vocals and songs with meaningful, heartfelt lyrics! My personal favorites are The Good Ones, Hall of Fame, Thank God, and Strong. Gabby has proven that she doesn’t need the American Idol title to make a name for herself, and I know she’ll continue to prove that!

- 10/10

This is my favorite album I have ever purchased!

- “I Hope” = “Before He Cheats”

“I Hope” is too similar to Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”. I wish new artists would stop recycling old ideas and melodies.

- Great Debut

Such a good start for a great up and coming artist!!!

- Not a lot of substance.

Very generic girl meets boy, girl loves jesus, yadayadayah.. also the cover is heinous and has ZERO correlation to the contents of the album. Other than that.. it was pretty vocally impressive. Just a bit flat.

- Ehh...

I mean it’s okay, but most of this isn’t country ... way too pop and overproduced... starts to sound better after a few listens, but overall just sounds like she’s yelling in almost every song. Plus this album doesn’t have much variety; majority are just love songs.

- So good!

This entire album is amazing! I love her!

- Stunning

This beautiful young lady is going to be the biggest talent in Nashville. Her mix of songs is masterful, her voice salty and soulful. She is truly Blessed.

- I love love love your song i hope 😀

I love love love your song i hope 😀

- Cool

I only listened to a few samples but they are actually pretty good! (^-^)

- Five Stars


- Gabbbbbyyyyy!

Hometown proud, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! Amazing!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Love her voice

My favorite song is “Got Me” soooo good, love “footprints on the moon”too ❤️

- Great album!

Amazing songs! Gabby really delivered. Congrats!

- Fantastic Debut Album

Gabby really puts her heart and soul into this album. All her songs are great. Love I Hope, The Good Ones, and Foot Prints on the Moon. Gabby is going to be the Next Carrie Underwood.


God bless her! Great music.

- love her music !!

I know I Hope, Good Ones, and Hall of Fame like the back of my hand. I was very excited to hear these new songs and loved them when they came out. I would have to say I’ve been listening to Thank God the most ! Great music love her !!!

- 🔥🔥


- Disappointed

Expected much more gabby and not screaming like C. Underwood :/

- not country

stop labeling pop as country. it aint country


Me and my mom listen to this all the time

- Amazing debut

Such a great first album! Was lucky enough to see her as Kane Brown’s opening act back in January. Wish I was able to see her at stagecoach, would’ve loved to hear her live again!

- Yay!

So happy for the talent this girl has!!!



- Nope

Does Charlie have to be included in everything? He’s problematic and his voice bores me.

- Love her voice

Hope she sticks around for years to come. Obsessed!

- best country album of the year.

Gabby’s talent is incredible. This album is amazing! You won’t regret it.

- Hate

I hate it just make it FREE!!!!

- Gabby...Thank You

Wow, this is an album that I will listen to forever. The lyrics Gabby!!!! Just incredible. My fav is “one of the good ones”. Love you Gabby!!

- Very Good!

American Idol still brings about stars! The Good Ones is an amazing song!

- 🥰👌🏻🥰

Love It 😍 But I Love Carrie Underwood!! First time I herd cheat thought it was Carrie Underwood.. I was she’s got another hit 😳 🤷🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

- They mad huh

The next country qween

- About the $

Considering she released some of these song’s already as singles separate from the album, it makes me think she’s just doing that for extra money. Just release the album a few songs at a time if you want to prove me wrong. And unpopular opinion, but “I Hope” with Charlie Puth is terrible. I’m a big fan of Puth, but he makes it sound so much worse.

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Amazing record

- Great message with grace and faith and best album

This goldmine album is an amazing album yes it is a country album. But it has a powerful message to it about grace and faith. My favorite song is got me featuring Shane&shane my favorite part of the song is when they added give me Jesus on the bridge. I will definitely put this album on repeat.

- Excellent debut album

This album exemplifies the great voice gabby has. In most recent years contestants from reality shows haven’t made it big. It’s obvious to me and many others that gabby is now a household name. Props to you gabby.

- Got me is our favorite 🙌🏼

Great song, had to purchase it after hearing it on Klove! ❤️

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@anusehgal Good girls go to heaven, bad b ones have the most fun 😂.

Princess peach 🍑

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