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Without Me by Halsey Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Halsey song Without Me coming soon. Today's advice: ❝Exercise in the rain can really make you feel alive.❞

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Halsey - Without Me Song Reviews

- Perfection

This album has surpassed every expectation! It’s raw, honest, and what a true album should sound like!

- Poopoo garbage

I love you Halsey but this album isn’t good, ight I’m about to head out

- want a refund

Worst music, very bad musician for the music industry. Actually painful to listen to.

- Mei

I gotta agree with a lot of reviews...these songs just feel generic. There are a few songs that are enjoyable but the other songs sound the same & there’s no passion. Idk. Maybe pop is just getting too bland these days. I think foreign music is just so good that domestic artists just don’t have the appeal anymore.

- Trash


- Maria Katrina angel


- beautiful work


- Hey man call

Boo is the


This is POP. 🥱😴💤💤💤💤

- I LOVE IT !!

Good songs....listening on repeat ❤️👍🏻

- A song for everyone

There’s at least one song that everyone will like. Great album. I absolutely love it!

- Bad***

I think it’s her best album yet!!!

- Death punch

Go listen to Five Finger Death Punch new album F8

- Manic vs. hfk and BADLANDS

I can’t even begin with this album. When I saw January 17, I thought, “Yes, music to get me through the year.” I doubt this will be it. Titles that are mixed from capital to lowercase to full capitals make me mad. Can’t you just have one thing? Also, the amount of interludes. It being with other people makes me mad. With hopeless fountain kingdom, she had other people, but not overtaking the song. I have a strong feeling that this is what all of the interludes are going to be, considering the artist’s name in the title. Also, I dislike BTS and SUGA, so I will definitely remove that song from the album. And Finally // beautiful stranger is not alternative to me. clementine is cool enough. However, Without Me and Graveyard I am in love with. I also wish Nightmare was on the album. I am very disappointed. hopeless fountain kingdom and BADLANDS were both amazing pieces of art, and this isn’t it. I think it cool that Halsey is changing, or rebranding herself. However, rebrands don’t always work well. For example, BANKS rebranded when she released III, and I think it ended up working well. I don’t think it’s going to be the same with Halsey’s Manic. I hope Manic can revive itself with the yet unreleased tracks. Since I am on Spotify for the most part, I can always make a playlist and delete the songs I dislike. The thing is, I shouldn’t have to do that with a Halsey album. I guess I’ll stick with the previous two albums. I guess the good thing is that those albums will never age. I have a serious problem with Manic, and I didn’t think I would. In short, I think this album is a mess.

- You should be happy!

You should be sad is literally the song of 2020!!!❤️❤️

- Best Album of 2020

Everything about this album is perfect. Halsey is a true artist. No song on this album sounds the same. The lyrics are poetry, really. I love every single song on this album and I’m super proud of her. I listen to it multiple times a day. It’s a favorite.

- one word: masterpiece!!

honestly, this album is just mind blowing. like i don’t have any words. she just left me speechless. her opening up about her personal struggles and learning from her mistakes is just.....so awe-inspiring. and boy!! this album was a straight up ROLLERCOASTER. i was feeling all the feelings!! one song, i felt warm and happy, and the next one, i felt sad and the need to bawl my eyes out. “more” got me the hardest, not gonna lie. anyways, i love this album. she has not disappointed me.

- Good But...

I love her but I hope she forget about K-pop and those BTS, they are just bad for her music and career

- Perfect

Exactly what I was hoping for!

- This album “should be sad”

Her song “You should be sad” isn’t even music. It’s so awful and it makes me wanna jump off a cliff.

- Love

Beautiful! Voice! And album

- Rather Bland

She shows great songwriting talent, but the productions are generic and overproduced and her voice is really annoying. NOT ALTERNATIVE.

- What an improvement.

Halsey is a such a beautiful artist, and “you should be sad” is a beautiful and smooth song. I listen to Halsey in Spotify like all the time 😃😃😃

- Alanis’ Interlude

how come nobody’s talking about that song?? anyways this album is amazing. “More” and “you should be sad” hit home to me because i recently lost a baby back in november from my PCOS.

- Omg I love ya Halsey!!!!

You are my far fave singer. I understand everything you are going through. It sometimes happens to me. The song the mostly is all my problems is "You should be sad".

- Great

Halsey’s personal album is here and it’s amazing

- Her best work

After turning out two tumblr-esque fake-deep albums, she’s finally grown into herself as an artist. Great and interesting production and a good few genre-bending songs (Country influences on “You should be sad,” pop-punk on “3am), plus great lyrics that aren’t afraid to get actually deep. This is her most personal and authentic body of work to date.

- i like it

i’m kinda confused i have never seen her face before and i’m like is this her she beautiful! but other than that her album is lit

- 😒😪

Except the singles rest of the album is not really good Lyrically they have meanings and good But they really doesn’t sound like Halsey at all I am wondering if this album is really made for maniacs ? Thank you, Next

- I miss the Badlands Vibe

This album is good but she’s becoming a pop singer. I missed the more alternative style that she had.

- Great

It’s great!


NOBODY is telling you to buy it so stop saying your wasting your money AND there are SAMPLES. And if you don’t like the song than keep it to yourself b/c Halsey fans don’t like that.

- Love

This album really feels like Ashley is ripping herself open and showing her vulnerability. The songs are beautiful, and feel very much like her. She has amazing talent, and this album shows just how human she is.

- YES!!!

I love this album I got it the day it came out! Ashley has come so far from when she first started im so proud of her

- great!

of course, i had heard halseys hits(without me, closer, bad at love) and loved them, but once i heard you should be sad i decided to listen more. turns out, she’s awesome! some of my favs from this album are you should be sad, I HATE EVERYBODY, 3am, and a bunch more. each an every song has a beautiful meaning and the songwriting is great. go halsey.

- masterpiece

i love this album

- Beautiful

Love this album

- gurl

beautiful lyrics

- 4/5 STARS

imma be completely honest, this album was a mess. the songs were all over the place and it was weird. but, the songs were AMAZING. and when you read the description for the album and you know what it’s about, you understand why the album is all over the place. production wise, this album is 10/5. the production was AMAZING. overall, I think this is a great album, and if you want, you could give it a listen.

- By far my fav from her

This is the best album I have heard from her and it’s so great all around! Constantly listening and can’t wait for her Dallas tour date!



- She’ll be a cat lady one day

All her hit singles are the same, we get it some dude cheated on you we’ve heard this all before. Sorry to say maybe just maybe if you didnt act like a ho you wouldn’t get played like one. Cant wait for your next big single and how you’re going to cry about how much better you are after G Easy played you. You’re played out

- 3am

I love it. It’s well balanced

- Manic real review

Real talk, I didn’t skip a single track front to back😏🥵 y’all just mad your taste is whack 🤷‍♀️ I said what I said

- Love all of them

I don’t understand how these songs( 3am Ashley killing boys and clementine) are rated so low I personally love them so much

- Decent album.

While it isn’t her best album, it does have some very good songs that I would repeat lots of times. “You Should Be Sad” and “3AM” are my favorites. The downers are: forever is a long time, Suga’s Interlude, Still Learning. Overall, it’s a decent album. Score: 3.5/5

- Love ittt

I luv Halsey ongggg this album was so emotionALLLLLL yess 💜💜💜💜💜💜

- Phenomenal

Nobody can compare to Halsey’s lyrics. This album is the most heartfelt, honest album I have ever heard. We get to see a lot of Halsey here. We see her insecurities, her vices, and her honest truth. It is so refreshing to hear more introspective music when it feels like every artist (with notable exceptions) just wants to make a radio hit (which is awesome and has its place). The overall sound of the album changes a lot. From pop to country, rock to alternative, the sonic nature of the album leaves you on the edge of your seat. It maintains the same narrative function that Halsey’s other albums have had. It is an amazing album full of songs to play when you just need to feel like someone else gets what you’re going through.

- She sings in cursive


- I love you ...

Hasley is amazing I loved the song Suga’s interlude but how come every collaboration in this album has the artist name then interlude can’t you be a bit more creative. People are saying Suga’s interlude is bad but I love it make more collaborations with BTS and the members . This album started off good I love without me and graveyard but the interlude’s are kinda weird (not including Suga’s interlude) but hey every album has a song somebody won’t like so I’m not complaining.

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- I’ve never felt so connected to an artist and yet so understood by an artist at the same time

You will cry your eyes out

- album of the year

i can see ot getting snubbed in several awards but this is one of the most cahotic and beautiful projects out there

- Halseys Manic

Album of the year . If it doesn’t win a grammy then it’s pretty clear that they’re rigged . What a voice she has and the way she writes her songs is just unbelievable !

- Halsey is a FAD. Period

Define Trash? This is. Lady Flopga and Flopsey truly release the worst album of the year.

- Trash

Trash 🗑

- Raw!!

Such a pure and soulful album. You’ve gotta hear it!!

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