Got What I Got Song Lyrics

Got What I Got by Jason Aldean Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Jason Aldean song Got What I Got coming soon.

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Jason Aldean - Got What I Got Song Reviews

- I can hear the effort....kinda?

This album would be so much better without the ridiculous click/snap/clap tracks. IMO, the song ‘One For The Road’ blows out every other song on this album. Why? Because it’s original sounding. It’s country music. It’s the old Jason Aldean that so many of his fan miss. The reason he plays a lot of his old songs live is because it’s what people like. I don’t know why he keeps insisting on or trying to force the ‘pop’ sounds. It’s driven numerous country careers in to the dirt. Lose the electronic crap and it’s almost there. The song ‘Cowboy Killer’ had unbelievable potential to be a great country ballad but, unnecessary, over use of the auto tuning and click tracks ruined a great piece of work. Altogether, it is not too horrid but, it’s not great by any means.

- Rockin!

The Jason we love!! A step up from last album! Love it!

- Artist of the Decade for a reason💙❤️

This man is capable of only producing good, great and FAN-freakin-TASTIC !!!! This album rocks just the same as the others and maybe a little better! It sounds just like Jason’s sound and I’m proud of him for sticking to his sound and his roots!! WE BACK YAL!!!!!

- Ugh....

He doesn’t sound like country... he’s a great artist, just the wrong genre.

- Jason is back!

Can’t wait for this album its going to be awesome! Hurry up November! This album will be amazing!

- Awful

How is this guy still a thing? There is so much better music out there.

- Same Ole

Same ole sound. Playing to that wanna be cowboy roughneck crowd.

- Good tunes on this album

Camouflage Hat and I Don’t Drink Any More are pure Aldean music. Good songs

- Love it

You folks hating on the album? It’s not out yet. Just a few songs. Chill.

- Love It!!!


- Worst Ever

I love Jason and he can do no wrong, until now. Worst CD to date. All songs sound alike and there really isn’t a standout song like his other CDs.

- Best one since..

Best album since Night Train!! Came Here to Drink has that 90s sound! Love all the songs! I do agree though, we back isn’t my favorite but i still turn it up to 10! It’s a great day for the Aldean Army

- He snapped.

It was straight fire 🔥

- Boring

Every song sounds the same on this album. On top of that, this album sounds just like every other album of his. Every song he makes sounds so similar that it’s just boring.

- No sir

The only “9” album I’m anticipating is Lil Kim’s!!!

- Whether you hate it or love it, This is Jason Aldean!

This is Jason Aldean 100% and that’s why he’s my favorite country artist. He doesn’t try to be anyone else, he has his own style and kills it. I own every album and this will be no different. Whether you call it country or soft rock, it sounds amazing and that’s all that matters! Drink a beer, listen to good music and stop hating! You can preview the songs before buying them so if you’re saying it’s a waste of $ then that your fault. #teamjasonaldean

- Wowzers

Wow just wow! Great job this album my fave so far.

- Jason Aldean!! 🔥

You never disappoint, Loving this so far just wish it would hurry up so I could have them all!!🔥🎸😍🎶♥️🥰🔥

- Amazing

Cannot wait for Nov 22. This album is going to be great

- Jason Aldean

Loved Jason since day one when Hicktown was released!!!


Songs for you

- I don’t know what to think

I like a majority Jason’s music. His voice sounds good and the music “rocks!” (Pun intended) I don’t think the same way a lot of other people seem to think about this album. A lot of people are over here saying stuff like, “It ain’t country” “this is just trash rock” or whatever else someone might say. And I kind of understand where those people are coming from. But come on. Classic Rock is country music’s cousin ain’t it? I don’t claim to know much about anything but I don’t think this music is as bad as some people say. Still though it’s not great on this album. It’s just kind of watered down and mediocre. I wish we could get something real from Jason Aldean. Because he is a great artist. But most of everything in this album is just overdone, modern country music. I hope he does better in the future. Blessings to you Jason Aldean!

- Decent

Trying to get back to his roots but still staying with his now signature rock sound. This might be his best album since “night train”. His song “we back” is absolute trash but the rest aren’t bad.

- Great album

Gotta say rearview town was a great album and would be a hard one to top this is right up there with it

- Quintessential Aldean

Downloaded the songs today and honestly can’t get “Dirt We Were Raised On” out of my head. I like all the tracks, can’t wait to hear the rest. This album will be a staple in my music selection just as all his others have been. Looking forward to it 🤙🏻

- Bet

Got what I got is perfect. Grab your lover and slow dance like a high school dance

- Great Album!

I was thrilled with all the first released songs, We Back, Keeping It Small Town, Blame It On You, and I Don’t Drink Anymore. Then Camouflage Hat came out and kept building to what I expected the rest of the songs to be. Some of the remaining songs fell short. Champagne Town and Talk About Georgia were great. The others felt like they were missing something or just fell short for me. Overall great album! Keep it up!! We all love songs like Blame it on You and from two albums ago, Lights Come On!!

- ok but weak

jason's last two cd's had alot of great songs besides the singles. his 9 cd does not have that . he'll be lucky if he has 4 singles to release since that what he likes to release. we back of course because it is already a single. after that there is not much to pick from. {my opinion) the only other song that screams single is i don't drink anymore. over all it's just ok. remember this is just my opinion

- Well you Mary me

Well we have to only be a babysitter so I’m gonna right next to my dad so I’ll be back in the next week and I can do whatever I wanna you want me to call him tomorrow because I’m leaving work tomorrow morning and then he won’t be able to come home [email protected]@tomorrow 👮🏿‍♀️🕵🏿‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️🎅🏻🤶🏿👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦🐍🐢🦟🎲🎲🎲♟🎲🎲♟♟🎤🎧🎼🎹🎮✈️🚁🛩💺🛳🚧🗿🏟🏠🏠🏡🏥🏩🏩🏩🏩🏩🏩🏩🏩🏩🏩🏩🧭🧭🧭⌛️🧭⌛️🔠🔡🈂️🔤🈂️🛅🆒🚮🆒🚹🆙🚼🆒🚼🛃🆒3️⃣🆗💤🔤🔤⏸🔤🔟▶️⏭⏬🆒⏸🆙🆙🇺🇾🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇹🇿🇹🇹🇺🇸🇹🇴🇺🇸🇺🇸🇹🇹 hey what’s your name on your phone 📱 is your time for tomorrow night to watch Easton and then you can send it back tomorrow morning because I’m going to be home 🏡up a time so I’m gonna you want something for dinner tonight I will just take a look 👀 is the night you guys come over tomorrow night to watch the kids and go home 🏠 is the day I gotta get to work tomorrow night and I’ll bring it home 🏠 was the night time I ya know how much I wanna was like crazy 😜 is a good one ☝️ was here in the morning so I’m gonna was a rough day for weiireeoyegvded

- Jason Aldean’s Best Album

Jason Aldean is a down to earth country singer and his songs keep getting better. The more I see him on Television hunting shows the more I think he is just like any other person from the country. Greatest Country Singer of all time.

- Amazing!!

Love this album so much lots of great songs🤠

- Where is the new Taylor Swift album

I first listened to The first 5 tracks of this album and immediately turned it off and listenthe to the new Taylor Swift album.

- It'll get overlooked

I don't drink anymore is one of the best songs he's released. The steel guitar solo in the middle has so much power and you can feel the emotion pouring out. That right there is why I prefer country music. If I'm not feeling the singers emotion, then what's the point? It's a nice change from the pop crap Nashville puts out on the daily.

- Bad


- 9


- Love These Songs

I keep listening to these songs over and over. I really hope you release “Got What I Got”! I have to say it’s my second favorite song of yours.

- Katy perry revisited

Uhmm... Mr. Aldean... or Mrs. if that’s how you identify now.. please, drop the over abused Cher style auto tuning... the Luke Bryan style cheesy hooks, and the “Tractor rap drum beats you’re using in these horrible sounds you call songs. @sharksfan13 — if I was into the Backstreet Boys I would be calling this album great like you.

- Great

@michaelkinest. You sir, are an idiot. Apparently you’re just not happy with anything in life. Stick to your Backstreet Boys, and shut up please.

- 9 🔥

The pre-released songs are such a tease! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Jason Aldean doesn’t disappoint!

- Trashy nothing new


- Jason Aldean gets better and better with every album he comes out with

I just have to say this Jason Aldean doesn’t disappoint when it comes to music . There hasn’t been a album i didn’t like . Jason Aldean keep those hits coming and never listen to those so called music critics they are all talk and don’t know great music

- He’s on fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I can’t lie!! I ❤️ all his albums!!! But each one gets better and better!!!

- What happened

Just sad

- New album so excited

The new album sounds like a hit album I’m excited to listen to the song called Campaign town and Camouflage hat and Tattoos and Tequila and She Likes It and Cowboy Killer

- A+ Lyrics, Sounds, and Style

Jason has his style down and I can respect some of you Hank and Willie lovin folks don’t like “NEW” but to not call it Country is just plain dumb! Walk out side, most of us all grew up and learned to appreciate old and new alike. Love the Songs, Jason! Keep’em coming!

- Can't wait!

We back is an awesome song! I love how he blends rock and country! No one else can do it like Jason Aldean! 👍🏻

- Jason


- Good Country Music vibes!!

My favorite is Keeping it small Town. Can’t wait for the rest. Plus it comes out on my birthday.

- He’s back!!

One of his best albums yet. Does have his signature sound but that’s what makes it great. Still sounds more country at least it doesn’t have a pop vibe. Keep up the great work Jason. Your an outstanding country music artist!

- Same Jason New Tracks

One of my favorite artists..his songs always take you way back 💯🔥❤️

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