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TOOL - Eon Blue Apocalypse Song Reviews

- Perfect balance

This is a perfect album from start to finish.

- Hell Yea!!!

I have been waiting for this day!! All my TOOL CD’s were lost over the years. I just happened on to iTunes for no reason really and see their whole catalog available!!

- Lateralus

Perfection 2.0

- Stunning

Musical geniuses. Best I’ve ever heard!

- My personal favorite Tool album

Undertow was a great debut LP, and Ænema is one of the most amazing records ever. But Lateralus speaks to me and continues to speak to me. It is so intimate and spiritual and timeless!

- Mandatory Listening

This album is one of the greatest rock albums of all time. An utter masterpiece that takes multiple listenings to contemplate and understand. It’s mind-bending, beautiful, frantic and chaotic, all while awakening something inside each listener. You don’t listen to Tool; you experience Tool.

- Masterpiece

Amazing album start to finish.

- Cohesive, An Album Full of Continuity

This is Tools finest album. Starting with the opening song, The Grudge - which I feel is the most brutal song on the album - sets the tone and from there it’s blast off. Lateralus is precise and calculated, literally and figuratively. Each song is cohesive and is a precursor to the next. I agree with one reviewer who said listening to the full album in sequence is a must. While Aenima does give you the luxury of skipping around if you wish, Lateralus is not batch of songs compiled into an album. It’s meant to be listened to as a whole. It’s one of those albums you can get lost in.

- Brilliant

When introduced to Tool, I was advised to start with Opiate and hit the rest in order. I started with Opiate and went to Hastings to get Undertow. Well, they didn't have it so I bought this one. When I heard Opiate, I thought the band had an interseting dynamic to their sound, but I wasn't overwhelmed with them. When I put on the headphones and heard the opening notes of The Grudge, I nearly fell off of my sofa! I was blown away that they had progressed to.....THIS! I listened all the way through it and all I can think of is shock and awe! Absolutely amazing album beginning to end! If I had only one album to introduce someone to Tool, it would be this one!

- Adam Jones

One of the most underrated guitarists of all time


This album is a true masterpiece. Let go and spiral out....

- Tool contains music

This was very good. I like the song with the guitar.

- Finally 🖤

Been waiting forever! 🤘

- Tool


- Noooo this is the best

Æinma is great but this is the greatest tool album. The grudge the patient lateralus parabola ticks and leaches. All great this album takes you on a journey.

- Incredible

Overthinking, overanalyzing separates the body from the mind. I bought this CD the day it came out in 2001 and it is still the best album, in any genre, I've ever heard.

- Masterpiece

Just get it and listen to it.



- It’s Tool, what else needs to be said!

If I had to choose my favorite Tool album, Lateralus would be it. Although every album is my favorite. This album was released when I was 18, fond memories. Every song is passionate and connects to me on a spiritual level like no other band has ever done before. I just don’t have the words to describe what their music means to me I can only tell you to support them and buy this and all their albums. I’m so glad they finally released their catalog to digital and streaming services! It’s about time!

- Awesome

No words can describe how happy I am... I’ve listen to this album twice already

- Possibly the best album of all time

Possibly the best album of all time

- Tool

About time

- Utterly Breathtaking

While Tool’s other three albums are masterpieces in their own right and deserve the endless praise and adoration they have received, Lateralus is truly a once in a lifetime album. There is simply no other album like it. Very few bands and albums rival it in terms of beauty, philosophical breadth, and technical creativity. As the title to this review states, this album is simply stunning and must be experienced to truly understand why it will be remembered for decades to come as the benchmark for progressive rock/metal and for popular music in general.

- The best thing ever

This record is perfection

- The best album of all time

This album is the pinnacle of music. Nothing else even comes close Every word and note is a masterpiece.

- Fibonacci

For those that don’t know there is a hidden album within the album if you rearrange songs properly to get The Holy Gift.

- Bravo!!


- Catalyst

Just listen. Enjoy. And use this music to help you accomplish or attain something. This is what Tool is about.

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


- Tool at their best!

Unconventional yet riveting.

- Songs To Live Your Life By

AALL I I I I I I I I I VVE !!!!!

- Long time coming....

Guess not even Tool can keep fighting the streaming age.

- Best Tool Album to date

This is a masterwork and a must have for any fan of progressive, metal or music in general. Songs like Schism, Parabola, and Lateralus offer several layers of complexity with smooth transitions coupled with perfect timing.

- Lateralus

Super progressive Tool.

- It’s finally here!!!

This album just straight up defines how amazing Tool really is.

- Exceptional

Spiral out. No need to say more.


This is life. TOOL is life. You don’t live your life. TOOL lives your life. There is a song for everyone. EVERY SONG PULLS YOU IN ON EVERY ALBUM. THERE IS NO SONG YOU SKIP. GO. LISTEN. BE.

- Fire

Pure fire

- I can’t believe it

I’ve been waiting so long

- Wow

Talk about spiraling outside!

- Nothing like it

Best album ever

- So good.

Love it.

- Finally

Its stunning

- The best TOOL in the shed

One of the greatest albums of all time. Peel the layers back one at a time and enjoy this spiritual journey

- Tool Rocks!!!

I have all of their albums but so awesome to finally be able to listen on Apple Music whenever

- Finally

Having Tool on ITunes just gives me another excuse to buy and re-listen to everything

- Masterpiece

This might be one of the greatest albums ever. Plug in and listen. Been waiting 13 years for the next masterpiece.

- Perfect


- The goat

One of the greatest albums and bands of all time

- Iconic!!!!

Finally 😭

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Mikey M. Selph

@MeltdownWRIF TOOL - Lateralus Eon Blue Apocalypse Yeah that’s cheating but I don’t care lol I usually skip it if it’s not just playing in the background because I already have a minute intro before the vocals kick in for The Patient.


Eon Blue Apocalypse..

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