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The Bones by Maren Morris Song Lyrics

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Maren Morris - The Bones Song Reviews

- Love her!

I love everything about this album. Her style is fantastic!

- To the haters..this is a great album

I don’t care what “genre box” you put this girl and her voice in, she shines. I love hell and back. I also think RSVP is super sexy and has a country sexy pop vibe. Who cares if it isn’t your old country! I grew up with that too and still love it, but I’m open to music that makes me feel. This artist has a great voice and she is “giving me the feels”.

- More great tunes

Everyone’s got their own style of country and I like what Maren has to offer. Another solid album.

- 👍🏻

Yes, the country today is different from the country we used to listen to, but I still like these new songs. Way to go on ur second album <3


Maren's music is original, smart and fun. I love this album!

- Pop? 😂

This voice is far from pop. Pure country twang. Stop trying to say this is pop! You look foolish.

- Ummm...NO

She’s a wannabe Kacey Musgraves but NOT TALENTED. Not sure what Maren was trying to accomplish, but this is bad. I’m all for crossover collaboration but YIKES.

- stop this plz


- 0-0

Ain’t country what-so-ever...

- Not bad

This is a step up from her last album. It keeps the country sound. It has a few good songs on here. Some are better then others. Not bad. Pretty good.

- Love it

Love her creativity. She writes her own music and works hard. I really like this album.

- Love her!!!

She has her own sassy, confident style of music AND I LOVE IT 🥰

- Queen

i love maren sooo much. not the biggest fan of country, but i can listen to her all day. cannot wait to see her live 💕

- Amazing!

Got to see it live and it was pretty amazing then too! This album has some great songs on it. Forget those people that are complaining, they’re just allergic to change.

- Amazing

Love this album!!!

- Muhriahhh


- Maren Morris has saved my life

I’ll never understand the hate... girl is so creative with her lyrics and hits the heart and soul every time... stop labeling music and “country music” music is amazing when it makes you feel something and heals you. STOP PUTTING MUSIC IN A BOX... music is whatever it wants to be that’s the point. Girl is a brilliant album and she’s an incredible performer hands down 💕💕💕

- Not country

Not even a good pop song.

- This is fantastic

Haven’t always been a fan of her but this entire album excluding maybe 3 songs are fantastic. Song for everything brings you back, Common is lyrically amazing, Great ones is a jam, and To Hell & Back does everything a song needs to do to get you to like it. If you don’t like this album you simply don’t like music and you should probably just delete iTunes.

- Great album

Really enjoyed what I have heard so far. Top songs for me - The Bones - Girl - To hell and back - A song for everything

- I love it!

LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Don’t listen to the bad reviews... they don’t know what they’re talking about! If you don’t have something nice to say shut it!

- Country?

I don’t understand how this is considered country music.

- So Impressed!

I knew when I heard GRL and Bones this would be a well written Album. Marren this is great! Great job... I hope you get to bring this on the road!

- A few songs are good...

I was really ready to rip this to shreds since I really don't like the route Maren has been going lately; her first album was so good, and this is just so far removed. I did think a few songs were well written. What really bums me out is she's dressing trashy like the pop singers and her music sounds like them now too. RSVP - NO, just NO. Not even 'good' pop. I was also disappointed in the Brothers Osbourne song since I love their music, but didn't think that was well done either. I'm definitely on the country-pop bandwagon, I'm not an 'old country' fan, but it's just too pop-y. I agree with the other comments, just make the crossover. Whatever you (and Taylor) do is going to be well above and beyond what any other pop singers do. Pop music needs you more than the country genre.

- Love it!

Country music has evolved, and I really like it! Marren Morris has become one of my favorite artists. This Album is amazing. Every song is great!

- Terrible with a capital T!

NOT COUNTRY!! & nothing unique about her or her voice!! Plus she looks & acts like a stuck up little snob!

- Ehh

Trying way too hard to be cool and not fit on genre ... loved her first album. This one lost me

- Best country album!!

Maren is awesome singer her music and voice is incredible I’m in love with her ❤️


Maren is finding her way through the musical noise and because she just had a collab hit, this album seems to be lightly infused by a different popier sound. However, she does stay true to her country roots even though she has a POP sound. Maren is one of those girls, if paired with a hit maker, can be the next Taylor Swift (but without the baggage). Maren is refreshing. A good wholesome GIRL.

- Eh-Disappointed. Actual Genre:Kelly Clarkson-ish??

Generic. If you’re expecting a similar sound to her past records, definitely want to skim through before purchasing. She’s on the Taylor Swift pop path (very lucrative-good for her)! I can imagine many country music lovers/supporters will be disappointed as well. Even if you separate this collection from it’s misguided “genre label”, there’s really no “must have” tracks in my opinion:( I really wanted to love this album as much as her last!

- Not country

Did not like any of the songs on here. If you like pop than this is for you, but not really a country album.

- Amazing!

I love this album in its entirety, whether you think it’s country are not, who gives a crap, it’s good music and Maren deserves to be praised for it

- Freaking amazing nothing better than this!!!

I really love ur new album it’s amazing and can’t wait till your concert with my best friend I. The whole entire world you inspire so much I would love to meet you one day that would be awesome,when I first heard your music I about died I love it so much this album is amazing great country music!!!!! Love you so much!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Country

Genres evolve. Country has evolved and Maren Morris is fighting for change. She brings inclusion, equality, and a much needed female advocate for a paradigm shift within country . She is the real deal. In contrast to Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton, she writes almost all her hit songs.

- Not Country

Eh. Her first album was 10 times better then this. This is seriously what we waited 3 long years for? Too bad. Guess we’ll have wait another 2-3 years for hopefully something way better. Only even Girl is just okay. Not impressed. & sad I waited this long for something maybe even just okay. I am extremely disappointed. I was expecting something really really good. This isn’t it. Go listen to Cassadee Pope, Stages, that’s a phenomenal album. Way better then this for sure.

- Love the songs

Great sound and love the songs. I don’t care if people don’t think it’s country, I like it!

- Pathetic

It’s the same crap we here on the radio all the time. This album is a disgrace! Same thrown together beat because producers in Nashville don’t know drums if it hit them in the side of the head.

- Queen

Maren is an artist thru and thru

- Musically breathtaking

Not your honky tonk country album, but refreshing and lyrically appealing. Catchy and good feels!

- Nashville

Nashville completely sold us out for fortune and fame. Maren is a talented singer/songwriter that is releasing music in the wrong genre...this ain't country.

- Love it

So fun and so good

- .....

All My Favorite People Ft. Brothers Osborne is great, GIRL is not bad either. Everything else sounds like pop. Bring back real country music.

- Presley

Maren I love ur new album! I bought ur new album the day it came out! I’m so glad I bought it! I’m so glad I’m getting to go to your concert with my bestie!! Can’t wait!! Luv ya so much! ❤️ Presley!

- Love this album

I’m usually not a country fan but this album is the best album that’s been released this year so far! It’s not pure country, but I like the pop and R&b sound throughout the album. Her lyrics are beautiful, especially in A Song For Everything and The Bones. I absolutely love this album and I can’t wait to see what she does in the future!

- Love this album!!

Ignore all the nay sayers! Album is true to Maren’s style. Loved it as much as Hero.

- Kuntz


- Just terrible...

Corporate America needs to stop dressing up weak pop singers and slapping a “Country” sticker on them...

- Amazing 💫

I love this album. Each song is just as amazing as the others.

- Huh

What’s with the album cover? Not sexy, she’s flat as a board

- Pop music

And sounds super generic. Disappointing.

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