Bad Liar Song Lyrics

Bad Liar by Imagine Dragons Song Lyrics

Oh, hush, my dear, it's been a difficult year
And terrors don't prey on innocent victims
Trust me, darlin', trust me darlin'
It’s been a loveless year
I'm a man of three fears
Integrity, faith and crocodile tears

Trust me, darlin', trust me, darlin'

So look me in the eyes, tell me what you see

Perfect paradise, tearin' at the seams

I wish I could escape it, I don't wanna fake it

Wish I could erase it, make your heart believe

But I'm a bad liar, bad liar

Now you know, now you know

I'm a bad liar, bad liar

Now you know, you're free to go

Did all my dreams never mean one thing?

Does happiness lie in a diamond ring?

Oh, I've been askin' for

Oh, I've been askin' for problems, problems, problems

I wage my war, on the world inside

I take my gun to the enemy's side

Oh, I've been askin' for (Trust me, darlin')

Oh, I've been askin' for (Trust me, darlin') problems, problems, problems

So look me in the eyes, tell me what you see

Perfect paradise, tearin' at the seams

I wish I could escape it, I don't wanna fake it

Wish I could erase it, make your heart believe

But I'm a bad liar, bad liar

Now you know, now you know

I'm a bad liar, bad liar

Now you know, you're free to go

I can't breathe, I can't be

I can't be what you want me to be

Believe me, this one time

Believe me

I'm a bad liar, bad liar

Now you know, now you know

I'm a bad liar, bad liar

Now you know, you're free to go


Please believe me

Please believe me

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Imagine Dragons - Bad Liar Song Reviews

- Best album ever

Best album ever really creative and amazing songs imagine dragons you guys are awesome!!!

- Great album👍🏼

Awesome album and great new songs👌🏼

- Ralph breaks the internet

The best movie. I loved this song.

- Still amazing

Imagine Dragons has been my favorite band since the beginning. I love all of there’s songs to the point where I can listen to them over and over and never get tired of a single one. This album feels new but it feels like Imagine Dragons and their music always does. Every song has a different vibe making it an album you pick a song for any kind of day your having and it’ll fit. Definitely my favorite band of all time and I can’t thank them enough for music that calms me when I’m anxious and the music that gets me moving when I need to.

- Cool


- 🔥

🎶But I’m a Bad Liar!🎶 Love this song

- Natural is such a good song

You guys should go to natural

- Shook


- Sell outs

All their other cities are great this Album is just too political don’t want to hear it. Sell outs.. they need to go back to there roots



- I hate this album so much

I think that imagine dragons are officially the worlds most overrated band in the world if this album is able to gain the amount of popularity it did. Dan Reynold’s voice makes me mentally sick because of how often I hear these songs, and none of them are remotely groovy. I tried to like bad liar but I seriously couldn’t, because all I could think of is how many times I’ll hear an okay song like this haunting me on the radio.

- Really not that good

Natural is the only good song on this album

- Trash


- very gooooood

soooooo very awsome

- If u don’t put 5 star 🌟 on this album, ur dumb as hell

On some reviews, people are complaining that Imagine Dragons should go back to their alternative style, but u can clearly see in the description that IT IS ALTERNATIVE. I agree that they have changed in the past few years, but in a good way. Bad Liar is my personal favorite 😙😙🍒🥝

- 👍🏻👎🏻👍🏻👎🏻

Sometimes it feels like his voice goes up like really high and like really loud it’s pretty much pop whatever happened to the other songs and just didn’t sound like pop before

- Change can be good

Glad they decided to change their sound, even if it’s not my style.

- Slightly more basic but still Gucci

A lay of the songs I'd gladly listen to over anything else on the radio but Real Life is just absolutely amazing, I could listen to this song for hours.

- I am the machine!

I love every song because I am a HUGE fan!

- Cool


- Even better

I thought Imagine Dragons best songs had already come but I was wrong. They made Origins the best album yet. Imagine Dragons never disappoint me when I’m looking for good tunes🎵. They’re always at the top of my playlist. 😅👌👍😎😀😃😄😁😆🙂😇😉

- Zero

Zero is an amazing pump up and calm down song with an amazing beat!!

- Well....

Man, I love their music, but this one this didn’t catch me so much. To much pop

- Return to Night Visions Please

Was an instant fan when they first released Night Visions, but unfortunately since they got famous, every album they’ve released since has been absolute garbage. Loved their original album, wish they’d continued on a more unique path rather than just becoming a crappy pop group, making music that sounds like everything else. What a shame.

- Dear Dan Reynolds, February 26,2019

So I am basically your biggest fan and their is NO LIES when I say this.Im sorry about your relationship with your wife ,but I am deeply in love with these awesome songs! I have been a fan for about 4 years..and I’ve basically have the biggest heart for Imagine Dragons!!!! (Now I know I’m writing this so so so late but I just got my phone about 2 months later lol. )I was watching Nickelodeon at my Mamaw and Papaw’s house and I was watching lip sync battle shorties. I was 6 and I was watching I think a kid named Merick and he was lip syncing Radioactive. Anyways I fell in love! -SushiPickles

- Yeayea!!!

I haven’t heard anything like this. i can’t wait for another album

- Trash


- Bad reviews are funny

This is an excellent set of songs, I know that because I took the time to get to know them. Feel free to put out music whenever you want guys. Bad reviews generally come from (A) people that didn't bother to listen to the album because they already decided to hate it. (B) Those that want to box in artists to a certain style or place in time, but that's not how inspiration or art works. (C) Those with a strange desire to be the only fan and can't handle a group becomeing popular, then claim that they sold out. It was Phil Collins who said that selling out means doing something for money but you hate doing it, I'm sure these guys are enjoying themselves. Seriously if you don't care for Imagine Dragons there are at least 8,234,975 other artists to explore, have at it.

- Best

They are the best

- Omg love it!!!

I mean we all love this music. There is nothing bad about this I like that some are rockin roll and some are pop my favorite song is bad liar from amagin dragons.

- Yesssssss!!!

Zero, Natural, Bam! What?

- Horrible Patronizing dance music

I don't know how a living, breathing human being can enjoy this music

- The new Nickelback

Nickelback 2.0

- Unoriginal

Extremely generic and repetitive music. Has some occasional interesting rifts, but the repetitiveness of the lyrics and melody drown out anything interesting and actually entertaining.

- Song review

Nice Sony very detailed with words and has a nice rythem and beat with those drums in the back ground

- Good

This is a good album but I think they could do better. I really liked the last albums.

- Wow👌🏻👌🏻🔥🔥🔥

I don’t know why people are hating on it. It is a very favorite album of me and for many people it is too.

- Good but...

Over all it’s a great album, I recommend it and like it. But... The lyrics get kinda repetitive, and it seems like there was more effort for quantity and not quality. However, I like every song on this album. I think they are good with their alternative pop genre. It seems like they have been slowly been getting more poppy as they went along, and I hope they don’t eventually become a pop band. They are at there best right now, and they should keep making music like this. As for the lyrics, again, too poppy. I’m not Insulting pop music, but ID is just SO much better when they’re doing alternative & rock. Evolve was disappointing, & I was hoping for something just a little more like the first two albums. Also, let’s be honest. If it weren’t for ‘bad liar’ & ‘natural’, people would be saying that this album is a huge disappointment. I’m not saying I agree w/ that, tho.

- origins

1. this album is definitely of more pop-style music, and very different than the alternative rock we’re used to from these guys. i prefer their unique rock style, but most if not all of these songs are still very catchy and heart-grasping, and that’s something imagine dragons never fails to produce. 2. just by listening to the samples of these, you can tell what a pickle “the author” is in. most of these songs seem to be about “him” finally deciding to let go of someone dear (for their own benefit instead of “his own”) while other songs are about how much said person meant to “him” and how “he” will do whatever it takes to be what they need to be for them. i think this speaks a lot about the soul of dan reynolds. i believe that every song is an extended metaphor and symbol for what lives within him. he’s recently opened up about his depression and his passion towards advocating mental health, which is something in itself that calls at the hearts of and connects every Imagine Dragons fan, or even just passing listeners. these songs are no different from their older songs in that hidden within the fold of every chord and lyric is a message that everyone needs to hear and make their own. 3. i’ve had bad liar stuck in my head for an hour now and i’m not sick of it in the least. i think this can be expected from most of the songs on this album. i’d listened to zero, natural, bad liar, and machine before the album came off of pre-order, and now hearing the rest of them, i doubt they’ll disappoint. all in all, origins definitely wasn’t what we expected, and while this is an interesting turn into pop music that will probably fail to carry all of us on board with it, this album is still the imagine dragons we all know and love, and it’s an album i’m perfectly satisfied to have taking up space on my phone. keep up the good work!

- A rush to get an album out

In all fairness I listened to this album three times and only four songs were tolerable. I was expecting Alternative but some songs came across as screaming and the electronic tunes were much too noisy. I can’t listen to this while speed walking or doing yard work and will not play this for visitors.

- Unexpected

At first when I listened to songs such as Bad Liar and Natural, I thought those were the only really good songs. However, now that I've listened to all of the songs multiple times, "Origins" is my favorite album from Imagine Dragons. I have no doubt they will continue to make such nastalgic and amazing music in the near future!

- Car ride

I always listen to it in the car the best thanks

- It’s not good

They can’t even sellout right

- “Music” for the masses

More crap just thrown together with no effort, to please the radio masses. Discover some actual music instead of settling for this lame excuse for “alternative rock”


Simply this is the best album ever

- Only first songs are good

Only the first four or five are actually good. The other songs all sound like each other. I liked other albums like Night Visions.

- 1 star reviews have it wrong

I can’t help but notice all the negative reviews criticizing the pop-ish theme and how they should go back to alternative. Imagine Dragons shift styles of music almost every album, it’s just that people know them for Night Visions and nothing else. They’ll come around towards to a more Night Vision feel. Origins is a twist, something that surprises you.

- This is awesome

I love bad lair because it’s awesome but I haven’t heard much songs

- Love it

Each album by imagine dragons keeps getting better and better

- Good job but......

I have a request. GO SUE KIDZ BOP FOR STEALING NATURAL!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤

- Kudos

The only bad song on here is “Digital.” That’s all. Literally.

- Love is all we need

The song love wiall now be a special song to me. I've always enjoyed Imagine Dragons. They have a unique sound and a positive energy that reverberate through out there lyrics bringing peace to my sole through their notes.

Wise 💸

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So excited for the rest of the album! It will be amazing!

- Origins Deluxe

The intricate beats embedded throughout the entire album, is greatly impressive. Working with many layers of sounds is truly talent and skill! I am so proud of the record label: KiDinaKorner and the band themselves. Never once let me down. Also experimenting with sounds isn’t stupid and wreck-less... it’s entirely brave!




Can’t wait for the album. It came out of nowhere. Soooo exited! 🔥✨🔥

- Pretty good

With the songs released so far 5/5

- Natural

Je l'adore

- Amazing!

This album is amazing! No songs that are even “ok”! Love Imagine Dragons!! ❤️

- Yay!

Cannot wait!

- Bad liar

This song and album quickly became my most listened to, it’s not even out yet. Bad liar has by far been my favourite imagine dragons song to date. Such a great experience so far all around.

- Couldn’t Be More Excited

It’s not really fair to put out a review yet, but it has been a long time since I was this excited for an album to drop. If this album is even close to the quality of Natural and Zero, it’s going to take my breath away.

- Amazing

Seems like the albums is telling a story starting from the album night vision and this album

- Super exited!!!

Imagine Dragons are my favourite!! I’m more than ready for this album!!!

- Really good

Not as good as their last album evolve, but still really good.

- Amazing, like always!!

Imagine Dragons never disapoints. Love love love. 💛💛💛

- Pretty fricken good!!!

More please.

- Can’t wait

I know it’s not out yet but I’m giving this 5 stars because I know it’s gonna be good

- Natural


- Origins talks, it’s simply the right path

Origins is more than an album, it’s the return to simpler times. It’s feel good music to listen any time. The lyrics are there to remind you that all what can be felt can be confusing. You just a need a center point to balance your life, the origins ! Great job gang !!!

- WOW!!!

Not even a year after they released Evolve, they’re releasing a whole new album!!!! So excited 😆😆😆!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear what new music they’ll release this year!!!! Love Natural and all of their other amazing 😉 songs!!!!!

- Can’t spell the Imagine Dragons without I’m

I’m so excited for this album! Imagine Dragons is an incredible band that has been my favourite since I found out about Believer! Good luck Imagine Dragons! I hope this album sells out more than Evolve!

- Love it


- How’s it gonna be ?

It’s gonna be a blast

- These guys are brilliant always

Imagine straight cut album very typical of the Dragon genre! Nice cool notes and fused alternate rock make this a pretty cool album! Would go well with travelling!


Most of their songs are underrated. I recommend people to listen to this album. Most of the songs are just 🖤 Lyrically also. One of the best albums by Imagine Dragons so far.💯

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