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Harry Styles - Kiwi Song Reviews

- Such an amazing album!

Love love love ever since New York it’s made so well! So proud of Harry 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

- Out of this world

This album deserve five stars as it is amazing. I love every song on this album because usally with different singers i only like a few songs on their album but with this one every song just gets better and better. My top 5 most favourite songs from this album are 1. Only Angel 2. Woman 3. Carolina 4. Kiwi 5. Sweet Creature I have been a 1D fann ever since their WMUB music video came on MTV music channel and thats when i fell in love with them by buying all their albums when they have been released. Im just happy that all the boys are doing what makes them happy.

- AMAZING!!!!!

It's soooooo good and I'm so proud of my Haz❤

- So amazing

Omg I've loved One Direction since the beginning and I'm so happy for harry, and all the other boys as well ❤️ I love the single and I can't wait for the rest to be released love you haz. xx


like 1ds single this is perfect


This album was amazing. Completely blew me away. It is the one album that I never want to skip a song on.

- My boy!!

So incredibly excited to hear this one, see you in New Zealand, H.

- glorious!

Harry's solo debut album is classicly genius. I LOVE how he stayed true to himself and made an album that he is proud of instead of just 'following the social norm' and releasing something that would please modern audiences. 'Kiwi' is my favourite of the album followed by 'Two Ghosts'. Love you Harry!!! I can't stop listening to this masterpiece!!!! <3

- amazing!!!!!!

livin for it

- Styled-out!

After hearing the two first singles, I thought this album was going to be cringe-worthy. Turns out it this is actually worth a listen. I am a fan of his rock-fest on "Only Angel" (love the intro) and the curiously written lyrics of "Kiwi" (Has Harry had a New Zealand Netflix & Chill!?) I also like the tune of "Carolina." Overall, a pretty great solo debut.

- Album Of The Century

He really has outdone himself ❤

- Harry

So good, a must listen 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- So boring

When he sings that high part it's horrendously bad.


This album of Harry's is so pure and real but at the same time such a banger!!!

- Amazing

Best thing these 1D guys have done as you get to hear their pure talent in these albums they bring out by themselves. All for 1D but loving there solo careers too!

- exceptional

amazing as expected

- kiwiiiiiii

wowza this album is absolutely amazing, definitely so much more than what I expected. Can't wait to see him live ❤️❤️❤️😻

- best song ever ;)

No seriously, Harry is killing it! Though I miss 1D, I am completely supportive of what they're all doing! Sign of the times is LIT!! PROUD!

- this is the most beautiful album I have ever listened to

this album is not only beautiful but also a work of art. a few years ago i went on vacation and this album was the only thing that I listened to. I have never loved an album more. I highly recommend listening to the fine line album if you enjoyed this one. thanks for reading and don’t forget to treat people with kindness💕

- Punch me🥺

I lit rally luv him so much it makes me wanna cry but I can’t because I’m a gangster. If he punched me I would apologize. I want him to run me over. I been her since One Direction and it doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere soon PERIODT🥺



- Omg 😮

Love you xoxo xoxo 😘😭😭😭😭😭is this real life I love you so much an yeah I’m a senior this year which is crazy 😜 what the hack u are my favorite band number from one direction but I know that you are beautiful singer omg On my way! U know by the way my name is Sara I live in New Jersey an you are amazing an sweet person ever you make me happier you know so I hope 🤞 we meet in the future because that will be awesome 😎 so I hope you have a good day and I love you so much

- So good!

All songs are really good. So proud of Harry💙

- legend

he’s the king

- Haylor

Haylor forever

- Amazing

Harry is capable of making great pop music! 💖

- lovely blend of genres

bought the physical copy of this album (something i rarely do) just so i can listen to it in my car and be surrounded by the sound every song is well done. my favorites are ever since new york, meet me in the hallway, and two ghosts

- The best stuff I’ve ever heard

I 100% love this albums with all my heart.



- incredible as always

he truly sets the bar so high... he is carrying the music industry on his shoulders

- Bae

Amazing ladies

- , but I’m not a fan girl

I’m just a guy. Never was a fan of one direction. But this album hits hard, as it blends the heart of rock and roll with the heart. Very few albums have giving me so much musical inspiration, but this is one of them. Also. Someone needs to buy this guy a shirt.


i swear this man is a living god on earth! he’s definitely a heartbreaker, but even the heartbreaker’s heart gets broken sometimes. ❤️👑

- A masterpiece

Harry Styles has proven that he’s not your basic pop star.

- Timeless Music

Harry’s album is effortless and timeless. One of those albums that will be played through every generation!


cured all my life problems

- the best album ever

Harry’s music is so good. It is not possible for him to make a bad song. I love him and this album is honestly so good.


Just amazing! Love this type of music and his voice!

- Amazing

It’s amazing

- Cool!!

Better then his second album

- Masterpiece

Came back to write this review over 2 years later, but it’s a classic. I can listen to this album top to bottom, on repeat, whenever. It just doesn’t get old. 10/10 debut album. One of my favorite albums of all time.


Sign of the Times is a life saver. saw him in concert, cried, it was great. if i could give this 10 stars, i definitely would.

- He deserves it

I love Larry Stylinson, sweet creature is at 38 because of larries, I’m not crying u are.

- i mean it’s harry. what else needs to be said?

love it

- 💜

Lately i realized that he really wants to be different and making special music in his own way

- harry styles- singer/songwriter extraordinaire

harry styles. songwriter of the 49th greatest song of our decade. singer of 6 of some of the most iconic albums of the 2010’s. actor in the war film dunkirk. model for gucci men’s tailoring. advocate for treating people with kindness. he’s not just harry styles from one direction. he’s not just the harry with long hair. he’s not just a pretty face. he’s not an act. he’s a genuine person who puts true feelings into his songs. harry styles the singer/songwriter is very overlooked. sure, he has many amazing qualities, but the ones that speak the most are his musical talents. the way listeners can relate to and interpret lyrics is something truly wonderful. he doesn’t write songs to please the public. he doesn’t write songs to make anyone happy besides himself. he put out a genuine, honest, real record that has a piece of himself in every song. this album will be remembered for years to come.

- he is god

harry baby, i’m so proud of you

- Harry

Boy do you write some good songs

- First album I’ve ever bought 🥝❤️

I was never a fan of one direction to be honest.. I liked a few of there songs like ‘ story of my life’ and ‘drag me down ‘ . And then I heard ‘ sign of the times and fell in love with the track not knowing it was Harry Styles. I was shocked . I didn’t except such thing from a pop singer.. I loved it so much that I had to listen more and eventually bought the physical copy and digital.. I can’t wait for his album ‘ Fine Line ‘ to come out.

- my king


- best album

this is the best album i’ve ever heard. it’s my favorite album and there are no songs that you’re allowed to skip. skip any and you’re tasteless


I love the flow of the songs and description of a beautiful women. It definitely fits the definition of Harry styles. I recomend 100 percent !!!❤️❤️❤️

- Never Gets Old

after two and a half years im STILL playing on loop. Woman and Only Angel are THOSE songs.

- ❤️


- 5 stars

amazing.... that’s it

- Love u


- deserves a Grammy !!!

love this album with all my heart from start to bottom

- good

very good

- Sweet creature styles

Beautiful. I never liked one direction because every album was the same style just in a different song which made every song sound the same. Going solo expresses each individuals talent and who deserves to be in the music industry. Opening with a fanatic album with remedies such as slow ballads like sweet creature and two ghosts, along with uplifting melodies such as sign of the times and meet me in the hallway truly create a vision and shows the abilities capable of Harry styles. Not to mention his pop rock kiwi shakes me to my core. Along with the second album which I will leave another five star review for, Harry styles has matured and has a future in this business. Can’t wait to see your upcoming projects.

- Lovely

work of art that touches the soul but makes you want to get up and dance! ❤️

- Really good

Really good

- ♡

- best album of 2017

honestly this album deserved so much better. every song was crafted so carefully and well thought out. the album as a whole is a masterpiece and was made by a genius. nothing can top it. there are no bad songs and i never get tired of playing it over and over again. ftdt, mmith, and esny deserve more and so does harry!

- one of the best albums ever

harry truly shows us his best on this stunning album

- incredible

i love it harry is amazing

- Literal work of art

Everytime I listen to this album I still remember the first day I listened to it and how much I fell in love with this man and his voice. Harry Styles is incredible and knows what music is.

- Time


- Shooketh

I didn’t know who Harry styles was until recently, but I saw some music videos of one direction and I really liked it and thought the boy with curly hair was super cute. So I researched and eventually became a huge fan as Harry and 1D. This is the best album I’ve ever heard and I love how amazingly kind Harry is to all his fans. He gives autographs even when he’s in a rush and gives endless hugs and spreads kindness everywhere he goes. I’ll definitely be a fan for years to come and I’m so excited for HS2 to come out :) I’m so proud of him and I can’t skip any song in the album. My favorites are sweet creature, sign of the times, and kiwi. But I love all of them and it’s so hard to pick favorites. Love ya Harry ❤️😊

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- Harry's first album

this is a beautiful album harry, well thought of and full of talent!

- Great stuff

These songs are stunning. Definitely refreshing, more meaningful than the teen flirts we are so used to. "Sign of the times" is beautiful and comforting. Kiwi makes a nice contrast with a hot, passionate spazzy tune, that does not get old. Kiwi is fresh and steamy, and irresistible.

- 👎👎

What'sthe big deal about this? He can't sing and this is awful, just like everything 1D ever released. This is a piece of junk. I can't believe people are wasting their money on this.

- Terrible

Pathetic album

- Different

Different but different is good sometimes. Shows how creative he is. Good job Harry

- What a great solo kickoff!

So proud! The new band, Harry's vocals & stellar top production make this an award contender for sure. Beautiful songs, old school rock vibes channelling his favourite artists, couldn't ask for a better first solo effort. Can't wait to see him live.



- Brilliant!

This album FAR exceeded my expectations. It is clearly thoughtfully written and masterfully arranged. Harry and his team have quite obviously put a lot of hard work into this project and the result is beautiful.

- Absolutely Amazing

This album saved my entire life. I am in awe of the talent that is Harry Styles.

- Mind blowing! 😍❤️👌🏻

Honestly this mans talent is unreal it just blows me away! He's such an amazing guy with an angelic heavenly voice! Very Incredible Harry Keep doing what you're doing! Love you! ❤️ 5 stars ✨ 😍🎉❤️👌🏻😘


Tweens to Boomers NEED to own this album. First, it's not just Harry, who is a gift from the music Gods and Goddesses. It's an incredible band too, instrumentally and vocally. (take notice) And off the charts production talents. Wow. Musically, there's similar talents and styling of Bowie, England Dan and John Ford Coley, Jackson Browne, Stones, Doobie Bros, Elton, Hall and Oates, The Allman Bros, The Band, just everything good, great and that has been missing since the 70's. And it's modern. With music this good eras don't matter. My problem with it was when it ended. No! It felt like slipping from a drop off shelf in a lake. It is THAT good. Tell the youngs, the middles, and tell the boomers. Tell everyone who likes music at all. They are going to LOVE this.

- Masterpiece

Harry Style's album has turned out to be a roller coaster of musical magic. Music that has been missing for decades and we have a 23 year old kid to thank for bringing it back. Buy the album. It's worth every dime.

- Harry 😍

Love this album 😍

- 30 something mom of 2.

Enjoying the new and improved sounds of Harry Styles.

- Impressive

I'm an older fan and this reminds me of something from the bygone era of my youth from the 60's to early 80's. Harry has something unique and with his charismatic talent he has proven himself a rock icon. 1D showed his talents but he has refined them in this album. Nicely done.

- Surprisingly Solid Album

Disclaimer: I'm not a teeny-bopper. Intrigued by the first single, I bought the album and found myself enjoying many of the songs. A few aged 30+ friends have purchased it after giving mine a listen. It's good enough to mean I'll follow Styles' career. He shows a lot of potential.


My favorite is Carolina, but all the songs are so amazing. Loving sign of the times too. This is amazing Harry. Dropping fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- this cleared my skin.

my children are fed. my bills are paid. my crops are growing efficiently. my phone is fully charged. i am truly, truly, alive.


Harry is an amazingly talented and beautiful human❤❤ I love this and will forever

- Wow.

I love every single track, especially Caroline. Harry's sound has a classic rock and roll vibe. I am definitely feeling it.

- Talent Discovered

I was the first one to say that One Direction was bad. Harry Styles proved me that he is an amazingly talented artist. Those songs are written with poetry and souls, I couldn't love this album more.

- Surprising

Hated 1D, so far love the solo Harry Styles. Much more mature and thoughtful music.

- Do I deserve this?

Didn't know Harry's songs would come out so good jeez. 1D was an amazing chrysalis for Harry and it produced a precious butterfly with cheetah printed wings

- give him a grammy

This album is the most unique, original and creative album of 2017. Harry worked so hard on this masterpiece and everyone needs to give this album a chance. 🌹 All the love x

- Amazing

These ten songs are absolutely astonishing! Especially kiwi!

- I luv


- 😊

Absolutely love it! He totally smashed it!

- Not Pop lol

There's no way to classify this as pop, but that doesn't hinder how good the album is.

- Different but very good.

Disclaimer: I'm not a teenybopper I knew who One Direction where but apart from Story of my Life didn't know any other songs. I heard them on GMA and bought their last album which was good. Heard Sign of the Times on the radio and was shocked to see who was singing it. Such an amazing song. Saw Harry in SNL and he did an amazing job. On a whim bought his debut album and I'm not disappointed. It's very cohesive. The songs flow nicely into each other. I've listened to it everyday since I got it. Well done Harry for going out and taking a chance. Glad to see someone so young leading instead of following the norm. Can't wait to see what else you come out with.

- Avis

I definitively don't like this album.

- Surprisingly Great

I never really liked one direction or Harry Styles in particular, I usually prefer Hozier or James Bay however, this album has made me curious about Harry and how his music is changing. This album is, in my opinion, similar to Hozier but unique in its own way and I found it to be highly enjoyable. I'm looking forward to what is released in the future, great job!

- Love it

This is pure talent

- This album is incredible

Each song is a vital piece to the whole, so beautiful.

- More than a pretty face

I know a lot of people don't like Harry just because he was in One Direction but this new sound is unique and brings back an era a lot of people miss in a compelling way. Truly amazing.

- Amazing

I've listened to this almost every day since it came out, and haven't tired of it at all. He's come a long way since 1D! Congrats Harry ❤️

- Harry Styles

I knew there was something more to him than 1D. I love this album, it's brilliant, amazing and evocative.

- Terrible

Didn't even come close to meeting a relatively low expectation since it's his first album alone. I happen to really love his voice but I can't even say I like one song :(

- Vapid

Empty lyrics and recycled melodies. Pop music has hit its lowest point yet.

- Impressed

Quite nice. Keep it up 👍🏻

- Gross

His music is depressing af

- I'm not even a One Direction fan like that

Two Ghosts alone deserves all the 5-stars in the world.

- Amazing

It's on repeat. So much variety, so much talent.

- Impressed

I'm so proud of Harry!! He's come such a long way and at first I wasn't too sure about the album but now I am in love with it. His voice, the lyrics and the overall feeling of the album is amazing. Good job H. ❤️

- 😍

so peaceful!! love

- Yesss!!

My favourite album!!!


tbh i was really emo when 1D died and didn't want to give in to their solo careers.. after listening to this album i totally forget who 1D is. who is 1D??? idk her. Harry Styles??? a legend.

- Amazing

I'm so in love with this album Harry completely smashed it

- R



Amazing job Harry!!!! So proud!!!

- Its everything

i loved it every single song it is filled with emotions and the vocals are too good the sounds are really catchy

- Roller coaster

It’s a mix emotions put into words that warms the heart.


The whole album is so good, pure, extraordinary, spectacular, Amazing, Unique, lovely. Love you H.


This album is absolutely amazing.

- Brilliant

You have really done a commendable job and I'm sure your album is gonna break all the records


I think sign of the time was so great and I also his Ever Since New York performance and yet again the song was also good . I'm pretty excited, may 2nd he is dropping Sweet Creature.... Also I'm excited for his album to drop on May 12th

- Just buy it u won't regret

Hope u like it

- This is Gonna Hit All Time Best Ever

Harry You're Amazing and Voice is FANTASTIC always break my heart. DO HARD, PLAY HARD, KEEP CLAM!!! Keep It Up Harry. God Bless U :)

- Its really bad!

I hate it


The album is so amazing! It's different and so so harry! So happy that it's topping the charts!! So proud of you H! All the love. xx

- Beautiful masterpieces so far!

Harry Styles is a sensation! He's here to stay, slay and rule!

- Its really good

i was not a fan Harry Styles, but his this music is really impressive. i am his fan now!



- Best ever

Best album ever👌🏼☝️☝️WOW

- Harry Styles album.

I'm completely speechless. It's amazing. It's extremely beautiful. it's the kind of album where I can't really choose a favorite. like every single song is a masterpiece. This album is a lot more than words could ever explain. Saying it's beautiful must be an understatement. I'm so proud of you. Hands down but Harry Styles is the best album by an amazing artist, Harry Styles. A masterpiece, a legendary album.

- Bhumika

Its // HARRY STYLES // what more review is needed. The best

- Awesome

This album is amazing! Love you Harold ♥️♥️♥️

- Perfection



He is King👑..

- .


- Harry

Love 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

- One of the best albums of the year !!

Harry Styles sounds angelic in this album. The album as a whole works really well and I love the rockier vibe of it.

- Its seductive to the soul !!

Harry is always been a fan of good music the music he made in the band was upfront pop but this album gives a vintage feel with a special selection of words and phrases that eventually reach your heart along with that the music is the late pop rock which is not heavy at all but it does crack in the shell and enters your heart , his voice is one of the amazing voices the industry's ever gonna witness its smooth, catchy one way to describe is versatile. Album is amazing.


The most extraodinharry album. 😭😭♥️♥️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Harry Styles the best

being a pop genre lover his album is one of the best and the favourites of many.

- Heavenly

I've been waiting for this for a long time. And I have to say that I'm not disappointed at all. He is ART and what he creates is ART as well.

- Best EVer !!!

Well done H. Lv u😘😘😘

- One direction ...

Is over ? Or he's trying to be zayn Malik ? 😂

- I absolutely loved it Harold 😍♥️

I am crying but in a cool way ♥️

- Slay Harry

I've been waiting for this album ever since it was announced. I was so scared and so excited at the same time. I preordered this album, the same day it was available for preorder and just as it was available for download, i downloaded it. it was definitely the best decision i made. being a directioner and a harry girl, it was so thrilling to see how the album may come out to be. and it reached way beyond my expectations. i love the album. it's my favorite one yet.

- Masterpiece

Harry did a great job . Album has a song for every mood , ESNY ,Kiwi and Sign of the times are the best songs in album . I recommend it to everyone 👍🏻

- The best of best

This album is so unbelievably beautiful!! How he has mixed all the old school favourites is commendable!! Great job H.

- My Harold

No description 😍

- Nice

I love sign of the times

- Awesome

This album is awesome literally like it when I listen this song I feel happy

- Loved it!!

So Proud Of Harry😍 Love you H.

- 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👍🏽

Loving it

- Amazing as always

Amazing *dreamysigh*

- I am so proud!

This album speaks to my soul. Each one of his songs is just so beautiful and full of emotions. He is bringing his aesthetics into this album and his style. That 80s rock style in his music with a modern twist is pure bliss. I love this album to bits. I never even imagined that Harry would have a solo album and that too like this! I am so proud and I love his beautiful soul.

- Absolutely Angelic❤️

This album has exceeded my expectations. Well done Harry! I strongly recommend you to buy and stream it as much as possible. Trust me! You won't regret it. It is so far one of the best albums released this year. Good luck for a bright future Harry😊

- Best album ever

All songs are superb

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I feel so proud right now! This album is incredible 🙌🏼👏🏼💘💕

- 21/10

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee H ♥️

- HARRYS AN 10000/10


- bf


- The lad actually can sing

Gotta say i'm surprised and how good this is...

- Harry styles

Beautiful voice, another young Robbie maybe

- Amazing

Absolutely ❤️ this album

- 10 out 10

I love him more now. He can be himself omg I love this soooo much 💕💕💕💕💕💕

- ...

Harry Styles has blessed us with an AMAZING album!

- More than I hoped for

I am a 1D fan. I'm also old. I grew up in the 70's & 80's and this album dug up some of the roots of my childhood and brought them to life again. The music industry doesn't have enough rock 'n' roll anymore and this is what has been missing for a while now. If Only Angel & Carolina aren't released as singles I hope there is a major uproar.

- Carolina💖





Ok if anyone out there hasn't bought Harrys album yet WHAT ARE U DOING??!!! You're missing out big time because this boy is legendary and deserves all the Grammys 🙌❤️


Damn. Proud to see my sunshine has made an artistic album with something for everyone. Glad all these new fans worshipping Harry, that hated 1D, have given into his raspy voice that us oldies have always loved. Well done Styles, you've smashed the music scene once again!

- A musical genius

Harry is such a musical genius I wouldn't be surprised if he was within the top 5

- Just a fan here...

I think what made me happiest was how much my dad, a classic rock-obsessed, middle-aged man, liked it. I've been a fan for several years, but this was something else, something full of mystery and emotion. Breaking free from the restraints of having 3-4 other minds in one song, Harry has written his own pieces for himself, and only him. There's nobody else's feelings. It's just H. Pure and raw. It's music like this that will last a while, people will still be playing this in 50 years, the same way teenagers nowadays are listening to the Rolling Stones.

- harry styles

he is amazing, his songs are amazing, this album is amazing! i love it!!


I love this sooooo much and I've listened to it on repeat for the last 2 days!!!

- Harry Styles outdid himself

Such a nice album! It holds amazing rock influenced songs which I think haven't been up on the charts for a while. It feels refreshing to be able to listen to this instead of a the typical pop songs on the radio and in the charts. Great job, Styles!

- Perfection

Every song is my favourite.

- Absolutely Amzing

I have no other words

- Surprised

I bought this to see what the hype was about. Not knowing what to expect. Totally surprised. A good surprised. He just gained another fan 🙌🏽 Well done Harry.

- Proper good album

Don't judge him on his past. This is a ripping folk/rock album.

- Harry Styles - Album of the Year ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This young man is an exceptionally talented artist! The whole album is incredible.

- Exceptional

So good. A journey with Harry of classic tunes, moving lyrics and just damn good music

- A Daniel Johns would be

Harry is a victim of his own celebrity. He needs to listen to what other artists have already released. Otherwise it's just copying.

- Love it.

I love the old school vibes this album gives!


meet me in the hallway is my favourite it's so good everything is so amazing I'm so gonna buy it

- Rock 'n' roll?

And who ever said 'Garbage GARBAGE Garbage' please if you don't like his music please don't complain!! I don't want to buy this album, but i alway have been a 1D fan, but i love how the music is rock music with the Acoustic gutiar, i am learning the acoustic guitar. This is so different to all the other 1D solo artist career in music. Wow!! Well done... and i think no other new music that is coming out or has come out is rock music... Wow never though Harry styles to make this kind/type of music...

- .

It's absolutely fantastic, I feel like a proud mum sometimes, he's just done so well for himself.


I'm disappointed with this album I'm sorry😭

- Wow...

I love the album so much... he should've gone solo a looonnngggg time ago

- 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Amazing. Best album👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Amazing

It is an amazing album. It is worth the wait. Can't wait for more.

- It's not very good though, is it.

This album will only be relevant for about a year.

- Pure gold. Whole album is amazing!

I don't really usually write reviews but i feel like i have to with this one. Incredible album. Every song is raw, amazing, and I can't stop listening. Wasn't a 1D fan, but i am a styles fan now.

- Sign out of times

Love it awesome song l can't stop listening too it give him 100 percent

- Alright can do better

He can do better

- Amazing!!

One of the best albums ever released. Really catchy songs & love how he went for a different style of music compared to what is popular these days.

- 😞👎👎👎👎👎

Well he tried

- The best I've heard for a long time

This is the best album of heard for a long time. It's very different but in a good way, I could have this on repeat for forever. Good job Harry very unique and creative 💗

- 👌

He's an angel

- Terrible

This guy has no talent, his fan base consists of people with single-digit IQs, he has nothing to properly sing about because he doesn't have the intelligence to come up with something good and his music has no impact on society or the music culture; in fact this album will probably lose popularity in about 2-3 weeks. Honestly people like him are the reason why we need to resort back to executing the incompetent. Oh by the way apple need to allow people to rate 0/5 stars because 1/5 stars seems way too nice from me.

- Superstar honey

Absolutely stunning

- Eejogkendkfkgjdkfkgkdkfkfkskgkgk


- Smooth

Congrats Mr Styles .......... very smooth album

- Sign if times

Converted , I am now a fan . Winning song


This is the best album ever

- Harry's Solo Album is fantastic

Absolutely amazing!! I couldn't love it anymore❤️

- Winner

Never listened to Harry before this, I don't like boy bands. This however is so good. Catchy grown up tunes.

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@kustomken @BadBradRSR Usually yes 😂.


@char_kiwi @BadBradRSR It’s fancy at 12 midnight 😜 Flashy pants ? Lol🤦🏽‍♂️ .

Laura Berrill

@Stephen_Britt Too right. Sense at last. If a bloody Kiwi fruit can test positive what do the bloody hell did they think would happen. We need staff back on the front line. #Savelives.

Craig. Proudly a 5 million team member

@MichaelRapaport Unfortunately for America you have a leader who has only one interest, and it is not the American people. But, with some patience and understanding, America will come through stronger. My humble Kiwi opinion..

Punjabi Kiwi

@dillikakiwi Being from Punjab I can say the state is not backwards. There are some fault lines and some issues 1. Drugs 2. Compulsive Show off 3. Destruction of economy and industry 4. Increasing sense of entitlement amongst the wealthy farmers 5. Getting too lazy 6. Craze for Canada 😀.

George taslie

@razbubblegum BITCH SAME i ate some cabbage and a kiwi.


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@literallykiannn @unabIez @bttrflycaylen @whiteclwstatham @CarrTanaysha Love youuuu noora🥺🥺.

Richard Symonds

@jackiehandleyva @ProfKarolSikora Quite detailed information. Basically says safe but err on side of caution and don't have it until further research concluded. What you might want to find out is how long after second jab they consider it irrelevant to future pregnancy..


@kiwi_artsy I offer the OG Cloud car for ur NFR Frost fury. Plss i had to offer my NFR Frost fury For the cloud and regretted it ;c.

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Harry Styles - Kiwi Song Comments

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Harry Styles - Kiwi Song Wiki

You can find here music lyrics from artist Harry Styles, album Harry Styles, song Kiwi, released 12 May 2017. Listening online to Kiwi - Harry Styles song preview is free and does not require registration...

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