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Wide Open by Kane Brown Song Lyrics

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Kane Brown - Wide Open Song Reviews

- Love!

He sounds like a young randy travis. Love his voice!

- Love it!

I can't wait to see him when he comes to Tampa, I absolutely love this album. I listen to it on repeat when I'm in the car lol To all the haters saying he isn't country: there are different kinds of country music so just because it isn't the country you like doesn't mean it's horrible. I can guarantee some of us wouldn't like the "garbage" y'all listen to either.


Love love love! Great songs. Has all the great feelers you look For in a country song

- Gross

I'm disgusted. What happened to country music?

- Not as good as your last album

Please start singing country again like your first few songs, they were Great

- Love him.

Saw him at CMA Fest this weekend and he was amazing. He is so humble and just excited to be there. He talked about how this time last year he was out in the crowd like us, just a fan, and now he's living his dream. Also, instead of just singing and moving around the stage he acknowledged his fans out in the crowd. When they waved he waved back and the smile on his face was so genuine not to mention he sounds just as amazing live as he does in his songs on here.

- this album is amazing

he has an fantastic voice, his lyrics are so meaningful && can go right along with your life. I love this album!

- Great!

Always on repeat!!! Keep up the great work Kane & ignore all the negativity. Can't wait to hear more music in the future!

- 1 star is generous.

Kane brown is the epitome of everything wrong with country music. He doesn't even try to fake it like all the other gay "cowboys" do. One of the worst albums I've ever heard and anyone that gives this 5 stars should be deported from the US.

- Too many haters....

Kane Brown has a great country voice. His songs will be heard and people will love him. Kane keep them coming.

- Awesome!!!

You guys can sit here and make all these comments about how bad these songs are but they are really amazing and not only that, they have a story behind them. Yes, you're entitled to your own opinions, and not everyone will be able to relate to these songs but if you actually listen to them and understand the point about the song... They are really good. Kane Brown is an amazing songwriter and singer... I hope that he produces more music and doesn't let all y'all's fake comments about his songs!!!! Kane Brown has amazing songs!

- Love his music!

Amazing artist!

- Kane West?

What is this crap? It's terrible.

- Kane Brown

Great music

- Fraud. Market Manipulator

Not only is Kane Brown a total fraud in country music, but his manager is connected to online playlists and snuck him on with no reasoning other than to generate false support for this guy. Even if he was not a total fraud. He is still extremely untalented and has zero star power. He should be a failin blues artist named "Bad Tattoo Brown" at least then he could garner sympathy instead of hatred.

- Didn't get the whole song

I downloaded last minute late night on only got 50 seconds of the song. Total bs!

- No. Just No.

1. Not country. 2. Not good music. 3. Marketing ploy

- Kane brown can sing

Have any of you guys seen his covers for all kinds of song. I'm sorry people but Kane brown can sing and he is good at it. I'm putting my opinion out there because it is what I think. I think everyone should stop hating on others.

- Love it

Great voice, awesome songs!

- Not what's expected


- Next Big Thing

This guy is going to be big time.

- Awesome

Stop judging about how he hasn't made it in anything else and how he has tattoos and he has a bad voice. He obviously does not have a bad voice because he has a record label😂 and just because someone has tattoos doesn't make them different. At last he can be country all he wants its the way he was raised and he was raised in a great way. He has a great voice and of the time I met him, an awesome personality so stop giving bad reviews and saying rude comments because if you have nothing good to say do not say it because this album is worth buying!!!!!

- Trash

And once again, some guy who sings country music cliches makes a bunch of city girls feel country when they listen to him. 🗑

- Sweet.

Soo cute. What guy can sing "there goes my everything" especially when you're not feeling appreciated. So sweet.


so amazing, can't wait for more music

- Wow!


- miss you

how can anyone rate this anything under a 5 star? its amazing! Kane you are very talented, keep up the good work. also, I'm wearin your blue, grey, and white Kane Brown shirt from the concert in Memphis last night. was the best experience of my life ♡

- Simply Amazing ❤️

Kane Brown is by far the best in a long time!!! So many haters saying he's not country... He's never claimed to be straight up country. He's putting a twist on country and does well doing so. His voice is ridiculously good and he puts on AMAZING shows! I will definitely pay to see him over and over!!

- What the hell is this crap


- Haters gonna hate!!!!

I've been waiting forever for Kane to come out with his songs. His voice though ❤️❤️❤️ and to all you haters go eff off your all jealous because he's following his dream.

- Perfect!!

I don't understand all of the reviews saying that he's not "country" because he has tattoos and doesn't dress a certain way.. since when does the way you dress qualify if you are "country" or not? Being country is not about your attire but about your way of life. Kane brown, aka my future husband has such a beautiful voice. Love his music! I've supported and followed him since his first months sharing his covers of songs on Facebook and it's truly amazing to see how far he has come.

- Love your music!

Your songs excuses and love that I hate you described my break up and they helped me when I was having a bad day I would listen to I love that I hate you and just smile when I had to walk past him. I love your music and your voice. I can't wait to hear more!

- LOVE!!

love your music! big fan. especially I used to love you sober ❤️❤️❤️

- He's such a great singer!!

Love his music!

- That Voice 👌🏽

Love his voice!! Can't wait to see him live 😄

- Not country

If you're going to call yourself a country singer atleast pretend to be country

- Kane Brown

Not sure where all of the negative reviews are coming from.... I'm obsessed

- Looooooooooove him

Love your voice & your music. Every song hits close to home

- All pop music!

This is a pop album not country! Do not buy! Waste of time and money!

- Every song pure amazing

Love all of his music and his voice ... Very talented

- Kane brown music is amazing

Kane's music is amazing and great I love his songs so much there very good. I want to see him in concert. Kane is so cute I love you Kane Brown

- Kane

♥️♥️♥️ love it!

- Amazing, love.

Kane's voice is amazing and he is such a good artist. Bought this right as it came out. I love him and his music. ❤️

- Great Music, Not Country

Every artist has to put down a genre when they release their music. But this is definitely not country, but just bc he chose the wrong genre doesn't mean you should hate. It's great music, just not country. Liked whole EP outisde of Last Minute Late Night

- One of a kind voice

Reviews for this seem to be amazing or horrible. I don't understand why someone would take the time to write a review just to say "go away"... Do something else with ur time. Kane has a very unique tone to his upper and lower registry that a lot of artist do not have. I won't deny that the lyrics in a few of the songs need some help, but songs like, used to love you sober, are a much better then then a lot of the songs you will hear on the radio today. I'm not going to dog someone writing their own songs and trying to make a life for themselves using a gift that so many people don't have. I recommend giving some of his songs a chance, his voice is one of a kind.

- Terrible

He cannot sing very well and it is not country in the least bit

- great.

awesome songs & a even better person. don't judge a book by its cover , y'all . 👌🏼 proud of you kane. before you know it you'll be on your own tour.

- Dear Nashville,

Just stop..... please!

- In love!

Kane Brown deserves all the love and attention he can get! His music is amazing, his voice is unlike any I've heard and I love that he sings about the country side of his life. Real life, relatable stuff! I will by any and every song Kane produces! He's incredible! I dig his way of country mucus! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏽👍🏽

- Complete crap

He is not country and his voice stinks

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