The Record Company Song Lyrics

Top The Record Company Albums of October 2021

1All of This Life album lyrics, reviews, download

All of This Life

$9.99Genre: RockDate: 22 June 2018
2Play Loud album lyrics, reviews, download

Play Loud

$0Genre: RockDate: 08 October 2021
3Give It Back to You album lyrics, reviews, download

Give It Back to You

$9.99Genre: RockDate: 01 January 2016
4Early Songs & Rarities album lyrics, reviews, download

Early Songs & Rarities

$9.99Genre: RockDate: 03 April 2020
5Side Project - EP album lyrics, reviews, download

Side Project - EP

$3.99Genre: RockDate: 25 June 2021
6You And Me Now (T Bone Burnett Version) - Single album lyrics, reviews, download

You And Me Now (T Bone Burnett Version) - Single

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 26 June 2020
7Baby I'm Broken - Single album lyrics, reviews, download

Baby I'm Broken - Single

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 15 March 2017
8Life to Fix - Single album lyrics, reviews, download

Life to Fix - Single

$0Genre: RockDate: 20 April 2018
9I Wanna Be Your Dog - Single album lyrics, reviews, download

I Wanna Be Your Dog - Single

$0.99Genre: RockDate: 06 December 2019
10Born Unnamed - Single album lyrics, reviews, download

Born Unnamed - Single

$0.99Genre: RockDate: 01 November 2019

Top The Record Company Songs of October 2021

1Off the Ground song lyrics

Off the Ground

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 04 December 2015
2Life To Fix song lyrics

Life To Fix

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 20 April 2018
3Rita Mae Young song lyrics

Rita Mae Young

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 29 January 2016
4On the Move song lyrics

On the Move

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 12 February 2016
5Turn Me Loose song lyrics

Turn Me Loose

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 12 February 2016
6I’m Getting Better (And I'm Feeling It Right Now) song lyrics

I’m Getting Better (And I'm Feeling It Right Now)

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 June 2018
7How High song lyrics

How High

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 08 July 2021
8Feels So Good song lyrics

Feels So Good

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 July 2013
9Make It Happen song lyrics

Make It Happen

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 June 2018
10Hard Day Coming Down song lyrics

Hard Day Coming Down

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 12 February 2016
11Give It Back to You song lyrics

Give It Back to You

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 12 February 2016
12The Movie Song song lyrics

The Movie Song

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 June 2018
13Gotta Be Movin’ song lyrics

Gotta Be Movin’

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 09 September 2021
14In the Mood for You song lyrics

In the Mood for You

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 12 February 2016
15This Crooked City song lyrics

This Crooked City

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 12 February 2016
16Out Of My Head song lyrics

Out Of My Head

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 19 August 2021
17Don’t Let Me Get Lonely song lyrics

Don’t Let Me Get Lonely

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 12 February 2016
18Goodbye Sad Eyes song lyrics

Goodbye Sad Eyes

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 17 July 2012
19Medicine Man song lyrics

Medicine Man

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 17 July 2012
20This Crooked City (Alternate Take) song lyrics

This Crooked City (Alternate Take)

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 03 April 2020
21Paradise song lyrics


$1.29Genre: RockDate: 29 July 2021
22Baby I'm Broken song lyrics

Baby I'm Broken

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 15 March 2017
23So What’cha Want song lyrics

So What’cha Want

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 03 April 2020
24Roll Bones song lyrics

Roll Bones

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 June 2018
25Born Unnamed song lyrics

Born Unnamed

$0.99Genre: RockDate: 17 July 2012
26I Wanna Be Your Dog song lyrics

I Wanna Be Your Dog

$0.99Genre: RockDate: 06 December 2019
27You And Me Now (T Bone Burnett Version) song lyrics

You And Me Now (T Bone Burnett Version)

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 19 July 2019
28You and Me Now song lyrics

You and Me Now

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 June 2018
29Coming Home song lyrics

Coming Home

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 June 2018
30Night Games song lyrics

Night Games

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 June 2018
31Never Gonna Cry for Me song lyrics

Never Gonna Cry for Me

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 03 April 2020
32New Speedway Boogie song lyrics

New Speedway Boogie

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 03 April 2020
33I'm Changing song lyrics

I'm Changing

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 June 2018
34Goodbye To the Hard Life song lyrics

Goodbye To the Hard Life

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 22 June 2018
35I Wanna Get High song lyrics

I Wanna Get High

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 05 May 2021
36Darlin' Jane song lyrics

Darlin' Jane

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 03 April 2020
37Ain’t Love Warm song lyrics

Ain’t Love Warm

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 03 April 2020
38Bright Lights, Big City song lyrics

Bright Lights, Big City

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 03 April 2020
39Spoonful song lyrics


$1.29Genre: RockDate: 19 May 2021
40Ball And Chain song lyrics

Ball And Chain

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 09 April 2021
414 Days 3 Nights song lyrics

4 Days 3 Nights

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 03 April 2020
42The Jailor song lyrics

The Jailor

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 03 April 2020
43Devil Inside song lyrics

Devil Inside

$1.29Genre: RockDate: 20 April 2021

Who is The Record Company?

The Record Company is a Grammy-nominated American rock band from Los Angeles. The members are Chris Vos (guitar, lead vocals), Alex Stiff (bass, backing vocals), and Marc Cazorla (drums, backing vocals). Their music is influenced by blues musicians like John Lee Hooker, early punk bands like The Stooges, and rock bands like The Rolling Stones. Their sound incorporates slide guitar, distorted bass, a Ludwig drum kit and the vocals of Chris Vos. The trio started in late 2011, hanging up old microphones and recording live in the bass player's living room in Los Feliz, California. The Record Company have since played concert halls across North America, opening for acts as diverse as John Mayer, B.B. King, Social Distortion, Buddy Guy, Bob Seger, Grace Potter, and Trombone Shorty. The band toured Europe supporting Blackberry Smoke in late 2015. The band has received positive reviews from Entertainment Weekly, Paste, The Huffington Post, and Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone also included The R...

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