Ed Sheeran - X album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Ed Sheeran
Album Name :   X
Genre :   Pop
Relase Date :   20 June 2014
Tracks :   12
Country :   USA

X (Ed Sheeran) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. One Ed Sheeran 4:12
2. I'm a Mess Ed Sheeran 4:04
3. Sing Ed Sheeran 3:55
4. Don't Ed Sheeran 3:39
5. Nina Ed Sheeran 3:45
6. Photograph Ed Sheeran 4:18
7. Bloodstream Ed Sheeran 5:00
8. Tenerife Sea Ed Sheeran 4:01
9. Runaway Ed Sheeran 3:25
10. The Man Ed Sheeran 4:10
11. Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran 4:41
12. Afire Love Ed Sheeran 5:14

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Ed Sheeran - X Album Wiki

X (named ex , plural exes) is the 24th and antepenultimate letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet..

X (Ed Sheeran) Album Comments

X (Ed Sheeran) Album Reviews

  • MCrepe

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  • Ew

  • I hate this

    I have hated this album, especially Thinking Out Loud, since it came out. Don’t is just irritating. Bluh. Photograph is pretty good though.
  • Love Ed’s music

    💋You’re the BEST ED!!!! Great music-Magnificent musician!!!
  • Nice

    Beter than his new Divide album.
  • Beatbox Reviewer

    Ok, you are clearly not an Ed Sheeran fan if you think that Sing is the only good song on this album. It’s amazing, and I don’t know what makes you give it one star but whatever it is I feel bad for you. He is an exceptional singer/songwriter and will always be. That goes for all of the other people heating on him, too. Also, he is British so he doesn’t say things that sound like what Americans hear them as. And shut up about boring songs, because they are beautiful. It’s 2017 and I still love this album, and divide. It doesn’t get old. Thanks! 😙
  • Sing

    Havana lover
    I love this album you never let me down!!
  • my husband

    no explanation needed
  • Trash sheeran

  • Ed sherren

    Freddy Logan
    #1 in the worldwide!!!!!! 💩😂😍😁🤣👍🏻😱💖