Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 by Eagles

Genre Rock
Release 08 February 2011
Price $9.99
Tracks 10
Country USA
9.99 USD

Eagles - Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Take It Easy 3:31
2. Witchy Woman 4:10
3. Lyin' Eyes 6:21
4. Already Gone 4:15
5. Desperado 3:33
6. One Of These Nights 4:51
7. Tequila Sunrise 2:53
8. Take It To The Limit 4:47
9. Peaceful Easy Feeling 4:17
10. The Best Of My Love 4:34

Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 by Eagles Album Reviews

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❤️🚀✨💥. What a great new sound it was was and is!!!!❤️❤️😍😎✌🏻️🖖🌵

Peaceful Easy Feeling. Best album ever!!

Eagles. Still one of the best albums ever released!

1976. Hotel California was released in 1976

Eagles Greatest Hit 1971 -1975. Great Album!! I read several of the “Most Critical reviews” criticizing it because it didn’t include “Hotel California “. They obviously didn’t realize that Hotel California wasn’t produced by the Eagles until a few years later. Could be that they didn’t grow up in the 70’s?

Love it!. Love Witchy Woman? Love Cajun parodies? Check out Rou Ga Rou by La Pair O De on iTunes!

Eagles Eagles Eagles. One of the best rock n roll groups ever 40+ years together in one collaboration or another. Don Henley & Glenn Frye are in the top 5 or better of Rock n Roll Song writing teams probably 3rd behind only Lennon/McCartney, & Ashford/Simpson. This Is evidently the best selling Greatest Hits album of theirs now even though I think their best ever is the Very Best of the Eagles only because it encompasses their whole career.

I have this on vinyl!!!. This album is amazing! The Eagles have always been great! If you are thinking about buying this album, I would recommend!! Great hit songs!

❤️. ❤️

GREAT band. I'm only a teenager, but I loooove listening to the Eagles. Too bad bands these days aren't as good.

Ahead of their time. I’ve cut my teeth on these songs And it’s hard to believe some of these songs on this album were not even released as a single— like Desperado— The Eagles were way ahead of there time— the beats, tight harmonies, and so on which led this album to be one of the greatest of all time in Rock....

One off the best albums. Love it all

RIAA top selling album in American history.. This album is, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, the greatest selling album in American history. Not the Beatles. Not the Stones. A little ‘ole band from Southern California called the Eagles. I miss Glenn. 😕

The best !. The best band ever, the best songs ever, real music. Real musicians. Real artists. I love The Eagles...

Legendary. Great Music. Matthew 3:2

Lighten up while you still can.. For Eagles fans it doesn't get any better! Thank you for the music and memories. ❤️

Lyin Eyes. My fav song by The Eagles ❤️ Aron Kelley

Favorite album. This is hands-down my favorite album of all time! Maybe because it was popular when I was a teenager? Will always love this album. Though it may not hold the same sentimental feeling that it does for me, I believe it can stand on its own.

Timeless Music. This compilation of classic songs showcases the multiple talents behind this awesome group! I became a diehard fan as a child and remain a loyal fan decades later. I am ecstatic that my 21-year-old niece and her 16-year-old sister are Eagles fans! Goes to show how timeless Eagles music truly is.

Favorite album of all time. This is my definition of a perfect album. There is not one song that I have the urge to skip while listening to it. Sure it may not have some of the Eagles later hits, like hotel California, but they were not recorded at the time the album was released. Overall, it's an amazing album. I would have spent $50+ on it if I had to

One of the Greatest Bands Ever!. Seriously, the music is excellent. It’s no wonder this just overtook thriller as the best selling album of all time.

Favorite Music. This is by far my favorite music! This is by far the best work of the Eagles and I love relaxing to songs like Lyin' Eyes and Tequila Sunrise! Best album ever and it's my favorite music. R.I.P Glenn Frey

Justgina. One of the best albums of all times ❤️

Original hit album. Love Love Love "THE EAGLES". So exciting in concert!!!!!!

Eagles. Gleen Frey remember forever...

Love it.. Eagles are one of my favorite bands of all time. This album is so good and has some of my favorites. Love it!

The Eagles History Tour. I had the opportunity to see The Eagles History Concer in Las Vegas last week, it was great! I hope to make it to another concert.

My first love. This cd introduced me to music. It contained the songs of my parents' generation, and I can't be more grateful that they raised me on this stuff. Well worth the buy, especially since witchy woman was the first real song I ever memorized.

Their best. REVISED REVIEW: At one point I thought that a good Remastered version would fix some sound issues, but now, having purchased a Remastered version of their eponymous first album on CD, I realize that the noticeably poor sound quality of the guitar solo in Peaceful Easy Feeling is actually a part of the original recording. I’ll blame the sound engineer on that one. The band themselves aren’t to blame. 5 Stars.

Cool. Very nice

Eagles. Great songs but this does not sound like the originals 🙁

Songs. I love you songs

The best of my love. These are my favorite. Fond memories of life, love, happiness before you have to get off the beach a get a life. One of the greatest all time bands.

Eagles- Greatest hits 197-1975. One of the best albums ever!! Every song is awesome!! Every music fan should own this album, not a bad song on it!! Worth the money!!

Take it easy. Good music.

Perfect. Favorite of all time

If there were 100 stars I pick a 1000. This is so good I listened to it a 1000 times I have iTunes and cd I just about burned the cd out playing it so much. Thanks for the tunes Eagles never be forgotten.

Classic Eagles. What a great album. To those complaining about Hotel California being missing: It ain't here because this album came out before Hotel California was released. I always laugh at a story my brother tells: At an Eagles concert in LA in late '75, the audience, expecting to hear all the awesome songs on THIS album, booed heavily when the Eagles started with "something new we've been working on". The new song was Hotel California. The audience was mystified and confused - it wasn't what they came to hear.

Amazing. Just missing Hotel California

Take It To The Limit. Everytime i hear this song i get tears in my eyes cause it reminds me of 1998 when i did a 3 day camp ossipee run and what started me thinking was going back to camp shore with ashley my new friend when in my mind this song was there yet i made a return trip for a 1 night stay before being acquired by the stockton panthers

👍🏻. This is a pretty good album for classic rock lovers! All of the songs are good.

I think this is the best album ever made!. There is not a single song on this album that I don't like. Seriously, 10/10 on every song. The Eagles are the best! It's so sad to see Glenn Frey go. "Take It Easy" Glenn, thanks for some of the best music ever!

💕💕💕💕. Best album… every song is a catchy classic. Loved it then, love it now and will love it then.

Eagles Rock!. I can't fathom how the Eagles manage to create an essence that penetrates ones soul with every song. I grew up listening to them. There is not a song I don't like or can't identify with. This group Rocks!

A must have in every music collection. Having an album go Platinum is a significant achievement for the best of bands. This album went Platinum 26 times!

RIP Glenn Frey. RIP to the greatest rocker of all time

Excellent, classic music. You can't go wrong with the Eagles. Classic music

Real music. "The Eagles".... Real music, Real talent, Real songs, Real people...The greatest sound...They represented true American spirit and creativity... A small fact about this album.... "It was the largest selling album of the twentieth century at more than 26 million copies"

Huh?. Where the heck is Hotel California?

So good even without Hotel California.. Imagine how much more incredible this album would be with that song.

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Love. Love the Eagles :)

Good times great music.. Such a good album.

RIP Glenn Frey. No collection is complete without this album. We will miss you Glenn Frey! ~ ~ ~ ~ ❤️ ᗩᑭᖇIᒪ ☮

Goodbye Glen Fry. It only took one listen to this album to become a huge Eagles fan. I heard today that Glen Fry took his final bow and left the stage for good. Glen you were one of the founders of one the greatest rock bands in history. I thank you for your songs that always had a message and your music will defy time forever. God Bless Glen Fry!!!!

Thank you Eagles. Eagles will live forever in their music....thank you for this (RIP Glenn Frey)

Perfect. Like I said perfect

Classical forever. No no never will it happen again that a group will rise and write to these heights. As groups disappear (count them on the charts - maybe one) then remember that coming together with others is when it works like magic. Like this album. Listen with love.

Jake. lol

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