Hybrid Theory by LINKIN PARK

Hybrid Theory [LINKIN PARK] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:04
2 2:35
3 3:23
4 3:20
5 3:29
6 3:03
7 3:09
8 3:36
9 3:04
10 3:14
11 2:37
12 3:11
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Hybrid Theory by LINKIN PARK Album Reviews

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- Eathan5 star

I LOVE this album

- Their best album5 star

Hands down the greatest Linkin Park album. Had it on cassette when I was little haha. This is also one of the best albums of all time. From the first track to the last, every song is phenomenal.

- This is so amazing5 star

Love this album so much every song is great and the instruments are great to

- Truly amazing5 star

I love this band. Have loved them for years and years since I was little. This album had the first songs I’ve ever heard from them and is an absolute masterpiece.

- Rick5 star

This is an influential album, Hybrid Theory is the perfect name for a album infused with rock, rap, with some of the best written lyrics performed with passion. Every song on this album is high powered rush. This album got me through my deployment. Great piece of art.

- Rap and rock Best mix5 star

Will go down in history

- ❤️5 star


- Amazing5 star


- SHUT UP5 star

We get it You’re only hating on this album because you’re jealous that this album hit platinum. While you’re writing bubble gum country on your acoustic guitars with almost no talent.

- Great album5 star

Cool classic album R.I.P Chester Bennington

- 20205 star

I remember when this song came out and this was the most use song for AMV=anime music videos this was yearsss ago youtube was just getting started and this anime naruto was out they use this song when he fought sasuke at the final vally

- Yassss5 star

Linkin park: 10000000000000000 times better than other bands!!! Place for my head is actually better as the Amp version in Reanimation when they remake all their songs!! By myself is my ultimate favorite, even know Burn it Down is a whole lot better. Most of their music is in movie’s like Transformers or Little Nicky. I LOVE YOUR GUYS MUSIC!! ROCK ON LINKIN PARK!! Random Reviewer Oof

- Classic5 star

One of the dopest albums out there. RIP Chester Bennington.

- Amazing5 star

This album came out when I was in high school. Still listening today

- Sooo good5 star

One of the best albums love LINKIN park rhraaaaaa

- Great5 star

Classic album

- Y’all just1 star

praise this guy because he killed him self, he wasn’t even relevant anymore until he took the easy way out.😒

- Hmm4 star

I heard such great things about Linkin Park for years without ever listening. Have to say, I’m pretty disappointed. The instrumentals are well done and the music all sounds pretty good, but, seriously, people have got to be kidding when they say his voice is so good and unique. I mean, yeah, it’s above average but not any better than plenty of other artists. The reason I finally checked LP out is because of a cover band called Wretches and Kings (one of the vocalists is from a band I’m a fan of, Righteous Vendetta) and their voices are just as good. In some cases I like them better.



- Best hard rock5 star

Cuz it is

- TRULY revolutionized rock music5 star

I really wish today’s music had more rock. With all the “revolutions” to electro-pop, modern music is (mostly) trash. This album is part of the last years real music was mainstream. And I’m eternally grateful.

- 😖😤😡😭5 star

Why dam**t?!? I lived for this band. And then he did that.

- Good.4 star

Hybrid Theory is Linkin Park’s original sound. Many people worship this album like God, and it’s not hard to see why. Not my favorite, but very good nonetheless. My favorite songs are One Step Closer, A Place For My Head, and Forgotten. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into Nu Metal.

- Why Is this Album So Perfect5 star

Linkin Park Is just straight Up awesome to Begin with And I can listen to every Song in this album

- Masterpiece5 star

This review is 18.5 years past due. My favorite album ever. Even over any Metallica offering, which is hard to write. RIP Chester, you are an ICON.

- I5 star

Hi I have

- Their best5 star

Great album


I hate how Chester is gone but if I could still meet him I would tell him and the rest of the band that this is the best album that they have ever produced.

- Pretty Awesome5 star

The first of LPs albums is definitely one of the best, and it’s a nicely flowing album. Here are my reviews for each song: 1. Papercut 9/10 It’s a very nice intro to the album and it displays a palate of LPs skills. 2. One Step Closer 8.5/10 It’s good to scream with if you’re angry. 3. With You 10/10 I personally love this song even though it’s less popular. 4. Points of Authority 8/10 Nice memorable tune. 5. Crawling 9.5/10 Brilliant. 6. Runaway 7/10 Slightly repetitive. 7. By Myself 9/10 Different sound effects. 8. In The End 8.5/10 One of the most popular LP songs but I enjoy other songs on the album more. 9. A Place For My Head 10/10 Great mix of rap and rock. 10. Forgotten 8/10 Nice start but sounds to familiar to other rock songs after. 11. Cure For The Itch 9.5/10 Something different and a creative instrumental. 12. Pushing Me Away 9.5/10 A great finish for this album. Other Thoughts: I wish this album had an intro like some of the others. Overall, I have loved listening to this and won’t stop soon!

- Yummy5 star


- Rip Chester5 star

Rip Chester I love this album

- Great album5 star

R.I.P Chester Bennington!

- linkin park hybrid theory5 star

linkin park hybrid theory an awesome an albums

- Where it all started....5 star

This album was my introduction into heavier music. My parents and neighbors can thank LP for my metalhead tendency’s.

- Love it5 star

Awesome songs!

- Best album5 star

by the best band ❤️

- My fav5 star

My first album I ever bought. Here I am 20 years later, and it’s still my favorite. Linkin Park killin it

- Amazing5 star

Amazing album. One of Linkin Park’s best. I recommend it to anyone who likes Linkin Park. Here’s my ratings for each song Papercut (9/10) One Step Closer (10/10) With You (8/10) Points of Authority (10/10) Crawling (9/10) Runaway (9/10) By Myself (10/10) In The End (8/10) A Place For My Head (10/10) Forgotten (10/10) Cure For The Itch (6/10) Pushing Me Away (10/10) My December (9/10) High Voltage (7/10) My opinion.

- The Best Nu-Metal Album5 star

This along with Meteora are in my opinion, Linkin Park’s best albums. They’ve aged very well and will probably still be played decades from now. If you want to get into this type of music, or Linkin Park as a band, I think this album would be a good place to start.

- Chester Forever5 star

Forever my favorite RIP

- Linking park fan5 star

This was my band when I was younger I love Chester Bennington I had a crush on him to bad he left us so soon I loved him it devastated me that he killed him self Chester Bennington will be missed forever I love you Chester rip ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

- 👍5 star

Love this album, hate the price change.... should have bought it sooner....

- This was the first album i got5 star

This is the best my mom went to the concert Dear chester: You broke my heart but your legend will live on thankyou for givinh me potential to stand up to other pepole you inspired me to do many things and i really wanted to go to only one concert and work my life to go to only one so here lies my message and thanks for the inspiration.

- Hybrid theory5 star

This album is off the chain

- Its great5 star

Even in 2017 after cheaters death 💀 IT IS THE BEST ABlim I've heard

- Brings me back to my early 20’s5 star

Chester’s vocals on this album are just wicked, the guitars are raw. By far their best album.

- Linking park5 star

This is my fave band sooooo 5 stars!!!

- Why did they raise the price5 star

I won’t buy this cd unless it’s $7.99 again I don’t understand why they would raise the price on such and old cd 😡

- Incredible.5 star

Right in the childhood.

- Great5 star

The album is kinda overrated, they do have better albums imo.


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prdrooooo - Excelente5 star

Lo mejor

snowhitequeen1986 - The best album you will ever hear5 star

My favorite album EVER!!!

A$H1997 - Real Talent5 star

LINKIN PARK will always have real talent.

Bambing18 - Great album5 star


tiger <3 - Amazing!!!!5 star

I can’t stop listening to these songs, they’re all so good, now I need to get money to purchase the whole album, Papercut and Crawling are some of my favourites, but like they’re all so good!

TandOli - so heavy so great.5 star

I got the cd today and this is my 2nd favourite L/P album

Sepehr G - Another light goes out5 star

Who cares if one more light goes out in a sky of a million stars... Who cares if someone's time runs out if a moment is all we are, I do... Thank you Chester

Totally the best game - Sad5 star

Rest In Peace Chester

crookedteeth7987 - Classic5 star

Almost too heavy for me, but these guys are geniuses 🔥

CreepyMatt9 - Nice!4 star

Second best!

xo:hardy . - Love this!5 star

Still one of the best albums LP made. 👌😊

Ineedabetternamee - Amazing5 star

This is such an amazing album; each and every track is incredible. Definitely one of my favorite albums ever. Linkin Park is amazing. 💗

BenjarrTheGreat - Oh the memories5 star

Probably their best album ever. I remember listening to it without even knowing who it was but still loving it.

Ryan Jahanfar - Tremendous5 star

Whenever you'd would want to pump yourself up, this album would be the best choice for it.

Fav Album Ever - Best Album Ever!!!5 star

My Fav Songs in this album are a place for my head,papercut,in the end, forgotten

Z-Squared - Memories5 star

I remember listening to this as a 4 year old lol

Insiderz1 - The best album5 star

This is the best album of linkin park and its a classic a must have!

NightRanger73 - Great record5 star

I love Linkin Park but theyre even better with Jay Z! Collision Course is also one of my favourites

oceanwrath - INDOMITABLE5 star

HYBRID THEORY and METEORA are INDOMITABLE out of all the Linkin park albums

Gamer GURL 5 - Awesome!5 star

This album is like my all time favourite, this is quality music!

love. muffink - Pv4 star


hsdigAifsgdsofguidhfjgf - Hope you knew5 star

If you were a 90's kid, you knew this.

Chanté :) - :P5 star


mc kean - Sad5 star

R.i.P Chester 😭😭😭

Mungie12 - Excellent5 star

Great album, great band. Rest in peace sir.

Maldervich - Nostalgic5 star

Was the 1st albumn i ever bought with my own money whenit cameout, still their best albumn, get this and remember what LP are all about and pick up Meteora a very close 2nd simply cause it was released 2nd. Still listening 17yrs later.

Iugjgg - CRAWLING IN MY SKIN1 star


ThisIsAGame96 - One of the greatest debut albums of all time!5 star

This is an extroadinary album! One of the best albums of the 21st Century! One of the best debuts by a band!

Pipster142 - A Place For My Money5 star

This is a amazing album and is definitely worth getting. The first album from LP. And look how far they've come after it. ROCK ON LP!!!

TarrynDevlin - Best album ever!5 star

This is my all time favourite album. I wish there was music as good as this around today :o(

Damo(Enterprises) - Neo5 star

Can't believe this album is 15 years old. I wish 'Cure for the Itch' went on longer than 2.37! It would have made a great addition the The Matrix soundtrack too...

Micky_h81 - Still great5 star

I have lost count how many times I have bought this album due to wearing it out due to excessive play. Still great and always will be

The Great Lem - BEST ALBUM EVAH!5 star


Jays shah - Huh?4 star

Why isn't "My December" on this? The live version in on this (and that's good) But I already got the song on a other app The album needs to get "My December" on this

Totally bush girl - :)5 star

The best band ever. How have I survived so long without it

Chrisnzb - New vs old5 star

I'm not a massive fan of linkin park but I do listen to them time to time and like their music. I'm however dissapointed with their remix album. This was when linkin park was good! Their album living things is a lot different and I don't mind it. But that's where the borderline is.

MATRX13 - Awesome5 star

I prefer this to there new stuff.

KJ 37 - OMG5 star


Jodrenee79 - Lp <35 star

Its actually sad that you people are just finding this album now ive been listening to this album since it came out

Callum3537 - Amazing5 star

Make more albums like this plzzzzzzz

Elephant jumbo - Sad :(5 star

It's sad that most people don't even know linkin park exists and are all brainwashed into thinking songs like Skrillex, Nicki Minaj or Kanye West's are good.

LukeDW - Where Linkin Park all started!5 star

HYBRID THEORY is a must for everyone!

Nath11111111333333333333 - Awesome5 star


CPflollol - AWESOME!!!!!!!!5 star

Not soft as a pooh sandwij

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princesschloedav - ALL THE STARS5 star

Quite simply the best album, ever. This is coming from a young girl who likes trance, old school house and floor fillers as well as being a huge Ozzy fan.. so a very ‘broad-spectrum’ Lol! <3 RIP CHESTER May you grow in the next life using your past incredible talents to your advantage<3

S Brady - Liking parks best album5 star

Their best album and one of my personal favourites, you just don’t hear this style of music anymore

ry87 - Overpriced1 star

8.99 is a lot for a new album as a download,but a old album it’s a joke.amazon are far cheaper for cd and download,here you get no physical copy for near double price,disgusting.no wonder so many illegally download stuff.its about time at least new releases give free iTunes Downloads like movies on dvd or Blu-ray do.

ProudFanAG 💘 - Don't usually like rock music but this got me into it5 star

Every track is full of devotion and passion, it's on repeat everyday.

Louisegary99 - Chester Chester Chester5 star

Why? Why? Why? don't suppose we will ever know he has left us the epic release ,it is probably the best 1st album from ANY group in ANY genre EVER GUTTED GUTTED GUTTED can't say anymore

UfaquENaveeN0728 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

speechless, Rocking !

blueparis - In the end💋💦💦5 star

What a tragic lost to a amazing singer you will be truly missed but your music will go on rest in peace.💋💦💦

1zeee09 - Isaac Wilson5 star

Best band ever. In my opinion musical gods

Leabobhere - 😩5 star

Amazing band, amazing singer, their music effected so many peoples life's in many positive ways. Rip Chester, what a hero🙏🏻💔

Visualdecree - Superb5 star

RIP Chester. One of my all time favourite albums. You influenced an entire generation - LP forever!

Dan Tetlow - Still stands the test of time.5 star

Amazing album from when I was in my teens. I still revisit this album and it still sounds as fresh as it did back then! \m/

Brony nay - YOU WILL BE MISSED MY PAL5 star

there is now a hole that wont be filled. I can really relate to your music. I... and many others love you for gifting us with this sound... we wish you have met peace and are happy :) (hugs)

Matoutgg - Awesome!5 star

Excellent album! Not a bad song on there! These guys got me into rock! R.I.P Chester... LEGEND!

She Said78 - Iconic5 star

Rest In Peace Chester Be.

LastJedi77 - R.I.P. Chester5 star

So Shocked to hear about the news of the lead singer of Lknkin Park. R.I.P Chester, your gone, but never forgotten, and always in our hearts...

mobypoio - Rip Chester5 star

Linkin park will never be the same

سومى - RIP Chester💔5 star


Beatsforever93938 - Best album ever5 star

Simply The best

hitzburgher - Fukkin A5 star

Some album. Start to finish its top fukkin notch. Love heavy metal, soft metal, dance and trance. This album deserves legendary status.

PeanutDeans - Amazing5 star

Not heard the this album in years and all the old memories flooding back, quality and amazing can't beat it never get bored of linkin park this album is one of there best

Divergentilife - Papercut is flawless 😍5 star

Don't get me wrong every song on this album is pure gold, literally! However Papercut really stands out to me aswell as the nightcore version you can find on youtube

X-Stealth - This Album Rocks5 star

The first time i ever heard Linking Park was when i was playing MW2 round a friends house 2009’ish. My friends put this album on and didn’t know who it was until 2 years later when it popped up again. I was facing a lot of pain during school from minor bullying and GCES. So i come across “in the end” and i went to find the album and it was one of the best finds i ever came across. The Rage, Power and Energy from this made my school years bearable and its my favourite Linking Park album. If struggle with school like i did, this will bring some energy back to you!

Ashuuki - AMAZING5 star

My favourite music is heavy metal / rock ect, and I've been really into linkin park lately, and to be honest this is my favourite album of theirs so far. A must have!

rossharvey88 - The best debut album ever created5 star

In a nut shell; this album borderlines perfection. A far cry from it's rivals at the time (and even today), Hybrid Theory brings a whole new dimension to Nu Metal. It's clean yet raw, technical yet passionate. You will struggle to find another album, debut or not, that comes close to how perfect this album is. There is a reason why this is the highest selling debut album of all time! Personally, I love this album. It is my favourite album ever and it is worth a listen if you like hard rock or even electronica.

EuanJB - euan-amazing album5 star

went to see Linkin Park play Hybrid Theory live at Download it was AMAZING this album is AMAZING

RAG3QU1T - Download 20145 star

I've listened to this album for years and I finally saw it live last night at Download Festival 2014. It got the crowd moving more than any other song or band that day and is just perfect.

LouboutinLover - Classic..!5 star

I can't believe it's been 14 years since Hybrid Theory's release! I bought it on CD in 2002 when I was 15 years old & I loved it straight away. 'In The End' is my favourite track & it still makes a big impact in 2014.

Rockdudesurfing - The Godfather5 star

As debut albums go, this album is by far the album to be reckoned with. It packs a punch from the second it starts to the second it finishes. Timeless and never boring it signalled the birth of one of the worlds favourite alternative rock bands Linkin Park. Now in 2014 Linkin Park celebrate 'Hybrid Theory's' greatness by planning to perform the whole album in its entirety at Download festival, UK England just before they release their forthcoming sixth studio album 'The Hunting Party' aptly named to signal a hunt for that great rock sound again missing in rock music, the band referring this new album as a pre sequel to 'Hybrid Theory'

Welshhulk - Legends5 star

You can't get any better than the mighty linkin park

IanRak - Angry4 star

Great mix of rap, rock, metal. Good band live. Play It Loud!!

Manga lover 123 - Interesting5 star

Seeing as am not a fan of heavy rock, this is a good album, especially In The End

Ahickin - Amazing album5 star

Bought this album in 2000 and to this day its still is there best album. LP go back to nu metal please :-)

Mav~1 - Sounds Different5 star

Hmm I have the original release CD of this brilliant album and this 'Mastered for iTunes' version is slightly different. Interesting.

Nik79* - Epic5 star

Greatest album I've ever had, if you ever wanna listen to something heavy which sounds good, this is great.

jjcbhoy - Amazing5 star

These guys are gods

Olly098 - Amazing5 star

No matter how many times I listen to this album, I never get bored. My absolute favourite band😄😃😀😊☺😉😜😝😛😅😆😋😏!!!!!!!

MR M DOGG - Yes5 star

Legen, I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the next word is dairy.

Oo-Angie-oO - WHY SO SIK?!5 star

This is such a sick album, such a shame they ditched 'nu metal'. I like some of their new stuff like lost in the echo and especially victimized. Just wish they'd go back to this sort of sound. But yaaa, sick album, LP <3

Adamdcfc - An album that defined an era5 star

A must for everyone!

Fl3tch3r95 - Incredible5 star

One of the single best albums ever made, never got bored of it and will listen to it for a long time

Guyberry - Hybrid theory5 star

Just awesome !!

TheTerminalKoachi - Ninja5 star

Linkin park is my favourite band and in my opinion, this is their best album.

DJ DnB - Hybrid Theory5 star

Still amazing album to this day

The Agro-Gecko - Good, not great4 star

Just my opinion.... I dont think the leads voice suits the rest of the music for the most part. However some pretty good instrumentals in this band, and im not saying i dont like the lead, i do like linkin park on the whole. Just not up there on my favourite bands!

Lusi01 - Iconic5 star

No matter what else I listen to, I never tire of going back to this album. One of the greats, highly recommended.

Wacob Jilkins - Hybrid Theory - My Favourite Album5 star

As someone who listens to a wide variety of music making the statement that Hybrid Theory is my favourite album is a big thing for me. The key reason for Hybrid Theory being so good is due to the consistency of the tracks. It is rare to find an album that has mostly great songs from start to finish. I would not say Hybrid Theory is perfect however. There are of course some songs I prefer over others and there is one song I think is a little odd. The fact still remains that back in 2000 Linkin Park produced an amazing album mixing elements of Rock, Rap, Metal and even a bit of electronic music. Hybrid Theory is an absolute masterpiece that I think anyone who has good taste in music can enjoy. Track by Track Rating and Review: Papercut - 7/10 - Papercut starts Hybrid Theory with a very unique style and sound. This track is a good opener because it represents very well what the rest of the album is about. The song is heavy, with catchy verses and a powerful chorus. One Step Closer - 7/10 - For me this song is quite different from papercut. Not in style but in pace. This song is faster and has a more heavier section before the final chorus. This song is crafted very well, but I think if the song had been longer it would have improved it slightly. With You - 9/10 - For me this is where the album really starts to kick off. With You begins with a fast heavy guitar riff and leads into some emotionally powered lyrical rapping by Mike Shinoda. The best section of this song in my opinion is the pre - chorus. This song is consistently strong throughout and definatley the better than the first two songs. Points Of Authority - 9/10 - The introduction to this song is the one of the best introductions I have ever heard. The guitar sounds really heavy and catchy and I adore the lyrics to this song. Crawling - 8/10 - Crawling begins with a really chilled out electronic sound which then breaks quickly into an opening chorus. This song is paced slighty slower than the songs which precceed it. I think this song could have been even better if more electronic elements had been used. I also think that Mike Shinoda was not used enough in this song. Despite these issues this song is still great. Runaway - 8/10 - Similarly to Crawling I feel Mike Shinoda should have been used more on this song. However the chorus is faultless and all the instruments are heavy and catchy. By Myself - 8/10 - This song is failry dark and has some meaningful lyrics. I also really like how well Mike and Chester blended together during the chorus. The chorus also has a chilled electronic sound which is hard to desribe, but I assure you it works really well. In The End - 10/10 - In The End is an absolutle masterpiece. Mike Shinoda's rapping in this song is oustanding and Chester delivers a great chorus as usual. This combined with a melodic piano pattern to start and end the song results in one of the best songs of the 21st century. (In my opinion, obviously). A Place For My Head - 9/10 - This song is in generally similar to the rest of hybrid theory. However the section from 1:48 - 2:16 is oustanding and really makes this song stand out. Forgotten - 7/10 - This song starts off a bit too fast for me. I think that the song should have had an introduction. Aside from that, Mike's rapping is very strong on this song, even if the chorus is perhaps a little too fast in my opinion. Still a good track. Cure For The Itch - 5/10 - I understand this song is deliberatley supposed to be almost like an interlude. Still I don't think this song really benefits the album. It isn't a bad song it's just not very interesting either. I do however like the piano melody. Pushing Me Away - 8/10 - Pushing Me Away is great finisher to the album. This song is pretty dark and I love Mike's rapping during this song. However like Crawling and Runaway I think he should have been used more. The last minute of this song feels more like the end of an album, than just the end of a song, so Linkin Park made the right choice in placing this track last. That Concludes my album review for Hybrid Theory. If you are unsure of which songs to buy I would honestly recommend all of them except Cure For The Itch, meaning you probaly should just buy the whole thing anyway. The best songs for me are With You, Points Of Authority, In The End and Place For My Head. Hybrid Theory is an oustanding album that really is worth every penny.

Broadland72 - Rawness5 star

I still go back to this album time and time again - it was the sound I was looking for and there was and still isn't anyone who sounds like early linkin park - this album is a breath of fresh air to any nu metal fans and will live on to be a classic album and the base that took linkin park to the mature established band they now are who can still fill any arena night after night Buy it. Turn it up

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Dudasoldier5 star

with you acaba de roubar o cargo de papercut, se tornando assim a minha musica favorita do hybrid theory

XBLuExDiVAx5 star

@linkinpark: Turn your name into the Hybrid Theory logo using the name generator. Head to , type in your name and…

KiaHanaaa5 star

@linkinpark: The Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition Vinyl Box Set includes Hybrid Theory, Reanimation (Double LP), and B-Side Rariti…

Superduperneo5 star

@linkinpark: The Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition Vinyl Box Set includes Hybrid Theory, Reanimation (Double LP), and B-Side Rariti…

BryanWi318612635 star

@linkinpark: It's incredible to think it's been 20 years since Hybrid Theory was released. All gratitude to our fans who made this epic…

Kadangsembuh5 star

@_dasalona @PRDNVMBR Hybrid theory ada aku SD sih

XBLuExDiVAx5 star

@linkinpark: It's incredible to think it's been 20 years since Hybrid Theory was released. All gratitude to our fans who made this epic…

Yura_092105 star

@linkinpark: The Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition Vinyl Box Set includes Hybrid Theory, Reanimation (Double LP), and B-Side Rariti…

Georgeknight20y5 star

@KerrangMagazine Hybrid Theory.

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Hybrid Theory is the debut studio album by American rock band Linkin Park, released on October 24, 2000, through Warner Bros. Records. Recorded at NRG Recordings in North Hollywood, California, and produced by Don Gilmore, the album's lyrical themes deal with problems lead vocalist Chester Bennington experienced during his adolescence, including drug abuse and the constant fighting and divorce of his parents. Hybrid Theory takes its title from the previous name of the band as well as the concept of music theory and combining different styles. Four singles were released from Hybrid Theory: "One Step Closer", "In the End", "Crawling" and "Papercut", all of them being responsible for launching Linkin Park into mainstream popularity. While "In the End" was the most successful of the four, all of the singles in the album remain some of the band's most successful songs to date. Although "Runaway", "Points of Authority", and "My December" from the special edition bonus disc album were not released as singles, they were minor hits on alternative rock radio stations thanks to the success of all of the band's singles and the album. Generally receiving positive reviews from critics upon its release, Hybrid Theory became a strong commercial success. Peaking at number two on the US Billboard 200, it is certified 12x Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It also reached the top 10 in 15 other countries and has sold 27 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling debut album since Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction (1987) and the best-selling rock album of the 21st century. At the 44th Grammy Awards, it won Best Hard Rock Performance for "Crawling". In 2002, Linkin Park released the remix album Reanimation. It included the songs of Hybrid Theory remixed and reinterpreted by nu metal and underground hip hop artists. Contributors to the album included Black Thought, Pharoahe Monch, Jonathan Davis, Stephen Carpenter, and Aaron Lewis. The sound of later Linkin Park albums would involve experimentation with classical instruments such as strings and piano, both of which, along with the same elements of electronica from Hybrid Theory, are prominently included in the band's second studio album, Meteora.On August 13, 2020, Warner Records announced a re-release of Hybrid Theory for its 20th anniversary. A previously unreleased demo song, "She Couldn't", was put out at the same time..

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