A Very She & Him Christmas by She & Him

Genre Holiday
Release 24 October 2011
Price $9.99
Tracks 12
Country USA
9.99 USD

She & Him - A Very She & Him Christmas Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. The Christmas Waltz 2:37
2. Christmas Day 3:24
3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christ... 3:42
4. I'll Be Home For Christmas 2:26
5. Christmas Wish 2:57
6. Sleigh Ride 2:43
7. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree 2:00
8. Silver Bells 1:57
9. Baby, It's Cold Outside 2:17
10. Blue Christmas 3:24
11. Little Saint Nick 2:09
12. The Christmas Song 2:26

A Very She & Him Christmas by She & Him Album Reviews

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Amazing. One of the best Christmas albums ever, Zooey Deschanel's voice is breathtaking and really captures the Christmas spirit with these classic songs.

Just stop. Please stop singing

A very soothing fun Christmas album!. I think they done a great job with this album. Great guitar tones and playing!

A Very She & Him Christmas. I actually feel bad for not liking this album. The Wall Street Journal gave it a nice review, I tracked it down here on iTunes, downloaded, burned a copy and played it along with other holiday albums for a year end celebration at our house. In the background of a moderately noisy party, it was fine. But then, the next day, listening to it in the clear, I was pretty disappointed. My expectation was that it would result in a nice mix of the traditional and the contemporary. Musically it was nice, but not as inventive as I'd hoped. M. Ward's arrangements were fine. But as much as I'd like to like Zooey Deschanel's singing, it was rather flat and not as rich as the music itself deserved. So, I can't recommend this recording.

It's Zooey come on. I'm been in love with this woman ever since elf. Cool voice not American idol material but I can listen to this music

Woot!. So I personally don't like 98% of Christmas music by pretty much anyone. I really enjoy this album because of the fact is does seem a bit meloncholy and depressing. I don't ever remember there being a rule saying that Xmas music had to be upbeat and way to happy.

How Christmas music should be played. She & Him brings back the relaxation of Christmas vacation. They bring back the idea of chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Just the thing to take your mind off of the stress of buying presents and really rewinds you to what Christmas is all about; chillaxing with those you hold most dear.

Very She & HIm Christmas. Very charming. Definitely a cocoa by the fire sound.

Simply Amazing. One of my favorite Christmas Albums

Sad. I was expecting much much more most songs were disappointing but rocking around the Christmas tree and blue Christmas

Intimate holiday collection. If you are looking for a saccharine overproduced collection with sappy arrangements, look elsewhere. This is an intimate collection of really nice heartfelt songs. It is warm and charming. It is perfect with a unique style. I would suggest this as a great addition to anyone’s collection of holiday music. It fills a niche all its own with character and style.

Love This. Zooey sounds like Karen Carpenter, while maintaining her own sound at the same time. This album is great.

Takes me back. What I love about this album is how it makes me feel like I have been taken back in time to an old fashioned Christmas party in the 40's or 50's. I love the simplicity of this album and how you can really hear how beautiful their voices are.

Talented duo but depressing. This is the most depressing collection of holiday tunes I've ever heard. Seriously made me consider drowning myself in a pool of eggnog about halfway through the album. They are talented musicians but this is not cheery or uplifting holiday music at all. Maybe I'm missing the point.

Very She and Him Christmas. The best new Christmas album we have enjoyed in years. Everyone loved all of the songs!

Really bad. Would like my dollar back. A

Holiday Swinging with Zooey. love the Zooey charm! it's fun, swinging and uplifting!

A Very Nostalgic Christmas. I love this album, even if it made me feel like I was celebrating it alone in my apartment with my cat and snoopy tree. My only complaint is that M. Ward only sang in two songs, very disappointing. I would have loved to hear him sing Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree. Great album, but it could have been much better.

Perfect. Just what I expected. I love the sound. So calm and simple. Well done. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is my favorite.

Weak. My wife bought this album for the holidays. Because like most girls out there between the ages of 20-30, she enjoys Zooey. And granted the girl knows how to hold a note when she sings. That being said it doesn't make her a singer. There were lots of spots where she is flat or just kind of all over like she's searching for the right key during the song. I honestly feel like if it wasn't for her "celebrity" (which at times can be as flat as her singing) she would never get the chance to record. Most of the high reviews are from fan girls who wouldn't give an honest opinion regardless. Even after the wife gave this album a hard listen she didn't really care for it either. The song that destroyed it for me was "Little St. Nick", even thinking about it now it's like they don't realize you can record a song more than once before you put it on an album to sell nationwide. I didn't make it through the whole song, it was that bad. I feel sorry for the Beach Boys. Please do yourself a favor and pass this album up.

Second Best Christmas Album of the Year!. Behind Buble's, this is the second best christmas album of the year and one of the top complete christmas albums of all time. Many christmas ablums have a few hits that fit well into the standards that you'd either want to hear each christmas or at least be ok with hearing every year, but this album's songs are all of that caliber. This genre is perfect for Zooey's voice. Her voice is perfect with the right context and when used appropriately. Her voice is not good with all types of music, but this is her ideal genre. He, on the other hand, is lack lustre and forgettable. It's how i felt about his vocals on their earlier efforts as well. Another thing that makes this such a great album is their excellent song choice. I especially liked how they reversed the parts on Baby, It's Cold Outside. It gave the song a quirky twist that felt unique.

I still don't get it... I have no idea why people don't like this album because for me, ths album was really heatwarming. I guess they're not REALLY trying to listen. :| Anyway, I love this album. ^-^

Really like their spin.... I must start by saying I'm not in love with the whole album, a few songs didn't go with my past feel of the song...but that being said five of the song on here are wonderful and are on my all time Christmas list of music, right beside Frank Sinatra's Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Bing Crosby's White Christmas, and other classics like these...


Really Good!. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is my FAVORITE!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE

Not Very Merry. He's a great guitar player and she's got a great jazzy voice…instead, what we get is a monotonous Christmas album that sounds like it was recorded in a studio apartment. There was so much potential for this record but rather than an upbeat holiday album, we get a depressing version of the songs we grew up with. It may appease a hipster crowd, but if your looking for something to put you in a jolly mood, stay away from the She & Him Christmas album.

Meh. Lackluster.. Just heard the most lackluster version of "Sleigh Ride" on a restaurant's #muzak -- and it was from this album! Air Supply's version has more holiday spirit.

9/10. The best Christmas album ever! Key Tracks: The Christmas Waltz, Christmas Day, and I'll Be Home For Christmas

Christmas. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

She and him Christmas. This album is great

UGH!. How is it possible to do a dreary version of "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree"?? But leave it to the dreariest sounding band/act on Earth do come up with one. Zooey Deschanel is a one trick pony vocally. Everything sound exactly like the next song and the next song and the next song. Buy one song and you'll have everything you need from this album.

Rito?. Did you just say she is not american idol material? What america do u live in?

Zooey has one of the best voices ever. One of my all time favorite Christmas Albums. Classy classics sung by a woman whom has a truly beautiful, graceful voice! Love them and this album! A must have!

Definite Holiday Staple. It's been 2 years since they released their album and I am too excited to listen to She & him this holiday season again. They did such an amazing job in turning holiday music into something enjoyable and heart warming. 1,000,000 Thumbs up! Happy Holidays everybody!!

dissonant holiday downer. i agree with the reviewers who don't get this album. it's not pleasant to listen to. just depressing.

A Very Pleasurable & Warm Christmas. Let me start by saying I absolutely adore Zooey Deschanel. New Girl is one of my favorite shows. This album is PERFECTION. Every single song is wonderfully executed. Being the ukulele player that I am i love how Zooey tied it in. My favorites are - Christmas Day, Christmas Wish, Sleigh Ride, Silver Bells, Blue Christmas (the only version of the song I'm really crazy about), and Little St. Nick. I cannot wait to listen to this on iTunes AND vinyl.

Yes. perfect album for a night at home. nothing too loud or annoying. nice to listen to by a fire with a cup of tea and the christmas lights on.

i💜Zooey!!!!!. shes so pretty and has an awesome voice!!!

Really not good. They are just so terrible, its like the worst garage band of all time.

Wow. I loooove Zooey, she's gorgeous and so talented and I love her character Jess on New Girl. I had no idea she could sing! <3 you Zooey!!

Talented performer calm but wanting in too stark a spotlight. I like the concept, and I adore Zooey Deschanel—who has an innate sense of timing as an actress and a lovely voice suited to this style of singing—yet the arrangements and mix throw too much of the spotlight on her vocal, nakedly up front in the mix. She needed a producer who would advise her on some minor but vital alterations to her phrasing and/or go in with her for some postproduction nips and tucks. Every time you think she's purposely clipping her delivery, she opens up and with no effort at all holds a note rather prettily, yet becomes too long to be comically understated yet not long enough to finish the musical phrase. And so it comes off as something she walked in and did in a matter of a day or two (or after work on odd evenings), which some truly gifted singers at the top of their craft can pull off, but here, I focus on what Deschanel is clearly capable of and what the sparse and slow style of arrangement and recording demand yet what she's just not quite delivering. Those little wanting moments here and there in between lines she delivers quite well turn a quirky and would-be languid approach into a series of distractions rather than the successful execution of a stylistic choice, leaving you with something you won't be eager to listen to year after year, which is after all what Christmas albums are about. Turning it down to serve as lilting background to a holiday fete (or in keeping with the style and its execution, hipster tryst, or heroin overdose) would make the instrumentals virtually disappear. To be fair, the sparseness of the arrangement demands that the vocalist rein in normal instincts to go anywhere near the fullness of their instrument throughout most of these songs. Yet these are melodies and lyrics with a natural ebb and flow of emotion any singer or actress, even one with Deschanel's penchant for understatement, would and should see as guiding them to flow toward and inhabit just a bit more here and there, even as obviously the conceit is to stand outside of them and only gesture toward them, never actually pressing her face against the glass much less stepping inside them fully. When reinterpreting classic songs everybody has heard a thousand times and most people have a preference if not a prejudice for how the song "is supposed to go," if you want to supplant or hold their own beside those versions for anyone you need either an uncanny knack for it, or the time and focus to craft a more perfect rendering of your vision than we're presented with here. Bottom line: These sound like the outtakes or rehearsals for the record this seems to want to be, which ultimately is a record of Christmas carols for people oversaturated or alienated by both traditional and modern takes on Christmas carols.

Save Zooey!!. First let me say i really wanted to live this album. Unfortunately, it seems Zooey & Him fell into a deep cavern. Being on a rather tight schedule, they were forced to record this before the rescue workers could reach them. Seriously though, I'm fine with the melancholy style, but why on Earth add so much terrible reverb and make it so muddy-sounding, and why overdo the autotune so much when Zooey sounds so good on her own?

Expected more.. These two can write and produce some really fine pop music...this Christmas album just sounds like product.

Not What You Want. First song, Christmas Waltz, is fantastic. Stripped-down acoustic with Zooey's charming vocal. However, after that, I have trouble finding the spirit. From the cover, you'd hope for fun, pop-tinged retro-loving Christmas tunes. I love Xmas music, and I love She and Him--but I do not love this album. It should have been called 'Blue Christmas'--it just has a sad feeling to it. I buy Xmas cds and I listen to them every year. I have not listed to this cd since I bought it in 2011.

Oh No She Didn't. Zooey, I must confess, you have one likable little personality. Your singing voice, however, is anything but. I'm sad to say that as an employee of Bath & Bodyworks I'm forced to hear these flat, personality-less tracks over and over again. I realize that most of America is growing tired of auto tune, but I'm sorry, it was invented for a reason and SHE should use it.

Geez, how about a little energy!. I'm a fan of Zooey, as an actress and a singer, but this sounded like they rushed her into the studio after a long day. This was described as a "laid-back celebration" but that's even too festive of a description. She sounds best when she's really putting some heart into her voice.

<3 Deschanel Monster. I lovvvve the She and Him albums! I lovvve Zooey and I lovvve Emily :) Zooeys voice is so beautiful, she really gonna get somewhere :)

Plastic, cheap version of the classics. Just someone doing a cheap version of the beautiful originals. This fast food version of the classic meat and potatoes versions. This should be called "discount christmas"

Simple Christmas music!. If you are looking for the pop & dance type of Christmas album, this will not be for you. It's simply her voice (and what a voice it is) and simple instrumentals. Perfect for a quiet evening in front of the fire or glow of the Christmas tree. Love it!

One of my favorite christmas albums of all time. This christmas album is gold. It’s super mellow and gives me all kinds of cozy christmas vibes. Love She & Him!

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LOVE. best freakin christmas album EVER. my favourite songs are the christmas song and baby, its cold outside. actually, just buy the album, its pretty much worth 9.99. its that great

tasteful. Nice to hear a christmas album with some class. Dig it.

All Smiles. This Christmas album makes you feel good about Christmas again. Zooey has always charmed me with her acting, but I have to say her singing voice catapults her well into a new place in my heart. I recommend She & Him to all those that are looking for great music to play during Christmastime and have that traditional sound warm it's way into your heart.

A Very She & Him Christmas Indeed!. Love this album! If you're already a fan of She & Him you're pretty much guaranteed to love it too. :)

Where is the Him?!. Does anybody else not notice that it's only Zooey singing in all of these songs? I love M.Ward and It's such a bummer that as far as a duo goes, there is only uno. Zooey has a great voice but it lacks M. Ward's whimsy. Sorry I hate that he's a part of this but all he does is backround stuff. What a waste.

She & Him Christmas. I love this album! It has a traditional feeling with a twist which is fantastic! I have reccomended it to everyone I know! Great work!!

Baby Its Cold Outside. Baby It's Cold Outside just reminds me of when Zooey sang it in elf!! Love it!

?. She & Him either sound bored or tinny. They mumble and slur their words so it is had to understand what they are saying. I would never listen to this at Christmas. It is simply bad and a bit depressing, not worth $9.99

Different.. I love this, it has a certain kind of nostalgia in it, yet one can sense the total irony in the way these classics are interpreted. Feels like the classics re-interpreted for "generation Y"ers and the EMOs. This is a really great album, but would depress me a little if I was listening to this alone at midnight on December 24th… LOL!

wow!!!!. I love it!! So much Christmas spirit, definitly a winner for my 2011 christmas :P Zoey Deschannels rocks!!! :)

Dissapointing. I love Zoey's voice and their treatment of these classic songs, but there's way too much reverb on these tracks. It sounds like it was recorded with a microphone and a 1980's casset tape recorder inside a giant tin can.

Perfect.. This will be my favorite Christmas album for a long, long time, if not forever.

Gingerbread and Candy Canes. If you like She & Him, you will love this!! It sounds just as sweet and lovely as their usual stuff. There are quirky spins on all the songs but they sound beautiful. Little Saint Nick is the cutest but honestly, I love the whole album.

Merry Christmas. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM AND THIS ALBUM !!!!

Interprétation exceptionnelle. Une interprétation exceptionnelle de chansons de la période de Noël. Un album qui deviendra un classique du genre.

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