Here Lies Love by David Byrne & Fatboy Slim

Here Lies Love [David Byrne & Fatboy Slim] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 5:51
2 5:34
3 3:19
4 2:33
5 2:43
6 4:57
7 2:43
8 3:49
9 3:58
10 3:19
11 3:23
12 4:20
13 3:53
14 4:06
15 4:15
16 4:00
17 3:58
18 4:06
19 3:55
20 5:47
21 5:39
22 3:57
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Here Lies Love by David Byrne & Fatboy Slim Album Reviews

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- It's Florence!4 star

This review is just a reply to Chloe Smith - the female singer on "Here lies Love" (in my opinion, the best song on the track) is Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine. I haven't heard the rest of the album, however, to give it five starts. Considering that I like "Here Lies Love", I'll give it four.

- Amazing5 star

I personally think all of the new Broadway shows are just plain horrible. The music is bland and the plotlines are boring. This however, would make an AMAZING show! The music is great, and an interesting story behind it

- interesting concept4 star

This is a tragic Disco Opera. There is nothing else like it, although that does not mean that you'll like it. There is a point in almost every song where they break the beat to further the story.

- Unexpected4 star

Had no ideal what the album was about, took a chance, glad i did great mix of voices on all cuts

- Classic David Byrne with vocals of women5 star

I must say this album was like finding the lost Davinci's (should they ever be discovered). While I only detected him sining on 2 songs, all the other vocals are various female artists for the most part, but singing classic David Byrnes compositions, if you know his work and style. For once I read the PDF album notes, which add another strange layer to this absurd but powerful collection of tunes: a tribute to Imelda Marcos and her story. I mean, Imelda Marcos? Not really knowing much here I went with Mr. Byrnes obsession revolving around her story and now I really appreciate it, much more so than the sordid news bites I didn't even understand in the 70's. If you're a fan of David Byrne and even the Talking Heads you won't be disappointed here.

- Amazing...5 star

This album is nothing like what I expected. It is wonderful and strange and the more I listen to it, the more I like it. Those are always my favorite kinds of album-albums that you are not sure of at first listen, but are compelled to listen to again and again. David Byrne is one of my favorite all time artists and this album doesn't disappoint and has inspired me to do a little research on Imelda Marcos. I love all the female vocalists he brought in and the sassy latin flair that infuses the album.

- Album of the year!5 star

David Byrne is back in a big way with this triumphant achievement. Epic in scope and in the talented women he's gathered together as vocalists to tell what turns out to be a very compelling story. I'm in awe and would kill to see this staged. Why do women like Imelda Marcos (Evita Peron, even Tammie Faye Baker comes to mind) fascinate us so?

- fantasy in a bottle of Byrne's...5 star

Lovely surprise. It's pretty, joyful, imaginatively sill, groovy.

- No Catherine Wheel3 star

I've been a huge Talking Heads fan for many years. There's nothing like cranking up "Remain in Light" and driving really fast. The "Catherine Wheel" is also a personal favorite and I was lucky to see it performed by Twyla Tharp back in the day. So, after reading a favorable WSJ write-up on "Here Lies Love" and in the mood for something new from a favorite artist, I rushed here to buy it and I'm sorry to say this album is a great disappointment. According to the WSJ article, this "concept album" was initially intended to be presented as a "theatrical piece" (i.e., a musical) and it sounds like it. While there are a few gems (such as the title track), the songs tend to drone into one another. The desire to present a somewhat obscure historical tale entirely in song overburdens the lyrics -- no memorable "This is not my beautiful house ! " lines here. I could not make sense of the album unless I always kept the historical context in mind, and the whole thing feels a bit like a history class on Cold War politics (especially American Troglodyte and Order 1081). Perhaps, the whole effort would work better on stage (and I wouldn't be surprised to see it on Broadway). The Flaming Lips' "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" is a much better example of a quasi-concept album that tells a story through individual songs able to stand alone yet remain accessible.

- A cohesive surprise4 star

I'm not a big fan of David Byrne or Fatboy Slim, but I have some respect for them both. So I really had no freakin' idea what to expect. In short: It's really darn good. At first, it sounds like light, summery music but after further listens more depth comes through. Using a collection of famous guest singers is a common M.O. for electronic artists trying to do a crossover album. However, usually it doesn't work for me. The various singers may be fine in their own right, but they are so different that it destroys the cohesiveness of the album. In this case, it works. One reason may be that the singers all have similar sounding voices. They aren't identical by any means, but close enough that it sounds like a very large band making an album - not a compilation of singles. The collaboration between the song writers is cohesive also. That is, you can't tell which tracks are David's and which ones are from Norman. The production is excellent. The album rewards loud volume listening using high quality speakers. The tracks are pretty catchy and after just 2 or 3 listens I had a few songs stuck in my head. My favorite songs are sung by Róisín Murphy, Kate Pierson, Cyndi Lauper and a filipina jazz singer named Charmaine Clamor. There are a couple of tracks that I have deleted out of my playlist, but out of 22 that ain't much.

- Awesome Album!5 star

Whodda thunk Mrs. Marco's life could sound so amazing?

- Great!5 star

I love the Tori songs the best!

- i've got tingleguts4 star

what an awesome collaboration. leave it to byrne to bring st. vincent, nellie mckay, tori amos, cyndi lauper and imelda marcos together. and so beautifully. it's as though a new world was invented but my favorite women already live there. i cannot wait to listen to this for the 72nd time. from what i've heard i'm certain i will. thanks for brilliantly creative and beautiful work. love.

- Review from a Fatboy Fan2 star

I honestly don't know much about David Byrne's work, but I know most every Fatboy Slim track backward and forward. That said, it seems like this album is about 70% Byrne and 30% Slim. There are tracks where I can hear Fatboy's sound trying to break through, but it's stifled by this forced mellow feel to the songs and lyrics that sound more appropriate to a Broadway cast recording than a concept album. I have to look at this album as a discovery of David Byrne's music rather than a collaboration with Slim because I just don't hear Slim's signature sound shining through on most of the tracks. Overall, this album is great for background music on a lazy day, but it's not a record like "You've Come a Long Way, Baby" or "Palookaville" that you can blast in your car.

- unexpected, refreshing, polished5 star

generally, broadway musical numbers aren't my thing....but when crafted with such attention to detail, and intermixed with pop and disco music, it all works. it's entertaining AND historical. go fatboy go!

- an unforgivable disaster1 star

how these 2 men managed to wrangle up some of the worlds's finest female singers and make them sing some of the absolute worst songs ever written is beyond me. this is a complete and utter mess. everything was right there, vocal talent and a concept album of one of the world's greediest leaders.....and then....nothing......what a dump!

- album cover3 star

just wondering why Imelda Marcos' pic is on the cover? pls explain.

- The great Talking Heads album that never was...5 star

I was listening to Fear of Music and Remain in Light right before Here Lies Love arrived in the mail. I'm pleased that HLL is just as rhythmic and bouncy with a great story/adventure to boot! Imelda will forever be a conundrum to me----how someone so beautiful on the outside can be so rank and dark inside; how she is adored by her minions and abhorred by just as many at the same time. David Byrne takes us through that life's journey (which, by the way, is still ongoing back in the Philippines) via an irresistible disco/club beat! I love it! The Whole Man and Why Don't You Love Me? are my personal favorites.

- Weird... But I like it!!4 star

Here lies love is my favorite song on this album... It is so good! I like the girls voice its very pretty... Does anyone know who she is??

- A work of pure genius.5 star

This album is one of the most carefully constructed and brilliantly constructed in decades. The storyline and music line are works of pure brilliance. True art, you can dance to! Buy it.

- This is really good5 star

David Byrne just keeps on surprising me, I have been a fan for a LONG time, I saw him in Barcelons 20 years ago, and it still one of the best concerts I have ever seen, now this partnership with Fatboy Slim is just excellent. If you appreciate good music and are not stock on hip hop or heavy metal, this should be your best buy of the year.

- Here Lies Funky Music5 star

Why not take the tragic messed-up life of a dictator wife and put it to some funky beats with various singers? The whole thing is a fun time.

- Not what one would expect but...5 star of the greatest albums of the year so far. Outside of some Latin flavor, this album doesn't scream Byrne or Cook, yet it is so pleasing in so many ways. If someone knows of an album with a greater roster of guest vocalists, please share.

- Brilliant!5 star

Out of the blue and awesome!!! Every song stands on it's own but as a whole tells a fascinating story!!! Another great work from the David Byrne camp.

- Here LIes Love5 star

How could anyone not love this album? Fabulous and inventive...

- Hey Wait a Minute...4 star

This is good. Really good. I like it.


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Jemster13 - Great job3 star

This is an awesome album. Although the Marcoses corrupted the Philippines, you have to give it to Imelda for the positive things she's done. A great mix of Phil. History, contemporary music and musical theatre. Simply innovative and inspiring.

joyfulya - Neat Concept4 star

Hi, I'm Filipina-Canadian. Whether you liked Imelda or hated her, she really did know how to tear up a dance floor. What a fitting media choice for a biography about this first lady. Perhaps she needed so many shoes because she wore them all out dancing! I especially like how the CD begins humbly with The Rose of Takloban (beauty contestant winner) and crescendoes up to The Whole Man (her UN speech). As a biography I think the concept of this album is so fitting: its beautifully charming, danceable and mildly tacky... just like the shoe queen herself! :)

true_north_far_east - What's the relevance?3 star

I fail to see the relevance of this album today. The problem with this album is a couple of decades too late to be relevant yet too early to be historical.

shpiggybank - really wondering...5 star

hmmm...wondering why imelda marcos is on the cover...

billypilgrim22 - of course DB doesn't sing on this..4 star

surprised that people are surprised that David Byrne doesn't sing on this. every song says "featuring" and if you read anything about this album you would know the concept, and the idea of the album. some misses on this project but some really nice hits.

A Canuck in TO - why? ohhhhh why?3 star

As a Filipina woman, having Imelda Marcos on the album cover is just one big turn off.... I'm just sayin'

BadSeed2 - Does David Byrne even sing on this album?4 star

I listened to the clips & only "American Troglodyte" seems to feature any vocals by David Byrne... if that is the case, it SHOULD NOT be classified as a "David Byrne" album... don't get me wrong, I like/love a lot of the guest artists on this album (Martha, Tori, Natalie, Allison, etc) but I am a HUGE David Byrne fan & I wouldn't want to be suckered into buying this because it has his name on it... I think 'Various Artists' would be a better classification of the Album Artist.. am I wrong?

Polaris90 - Awesome!5 star

Great album, it may seem abit random but its excellent!

annaluz - Interesting...4 star

I am not a fan of IM but it got me. I checked it out and listen to the selections. Ann (Mississauga,ON)

elesie - Why?4 star

Is that Imelda Marcos on your Cover?

BobOfTheSouth - Murder at the disco2 star

For a concept album which is supposed to reference 70s glamour disco and has Norman Cook as one of its chief creative agents you'd kind of think it would have some slamming dance remixes by Fatboy Slim but no. A disappointingly bland affair - I think when David Byrne says he wanted it listened to in a dance club he was thinking of everyone on that most 70s of recreational substances - Quaaludes.

Junior Manager - Awesome4 star

A pure delight...

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cvakator - Boring1 star

I have expected something more by composers like Davit Byrne and Norman Cook. But this is absolutely boring. This album is missing something dynamic. It's 90min the same sound. Sometimes annoying... So I have throw 10 pounds.

Nicki4President - Not good album.1 star

This is not a very good album at all, with terrible repetitive drum beats that are all over the place. Good album only to play in a restaurant.

Lovejoy - Nice easy listening alb4 star

Really enjoying this well put together album by Mr. Byrne and Mr. Cook!

john7664 - Here Lies Love5 star

Fantastic album I loved it from the start. Take no notice of the various cretins bad mouthing it and just enjoy.

Spendle - Brilliant....5 star

Please stick with this album, first listen I disliked it and wondered what the hell it was, repeated listens now and it get's better and better!!

Buenaventura Durutti - Like David Byrne an Fatboy are Fascists!4 star

Although it’s a song-cycle about the glamorous wife of a despot, Evita this ain’t. This is the soundtrack to the kind of party you enter through a beaded curtain and leave with a cocktail parasol in your hair and the guilty sense of having received some corrupt hospitality. Byrne isn’t celebrating the human rights-abusing Marcos-regime with a game of musical fancy dress. He’s just telling us a human story and reminding us that although Imelda wants her gravestone to read “Here Lies Love”, love was exactly what the former Miss Philippines had left to rot.

Anwar Digbie - Ironic!1 star

The problem here seems to be that if people don't understand the irony of this album, it ain't ironic. It's no good calling them morons - it should have been clearer! It is an average album that, without the names, would make very few sales.I'd say, only buy it if you understand irony and if you do, don't slag off others because they don't get it - it is the responsibility of the artists to make sure it is absolutely clear. Don't Cry for me Argentina!!!!!!

toughmans - CALACA, BATANGAS1 star

Only if people would know what she had done to a man in this town of the Philippines! Could it possibly be, beheading infront of hundreds of locals. I might be wrong hey! She's nowhere near a Filipino.

Mr. BoomBastic! - she's hot!5 star

omg, she was really hot during her time! i was just wonderin y did they put this vids on their song??

Padsoshea - Irony5 star

Guys, Honestly, I get that Imelda was part of an awful and debilitating regime. But this is exactly what this album address'. It's a CONCEPT album and as such pokes fun out of rather than hero worship Imelda Marcos. it's all done with a heavy dose of IRONY. Think The Producers and 'Spring time for Hitler'.

upthetrotters - great concept album5 star

great songs, great album. there's the odd track that's not brilliant but I think the artists/writers involved should be applauded for trying something different and not churning out the usual music industry rubbish. As for the subject matter - the people complaining would not take issue with people buying a biography or history book on the matter and this is just an attempt to tell a story. Doesn't glorify her or anything she did in anyway. Let's just judge it for its music and not turn itunes into something political.

Paddy4president - I feel tricked1 star

I bought a track off this cos it was florence but all this is a bit before my time and I would NEVER have put money into this bizarre project if I had known who she was. Why? Its just odd and quite reprehensible :S. Why celebrate her? To anyone who takes offence at this album being bought I apologise for having downloaded a track. Sick.

MDA-W - Here Lies Love5 star

Very interesting choice of album cover. She modelled Pinoy made shoes amongst the French ones, most of them given for promo- like western celebreties. Long live Green Revolution, Women's Auxiliary Brigade,Pinoy's love of music, etc. A must have album!

D_F - Its tongue in cheek and GOOD!5 star

Its a great album with some good performers. I can't believe so many people think the music is 'honouring' the subject of the album. I think David Byrne assumed a little more intellegence on behalf of the listener. Its tongue in cheek, and certainly does not honour the woman, just like the musical 'The Producers' certainly does not honour the Nazis. Its intersting as a subject to look at the story of a 'tyrant' in more detail than just a newsreel. David Byrne is intersted in the strange detail of this woman. Thats not endorsing her at all!

Igotstamina - Bad Choice1 star

A Very bad choice of Artwork! Why even associate it with Imelda Marcos?

GayGeisha - What the hell??1 star

This is repulsive - why would anyone want to honour a woman who went around in designer shoes while the people of her country starved? Don't support this album, the artists should be ashamed themselves. Disgusting.

kerry32 - yup. is this some kind of sick joke???1 star

this woman was a dictators wife. while millions of people in the philippines were starving and suffering, she just kept on buying shoes. thousands of pairs of shoes. it is an outrage that this album even exists let alone that it is on i-tunes. i am confused, disgusted, shocked, angry, bewildered and appalled. what on earth is going on here??

alvinst.13 - interesting5 star

interesting choice of songs, album is not bad it just feels odd.

Jazz freak - Is this a joke?1 star

I must be missing something here but for the life of me I can not figure out what. This sounds like it was put together in an afternoon using a bunch of Apple Loops (the ones that come free with Garage Band and Logic). To have this much talent on one album with such a poor outcome is nothing short of sad. Surely someone must have pointed this out somewhere along the way. I can't even say I hate this, it's just glaringly average and instantly forgettable.

JClairy - Have they forgotten what she did?1 star

This is disgusting.

mungoelms - seriously?1 star

This is awful.

Leeby50 - Here Lies Love5 star

Its an amazing album, with different vocalists, each with different talents to their voice and its a very well put together album, and the song here lies love which features florence, is a MUST MUST MUST have single, so the album is definitly worth buying, trust me!

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David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Here Lies Love Album Comments

What do you think Here Lies Love album? Can you share your thoughts and listen experiences with other peoples?

David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Here Lies Love Album Wiki

Here Lies Love is a concept album and rock musical made in collaboration between David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, about the life of the former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos along with the woman who raised her—Estrella Cumpas—and follows Marcos until she and her family were forced to leave the Philippines. The album features 22 guest vocalists and was released on 5 April 2010, under Nonesuch Records and Todomundo in several formats, including a deluxe double-Compact Disc set with a DVD of music videos from the album and a 120-page book. The album was adapted as a rock musical that premiered in 2013 off-Broadway at The Public Theater and ran again at the Public in 2014–2015. It also played at the Royal National Theatre's Dorfman Theatre in 2014–2015 and the Seattle Repertory Theatre in 2017..

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