Two Against Nature by Steely Dan

Two Against Nature [Steely Dan] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Gaslighting Abbie 5:53
2.What A Shame About Me 5:17
3.Two Against Nature 6:17
4.Janie Runaway 4:09
5.Almost Gothic 4:09
6.Jack Of Speed 6:17
7.Cousin Dupree 5:28
8.Negative Girl 5:34
9.West Of Hollywood 8:21

Two Against Nature is an album by Steely Dan, released in 2000. The album marked the first Steely Dan studio album in 20 years, following 1980's Gaucho. It has been certified platinum twice in America. The album won the group four Grammy Awards including a controversial victory over acclaimed The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem and Kid A by Radiohead for 2001 Album of the Year. Two Against Nature marked Steely Dan's long-awaited debut for Warner Bros. Records - through a sub-label, Giant Records.

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Two Against Nature by Steely Dan Album Reviews

- One of their best

This album is just another example of how a band like Steely Dan can produce album after album with such presicion and intricate musical value even after a couple decades of not working in a studio. They are simply genius. This album is not like their classics, but it is still amazing none the less. The lyrics, the guitar, that classic Steely Dan drum beat that never changes through the song but is still somehow different every verse. Its all just such good music, and they just have that ability to make you move and not only hear their music but FEEL and memorize every little detail thats thrown in. I dont know how people today dont listen to any of their albums and not appreciate and think its great. Click yes if u agree!

- Totally awesome

My absolute favorite album by Steely Dan. The jazziness is perfect. Every song is sooo good. I am hooked on listening to it over and over again. That last song is a masterpiece. Negative Girl has such a beautiful surreal sound, too. I highly recommend this album to anyone who likes Jazz, anyone who likes music, real music! I love every song on it, each is so different, too.

- Love Steely Dan music

All the time

- Continuation

This album continues not where Gaucho left off, but where Fagen (and Becker) left off with their solo releases. There are many catchy melodies and hooks, and of course the usual studio perfectionism. It is nice to see Steely Dan continuing to move forward with a new sound, while remaining solidly entrenched in their own unique style and brand of music.

- Good SD songs - awful recording

This record sounds parched, thin, and insanely digital. I just wish they had recorded to analog tape like Aja or Gaucho because these songs just feel sterile as an operating table and equally soulless. My 2c.

- What the what!?!?

Who the hell makes a comeback after twenty years, keeps what was best and build on it? Becker and Fagen.

- Grew up listening to Dan and this is outstanding!

I disagree with those who say this music is "sterile" and "too digital". It's pure genius! And those lyrics... ""Maybe it's the skeevy look in your eyes/ Or your mind has turned to applesauce/The dreary architecture of your soul..." It doesn't get better than this folks. And just like they made a trippy disco number about wearing a condom ("The Fez", The Royal Scam, 1976) and made it work, here they do a country-beat fusion about a player trying to seduce his younger cousin ("Cousin Dupree"), or a twisted, catchy tune about a man and his mistress working a plan to drive his wife crazy ("Gaslighting Abbie") and make THAT work. Crazy-assed, dark , taboo subjects juxtaposed with bright, popping, sunny sounds? No problem. Want smooth jazz with double and triple entendres in the lyrics? No problem. Want something so dark you pray for sunlight? No problem. After all, this is Steely Dan.

- No reviews yet?

How can this album have no reviews? It won a grammy for "Album of the Year" in 2000!

- Two Against Nature Come Out Victorious

Steely Dan weren't finished, they just wanted to take about twenty years off. A brief reunion turned into a tour, and a tour turned into Steely Dan's first album in twenty years, "Two Against Nature". The title perfectly reflects The Dan's situation, as they seemed to beat the odds, come back with a great album, and after two losses win the Grammy for Album Of The Year. The production is slick, polished, and precise as ever, taking even farther the classic jazz-pop sound of Steely Dan. Gaslighting Abbie, Janie Runaway and Jack Of Speed are among the album's funkier cuts, What A Shame About Me and Cousin Dupree are on the slicker side, and West Of Hollywood and the title (and my favorite) track rock out, the latter containing a heavy Latin flavor. Unfortunately, Almost Gothic and Negative Girl seriously tow that line between "slick" and "boring"--both lack strong melodies or anything really memorable. But two sub-par tracks are nothing compared to the greatness of the other seven. A hardcore fan should already own this album, and a casual fan should definitely look into purchasing it. 8/10, 5/5.

- So awesome!

I was so blown away as a kid when this album first came out. My parents always listened to Steely Dan so I grew up listening to their stuff from the 70's. I was a big fan of Eminem back in the "Marshall Mathers LP" days, but I still remember that Grammy night and being absolutely excited and completely shocked that this beat it out for Album of the Year. Oh and 'Janie Runaway' is my favorite song off this album.

- Some of their best!

Been following the works of Fagen and Becker since the early 70's. This album absolutely proves they are still on their A game. In fact, it may be their best work yet!!

- Two Against Nature

Who is kidding who here? It ain't the Steely Dan of yore….some tunes are OK….sorry - and I was/am a big fan….

- Favorite band

They're dope, I used to listen to this album when I was a little kid. Now I'm a young up and coming rapper that's influenced by this great work. I love it..

- A Disappointment

Musicianship and studio wizardry aside, there are no memorable melodies or hooks on this release. For a Steely Dan fan, it's hard to put this in the canon. The fact that this may have won Album of the Year means little (to me, at least) as it sure appeared to be an award for simply getting the Dan back together.

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- Surprising...

...reinvigorated Dan album. Didn't expect Walter and Donald to knock it out of the park with this one (after so many years away doing solo stuff). Great. Jazzy. Funny.

- Harmony

Incredible album. It really does grow on you. The harmonies are pretty daring and original, while keeping with a catchy funkiness.

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- Steely comeback

After twenty-odd years of inactivity one of the great groups of the seventies returned with what sounded on first hearing to be a subtle progression from their last studio album - Goucho. The passage of time certainly hasn't blunted the razor sharp barbs nor have the silky melodies tinged with those oh so jerky rhythms disappeared. All in all this is much better than expected and if the songs never hit the inventive heights of albums such as Aja or Countdown there is enough here to make the belated comeback a definite success. If you are a sample-first consumer then download either Two against nature or Cousin Dupree after that the world really is your oyster with this band!

- what a comeback!

As a lifelong Dan fan I was both excited and apprehensive about this album, after all these guys hadn't worked together for 20 years..........but it's as good as Gaucho if not quite Aja, and the mix of pop, jazz and funk remains supreme and very contemporary. Very witty and smart, you can choose your own standouts, but for me the title track, Jack of Speed and What a shame about me are the tops. Acquire without delay!

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#SteelyDanuary 13th Steely Dan Donald Fagen Walter Becker Jon Herington Leroy Clouden Ted Baker Carolyn Leonhart Amy Helm song "Cousin Dupree" album Two Against Nature (released on February 29, 2000) Grammy Awards (for song and album) #SharpSteelyDan.

Fidel asstro, the dictator of ass

Two against nature deserved those grammies no cap.

Mark Igleski

Haven't listened to this one in a while. Four Grammys, including Album of the Year. Album a Day in 2021 with @mark_igleski Steely Dan - Two Against Nature Released 2/29/2000 #steelydan #RockSolidAlbumADay2021 13/365 .

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