And Winter Came (Deluxe Version) by Enya

And Winter Came (Deluxe Version) [Enya] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.And Winter Came 3:15
2.Journey Of The Angels 4:47
3.White Is In The Winter Night 3:00
4.O Come, O Come Emmanuel 3:40
5.Trains And Winter Rains 3:43
6.Dreams Are More Precious 4:25
7.Last Time By Moonlight 3:57
8.One Toy Soldier 3:54
9.Stars And Midnight Blue 3:08
10.The Spirit Of Christmas Past 4:18
11.My! My! Time Flies! 3:02
12.Oíche Chiúin 3:49

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And Winter Came (Deluxe Version) by Enya Album Reviews

- Enya did it again....The best holiday music this season!

She has hit a home run with this one. Even though it's holiday music you can definitely hear some new sounds like Trains and Winter Rains, Dreams Are More Precious and My My Time Flies(a new way to hear her music...she uses an electric guitar!!!). I smile anytime I hear her music and this holiday season I've been grinning non stop. Best x-mas present I've had this year!!

- I love Enya

Her music is absolutely brilliant!

- Beautiful ❄️

One of the best Christmas albums ever! ❄️

- And Winter Came

So you may have heard Enya before. Well, listen to O Come, O Come Emmanuel. This is the next celebration. The Christmas Albums we have known in the past are predictable. Not this one. Some claim that this is typical Enya. Well, only one song holds on like maybe past works by Enya. But, hey what is bad about typical Enya. Her music has both inspired me and soothed me. This album does both and is better produced and more melodic and VARIED than her past works.

- I love it!

I love everything about this album. My favorite Christmas album.

- It's Enya, that's about it.

Enya creates wonderful, soothing music...always. Though it is beautiful, it's ALWAYS the same exact album. I wish she would experiment a little more with her music. She is a unique artist and I believe she has potential to create something even more unique than the same thing for the past 20 years.

- Enya

Really my fav. christmas album, next to sting's christmas album. I love the originality of And Winter Came. There is only a few traditional songs. The rest our here's. She needs to do this every christmas. This is a fav, for my two girls to listen to.

- Can't believe I didn't discover this until now

After listening to "And Winter Came" I found I haven't enjoyed Enya's music this much since "Watermark" and "Shepherd Moons". It has a great mix of upbeat and more soulful sound. Even though this is a Christmas album, it doesn't come across that way. Only two songs are traditional; the others are very unique and appropriate for the season. This has become an instant favorite for me.

- Very soothing songs.

These songs are very beautiful and soothing, well composed spiced with Enya's unique voice. Treat for ears and hearts.

- And winter came

Beautifully crafted. Seasonal recordings perfect for the mood and essence of winter ,solstice and. Christmas. A healing for your heart!!!! 5 stars

- Another Quirky Hit for Enya.

I grew up on Enya. At three years old my most often spoken words were "Track 7!" (Orinoco Flow). There are so few real smash hits these days with recycled christmas songs by every singer alive in winter, but "And Winter Came" is a stand out. She brings her soothing touch to the tracks and yet here and there you're hit with a quirky Enya twist. "My! My! Time Flies" and "One Toy Soldier" are creative, fun, and a little bit out there. Enjoy!

- You cannot play this album only once

It doesn't have to be Christmas to play this album, but Christmas is definitely what you get when you do. The first track, "And Winter Came", is achingly beautiful, it sets the stage for the rest of the album which is there to help you recover. Imagine a painful transition in your life, the transcendent relief that follows, the sadness of knowing you've turned a page you'll never see again, then add a 3:15 timestamp and this is track 1. I'm 11 years late in writing this review, but it's something I had to do.

- Enya releases yet another fabulous album!

Enya has released another fabulous album. While I would say this passes for a non Holiday album it does capture the spirit of the cold winter months. The album itself is not cold but mostly mixed with upbeat and mellow Enya greatness. I don't think there is something that Enya has released that I do not like and this album is no different!

- highly dissapointing

most of the music was very bland and unimaginative ;however, my! my! time flies was refreshing and beautiful. i'm a big enya fan,but this album just doesn't hold up to the standard of a day without rain.

- Very Relaxing

Enya does a wonderful job on this album; "O Come, O Come Emmanuel", which is no doubt my favorite song on the album, is absolutely outstanding. This is well worth the purchase price, and definitely a must-have for all those who love holiday music.

- Wonder Harmony

Enya always has the best harmony. Plenty of overdubs and echo. Love it. We need A Day Without Rain!

- It's a beautiful CD and I can't get enough of it!!

i listen to it over and over and never get tired of it!! Although a few of the songs are quite repetitive, i still love the CD and my absolute favorites are #7 Last Walk by Moonlight and #10 The Spirit of Christmas Past!! Thank you so much, Enya!!

- Marvelous Enya!

What a great wintery album from the legend Enya. I really love the music, great songs, my fave is #1. A little tip to Enya fans, Amazon has an exclusive track you can buy for $0.99 (DRM free) and it's gorgeous. A must for the true Enya fan and even the casual consumer, great song.

- Melodies with a Perfect Winter Theme~

This CD is absolutely wonderful in every single way for the holidays, wintertime, and any time you're in a wintery mood C: Winter being my most favorite season of all, listening to And Winter Came is perfect for me. And I grew up with Enya, so its even more perfect~ I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us!~ <3

- Another Great Album

This is another fantastic album from Enya. She has again surpassed some previous albums, as well as like musical artists. Very calming and serene feelings come out when you listen to her music.

- just her what else can i say

shes amazing each song i hear from her is perfect. from this new cd i like every song.five stars easy giving less would mean bad taste in music. give it a try and im sure youll enjoy it.

- Even for Enya fans, this album is a dim reflection of stuff we have heard before

I have EVERY Enya album, and the last several, including Amarantine, seem to be getting less and less original, a re-hash of the same melodies and arrangements. Some might argue that is what makes Enya "Enya", but I found this unoriginal and reminiscent of a lot of past songs. I was hoping for more. O Come, O Come Emmanuel is okay as is the Gaelic Silent Night (Oiche Chiuin). The best Enya albums are Watermark and The Celts. I got this album based on the reviews on iTunes; I am now disappointed I did.

- LOVE IT!!!!

i am a fan of all of Enya's music! it's just so calming and haunting and makes me think of dark snowy nights in the dead of winter. i especially love "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" its such a beautiful song. this cd is definitely worth buying!!

- Wow....

It's so beautiful....can't get enough!

- As Always, She Rocks!

Enya does it every time with each successive new album produced. Very ethereal, very deep. I use her music for meditation, leaving me relaxed that no other alternative means can accomplish. Her music takes me to the rocky crags of the cliffs off the Irish coast, then to the heather-filled knolls. Truly not to be missed.

- Is it just me...or does this sound like early Julee Cruise...?

& that's a compliment - a sublime recording - nice work, Enya.

- And Winter Came...

O Come O Come Emmanuel is one of the best. My My Time Flies sounds like one of the best songs that the Beatles never wrote. Journey of the Angels is peaceful and melodic, especially with the chord changes. Beautiful.

- Beautiful

I enjoyed every song and the track by track video at the end! A Christmas treat!

- Absolutely beautiful.

The good Lord blessed us with giving Enya to us. Her songs are so peaceful and joyful. She's a tireless performer. I have seen her live four times once in Ireland. Even though I don't speak or understand Gallic she has a way of making that beautiful voice penetrate to your very soul. A true gift from our Lord God Bless you Enya.

- This Woman Is An Angel.

Enya just captures such a relaxing & peaceful place with her music. This CD is mezmerising. Enjoy the sounds of music as close to heaven on this earth.

- Dale Norrington

Really lousy sound with a relatively new iMac and 4 or 5 year old Creature Speakers …. Bass and mid range are distorted and very difficult to listen to … I wish I had not purchased this album … I have been listening to other recently purchased music on the same system without such distortions … I wonder whether it is simply a bad digital reproduction … if that is possible …

- Gourgeous

There is no one with more peaceful music than Enya.

- More Chirstmas songs please

The best one is O Come Emmanuel. I hope Enya will do more chirstmas songs in that style.

- Holiday Magic

This album is amazing, it was worth the wait. She knows how to do holiday albums. I like the songs enya chose to include, as well as all the new ones. Great artist, unique way of interpreting a song. My favorite is Trains and Winter Rains, and Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel. Buy it!

- Breathtaking

This album leaves me in awe everytime i listen to it, without fail. Includes the most breathtaking version of O Come, O Come Emmanuel that i have ever heard. i still can't stop listening to it, even though Christmas is over now.


How beautiful is it to know that there is still some musical talent in the world. I have to give my regards to her, and her engineers. I have to say though, I would appriciate a little less II V I please. Keep it in the minor key so we have have more bII. But, other than that great job!!!!

- Beautiful Voice

Enya has a beautiful voice. I got O Come, O Come Emmanuel when it came out for free. I still listen to that song a lot even when it is not Christmas time.

- your awsome as always enya!

been an enya fan for quite a few years. Learned one or two on the piano for myself. Even througout the years, Enya has kept her voice quite as good as it was from the start. I encourage everyone to watch the video included in the Album before they rate. :D

- Enya's Holiday Gift

Enya has done it again by giving us an album full of winter themed songs. Some people are saying that she needs to change her style, but I disagree. This is what she does best, and it comes forth in "And Winter Came." Just try not to get in a happy singing mood after listening to "White Is In the Winter Night." It's virtually impossible. "Journey of the Angels" and "The Spirit of Christmas Past" are also two standout songs on the album. Overall, a fantastic entry to the Enya collection. One not to be missed and listened to all year long (not just the winter months).

- Lovely

AMAZING vocals. my favorite is "oh come oh come emanuel" just beautiful

- new to me

I wasn't aware of this album until iTunes had it on sale recently. What a delightful find. Not just about Christmas, but the winter season. I particularly like the upbeat White is in the Winter Night. One Toy Soldier also had me smiling. Enya's voice is beautiful as always. Oiche Chiuin is a lovely conclusion to the album.

- Beautiful.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel sends chills up my spine, in a good way.

- Exceptional

Beautiful addition to Enya's outstanding body of work.

- Silent Irish Night

Selfishly, I have enjoyed her Christmas EP (only released in Europe) since 1994 - Oiche Chiuin should've been shared with the USA long, long ago. I downloaded it into my iTunes from CD, but now everyone can enjoy Enya's Silent Night for themselves. It's about time! Purchase this song while you still have a chance!

- Wonderful

And Winter Came isn't a holiday album to me, and obviously it wasn't to Enya either. Her wonderful approach to bringing the full spectrum of the winter season is brilliantly done here, from the first strains of the title track, to the last breath of her stirring stacked vocals on "Oìe Chùin", Enya paints a picture of the beauty of not just Christmas, but als of the winter season.

- Oh so beautiful....

This is oh so beautiful. U will want to listen to it year round. My favorite is #7 Last Time by Moonlight. The whole album evokes shimmery, wintery white feelings of angelic presence, magical feelings of our loveliest of seasons, Christmas! Buy this NOW! U will treasure it.

- easy to sleep to and to keep u awake!

I luv this album! it really brings back the christmas spirit! And i luv the fact shes catholic so that she can bring the TRUE meaning of christmas in with her songs and still give a wintery feeling!

- so lovely

i LOVE this album. perfect for christmas! or just any winter ocassion!

- And Winter Came...

Just discovered this little gem earlier this month and it has haunted me ever since I first listened to it. This has become my favorite winter album.

- Lovin it

My! My! Time Flies, Trains And Winter Rains are my newest favorites of Enya. Such smooth music that is produced. Keep up the good work.

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- Yes, yes, it's good....But why doesn't someone buy Enya a new synthesizer?

I love Enya's music, but why does she never stray from the same cheesy synthesized sounds she's used since the '80s? In the Lord of the Rings soundtrack when she wrote 2 songs for the film, she used a real orchestra and choir. It was truly breathtaking. Why doesn't she do the same for her own albums? I hope someone will just help her out already with some decent orchestration...I'm getting tired of all the oohing and ahing and fake chimes and such.

- And winter came

Cet album d'Enya est une pure magie, c'est une musique des anges qui inspire que du positif en Soi.

- Joyous Christmas everyone!

Enya and company have recorded a brilliant collection of new Christmas carols (+ 1 traditional). The new work is a special Christmas blessing. Thank you Enya and Joyeux Noel to you and yours!

- !!!!!

Best Christmas album ever! I recently my mum's old Enya albums (Watermark, Shepherd Moons) and LOVED them! I got this album for Christmas, best gift ever!! Fantastic album, some of her own stuff, and some traditional stuff. Her voice is amazing, as always!

- She Has Done It Again!

i usually only enjoy a few of enya's tracks fom her albums. but for AWC, it is totally the opposite. i love absolutely EVERY track. im also loving how her song, My My, Time Flies, dips into the 70's rock/pop era. I'm Loving It Enya!!! Keep Going Doing What You Do!

- Enja Winter Album

Thank you Enja for another fabulous piece of work . Your music and style is wonderful - It remains timeless.

- Beautiful

As beautiful as can be expected from Enya; nothing to disappoint.


There isn't anything Enya has come out with that I dislike, her voice is so original, soft and beautiful it literally puts you at ease and into a trance when she sings. I absolutely love her! past albums and this one!

- And Winter Came

A beautiful CD. Enya has done it again.

- Décevant...

Je suis déçue, espérais trouver quelque chose de différent mais c'est Enya, sans surprise qui se copie et se répète...

- Great music

Enya's music is so soothing, it's amazing. :) I listen to it whenever I'm angry or depressed, and it gets you to calm down so fast (if that makes any sense). Keep it up!

- My 2nd favorite artist of all time.

No hesitation whatsoever clicking the "Buy Album" link without even listening to a second of it. Whatever she does, I know I'll love it. I can't believe she had a new Album out for over a month before I realized it! "Erin Go Braugh!"

- Enya est la Reine du Nouvel-Âge !

Depuis l'achat d'un cd de Enya il y a 10 ans, je n'ai jamais cessé de l'écouter. Ce nouveau cd nous permet de voir Enya dans toute sa splendeur. Elle nous transporte, elle nous fait rêver. À juste titre, elle est la Reine du Nouvel-Âge et de la musique de relaxation. En cette journée du 11 novembre, jour de l'armistice, j'ai écouté et je suis heureux de l'avoir placé dans ma discographie. Philippe Bernard Gervais

- Interesting Album by Enya

Very Interesting album all around for Enya. The My! My! Time Flies! song is very good and not enough can be said about Trains and Winter Rains. Thank you is a nice Christmas present!

- Journey of Angels

Superb piece of non-traditional music. Lovely for a quiet Chrstmas Eve.

- again?

i liked her first cpl albums 20 yrs ago but still the same sound, no progression. boring!

- Awsome

I like it a lot very relaxing sounds

- Must buy for Enya fans!

As always Enya is at her best in this album with her intriguing voice, a must buy for her fans.

- Still the one and only...

20 plus years after the landmark 'Watermark' album comes yet another great Enya CD. Unreal voice.

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