Everything That Happens Will Happen Today by David Byrne & Brian Eno

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today [David Byrne & Brian Eno] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 5:05
2 3:19
3 6:24
4 3:43
5 3:42
6 2:26
7 4:16
8 5:06
9 4:53
10 4:16
11 3:46
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Everything That Happens Will Happen Today by David Byrne & Brian Eno Album Reviews

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- Skipping!1 star

I downloaded this from the record company (purchased a vinyl when they first released it), and the tracks are skipping. Not cool.

- Give it a try5 star

Not in a thousand years did I think I would enjoy this entire album. Watched the movie and my wife has a tendency to buy soundtracks. After hearing it a couple of times i have found it to be excellent. The melodies and the lyrics are so synergistic. David Byrnes' voice is rich and fluid. Brian Enos songwriting is spot on. This is one of those albums that you never suspect to be that good but after a couple of times through it becomes apparent this is one hidden gem.

- Life is Long, One fine day, and Everything4 star

Great album. Best songs though were life is long, one fine day, and everything that happens will happen today. I could listen to those all day

- Unfortunate1 star

A sappy, forgettable album for the conservative mainstream, made by formerly innovative artists.

- Epitome of epitome.5 star

So real, the duo tear the roofs of our houses and report on the human condition here.

- Under the radar but a great album!!!4 star

I picked this up after watching Wall Street 2 after hearing about 5 songs on this album in the movie. I was always a casual fan of David Byrne through Talking Heads and think Brian Eno is one of the best producers out there but my appreciation has grown after hearing this album. The music is timeless sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday or during these musicans heyday in the late 70s early 80s. "Home", Life is Long" and "Strange Overtones" are excellent but the whole album is worth listening to. I was surprised at how fresh the music sounded and David Byrne's singing and lyrics are top notch. Just a good vibe and very soothing sounds...

- SweetSurrealSociety4 star

From the first listen through this disc, I couldn't help thinking how strangely surreal the uplifting music sounded against the social commentary of the lyrics. It's got this home town charm that smiles with teeth made of sharp steel. Listen beyond the hopeful layers of voice. The message is in the strangeness of the lyrics. Where these two creative elements meet is where the coolness of the songs can be found.

- Really?2 star

I see a lot of 5 star reviews here, and I suppose that has more to do with the fact that people feel compelled to write a review when they have been especially touched by a work of art. For me, I am sad to report that that is not the case. I have the utmost respect for both of these artists, but Eno in particular has always been an incredible visionary and could be relied upon again and again to provide some new aural sensations. And yet, when I listen to this album, I become bored. Quickly. The songs are a bit meandering, and the sonic background, while expertly executed as always, is just not really that inspired or inspiring. I wonder, if one could take a time machine back to 1980 and play this album for these guys when they were in the middle of working on Remain in Light or Bush of Ghosts if they would be horrified.I have a feeling they would be. I know artists need to mature, and we should leave the past where it is, but the fact is you come to love an artist for a reason. Or set of reasons. If what they end up doing is so far outside of the parameters of what drew you to them in the first place, then it is not that surprising that it might not excite. I was so psyched when I heard this album was coming out, and now, having heard it, I am really disappointed. I, for one, hope these guys reconnect with their avant-garde side one more time before they pack it in.

- awesome album5 star

This is agreat album from start to finish. You can't beat that combination. David Byrne and Brian Eno.

- Solid, great album5 star

Solid, tight, hauntingly beautiful, melodic and interesting. The very best of David Byrne. Love the entire album, and I've never been a big David Byrne fan. I am now.

- Not for Everyone3 star

...but it is good if you're evening consists of dimming the lights, and popping a few percoset, and getting all introspective. That's not my typical evening though. I think this album might be a little too self-indulgent. It needs a few songs to lift the mood.

- Mellow and unexpected4 star

This is a very enjoyable piece of music. It's not a masterpiece on the same level as "remain in light," nor is it earth-shatteringly experimental and bizarre like "my life in the bush of ghosts." But it's a nice collection of very mellow, calm songs that I find work best when you listen to them while lying in a hammock. A sense of contentment and peace fills the album, with a few exceptions. 1. Home - This is one of my favorites from the album. Byrne sings wonderfully over dreamy, lush instrumentation by Eno. This song has that vintage David Byrne sound--it's poppy, but it's very smart pop. Very catchy and very good. 2. My Big Nurse - a mellow, mainly acoustic song. Very pleasant, easygoing track. Again, listen in a hammock. 3. I Feel My Stuff - Easily the weakest song to be found on this album. While experimentation used to come so naturally to Eno and Byrne, this song sounds somehow forced. It's weird, but not weird in a good way like their old stuff. It's just plain weird. The word Pitchfork used for it was "awkward," which I think works quite well. I'd skip this one unless you're feeling adventurous. 4. Everything That Happens - Another favorite. Eno's dreamy instrumentals are perfect, and it's probably Byrne's best vocal part on the album. It builds to a lovely, surreal chorus and is one of the album's defining moments. 5. Life is Long - catchy pop song. A little too "catchy" for my taste. I think this one's actually kinda cheesy and generic. Not particularly noteworthy. 6. The River - An intriguing, short song featuring a gorgeous, gospel-tinged interlude. 7. Strange Overtones - Very catchy, with a nice groove from Eno. the best known song from the album. I don't think it's the best one on here, but it's still a very enjoyable, dreamy song. 8. Wanted For Life - A pretty good song that most closely fits the "electronic gospel" description Eno and Byrne used for this album. The gospel vocals are quite effective, although Byrne's voice sounds a bit strained during some parts of the song. If you're not a fan of byrne's singing style, avoid this one, because he's not at his top form. 9. One Fine Day - a lovely song, mellow in the same way that "my big nurse" is mellow. It features an amazing chorus of ooooh's from Eno at the beginning and end of the song. This song instantly relaxes you as you listen to it. It's remarkable. Another favorite. 10. Poor Boy - another "weird" song, like "I feel my stuff," except where "I feel my stuff" was clunky and forgettable, "Poor Boy" is creative and interesting. Eno's instrumental work here is in top form. It features some really cool electronic parts that perfectly accent Byrne's vocals. Very good song. 11. The Lighthouse - rather forgettable. Eno's instrumental is fairly ambient, and Byrne's vocal part isn't all that interesting. It closes the album on a mediocre note. On the whole, I'd reccomend most of this album, leaving out "I feel my stuff" and, for those who don't like overly poppish stuff, "life is long." One complaint I have is Eno's insistence on using drum machines on EVERY SINGLE SONG. It works with some songs, but I feel like other suffer because of an excessively fake, "plastic" drum sound. "Wanted For Life," for instance, would have benefited tremendously with a real drummer instead of programmed beats. But this isn't a huge issue. Standout tracks: "home," "everything that happens," "strange overtones," "one fine day" and "poor boy."

- Meh3 star

I admit it. When I first heard another Eno + Byrne album was out, I was hoping for a wilder, up to date furtherance of "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts". Many say I shouldn't make that comparison and forget the past. Fine. This album is good, but underwhelming to me. Byrne's singing style here is not what I like. When he has quirky songs, he's great, but the lilting lullabye/gospel vocals here I find boring and totally dominating the tunes, leaving what Eno does with the music insignificant and in the shadows. There's a reason I really can't stand American Idol, and it's that I prefer instrumentals, singing doesn't really interest me much. Eno can make such incredible sounds, so it frustrates me he seems to be little more than an better than average accompaniment to Byrne's singing. When the lyrics end up being self-referential about singing, I'm really losing interest, couldn't Byrne just shut up for that track? I have the same problem with Robert Plant insisting on making vocal noises all the time on some songs. Shut the piehole for a few bars, ok? Sorry, but it brings me back to my desire for a second "Bush of Ghosts" style album. Some may say it's wrong to expect them to rehash the past, that it would be a bad thing. Well, bands are still writing new blues songs to this day. What would be so bad about new 'songs' in a style that was almost wholly new and unique the last time these two collaborated?

- In my lighthouse, I harvest what I sow.5 star

David Byrne really shines like a “Lighthouse” on this one. Most of the songs drift in at a mid-tempo rate, but the reward and joy in the melodies are there. While I enjoy the music on the CD, the thing I enjoy most about listening to this CD are the lyrics. I sometimes forget what a great lyricist David Byrne is and he is in top form on this offering. In a short phrase, he can really say something profound that will bounce around in your brain and think…um…interesting…long after the CD has stopped playing. Don’t miss this one!

- Good Listening4 star

Saw him @ Radio City, great show! Played my favorite song from the album "Feel My Stuff" I danced the whole time. Everyone in the audience was having fun David! Thanks!

- everything that haps5 star

great. wanted for life and poor boy exceptional.

- Splendid5 star

Genius! I LOVE this album

- Favorite album since the Beatles?5 star

I have not been so moved by music in many years as I am listening to this album. Some cuts are too raucous for my soul, but the rest is heart-felt wonder. Deep consciousness, moving music, melodies that won't leave my head. What a gift this music is. Thanks to all who helped put this one together.

- Byrne Admirers From Afar, Beware1 star

I heard "Strange Overtones" on a podcast and bought the album thinking remainder of the tracks would measure up. Sadly, they did not. Buy the song, ditch the album.

- Back down to reality......3 star

Both these guys are extremely talented without a doubt but I just can't put this album next to the Eno and Cale effort of several years back. It doesn't help for me that Byrnes voice moans in an unpleasant tenor that distracts from the layering of the music. I suppose that is the appeal for some but for me this is above average alternative elevator music.

- Byrne and Eno at their best5 star

I'm a big Eno fan. His work with U2 (check out "My Blue Room" and "Miss Sarejevo on the "Passengers" album), Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads and recently Paul Simon (on "Surprise") is incredible. It took me a while for the Eno/ Byrne album "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" to grow on me, but it has; that's an unique one-of-a-kind record. This new one is more conventional but also more affecting. Byrne still has the same focus he's always had: a fascination with transcending the mundane. He studies the architectural, inanimate world and searches for a way to break through. There's a zen quality to this piece, a pure, rich emotional focus. This is an album of quiet epiphanies. In the linear notes, both artists discuss this as almost a gospel album, and that seems accurate. The production is not self-consciously progressive or industrial, but has a rather classic feel; it's warm and modern but the emotions are universal. It's not unlike "Surprise" in that it seems to be one artists providing the blanket of sound and another using their voice and lyrical gifts to lift it into something greater. I'd say this is one of the best things either Byrne or Eno has ever done. The pop songs "Wanted For Life" and "Life Is Long" would have felt at home on any Talking Heads record; "Home" and in particular "One Fine Day" show that Byrne has developed since T. H. broke up, and has acquired a more ethereal perspective. I've been playing this non-stop. This is my favorite album of the year.

- David Byrne returns...5 star

David Byrne is steered back to beautiful and haunting melodies. I appreciate the detour from the hardcore electronic meanderings. His voice is soulful and the melodies are rich and pleasing to the ear. Unlike some of David's more recent work, this album is great to listen to all the way through. I think that probably has a lot to do with Eno.

- "...relatively conventional returns" (yawn)2 star

I couldn't have said it better (as the iTune review notes)"this is relatively conventional returns considering their avante- guard pedigree." Download "Poor Boy" and maybe "I Feel My Stuff". The rest sounds like stuff that couldn't make some previous David Byrne albums.

- I'm Impressed.5 star

Sometimes in life a piece of art comes along that not only "speaks to you," as some people say, but it also gets you to think deeply, in a way you didn't know you were capable of at the moment. You can be driving down the road, or doing anything really, and you snap to and realize you've just been taken on a journey. That's what this album does to me. I agree with a lot of the other reviews here, which I can tell are written by some knowedgeable and discerning audiophiles! I'm just happy to bare witness to the genius of these great musicians. Life Is Long made me cry today.

- Buy this now5 star

I heard Strange Overtones on NPR today, Immediately knew it was David Byrne, but didn't know Eno was involved. Came home and found it here, bought the whole album immediately. $9.99 for iTunes Plus, beautiful music. Brilliant. There isn't one clunker on this album. While Byrne and Eno are both geniuses, this isn't as experimental as you might expect. This record is full of amazing pop songs. Plain and simple. Strange Overtones is my stand out so far. I'll be listening to this gem every day as the future dictates. Joyous. Might just buy a hard copy to thank these 2 again. David's voice is in extremely fine form. Very happy right now!!!!!

- Everything you want in music5 star

This album represents everything you could want in "pop" music, while achieving artistry and orginality at the same time. I really can't believe it isn't getting more play or attention (where is it on the Best of 2008 lists??). David Byrne and Brian Eno are geniuses.

- The BEST5 star

I "discovered" this album about a month ago, and I have to say that my entire taste in music has since been revolutionized. Although I love this album, it has allowed me to discover so many other incredible works by David Byrne and Brian Eno that I had never heard before. I've always been a Talking Heads fan, but this has brought upon a new interest of mine into their Eno produced works. I'm only 21 so I wasn't too familiar with either of them but I have to say that now I have an immense amount of respect for their artistic talen. Buy the whole album and give it a few listens, you won't be disappointed.

- Best of 20085 star

This is my favorite album of 2008, hands down. The live performance was amazing as well, but I can play this album over and over and over again without getting sick of it—which is rare. Byrne's voice is perfection, his thought-provoking lyrics are infectious, and Eno's brilliant soundscapes are amazing as ever. Plus, it's available without DRM...what more could you want?

- hello1 star

This is in NO WAY ROCK. Wrong Category for sure. Yes, I love Talking heads, Yes I have some Byrne Stuff, Yes, I have Tubular Bells. This disc is weak.

- :) :) :)5 star

Probably the most exciting and uplifting record I've heard in 20 years. If you have any inclination at all to listen to these guys' music, just buy this and be amazed.

- Unexpected Surprise!!5 star

I downloaded this from another service just to burn my remaining downloads and cancel my account. I've listened to this over and over and I absolutely love it. I'm a casual Talking Heads fan and have been familiar with Brian Eno but this disc is really good.

- Didn't know they still had it in them3 star

I thought David Byrne and Brian Eno were getting kinda old so I was a bit worried how this album would turn out. The reason why I only gave this 3 stars was because there was only one song I liked (Strange Overtones), but that song is the best song I've heard all year and I've been listening to a lot of 2008 stuff, too.

- Best David Byrne Solo Album Yet!5 star

I'm a huge Talking Heads fan. David Byrne was the soul and creative genius of that group, but most of his solo albums have not had a tremendous lasting power and resonance. "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today" changes that... excellent! IMO, the best album of 2008.

- Amazing Album!5 star

I've been listening to this album often and the many layers of it keep revealing themselves to me.

- I have never written an itunes review...5 star

This collaboration is epic. The songs grow on you with repeated listening and are actually quite subversive. I was not aware of their previous collaboration 27 years ago, but am planning on going back and giving it a listen, too. Don't hesitate to purchase this album!

- Hudson Boyd5 star

What else do you need? Byrne and Eno to the perfect deal! I miss this good mixing of the tunlets!!! Thank you B&E! Hudson (Ohio) Boy Out!

- The best album of 20085 star

This album is easily the best album to come out this year. The songs are incredibly diverse and Byrne's vocals and lyrics are at their best. The most complete and fulfilling album i've listened to in a long time.

- More!5 star

David and Brian have created a re-birth of songs that has actual melodies and lyrics you can remember, unlike a lot of the sounds today. Being almost 60 years old, and a fan for years, I just hope this signals the beginning and not the end. We need this music so much it hurts.

- Byrne & Eno a great team5 star

I had listened to clips of this album before going to see David Byrne in concert here in Sonoma County last week with luke-warm feelings. After seeing the show, in which David played all of the songs from the album, I went back and re-listened. This music grows on you!! I bought the album, and the more I listen the better it gets! Genius!

- Still Creating...5 star

While most bands or artists from the late 70's / early 80's are cashing in (or trying to) on nostalgia tours and charging a ransom, it's refreshing to see artists like Byrne still creating, still exploring. The music is both timely and timeless. Good stuff.

- well...5 star

Just the fact that this exists is worth five stars.......

- Will be a modern masterpiece of contemporary music....5 star

The beauty of this album is it's ability to be many things, to many people, with various expectations and taste. Those of us that grew up with Brian and Byrne and their peculiarities can appreciate that this release has plenty of richness and substance, but ultimately it is very accessible to the less demanding and uninitiated. After all, just because it's "alternative" doesn't mean the artist would not prefer it reach and be accepted by many. This is one of those rare gems that you'll want to share with anyone willing to listen (to you and the music) so the gospel of these two ultra-talented citizens touch as many as possible. As to how it rates in my collection, it's early but I'm dong all I can to not play this continuously, and give some time to the other 11,000 + files of my library. Also, if you don't have it already, pick up the Eno & John Cale release of 1990, called the "Wrong Way UP" Give me these two titles along with some Miles Davis, some Coltrane and top it off with some Dylan, Knopfler and Ralph Stanley and I'm complete and ready to go deserted island hunting. Good luck and hope you dig it as much as I do.

- Off The Charts Fantastic!!!!!5 star

Everyone, this is a must buy album!!! David is a true musical genius, artist, performer, director, arranger, etc, etc, and more!!!! His work and Brian Eno's is beyond outstanding! Those of us that consider music to be very valuable and enriching, will want to hear all of DB's work over and over and over again. One Fine Day, I can't stop singing it. This album has every element that makes music universal to all. Songs are beautiful, precise, lyrics are inspiring and original, melody grabs you and carries you off to bliss!!! Very tight band. I have seen his work many times, saw 2 shows this past week, (fantasic), and, please, let him come back one more time! Hopefully, DVD of this show will be available, and, that will be a 'must buy". David Byrne astonishingly, amazing and astounding, one more time, all the time, every time! Everything That Happens - MUST BUY! Ok, I like it a lot!

- 4.5 really... terrific album4 star

Finely crafted pop songs that, as another reviewer said, somewhat unexpected. Strang Overtones is kind of a novelty, i much prefer I Feel My Stuff and Everything That Happens.

- great GREAT!!!!!5 star

THIS IS REALLY REALLY good. Im sooo happy i bought this. Its so beautiful. Now this right here is MUSIC!!!!!

- Check out Eno's "Just Another Day On Earth" !4 star

While I agree with Thorn Music Luver regarding "Spinning Away" is one of the all time great recordings (listen with headphones and the lyrics and sound are cosmically moving), this album seems notably weaker in my opinion. However, I am buying the album because I know that Eno (the powerhouse behind the early U2 albums sound) grows on you with repetition. The cut on this album titled "Life Is Long" sounds quite good because Eno sings along.

- Slick but shallow3 star

Slick, but shallow, produced well, but lacking in substance. All right for a light listen. A lot of gentle, swaying melodies that is a sort of recombination of the anthemic and the pop. Made for marketability, in my opinion

- Unexpectedly Great4 star

I heard these two were working on an album and for some reason I thought it would overly Eno-ish experimental. Nope. This baby's got hooks! It travels well across different terrains and moods. Byrne sounds better than ever.

- Strange Overtones5 star

I'm really impressed with this body of work! Being close to 50, I now find myself underwhelmed by almost everything that I hear - it feels like I've heard everything before and there is nothing, recently (outside of Amos Lee's latest) that possesses value...that feels like art to me. Anyway, this record has value to me and, upon reflection. I would have paid $100 for this record! Eno's grooves and Byrne's soulful voice & poignant lyrics are like chocolate and peanut butter: perfectly matched and perfectly balanced! These are two masters are on top of their game! Finally, I believe that Strange Overtones should be a #1 Pop hit. Now, the chances of that happening are slim to none, but how cool would it be to see popular music awakened from its long coma, by the second coming of these musical Messiahs?!

- WHOA...Eleven songs of GENUIS5 star

Brian Eno And John Cale made the number ONE album of all time with WRONG WAY UP which contained the number ONE song of all time with SPINNING AWAY. This CD, after only one listen has jumped to the number TWO cd of all time. Brain Eno is a genuis.


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Coliwoggle - Just fantastic5 star

A co-worker played this for me when I was having a really bad day and it turned everything around. Great vibe on this album and musically it's a masterpiece. It's in top rotation on my iphone and I'll play it whenever I have the blahs.

R&G Kelowna - Simply brilliant...5 star

Another brilliant piece of work by Byrne. I HIGHLY recommend it. It's been in my collection since it was released and still remains a staple in my library. The lyrics provided by David blend flawlessly with the music of Brian Eno, I hope to hear more from this duo in the future... Also check out Hear Lies Love, quickly becoming another staple.

Hasthisnamebeentaken? - Byrning Down the House5 star

This is a beautiful, generous, uplifting, exciting work of Art.

lintie - Full Circle4 star

You can trace the geneological lineage in the tones, melodies and background texture in this record. It may seem like an evolution away from earlier Byrne/Eno collaboarations, but closer attention to the subtle "synthesised orchestration" combined with the unique qualities of Byrnes phrasing shows evidence of what they started many years ago. It is a calmer and more settled sound, it's as though they have both come to terms with the fact that sound can in itself still say something in an ordered way and that making a statement by arranging the psychic of tone and melody are as important as letting sound and notes in themselves take the front seat. Perhaps its no coincidence that the cover is a house or it is a beautiful home. A truly enjoyable listening experience that retains the rhythmic sensibility of Byrne with the symphonic genius of Eno

Pookzilla - Best of 20085 star

This album is absolutely fantastic and is my top pic for 2008. That David doesn't get more mainstream attention continues to baffle me. This collaboration with Brian Eno is beautiful and only gets better with each successive listen.

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Bernie boy1234 - 10 out of ten5 star

David Byrne is right the quieter, more nostalgic stuff is the best, especially "Home" It reminds me of Thailand what with the "little boats at sunset" 'n all ( loi kro) It's so difficult to write a song with that name that isn't mawkish. It deserves to be an anthem. There are immigrants everywhere and it would go down great in karaoke bars if it wasn't for the different languages. I hope there will be more from these two. I like the come back stronger song too, all the best.

trollock08 - every that happens will happen today4 star

great album love all david byrnes music. went to see him this month and was stood a few feet away from him . hope he releases a live album really amazing person 10 out of 10 .

ady7091 - Manchester loves this Album!!5 star

I was lucky enough to see David Byrne play live in UK- Manchester this week –No one else is smarter or clever enough to put such good lyrics and sweet melodies together. I for one would like to support this album. On another note, I’d recommend you all to see this merry artistic band live – As one of his backing singers is very hot (Jenny x I think her name was)

Mairin3 - Cool5 star

Cool...V V Good... And What Makes It Even Better Is That He Is My Mums Cousin!!!!!!!!

lynchy7 - After All These Years5 star

David Byrne may be singing but all I hear is Brian Eno. Its been so long since Eno used his vocals, so many of the tracks on this album take me back to Tiger Mountain and Warm Jets, its just subtle hints in the chorus and the tempo, totally magic. For all you Byrne and Talking Head fans (and that includes myself) give it a go, and maybe give the aforementioned Eno albums a spin its only 35+ years since their release and they still stand up.

10538 - Feel the quality4 star

Warm, uplifting, new and yet familiar. Give yourself bonus points and buy it direct from the artist, get DRM free high quality downloads plus a PDF digital booklet - and cheaper than iTunes!

smahman107 - Stunning.5 star

This is beautiful. Not what I expected, but beautiful nonetheless. Effortless soaring melodies with a perky pop feel. The opener "Home" grabbed me by the heart instantly and feeling has not faded. "One Fine Day" is also superb.

andy marr - pretty good4 star

sure, the album may not hit the quirky heights of some of Byrne's earlier works, or the beautiful symphonies of Eno's older albums, but this is nevertheless a strong collaboration between two musical legends, and contains a number of very good songs. 'Home', 'Everything that Happens', and 'Strange Overtones' are possibly the three highlights. you can pretty much ignore the one star reviews - the fact that they make no useful comment whatsoever gives some indication of how little effort their authors must have placed into listening to the album.

Stamford - Not what you'd expect5 star

Nothing like 'My Life In A Bush Of Ghosts', but excellent all the same. Poppy upbeat melodies. Gorgeous.

bobcharriot - Judge it! yourself!4 star

As a loyal Talking heads fan, this is the first time ive listen to Byrne on his own without the heads, I found this album to be a Great example of byrnes work! I think most of you could judge it for yourself............... If you sat here and read all the reviews on every album you would have a limted knowledge of the great thing Music . "This is why first impressions,are often correct"

Connor52 - Beautiful5 star

This album contains some of the most accomplished songwriting I have ever heard, I think it is more of a David Byrne album though, as his influence dominates. Definately worth buying.

jderry - Best of 2008!5 star

Absolutely fantastic! Standout tracks are Home, Everything that Happens..., Life is Long, Strange Overtones, Wanted for Life and One Fine Day (which is superb) but the whole album is just wonderful. The best thing I have heard in 2008 by some considerable degree.

cooku - Pretty crap... unfortunately2 star

shame old geezers try to make their hobby commercial - shame again

City Horizon - Fantastic!!5 star

Absolutely brilliant!!!! ... of course!

QT The Barrow Boy - My Life in Book of Jokes1 star

very very poor..

mac-addict - PRETTY BAD1 star


se_1981 - Enjoy4 star

Pretty good return to form... Highlights include Life Is Long, One Fine Day, The Lighthouse... and the single Strange Overtones...

BLOB123 - Rubbish1 star

much worse than i thought it was gonna be

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David Byrne & Brian Eno - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today Album Comments

What do you think Everything That Happens Will Happen Today album? Can you share your thoughts and listen experiences with other peoples?

David Byrne & Brian Eno - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today Album Wiki

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is the second album made in collaboration between David Byrne and Brian Eno, released on August 18, 2008, by Todo Mundo. The album explores themes of humanity versus technology and optimism in spite of bleak circumstance through the blending of electronic and gospel music. Critical reception was largely positive and the album received awards for both the musical content as well as the packaging and technical production. This album is the first joint effort between the two musicians since 1981's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and Eno's work producing and co-writing with Talking Heads. Byrne and Eno worked on the tracks in their home studios throughout 2007 and early 2008 and sent digital copies of the recordings to one another over e-mail. The single "Strange Overtones" was released for free to promote the album and Byrne toured through 2008 and 2009, performing songs from this release as well as the duo's previous collaborations. This tour was later documented with the live extended play Everything That Happens Will Happen on This Tour – David Byrne on Tour: Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno and the concert film Ride, Rise, Roar. Everything That Happens Will Happen Today was released with a marketing strategy that involved Byrne creating the vanity label Todo Mundo and hiring Internet startup company Topspin Media to promote the album online using word-of-mouth and Internet sales to market the music. Several formats were created to allow users to have options on how to listen to the music—from free streaming audio to a deluxe package housed in a tin..

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