Awake Live by Josh Groban

Genre Pop
Release 02 May 2008
Price $9.99
Tracks 9
Country USA
9.99 USD

Josh Groban - Awake Live Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Mai (Live) 4:42
2. February Song (Live) 5:11
3. In Her Eyes (Live) 4:55
4. So She Dances (Live) 5:00
5. Un Dia Llegara (Live) 4:27
6. Pearls (Live) 5:54
7. Weeping (Live) 5:34
8. Machine (Live) 5:16
9. Awake (Live) 7:04

Awake Live by Josh Groban Album Reviews

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FOR AN "OPERA BOY" JOSH ROCKS IT!. I was lucky enough to see the "Awake" tour 4 times last year-3 times in August. Josh rocked it every single time! My sister, who was slightly annoyed because all I listened to was Josh Groban, went with me in February and FINALLY understood what the rest of us that had seen him live before had already experienced...and absolutely phenomenal show. He's young, energetic, HILARIOUS and extremely talented. His voice is so pure and so much stronger than on any other previous live cd. "Awake" is the most amazing song and it was written by Josh. "In Her Eyes" is incredible in the fact that Josh is actually walking through the crowd from the back of the arena as he is singing. He doesn't miss a beat and the song sounds fabulous-especially since he was shaking hands and singing to fans the entire way to the front of the stage! If I converted my sister, I can convert you! Buy this will NOT be disappointed!

Oh my JOSH.... He is SO amazing. Just listening reminds me of when I went to see him in concert last March. OMG HE'S SO AWESOME!!!

Awake is missing some good songs. The video has 21 songs why does the CD only have 9? Where is Lucia's rocking violin number? i will not be buying this CD.

Kodak Moment...Brings Back Memories.... Well I went to the Awake concert last March and I was AMAZED! When I heard that they were making a DVD/CD for this concert I was STOKED! I was watching the DVD portion of this set, and it broght back memories. It fit the concert that I went to, infact to a T. Although I did not go to this concert, it was a replica of the one in in NC. So I would HIGHLY recomend this to anyone who did and did not get to go and have this amazing opportunity. To those who have seen it, hopefully it will bring back wonderful memories. To those who were not able to go, you will get the full effect of the concert HANDS DOWN!

love you josh!!. i absolutely love josh groban! he is amazing!!! as a teen who loves rock music, i still cant resist him and his voice! saw him in concert and it is amazing how good he sounds live! just like in his CDs!..almost fainted when he came through the audience and held my hand hitting that high note during "in her eyes!!!!"simply amazing!!!

Awake Live. I didn't even need to listen to it---I was there! WHOA!

Incredible!. Josh Groban puts on the most fantastic shows brimming with fabulous quality and the most accomplished musicians...but where, oh, where, is Lucia and her "Kashmir?"

Un dia llegara. Mr Groban is great, but his live recordings always sound a little nasal. Just for the record, Un dia llegara' is in Spanish.

I was "Awake"!. I attended an "Awake" concert, and was in the second row. The concert blew me away--I did not think that Josh would sound better in person than on his CDs, but, he did! He sounded A LOT BETTER in person in fact. This CD recording does no justice for his amazing voice quality heard live. But, I'll still be buying-- I love to listen to live tracks from Josh--he pours his soul inteo every note, and it's simply fantastic. I can't wait for his next tour! (Thanks Josh!)

I love Josh Groban. I haven't bought this album but I do have the awake album. But I did see Josh in concert twice during his awake tour. And I have to say that it was the best concert I've been too!!! He's soo hot. He puts on one hell of a show. If you love Josh Groban and haven't seen him in concert than you need this album!!! We love you Josh!!!

Absolutely the Best!!!!<3. I have been a huge fan of Josh since his first album. My friends all say that they have never met a fan like me. And although the cd offered here is extrordinary, I would recomend the exclusive on-line edition from his website. The two special edition songs, Lullaby and You are loved, are incredible and the conversation recorded befofe Lullaby about Josh's trip to South Africa are worth the extra money, especialy to a real die hard Grobanite. Josh you ROCK!!!!

I fail to see why the average rating is under five stars.... I honestly believe that Josh Groban is easily one of the best (if not the best) singer discovered since, um, whenever his first album came out. I think it was 2000, but I'm not sure. Anyways, I think that some people who have made critiques about "Oh, it's ok, but it's a little nasaly" or "Oh, he needs to tone down the vibrato" are only saying that to sound like they know something about music. Not that those reviewers know nothing about music, but they are certainly missing something if they think Josh Groban is nasaly. I didn't see as many comments about the vibrato for this CD, which is good, because Josh Groban definitely has no reason whatsoever to tone down the vibrato. His voice is amazing. I mean, so few singers out there can actually sing, and people still criticize this guy? The world must be mad. Thank you. My rant is over.

An even better live record. If you liked Josh's last live recording, Live at the Greek, you'll love this one. If it's possible, his voice has matured even more and sounds incredible at this concert. He's been incredible live all the times I've seen him and this concert is really spectacular. Angelique, Lucia, and the who ensemble are fantastic musicians and performers and I think it can appeal to everyone. I highly recommend this record, as I do his previous releases. If you've never heard him before, just give him a listen. He's at a really great creative place with this and the last studio album. Go ahead, give it a listen!

Amazing!. Love this album! Amazing voice. Went to his concert & his voice is just as amazing in person as it is on his albums!

I lov Josh!!. I love Josh Groban sooooo much!! And I love all of his music!!

A CD YOU DON'T WANNA MISS!. Josh Groban's AWAKE LIVE cd/dvd is really unbelievable. Lucia Micarellis' new solo's songs, are amazing and fun to listen to. Everyone did a great job that night. You need to buy it. Its my new favorite concert. of his.

W0W. i must say that in all my 15 years of living, have i ever heard an angelic voice quite like this. josh you deserve so much and more! i love your music. keep on singing :D

tears of joy. Josh Groban is amazing! First time I heard him sang i cried. It was that good

Good. I saw this concert back in March '07. It was FLAWLESS. This one isn't too bad, but you can tell he's sick and he's struggling; especially with "Mai" and (if you bought the dvd) "You Are Loved." The rest is good though

never ceases to amaze. in my opinion, Josh Groban is one of the greatest vocalists of today's world. even live, he's amazing. I like his version of "machine" the best; if you have his album already, though, buying this one won't do you much good.

One of the best vocalists of our time!!!. Josh is amazing live! I think he's better live than on recordings! He never ceases to amaze! The duet he does with Angelique(sp?) is incredible! You must download it! I hope Josh continues to bless us with his voice and music!

Duh!. Of course Awake Live is AMAZING!!! We can expect nothing less from Josh! I just wish iTunes offered the actual concert as a download as well.

I was there!!!. On August 28, 2007 I went to this concert for my first one ever! I was on the left four rows from the platform. I was amazed at how funny, bright and breathless the whole show was. When Angelique Kidjo opened for him, I was already pumped up; I was also suprised to know that Pearls is a Sade cover! (I think I like Josh and Angelique's better...) This is highly recommended for any fan, because his game is soaring in this concert. I was so glad I could go and see myself on the DVD. Go buy it and sing along with Josh Groban.

Amazing.... What's there to say about Josh that hasn't already been said? He's an amazing talent all around. Weeping is definatly my favorite song on this cd. I think, out of his three live albums, this one is by far the best! Keep them coming J. Gro!!

amazing!!. i had the luck of going to his concert!!! i bought all of these songs without previewing them!!!! personally i like true artists' tracks when they are live rather when they are studio recorded. they are more raw and well made!

Indredible!. One of the few artists that can perform live without lipsynking! Amazing.

Worth more than money.... Josh opened the show with You Are Loved (Don't Give Up), which was totally fitting. I got to see the show with my only child, James. He was a huge fan, could sing right along with every song since the first album came out. At the time, he was battling cancer, losing his fight in Sep 2007, but with Josh's voice, he will live forever. This man is a brilliant performer and has been given such a gift. His live performance is outstanding.

DON'T BUY IT HERE!. iTunes is great don't get me wrong....but when they pull this partial album c**p I swear it's so irritating! JOSH GROBAN is THE male vocalist of our generation. He's the new Andrea Bocelli. For those of you who have no clue who that is...CLUE IN. it's real music..... you should know it. JOSH GROBAN, in addition to be amazing on an OUSTANDING performer.....these songs are great....and he's one artist out there who can actually sing. Unlike Fergie, Justin, Rihanna, and all the others who have okay voices don't get me wrong....this guys is superior. DO NOT BUY THIS HERE. buy the entire CD/DVD combo back. You get these 9 songs, 3 bonus songs, and then a live DVD that's about 2 hrs long, and loaded with extras from behind the scenes of Josh's stunning concert....DON'T MISS THIS ALBUM.

Amazing again!!!. I saw Josh in concert last year and he was amazing! This cd captures all the magic that Josh gives to his audience in the concert.

Josh Groban is soooooo amazing!!!. Josh Groban has the most amazing voice I have ever heard! His voice is incredible and I love all his music! =] Great CD!!

The Best. Josh Groban rocked it out in Phoenix when I was there and he did the same in Salt Lake. He is one of the most talented singers live and in studio. Love it!

just amazing. I attended Josh's concert last summer and it was AMAZING! He is such a great singer and performer. Really caught the audience's, and my, eyes. I hope I will be able to see him again in concert soon!!

Engagement!!. I am going to marry Josh Groban... he is amazing!!

*Words can't describe how amazing this album is*. Josh never fails to deliver an excellent album or concert. Not only is he an amazing vocalist but an amazing person. I've had the priviledge of meeting Josh and he has an amazing mission to do whatever he can to put an end to suffering in this world. Show your support for him, and enjoy the music this amazing man has released.

Amazing!. Need I say more. Josh never fails... even live. I got to see him durning the Awake tour and let me say... I can't wait for the next tour. It was a great performance!

Josh Groban is a wonderful entertainer!!!!. I was at this concert, and I have to say that I found Josh Groban to be a fantastic entertainer. I'm a fan of his anyway, and he sounds as impressive in person as he does on his studio recordings. In addition, he has a wonderful sense of humor. He obviously enjoys performing and wants his audience to enjoy it too. This album is a wonderful taste of what it is like to experience his concert live. To get the 'full effect' the DVD really is a must, if you can get it. It is delightfully entertaining.

Just as good as the real thing. This cd does make you feel like you are at the concert. It is just as good and just as powerful. Josh has the most spectacular voice and everyone who is a fan or has even heard of his music should buy it. TRUST ME, YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Awake Alive. This Album is just awesome. I play it over and over again. I love his voice and his music and band. Thanks Josh!

Made me Cry!. I cannot express how much he makes me happy. Josh's music has helped me through the good and the bad times, and he is so good to his fans. Watching Josh perform his songs on video...actually made tears form in my eyes. Josh, wherever you may be, thank you so so so much for sharing your time and talent with us. This CD made my day!!!! This is perfect for any Grobanite collection!

Great but worth buying hard copy (dvd included). I am thrilled to see yet another GREAT concert album come out for Josh Groban. What I'm disappointed in is the fact that iTunes does not give you the option of the video footage of his concerts. I've bought this and his first "in concert" cd off iTunes. Then I got his "live at the Greek" as a gift. I noticed that all his hard copy live albums come with a dvd of his performance. I feel jipped. Yes the iTunes price is better but I'm missing the video!!!! iTunes should have the dvd (video) component of these cds available for purchase as well. Otherwise, the customers are severly missing out.

I don’t like your voice. It’s just terrible 👎🏻 but, it is my opinion.

the best song is missing...... i love josh and i love his performance of "awake" on here, but the best song "you are loved, don't give up" was not put on the cd. it is only on the dvd. i have been waiting for months for this to come out only to be sorely disappointed.

Best Singer on EARTH!!!!!!!!!. In my opinion, Josh is the most talented artist! I don't understand why people listen to the new teeny bopper crap that's out these days!!! I'm 17, and Josh's music is practicaly all I listen to. Unfortunately, my friends don't agree with my taste...... but who cares! Love ya Josh!!!! You rock!!!!!!! :)

AMAZING!!. The whole album shows of his vocals, and all of the songs are great to listen to for any occasion!!!! Mai: Definitely his style, shows off his vocals amazingly, though not in englsih 4/5 February Song: soft, nice, relaxing, love that high note 5/5!!!! In Her eyes: kind of 'rockish' for him, don't really like the screaming fans in the back, but still, great vocals, 3/5 So She Dances: Kind of country i guess, but still nice, not the best song, but definitely better than In Her Eyes, nice, kind of christmasy Un Dai Llegara: again, wats with the foreign language songs?, i guess I like them

WOW!. Buy the CD/DVD set if you can! Not only is Josh Groban an amazing singer and entertainer, but his band is extraordinary too! This CD/DVD is a mix of classical pop singing and rock concert! It's amazing! Dont think twice about buying it! I promise you will not regret it!

amazin. he is a amazin the best singer i heard i love his voice so much. it waz amazin to see him live.

Even Better Than Live At The Greek!. A stunningly beautiful concert! Brings back all the memories of when I got to see him live. Josh and Co. perform at the top of their game and put on a wonderful show. The sound quality is excellent this time around and you won't be disappointed. A must for any Grobie fan! I also highly recommend the DVD which has the entire concert (more tracks from past albums such as: Remember When It Rained, Alla Luca Del Sol, You Raise Me Up, and You Are Loved (Don't Give Up.) It also features violinist Lucia Micarelli who never disappoints. I'd give it 10 stars if I could!

I love me some Josh. Seriously, he's the best. If you only want to download one song and you're not familiar with Josh, I suggest "Mai." It's not in English, but his voice will blow you away!

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