The Girl You Lost to Cocaine (Remixes) by Sia

Genre Dance
Release 06 May 2008
Price $5.99
Tracks 8
Country USA
5.99 USD

Sia - The Girl You Lost to Cocaine (Remixes) Album Songs

The Girl You Lost to Cocaine (Remixes) by Sia Album Reviews

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Judging the Song on its Title?. If you actually listened to the song, either the original or any of these fine remixes, you'd figure out that this song is incredibly beautiful and powerful. It's not about doing blow, idiots.

Funky. The remixes made me dance around all the streets it's incredible!

Yay for dancing to Sia!. I prefer mellower Sia, but I do like these. I wouldn't suggest listening to the album as a whole, but interspersing the songs throughout your playlists. It is, after all, the same song, and eventhough it is remixed in different ways it can get old. Most all of Sia's songs are worth buying. Love her, love her, love her! Ignore the idgets who haven't listened to any of the songs and decided to rate the songs anyway.

I LOVE THIS SONG!. the sander van doorn remix (number 5) is the best! addictive beat!

Sia at any speed is okay by me.. Having seen Sia in concert this year, I'm delighted to see her work getting the mix treat, if only so I can listen to her sing while working out. She's a real talent. I like the Mark Picchiotti Mix best for my exercise purposes.

Excellent Remixes!. The "Mark Picchiotti Remix" is the best mix of all!!! The Stonebridge ranks a close 2nd. Great remix efforts!

Best Remix of the Year. This was a good song before it was remixed, but the Stonebridge version brings it to a new level. Speeding up the vocal and adding the harder beat makes it an unbeatable dance or workout song. You can't help but get up and jump around the room when this song comes on. I would highly recommend the Stonebridge edit. At 3:09, this version cuts out all the fat and keeps everything needed for a pure danceable winner.

Amazing Lyrics / Unique Voice. Love how unique Sia's voice sounds. The lyrics truly drive the emotion in this song. Mike Andrews Dante's Cove Remix I T U N E S

yay!. love sia... love love love this song! :) so yay for remixes!

liked. liked

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The Girl You Lost to Cocaine (Remixes) (Sia Album) Comments

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