Home for Christmas by *NSYNC

Genre Christmas: Pop
Release 30 October 1998
Price $9.99
Tracks 14
Country USA
9.99 USD

*NSYNC - Home for Christmas Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Home For Christmas 4:29
2. Under My Tree 4:34
3. I Never Knew The Meaning Of Christm... 4:47
4. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays 4:15
5. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roast... 3:15
6. I Guess It's Christmas Time 3:53
7. All I Want Is You (This Christmas) 3:45
8. The First Noel 3:30
9. In Love On Christmas 4:08
10. It's Christmas 4:30
11. O Holy Night (A Cappella) 3:35
12. Love's In Our Hearts On Christmas D... 3:56
13. The Only Gift 3:53
14. Kiss Me At Midnight 3:31

Home for Christmas by *NSYNC Album Reviews

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Loooove!!. Loooove this album!!!!!!!

Best Modern Christmas Album. I love the old school Christmas songs (Burl Ives, anyone) and of course good ol' Charlie Brown. But the best modern Christmas CD, hands down, is this one. I may play it year round (though you won't hear me say that in person) and my four year old constantly asks for the song by "those boys." Come on back, 'Nsync!

Maybe my favorite Christmas CD.. My cousins and I listened to this cd constantly it is so good such a great original album that deserves some awards for being so fantastic. I love all of it very song and my favorite song is Loves In Our Hearts On Christmas Day.

💤. corny af

Perfect Christmas Album. This is a great album to get in the mood for Christmas. So many wonderful songs, but Under My Tree is definitely a favorite!

Best Christmas CD ever made. I'm usually a fan of just the traditional Christmas songs and not original ones that artists invent but this CD is amazing and contains a lot of original NSYNC Christmas songs that are unique and amazing. Worth every penny.

Oh yeah!. I have loved this Christmas album since it came out! I was a huge N Sync fan! I look forward to Christmas all year long just so I can bust this out on my friends!

Christmas Favorite. I've had this CD since it first came out (1998?), and I have been listening to it every Christmas since. The music is beautiful and it really makes you think about the spirit of Christmas. This will always play at Christmas time :)

Samuel. Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie Samuel maffie

My favorite Christmas album. Yo NSYNC had me in my feelings listening to this album I love this album so much

A Surprising Christmas Classic. I would never think that an N Sync Christmas album would be any good, but it's surprisingly one of my favorites I play on heavy rotation year after year. They are effervescent, the original tunes are a nice change of pace, and I like that all five guys are featured. Give it a shot--you may be pleasantly surprised.

Didn’t download all the songs. I bought this it charged me and it wouldn’t even let me download all the songs I want a refund !!!!!

THE BEST. This is absolutely the best Christmas cd ever!!!!!! Sorry Mariah......but it's true!!!!!! I have listened to this cd every Christmas since it came out and I wouldn't be able to get into the Christmas spirit without!!!!!!!

You Need This!!!!!!. This is a great album, time has not changed the awesomeness of it. Got to purchase from iTunes even if you still have the CD!!!!

Still my most favorite Christmas album. The music is SO good! I still listen to it every Christmas season. It’s a mix of covers and originals and you can truly appreciate the fact that they are a 5-part harmony with talent to match 💕& I’ll forever hope for their return lol

NSYNC-i-LIOUS. Best christmas ablum yet puts me in a mood to have fireplace and hot cocoa and listen to nsync right into my living room. Brings me back memories

Favorite Christmas Album EVER. I've loved this album for years. I'm 33, and it's still my favorite. Year after year. A must have for all late 90's/Early 00's boy-banders!

merry christmas, o holy night. This cd is wonderful, it puts me in the christmas spirit as soon as the first note is played. Great Job NSYNC.

Best Christmas Album!. So much fun to sing to and original! Reminds you how much fun N'SYNC was

classic 90's. They don't write music like this anymore...sigh...also, while I was reading the reviews, I noticed that the most critical one said that it was missing a song. Wow, no one who reviewed this hates this album! AND no one gave it leass than 4 stars!

Best Christmas Album Ever!!. I can listen to this album all year long! I loved it from the moment I first heard it over 10 years ago! I listen to while decorating the house, wrapping presents, baking cookies... And when family is over! It really puts you in the Christmas mood!

Santa Likes to Watch. Buy this, if for no other reason than "Under My Tree". A touching love song about two people becoming one and their wish that Santa was there to witness it all. Amazing is understatement.

Nsync. Katiekress

MEMORIES!!. Memories!! That's all I have to say!! Oh, the Memories!

LOVE it!. Loved it since high school - a Christmas classic!

Good voices, no real yule tide feeling. These guys have great voices. They just package it in crap and empty pop noise. On most songs, you just don't feel any emotion. Most are just flat and empty pop pre-packaged functions of profitibility. Many songs seem phoned in. Their vocals are actually good, though, when they drop all the shallow pretense. For instance, Oh Holy Night is pretty good as it's just their vocals. There's some semblance of a soul there. Aside from three songs, i don't want most of this music to affect my holidays.

20 years. 20 years later and it’s still amazing

The best!. I think we can all agree this is the greatest Xmas album there ever was lol

BEST CHRISTMAS ALBUM!. Since THEE day this came out it has been my favorite Christmas album ever. I played the first one I got so much my parents had to buy me a second one! Lol! Even 12 years later it's still the best. It will always have a special place in my heart! <3

Favorite Christmas album. Yeah, it has its fair share of corny boy band songs, but I don't think I have ever heard a better version of O Holy Night and I don't think I ever will. It gives me goosebumps every time.

Still. Slaying

This is christmas!. A truly unique album, and so fun!

Good!!. Every single song!

2013. Still best christmas album

Nsync Fan. I love this album at this time of the year☺️

Never gets old. Love me some N'Sync at Christmas ( this is a secret love mind you) but a serious love none the less

Best Christmas CD. Brings me back to being 12 and belting this out with my friends. I still do this every year! I miss *NSYNC!

Love it!. Best Christmas album ever! I break this out every Christmas. It makes me sentimental to hear these songs, brings back so many memories. I will always love Nsync and especially Justin!

EVERYTHING. This is one of the greatest Christmas albums of all time. I don't understand how it isn't more popular! It's difficult to make new Christmas songs, but "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" and "Kiss Me at Midnight" are so refreshing. Also, not to be skipped is their riveting rendition of "O Holy Night." It's like a little angel with a bleach blonde-tipped fro and his friends are sitting on your shoulder singing into your ear. *NSYNC for the win, y'all **It's September and "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" just came on my shuffle, but I didn't even skip it BECAUSE IT'S THAT GOOD.

👍🏽. Such an in comic group . Hope they come back

Wow! Definitely had a flashback!. Uhhh clearly they need to get back together! Everybody's thinking it!

Tradition!. Every year I play "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays." It's been a tradition for years! :)

I love this album. Good old memories this album is still a classic need to bring it back deff gonna get this to bump in my car alone =)

Love this album. I love this album for the fact n*sync was great and my dad wrote track # 6 I know it's not a hit but proud of my dad either way.

❤️. ❤️

Awesome!. Awesome original songs and classic Christmas songs! I love the a capella version of O Holy Night. I miss Nsync!

Best Christmas album of all time!. Since release as a kid, this has been my go-to every year and even all year-round!

under my treee. i love this song i hear it all the time @ work lol!!!!!

Fantastic!!!. This album is just as amazing as I remembered as a little girl! Definitely puts me in the Christmas spirit!

Best Christmas album ever. Nsync does the prettiest version of O Holy Night I've ever heard.

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Nsync = Nstink. Who could think this is good music only dime smugglers would like this

Common, it’s NSYNC!. Grew up with these beautiful voices! Brings me back to my teenage Christmas years :)

Love it!. I can't wait for Christmas, just so I can play this CD. I love their Christmas songs and their A Capella version of O Holy Night is simply delicious!

Sure. Sure, they might kind of stink. But hey, this song is stuck in my head 24\7 even on days that are far away from christmas… Buy it, at least you can kind of dance to it…and it is good. and i just noticed something, my comment and the previous comment were written on November 23. ahaha anyway buy it.

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