When My Heart Finds Christmas by Harry Connick, Jr.

Genre Holiday
Release 26 October 1993
Price $9.99
Tracks 14
Country USA
9.99 USD

Harry Connick, Jr. - When My Heart Finds Christmas Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Sleigh Ride 3:40
2. When My Heart Finds Christmas 4:30
3. (It Must've Been Ol') Santa Claus 4:36
4. The Blessed Dawn Of Christmas Day 4:38
5. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Sn... 2:32
6. The Little Drummer Boy 3:38
7. Ave Maria 4:32
8. Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers 3:25
9. What Child Is This? 3:08
10. Christmas Dreaming 2:38
11. I Pray On Christmas 3:46
12. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer 2:30
13. O Holy Night 6:43
14. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? 4:49

When My Heart Finds Christmas by Harry Connick, Jr. Album Reviews

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It is my favorite!!!. I love this cd I lost mine during travel and I am buying it for my ipod so I can take Christmas with me across the hemispheres. I can not have Christmas without it. I love it is is fun, silly, and romantic. It makes the holiday season all it should be filling in the many missing pieces bridging the bits lost in the cultural exchanges. This one is the gold standard for me -- keep it coming, Mr. Connick. You don't get much snow in the S. Hemisphere, but it makes me feel I am in the midwest USA surrounded by family with a tree and all the trimmings when I am not at all. I close my eyes and I am there again...at home...it means a lot to an expat far from home on the holidays to feel it via the music which evokes great emotion and nostalgia. Thank you for the gift of music. "I pray at Christmas is my favorite" as I spend time with many refugee families. It makes my heart swell with joy, that someday things will be better in the world. It gives me hope. Music is a powerful tool and means so much -- may seem silly to many, but when you are in such circumstances the smallest things of home are amazingly comforting during the holiday when you know those that are much less fortunate.

Top 5 Christmas albums ever. Put this up there with Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby and Anne Murray for greatest Christmas albums.

Nostalgia. This album has been a part of my Christmas tradition for all my 14 years, some of my earliest memories are of the songs on this album. All of it's great, my personal favorite is "I Pray On Christmas", but everyone's different I guess

great CD. Ever since I was a little boy, most christmas' my family listens to this album plus many others, but this is always the favorite cd during christmas.. Great CD

In My Top Three Christmas Albums. This CD has everything you could want, upbeat fun songs, great classics, and some fun originals. It is in my three Christmas album must listens every year (Bing Crosby and Charlie Brown Christmas). His next two follow ups never measured up to this amazing gem.

So great!. I have listened to this CD every Christmas for the last 14 years, and it never fails to get me in the holiday spirit. Each song is so beautifully sung by Connick - it's a holiday classic!

Harry's best!. This is one of the best Christmas albums I have ever owned. I've been listening to it for years, and I never grow tired of it. The renditions of these timeless classics are wonderful, and new songs such as "When My Heart Finds Christmas" and "What Are You Doing New Years' Eve?" will always be remembered (at least by me and my family!). Certainly, in my opinion, Harry's best Christmas album!

A terrific Christmas album. I love Christmas music--I have a Christmas music library approaching 1000 songs. And this album is a true classic. I tend to think that most of the new Christmas music that comes out each year is forgettable and immediately forgotten. Not this album. Every song is well done, and this album has been in my regular rotation for years alongside the Boston Pops Christmas Festival album, Bing Crosby's Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown Christmas, and Sinatra's Christmas album. My favorite songs are the title song, O Holy Night, Christmas Dreaming, Let it Snow, What are you Doing New Years Eve.

This is the best Christmas CD Ever!. It's just not Christmas without listening to this CD. I've been playing this CD for my kids since they were babies and now they ask to listen to it all the time!

Amazing. This album is my favorite Christmas album ever.

Most romantic Christmas album!. This is without a doubt the most romantic Christmas album I've ever heard, I've had it since it was first released. Perfect for cuddling by the fire or in the background while decorating the tree.

Best Christmas Album Hands Down!. My wife and I owned this CD years ago, played it countless times, and enjoyed every bit of it. Unfortunately, we misplaced it after 4 different moves in 10 years...now I just bought it again via i-Tunes! Jazz is not my cup of tea, and Christmas music in general is not at the top of my list, but this album has something unique. Don't buy a song or two, my friends---do yourself a favor and invest in the whole enchilada.

LOVE IT!. My family always listens to this every christmas! I wish that he and John Legend would do a duet of some sort. Their voices are so alike. A song with the both of them would sound very pretty. Click yes if you agree.

Christmas wouldn't be the same. When I think of christmas I think of baking cookies with my mom and sister and listening to my mom's old christmas RECORDS, but when this album came out, we changed our tradition and put a CD player in the kitchen and played this album over and over while making dozens upon dozens of cookies. I used to dance in high school and even did a tap routine to Sleigh Ride. I still can't help but do a few steps when I listen to it.

These were the songs from his Christmas show.. Back on Dec. 24th, 1993 I watched the Harry Connick Christmas Show, while drinking a few cold beers, and it was awesome! I still have it on VCR tape and watch it each season, as it reminds me of better days. It has become a yearly tradition. The best tune is Harry's version of Sleigh Ride with his "Cmon Horssie!' That still cracks us up, as it did that night! :)

random. Love this CD! Been listening to it since it's release in '93 . . . takes me back to when my family would go christmas tree shopping and decorate the tree.

It's just not Christmas without this in the stereo.... This one is one of my family's favorite Christmas albums. The kids ask for it every year. It just isn't Christmas without Harry on the stereo...buy this one...you won't regret it!

Holiday Classic of Holiday Classics. I don't know what kind of Grinchy flu must have infected the offiicial reviewer's heart or mind when he wrote that this album would be of little interest to jazz listeners—unless he expected puritan jazz listeners to be musical Grinches like he somehow was. This album has been the staple of our Christmas celebration for years, the creation of one of the few recognizable musical geniuses of our modern era. "Forgettable" much more aptly applies to the original review than to Connick's Christmas masterpiece!

I have to agree. This really is a very nice Holiday album. As you listen through the songs, you'll notice a very balanced feel between the slow and moving Christmas songs (Ave Maria, What Child Is This & O Holy NIght, and the upbeat, faster-paced songs (Sleigh Ride and Christmas Dreaming). I recommend the purchase. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars - I'd prefer all slow songs for a Christmas album.

holiday essential!. has been played every holiday season since my sisters & i were little girls... we love it!

love it. Best holiday CD ever mix of classic xmas and new xmas

Oh Harry.... I can skip the standards having been dangerously over-exposed through the years. But "(It Must've Been Ol') Santa Claus" breathes new life into the genre capturing the playful fun of Christmas from a kid's perspective. And Harry's interpretation makes it totally irresistable.

im not bored senseless this time!!!!. I am the first to write this review and will probably be the only one to write one... I personally love this album because it gives me that christmas feeling at any time of the year. GO HARRY!!!!

Christmas isn't the same without it. I've had this CD since it was first produced. Last year my son broke it. We couldn't put up the tree this year without hearing about Ol' Santa Claus and the wooden soldiers on parade. It truly is that good!

Ultimate Christmas CD!. With all due respect to Bing, Frank & the rest of the Rat Pack who came out with all those classic christmas arrangements, Harry's compilation is hands down the swingingest Christmas CD ever! The arrangments are classic & truly original ranging from the classic Ave Maria (sung in Latin), to the use of the Contra Bass Saxophone in the March of the Wooden Soldiers, to the NOLA style stomp where the band yells back at Harry on "It Must HAve Been Ole Santa Claus". I dare....no, defy anyone to NOT stomp their feet to this CD. I have let half a dozen friends borrow this CD at some point, they all loved it so much that I gifted them the album as a Christmas gift from iTunes. Download the CD, listen to it, thank me later. You welcome. :-)

I love this Christmas CD. I own quite a few Christmas CD's from various artisits, and this one is probably my favorite. I love the song (It must've been Ol') Santa Claus and what are you doing New Year's Eve

this is xmas. I'd already been a fan of Harry's when this CD came out, but this holiday album knocked me for a loop. It has since become THE music of choice for my wife and myself from Nov. 30 thru Jan. 1, as it is the ideal music to deck the halls and celebrate and the holidays with. Harry's version of "Little Drummer Boy" stands right there with Harry Simeone's original, and Miracle Legion's cover, as the premier versions. Happy Xmas!

My family's favorite Christmas cd. My whole family loves it. My kids even asked for copies when they went to college!

Feels Like Christmas. My family and I have listened listened to this album every year since I was like 3 years old and it honestly doesn't feel like Christmas until I hear this album! His voice is amazing and they way he interprets these songs is perfect :) Now that I'm in college, listening to this song just makes me feel like I'm home and gives me the warm feeling I had growing up. Makes me feel 8 again!

Awsome CD!. I've been listening to this album since I was a kid! And it's still as good as when I heard it first!!

A Classic. I have a huge collection of Christmas music and I find myself playing this one over and over. I think it is a classic.

this CD is christmas. christmas is just not christmas without this cd. PLEASE add it to your collection today!

it just ain't Christmas without this collection!. it just ain't Christmas until this soulful jazzy Connick Jr compilation has seen its first rotation of the season! i've owned this one since its release in 1993, and it will forever be my favorite holiday collection of tunes!

I LOVE IT!!!. This CD really is my favorite Christmas CD. It really is upbeat and super crazy jazzy and fun and gets me into the spirit every Christmas!!!!!

Christmas' Best. This album is my all time fav!! A must in your collection...

Christmas Favorite. My mom and I have listened to this every Christmas. We love the quirky upbeat mix of this CD.

Best Christmas CD!. My family listens to this CD every Christmas...ever since I was little! Always reminds me of good times. Love it!

Connick's Christmas. This album may sound great but it has to have been "fixed in the mix." I saw Connick on two live TV talk shows during the 2008 Christmas season - singing to promote this CD - and he was so horribly off key I could not bear it. All over the place. Now Sinatra (whom he emulates) hit a bad note once in a while, but live Connick is horrendous.

One of my all time favorite holiday albums. Bought my first copy back in 95 while I was in high school, and till this day it is still one of my all time favorite holiday albums!!!!!

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Best Christmas Album EVER. Love this whole album...

Un album merveilleux. Je l'ai depuis plusieurs années, et il embellit mes Noëls. Un must.

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