Last Christmas - Single by Wham!

Genre Holiday
Release 29 November 1988
Price $1.99
Tracks 3
Country USA
1.99 USD

Wham! - Last Christmas - Single Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Last Christmas (Single Version) 4:22
2. Last Christmas (Pudding Mix) 6:38
3. Everything She Wants 5:28

Last Christmas - Single by Wham! Album Reviews

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This is one heck of a song. Definitely one of the best Christmas song in modern history

just great!. love this song- just great

*gag*. This is the worst christmas song ever written.

Last Christmas. I love this song a lot

Look how amazing this is. Ahhh

Not George Michael. I’m listening to previously purchased video and single...this is no longer George Michaels...the lyrics were switched with someone else....I need a refund for both purchases I have enjoyed for years but these are not the originals that I purchased.

Beautiful. Can't believe we lost George Michael today on this very Christmas. Rest in peace.

NO ONE CAN BEAT THEM!!. Taylor swift ruins the song! Ya’ll Rock! Love Last Christmas

Yes!!!. Beat taylor swift. taylor ruined last christmas But the original is ALWAYS better

Somebody tell me..... Why you are gone too soon??? i will always love your music and this song is one of my favorite of all.

Beautiful song. Nice song

Under rated. Andrew Ridgeley was the second most talented member of this group. A shame about George passing away. He was a huge talent. "Praying for Time" is one of the greatest.

Fave😍. All time favorite Christmas song... rip George Michael 💔 Christmas 2017 won't be the same

Classic. Best Christmas song ever! There’s no other voice like George Michael!

Good song 🎄 ♥️ 🌟. I love this song, it is my second favorite Christmas song after the one written by John Lennon and his wife. To one of the reviewers, puhpuhpuhpokerface, many covers don’t meant the artist is bad. Many covers mean that people like the artist and that they want to try to sing like the artist. Btw, that isn’t good evidence. Last Christmas has been a song to be known ever since it came out. Rip George, to the lead singer of one of the most known 80’s pop group duos out there, Merry Christmas. (Idc if it’s not Christmas yet, but this year has been bad for all of us, so let’s enjoy all the Christmas spirit we can and share it however possible)

🙌🏼. 🙌🏼

GOOOOO. i absolutely hate christmas music and i LOVEEEEE this song. amazing. 🖤

RIP. Buying this for you George! I never really knew your work, but I was listening to this before you passed and I love it! Have peace wherever you are :) 💕✨

Greatest holiday single ever!. Can’t ever get enough of this classic!

A classic!. Who doesn't love Last Christmas? A song that has stood the test of time. (P.S. - The Version of Everything She Wants included is the 7" Remix.)

I’m conflicted.... On the one hand, this gave us Everything She Wants, my favorite Wham! song of all time. ...On the other hand, this contains Last Christmas, which isn’t a bad song, but it completely stole Everything She Wants’ thunder with it being released right around the holidays.


Classic🎤. I was 4 yrs old when this song 😊came out and💗 I love it like it was just RELEASED YESTERDAY💋🎼!!!! #classic

Favorite XMas Song. Great

Fave Christmas Song. This is my favorite Christmas song, the original by Wham, not the Taylor Swift version. I love using it as my ringtone during the holidays🎄

Awesome song!. Best song anytime of year. Those two where awesome together. Reunion?

A Solid Argument For A Zero Stars Rating. Need proof that this is the worst christmas song ever? Here's a list of the "artists" who have covered it: Taylor Swift, Ashley Tisdale, Cascada, Joe Mcelderry (who chose a Miley Cyrus song as his winner's single after he won The X Factor), and Crazy Frog.

After the holidays. I listen to this song during Christmas and even after because it's that good :)

Christmas song??. To me this is not a Christmas song. It’s a goofy little pop song by a bubble gum duet. Not even a good one either.

Great. Last Christmas is one of, if not the greatest Christmas song of all time

Rip George. Love this song cant believe he’s gone

Classics. Can’t get any better than this 🎄🎶

It's not Christmas without this Wham! hit!. Last Christmas is incredible song, with plenty of heart and a catchy beat! It's definitely a must-listen-to around Christmastime, for it blends pop-y rhythms with beautiful lyrics. Without a doubt, no one can sing this song except for the wonderful George Michael!

total classic!. this is my all time fave christmas song ever!

Great Christmas Song. George Michaels is a Great Singer and This is the Real George Michaels.

Not only ‘Last Christmas’, but the ORIGINAL single edit of ‘Everything She Wants’...YAY!!!. Thank you for including the original single remix of ‘Everything She Wants’ with the ‘Last Christmas release. Both songs were on the original 45 release of ‘Everything She Wants’ (which in itself was worth the buy. The single version of ‘Everything She Wants’ is mixed slightly different than the one that appeared on ‘Make It Big’ and was the version that was played on radio when it was a current hit.

Last Christmas. My fav Christmas song of all time! R.I.P. George Michael. You'll be dearly missed

OMG THIS IS AMAZING. Wow... This is so good!!!! This is one of my favorite Christmas classics. Great job boys keep it up!!

amazing christmas song. i think that this one of the best christmas song EVER when i first heard this in mall i just couldnt stop singing it lol

Last Christmas. It’s by far my all time favorite Christmas song.

LAST CHRISTMAS=BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER. I love this song!!!! The only Christmas song I love!!!!

George Michael is amazing. He is so great

Jfndn. I’m singing this for choir so excited, I wuv this song ahh otay

nice. this one is the best...... when i hear the taylor swift version it makes me want to blow up the radio

My fav!. RIP George. I will never forget this song. Such an irony you left us on Christmas Day!

Great. beautiful song

Best Xmas Song Ever!!. I literally start playing Last Christmas in August each year and I’m not even ashamed. Best xmas pop song ever!!!

Good. Who else lost the challenge to this song

A true Xmas classic…. By a true legendary singer w a golden voice unlike the wannabe singer Taylor Swift who butchered it…

AMAZING!!!!. This is by far one the best songs for the holidays

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All about X'mas. Merry Christmas, wherever you are.


Classic song. this is a great holiday song. Very original. Gotta love the 80's

Happy holidays!. Miss you heaps George!

NEILB. Get this to number 1 2017 classic christmas

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