Eagles Live by Eagles

Genre Rock
Release 07 November 1980
Price $10.99
Tracks 15
Country USA
10.99 USD

Eagles - Eagles Live Album Songs

No Song Title Time
D1-1 Hotel California (Live) 7:00
D1-2 Heartache Tonight (Live) 4:33
D1-3 I Can't Tell You Why (Live) 5:17
D1-4 The Long Run (Live) 5:51
D1-5 New Kid In Town (Live) 5:53
D1-6 Life's Been Good (Live) 8:56
D2-1 Seven Bridges Road (Live) 3:04
D2-2 Wasted Time (Live) 5:21
D2-3 Take It To The Limit (Live) 5:14
D2-4 Doolin-Dalton (Reprise II) [Live] 0:41
D2-5 Desperado (Live) 3:57
D2-6 Saturday Night (Live) 3:47
D2-7 All Night Long (Live) 5:34
D2-8 Life In The Fast Lane (Live) 5:09
D2-9 Take It Easy (Live) 5:16

Eagles Live by Eagles Album Reviews

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this is the best song i have ever heard. i wish the whole world liked it it is totally BA my friend does not like it so he is dumb and a loser

All night long is a clear rip off. Joe Walsh is a hack he steals riffs the riff for all night long was stolen from Ricky Nelson a song called waitin in school. The Eagles should be ashamed for using a stolen song I have no respect for any artist who steals.

whats wrong with this?. lifes been good is by Joe Walsh, get it right good album though

I was here. Well, If you remember 1980 (y'know, Charlie's Angels, Swansons TV Dinners, etc), then this album keeps you happy! I remember way back when the 'Eagles' were the top concert/record--band! Peas>AC

Eagles Live. this is almost beyond the eagles

Spirited. Don Felders intro set,s the tone for Hotel California Felder doesn't get enough credit for his contribution in this band. Very good album

Eagles Live. These guys get better every year. Awesome album.

Eagles live. I would rank this as one of the best live albums ever done. You will not be disappointed, guaranteed.One of only a few groups that can make a live album sound like a studio album. Take it to the limit is a classic, and there will only be one person that will ever be able to sing that, and that's Randy Meisner. Imagine what it was like to try and follow that type of performance almost every night. All the others (Glen,Don,Joe,Timothy B.) are all masters at their musical talent. Just buy it!!!!!

THE Best Live Eagles Album. This is the band, still intact... before hell freezes over

yesssss. this long wait is finally over for the eagles.life in the fast lane is the best man

Please Read This...Apple AND Apple Customers. Eagles are great period, but why isnt HELL FREEZES OVER ON FREAKING I TUNES, BIGGEST MISTAKE I TUNES HAS MADE YET AND THIS UPSETS ME WHO AGREES!!!!!!????

Wonderful Musical Experience. Hearing the Eagles live is like observing falling rain; you can listen for hours upon hours without the sensation ever falling short of surreal. This album, to me, represents one of Rock n Roll's best bands at its pinnacle. The music is crisp and vibrant, and the crowd's response only hightens the sense of perfection the musicians put forth. Some of their best work is represented here (Hotel California, Desperado, Take it Easy), and it's played very well. Absolutely worth every penny. Enjoy!

Phenomenal!. This Eagles album is one, just one of their best EVER!!!!!

Eagles Poster.... The poster that came in the LP of this was an aerial shot of Summer Jam '80 at the Yale Bowl in New Haven Ct. I am proud to say i was there and u can see where me and my 3 cousins were by the field wall, under a tarp that we propped up for shade as Little River Band, then Heart and then The Eagles rocked the state!!!! Wish i could find a mint copy of the vinyl so i can get the poster again. Mine fell apart thru my many moves of residence.

Uh Oh Here come's a Flock of Wah Wah's. LoL studio version of Life's Been Good is Awsome, however it's not here but that's ok I enjoy this album just the same =) Definitly recommend the album if your an Eagles Fan!!

"On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair...". Hotel California should be required on all iPods. If you were in high school in the 70's or 80's you know all these songs and will have a great time listening to these classic hits. While you're at it, get some John Cougar Mellencamp.

ALL EAGLES FANS AND PEOPLE THAT HAVE NEVER HEARD THEM READ THIS!. For the die-hard Eagles fans, and people that are new, this is the only thing you need to know about the Eagles. No matter what they sing, or play, THEY HAVE ALREADY PASSED THE ROCK BARRIER! This BAND ROX!

iTunes review lacking. Mr iTunes reviewer, whoever you are, you sadly neglected one of the most important and overlooked (perhaps because he wasn't a jerk like Henley and Frey, and didn't draw constant attention to himself!) components of the Eagles platinum sound, and that is Mr Don Henley. HE is the Musical genius behind most of the sound, particularly Hotel California, and his contributions should not be understated! Walsh couldn't even come onstage unless he was drunk or stoned...(this is documented), and while I love the Eagles as a band, and individually they have all made a mark on American music, Mr Felder is one of the most underrated and talented musicians on the planet, and also was one of the most "normal" of the Eagles. Love this album, even with all the overdubs...it's still chock full of Eagles magic!

To you people who dont know your music. First this album is fan frickin tastic. Back to why im writing this review, I read all the ones before me and Lifes Been Good Was done by Joe Walsh. He was in a band called James Gang before he was an Eagle

Blow me away... TOTALLY!!!. Long live the Eagles! This is one of there BEST recordings ever. I can't wait for their new CD to come out. Go to there website to check it out.For all of those classic rock loverzz this is for you!!

The best. There are no songs like Eagles songs.

Truly An "Eagles" Live Show. If you've ever seen the "Eagles" live? You will agree that this is an Audio Version of parts of several shows taped while at the top of their game! Unfortunately? They had broken up already when this came out but they're back & this should be a part of your collection if you're a true fan! The Greatest American Rock & Roll Band is Still Rocking & Rolling, better than ever! I saw them in November 2013 & they're still on top of their game, better than ever! A great Live Album!

Eagles Live. Love this album. A thrilling remembering!

Great album. This was a great album. Some of the songs tunes just didn't sound write. It didn't really matter.

stick with originals. Doesn't add anything to original songs. Just an excuse to re-sell.

Absolutely unbelievable. Honestly, for anyone who has the chance to see the Eagles in concert should definitely do so, even after all these years, they are still amazing. This album is one of my favorites, it brings me back to seeing them! This band, their songs and their voices are absolutely timeless, you will not be disappointed in this album, especially "Wasted Time" which I was introduced to on this album and definitely now consider one of my favorite songs of all time. Don Henley's voice and the lyrics are so perfect. Outstanding work, in my opinion the single best band ever.

Eagles Live. Great music, but the album is poorly done. Good sound, but inconsistant timing between songs, too much crowd noise. Sounds like it was just thrown together. Save your money and purchase Greatest Hits I & II.

Great Music. Its the Eagles! regardless of how they sound these are some of the best songs ever, and a lot of people like this type of music

ok. i guess this album is ok if you like this kind of music but not many people do.

When they were tight. This album reflects the tightly polished performing band The Eagles had become before they split. The inertia from consistent years on the road once at the top of their game included genuine charisma and relevant song writing. Unlike the electronically pitch-corrected contemporary live albums the harmonies are natural, raw and yet still on key. This album also captures the band through their large and clean sound system. The reunion tour sounded like small amps miked through the PA.

Life's Been Good. I really like this song, i consider music awsome and this is great piece

I love it!. Wow! I'm only 15, and I love it, I can almost imagine the days, when these tracks were brand new, they are still great, and they never get old.

good stuff. The album is great. The video is even better.

don felder. funny how anything eagles that is written like the details for this album, they always seem to leave don felder's name out. glenn and don, put your feelings aside and give this man credit for what he brought to the eagles. I mean he was the reason for hotel california which im sure has brougth all of you enormous wealth!

Great!. This band gets better and better, i mean they can sing for real, they have realy made a name for themselves.

Outstanding!!!. We have been waiting and now the wait is over!

Live Recordings. For a live recording, this is not bad. I am, however, quite put out that itunes would even think about putting a live album in their store without the studio version of Life's been good. This is the only version of life's been good that you have available. I'm not that into the Eagles, but that song is increadible. With only the live version at my disposal, I want to rip all of my hair out. That is all. I am angry.

Absolutely Fantastic, plus BANTER!. The entire album is a must-have. Unlike other live albums, this is mixed - and at times overly so, as the itunes review says, some songs are so close to the studio album sound. If you can only get a couple tracks, check out the combo of 5 and 6 - You'll get to hear the intro of Walsh on the stage - "the next president of the united states!" and Walsh's introduction to life's Been Good. But most important, this is eagles at their best.


why live?. all ehese songs are great but would sound even better if they wrent live so get the unrecorded edition

Good, but overproduced. I agree with the itunes reviewer. Henley and Frye ocerproduced this album. It doesn't feel live or spontaneous. The songs are good of course but it would have been nice to hear a true live record.

Absolutely Indispensable. this record is an absolute must-have for eagles' fans. every song on this album is incredible. - one of those rare albums you look forward to playing through and through

This is incredible!. This CD rocks. Who knew a band could be this good live?

Eagles prove that ustil the day they pass they will ROCK!. Awesome then, awesome now, awesome live..just really AWESOME. unfortunately my favorite love song: "Love Will Keep Us Alive" was not included. but its ok :)

Where Is Hell Freezes Over?. This is a great live album capturing the Eagles when they were at their peak both on stage and in the studio. I saw them during this tour when they played at the LSU Assembly Center in Baton Rouge (now the Pete Maravich Assembly Center) and I still remember it vividly as one of my favorite concerts. But I hope iTunes adds the Hell Freezes Over collection to its library. I love that collection, especially the acoustic version of Hotel California. Something different I would like to add to my iPod. But this is a wonderful collection. This is my favorite version of Take It To The Limit.

Absolutly Incredible live. Eagles fans if you ever have the oppritunity to go you definatly should. The Eagles are aboslutly incredible live. Best concert I have ever attended

Awesome. This is a worthwhile collection. I bought this album last year and have been loving it since. I am a big Eagles fan so this review may be biased. I especially like Life's Been Good and Hotel California. This album is a must for Classic Rock fans.

They sounded a lot better live in 2004. I saw them at the MGM in Vegas in 2004. They sounded a lot better live than these tunes. Perhaps due to guitar player Stuart Smith who played with them in 2004. He used to be the best club guitar player in the DC area, playing with the legendary Switchblade. Anyway, if you've seen them recently, your memories are better than these tracks.

How did this happen?. Last week i looked at this release & it was the full album. This week,it's a partial album. What happened to New Kid In Town? It was available, now it's not.

those are the mood tuner, you get peaceful easy feeling. those have been the longest residents on my car cd driver.

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Eagles passion. the Eagles....the greatest band to ever hit any stage, never will they grow out of hearts of true fans....this album just makes these music gods live on in songwriting and performing perfectness:)

the eagles. the eagles are an american rock band formed in Los Angeles,California in 1971 by glenn frey,don henley,bernie leadon, and randy meiser.

Eagles Live (Eagles Album) Comments

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