Lift Me Up (From Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - Music From and Inspired By) - Single by Rihanna

Rihanna - Lift Me Up (From Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - Music From and Inspired By) - Single Album Songs

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1. Lift Me Up (From Black Panther: Wak... 3:16
2. Lift Me Up (From Black Panther: Wak... 3:15

Lift Me Up (From Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - Music From and Inspired By) - Single by Rihanna Album Reviews

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Amire thee cash. I love this so power full it can help you through a though break up

The best. They need to put this in other movies

Beautiful song. This song is so beautiful that it makes me cry half the time when I listen to it. I think of the young actor from the movie who died, and my own family members who died of cancer. Plus the lyrics and just everything about the song is beautiful. Rihanna’s voice sounds amazing.

Phenomenal. Best song of the decade so far.

Beautiful. It’s lovely to hear her voice showcased.

What’s the Point. I don’t know what the whole point of Rihanna recording this song if it was just feature at the end of the movie over the credits.

Ever Sane. This collect completion, is a homage to the black and white prosperity, we all must encounter the expression to be together for unity and individualism, I value her and she’s suitably inclined to prevail, an message that we’re all tenacious with motivation. Go RIRI I’m supporting her, she’s supplying the music for definitive recognition Her album should be #Manotonic 💜

Actually not bad. I’m actually impressed and I don’t really listen to female singers just cause I’m a guy but I could get used to this. Umbrella and Disturbia are still the best though 👍👏

Outstanding. Amazing! Listen to on repeat 🥺❤️ R.I.p king 👑🐆

Soulful & Emotional. This song evokes such strong emotions. It has me in my feelings all the time and gets better with every listen. I love the instrumentals. Such a beautiful song and soulful tribute. Can’t wait to see the movie and hear Lift Me Up play. 💜

Good god. Shut up. Trash song

Beautiful. It’s a beautiful song. Sounds exactly like Rih. Not sure why the negative feedback but it’s wonderful to hear her voice again.

Excellent. To all the dipsticks saying this isn’t great comeback music, this is for a movie! Umbrella Ella Ella ah ah just wouldn’t work in this situation! Don’t be stupid. The song is great and possibly Academy Award worthy!

Lift Me Up. I feel every emotion within her vocals as she sings this song. I love it!

beautiful song. Love this! Beautiful song.


Goosebumps!. This is song is so soft and beautiful! In love with it!

Best song release this year by far. Beautiful song love it welcome back Rihanna

WORTH THE WAIT! NICE JOB, RIHANNA!. Rihanna is by far my favorite female singer(probably second or third overall), and while most people were expecting a pop superstar hit, this is a very good song! Just has a vibe that feels good, and feels good in the ears. Well worth the wait! Can’t wait for the Halftime Show! #Super Bowl LVIIWillHaveTheGreatestHalftimeShowEver!!

I love you Rihanna. This song is about Chadwick boss man and about peoples loses

average. rihanna has had some great club bangers but with the exception of love on the brain her ballads are tired and this is no exception a below average ploy in search of a hook. overrated

Beautifully, elegant vocals. Her voice and our ears. No fancy recording studio mastery. Just pure RiRi. Simply perfect. a weird way. Her voice is fuller. Not my fav song from her.

Trash. I’m hi

Beautiful. Best song of the year

Sounds great. This song really compliments the movie. It’s very calming and soulful. The humming is very spiritual.

boring. put me to sleep fr

Interesting 😳. It’s good but not all that like I was like “ who is that” at the beginning idk what happened to her voice it can be better I mean it has been 5-6 years

RiRi returns to music !😎👍🤩. Rihanna is finally back it has been 5 years since Rihanna has last released music. This song is so good ! Rihanna voice is so amazing to listen to . I’m so happy she is in Wakanda forever I was like dying to hear his song in the movie theater yesterday. Love her so much and hope to hear more from her soon !!!!!👍😎😁❤️😊🥹☺️🥲

i absolutely love you rih but this ain’t it. sis came back from a six year break with this..

Wow !! Beautiful and moving song. This song touched my heart

Transcendent, moving, healing ❤️‍🩹. Absolutely beautiful! We all know who this was written and for, may he Rest In Peace 🤍

Absolutely LOVE IT. I feel it in my soul🔥🔥🔥. My heart is in love with this song. Bravo Riri

You can hear her cigarette damage. Rihanna smokes and it’s done havoc on a voice that can’t sing to begin with. Stop championing this full song !!

Supporting a wife beater. Gurl I was a fan and now I have to withdraw my support. I will no longer be buying any of your music

Horrible. She sounds like a goat. Pass.

Euphoric. After seeing Black Panther 2 I now cry every time I hear this song

Lift Me Up. Beautiful and heart wrenching!❤️🙏

❤️❤️. I loved this movie and RiRi did such a good job on this idc what anybody else says

AMAZING, SIMPLY AMAZING. Rihanna pours her heart and soul into this beautiful song. Kudos to Tems for writing such a lovely song.

Very bad. Oprah’s twin please stop making music 💤

Finallysomestrength. Oscar hopefully in the making now time to tact.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Beautiful. Not sure why people are disappointed this song is deep and I connect to it on an emotional level. Take my money RiRi.

Terrible. Bad

Yea no. If this is her comeback she can respectfully go away. Such a lazy song. Could have been salvaged by some impressive vocals which were no where to be found. If only she could lift those vocals up.

Not her best. Her worst single since Russian Roulette

I love this song I also sing it😍. By Layla’

Amazing. I actually started crying bro… R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

Beautiful song. She’s back and more vocally powerful!

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Wow!. So beautiful! 🤍

Shut up this is good music. Shut up this is good music

Masterpiece & Classic. I cried while listening 😭😭😭😭

Terrible. Most boring new song on the radio for sure

Such a beautiful song. I just watched wakanda forever. No need to explain

average??. This isn’t average, actually it was made for a movie :)

It’s average. I was hoping for a dance track. She took too long…

Beautiful. Welcome Back Queen!

Awesome!!!. Beautiful song!

Disappointed. Rihaanna is a good singer and I have many of her songs; but, the truth must be told. The song is too slow and she is slowly changing her style to moaning and groaning.

Great. Shut up haters this is great

flopped!. stream midnights for quality music!

Mediocre. Just awful and dropped off tune !!

Average. Nah..

ATE. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Emotional but beautiful song.. This song is so heartbreaking but so beautiful and chilled out. Probably the best moving song in 2022.

Very untalented “singer” and uneventful song. Without promo and movie she is nobody even with her billions … she has zero talent … song is dull as she is

Amazing. !!!!

Terrible. Terrible voice

Beautiful. Such a stunning song, powerful Voice and beautiful tribute to Chadwick.

Yawn. What a depressing song. All those years away and she comes back with this miserable song!

She’s back !!!!. So glad she’s back this songs beautiful hope there’s more to come from her 🥳🥳🥳

In love. On repeat

Beautiful. Touching song in tribute to Chadwick❤️

bad. it is such an awful song alone and for the black panther movie, there is no change in tone and it is so bland. the astronaut by kim seokjin should be number one.

Amazing. So good

Perfect!!!!. Heard this for the first watching the film and it blew me away hit every emotion perfectly, just had to buy it

Rihanna lift me up. Rihanna thank you thank you!!!!!! This is so beautiful, we’ve be waiting to hear your voice for six years and this is how you came so peaceful, so angelic Wakanda forever!!!

What. Waited 6 years for that !!! 🤯

Lift me up. Her voice is beautiful it is my fave song right now and I am only eight years old can’t wait to hear more. By Doris Deakin

Boring 🥱. Please Stop!!

Lazy. Sounds like she wrote this in ten minutes, lazy boring and contemptuous towards fans. What happened to artistry and effort, the voice is good even great still, but please don’t Treat fans like fools. Simply nothing new, lyrics old Fashioned , oh dear

Rihanna is back!. Rihanna is back!

Talentless. 👽

She’s back !!!. Love,love, love ❤️❤️❤️

Perfect tribute!. A perfect tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman and their legacy as the black panther! I only fully appreciated the song after watching the movie, which I would also highly recommened!

Stunning. RIP Chadwick


Beautiful. What a gorgeous song … wow

And just wow. After years and years of waiting RiRi is back and with a bang. Such raw emotion in that song. Doing what she does best

AMAZING. Mother is BACK!

Wow. This is a beautiful Ballard . Lyrics are simple true but it fits well for the soundtrack

QUEEN. beautiful song 😍🥺

The pandemic is over, Rihanna is back!. After nearly 7 years of drought the queen has finally returned. Welcome back her highness.

Snooze fest. Boring. 😴

Amazing. I’m so glad she’s back!!😭😭😭

Zzzzzz. SO disappointed. A total snooze fest.

Riri. She’s back. Nice slow song with a powerful meaning

She’s back!!!. Finallyyy! Rihanna’s voice is perfect for this soundtrack - a gorgeous tribute to Chadwick’s life and legacy.

B-O-R-I-N-G. Nearly dropped off to sleep after 1 minutes.

About time!!!. Welcome back RiRi!

Derivative Song. Is this Celine Dion? Where is the Rihanna of Anti? Talk about steps backwards!!

Not it. Riri this ain’t it chi

Diversity. Stunning! She always makes it worth the wait! Welcome back Rihanna. Now for THE ALBUM🤩

Worth the wait……. Definitely worth the wait…..and great to have her back. This is a definite grower……and No1

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