The mockingbird & THE CROW by HARDY

Genre Country
Release 20 January 2023
Price $0
Tracks 17
Country USA

HARDY - The mockingbird & THE CROW Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Beer 3:11
2. Red (feat. Morgan Wallen) 3:25
3. Wait In The Truck 4:37
4. Drink One For Me 3:31
5. I In Country 3:48
6. Screen 3:47
7. Happy 3:56
8. Here Lies Country Music 3:41
9. The Mockingbird & THE CROW 5:05
10. SOLD OUT 3:22
11. JACK 2:48
12. TRUCK BED 2:47
13. .30-06 2:20
15. RADIO SONG (feat. Jeremy McKinnon) 3:07

The mockingbird & THE CROW by HARDY Album Reviews

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🤘🤘🤘. About time these genres blend. Hardy’s a real one

This is the direction that country music NEEDS. These are some of the best songs I’ve ever heard. Just make a new genre and call it YALLTERNATIVE MUISC.

Glamorizes murder not justice. Skip

Great album bud!. I do seriously love me some country, the HIXTAPES are amazing, but rock is right there in that boat. Dude! Hardy…killed it on this album!!!! Haven’t been able to stop listening to it! It’s fun, it’s serious, it jokes, it hits home! LOVE, LOVE , LOVE the album 🫶! When you touting to Alaska!?!?

👌. Perfect album really great vocal tone, perfect voice love the music man keep it comin🙌🏻

Local and one heck of an entertainer. Love this!!!! Hardy you are an awesome entertainer with an extra plus being a local Mississippian!!

The Hardest Hardy album yet!???. It’s not going to be for everyone but I like it.

Fantastic. Love the slower songs and the harder songs! What a great album!

🗑️. Your vocals ARE TERRIBLE. I get people who love guns,beer and are anti everything love you but the simple fact is a majority don’t know who you are or why you are famous.

Not for me. I love Country Rock and the combination of the two together. But this just sounds forced or something…maybe too pop ish idk what it is. Wait in the truck is very well done, but the rest (especially the other half) just isn’t for me. Hardy is a dope dude though and i love him.

Great album!!. This is a great album!!

Trash. Trash

Wow 🤩. If you do not like his music just leave it is easy just leave

Love the Rock Style. I don’t even like country, but this is fairly good. His lyrics need work, but he has an amazing voice and style overall. His music gives me a “Lynyrd Skynyrd for the new generation” type of vibe. Please do a full blown metal album, that would be awesome.

I love sold out. I love misssipi boy

Something Different. I Love it! Good mix. Words written so well to music and hits home!❤️

Country Metal 🤘🏽. Love Hardy, love this mix of country and metal

Genius!. It’s actually really well thought out and creative! I love this album so much and the mix of the two genres is perfect!! I can’t wait to see him live!

Hardy > Luke Combs. Hardy music better then overrated combs 💀💀

Actually stepping out of the box. Love the album… if you like traditional country and that’s it widen your horizons or don’t listen

This Kid has it. In a world of music monotony, he'll give you a fresh take. 10 stars

Headbanger and country boy. Heard him first on Octane! Listened to samples of the whole album and I’m sold! Buying this! All you haters go somewhere else because this is going to get country folk and headbangers together. This whole album is fantastic.

Wow Wow!. Hardy rocked it country style. Crank it up heading to work or going home. This guy does not disappoint!!

Fantastic Album. It’s not country you whiny pine cones, it sounds way better than almost any country artist these days anyways

Country for life😍💯. Amazing!!

Id been slowly giving up. The best album Ive bought in years. Period.

Moronic music. Written and produced by morons for morons to consume.

Catchy and Cool!. Wow, Hardy really “rocks” it out of the park with this two-faced double release, something for everyone here! Having seen him many times opening for Morgan, Red is a big fav. Ain’t in the Country is a real masterpiece for those who like a harder sound so can’t wait to hear it live! Radio Song, Sold Out and Jack, ditto. Prefer this to his previous A Rock as he’s clearly evolved past that now.

Hard hitting country. Man if you have have red white and blue in your veins this album is going to make your scream MERICA!

Bro looks like typical gamer. Lol

What?. Who in country is listening to this garbage….my god!

The best concert. I am up SAST

Country Rock at it’s Best!. It started with my love for Wait in the Truck , I went out on a limb with an artist that I wasn’t familiar with, which has been a phenomenal choice. This is truly one of the best, if not the best country albums I’ve owned! As a lover of rock music I love the fact that Hardy gives us the scales tipped at both ends, i.e., a masterful inflection of country, the limitless range of rock and the meet in the middle of both .

Glorifying Guns and drinking problems.. Every song sounds the same. Dude loves guns, getting drunk and killing things. I’d love a refund on this. The only song I liked is someone else singing.

Love it. Great

Better Rocker than a Country..... A better rocker than a country guy!! The Country songs are good, dont get me wrong, but they are nothing special. The Rock songs though, they are frenetic, catchy, and he sounds great belting out without the twang... I look forward to a whole ROCK album...

Incredible. Hardy knocked it off of the park. His song writing and creativity never ceases to amaze me.

One of the best albums to come out. In a world where country went severely pop or sappy love songs, Hardy comes along and throws a little metal in. Completely different than the other albums that have come out recently. 12/10 would recommend

Awesome. This album is awesome and really is going to be underrated. No one is doing what he’s doing. Fusing metal and country have never been done before. To have the lead singer from ADTR feature on a country album is HUGE. Don’t underestimate this album. This is a GREAT album.

Worst album of all time. I give it 1 star for Wait in the Truck. Buy that single and skip the rest.

HARDY. 🤘🤘🤘

Puddle of Mudd meets country misic. I’ve always enjoyed Hardy and his music. This is a little bit harder than most of his other stuff, but I still very much enjoy it. I would take this as a new trend way more than the rap country we have been getting. Keep it coming

Country meets rock. Hardy is so talented! This album is a great fusion between rock and country… thus mockingbird/crow. He’s a true storyteller with his music. “Red,” featuring Morgan Wallen is one of my faves! Keep doing what you do!

Hardy, you had me at “Sold Out”. I honestly can’t remember how long it’s been since I bought a whole album on iTunes.. I have my sxm octane or pandora (why yes, I am the worst millennial ever) and I’m usually quite happy with that. But ever since Octane played “Sold Out” I’ve been completely obsessed with a burning passion. I literally rigged my pandora station to play half the album on thumbs up… before I surrendered to my iTunes fate lol. I love the country, and the rock because- you can take the girl out of the Octane, but you can’t take the Octane out of the girl 🤘🤘 But on a more serious note, I love the artist as well- he’s not trying to be a rockstar, or a country god, he’s just trying to be Hardy and create music he loves. Creating a half/half album was a huge risk, but I think there’s a lot of us out there- with rock in our hearts, but country in our blood. A not completely incompetent wordsmith myself, he’s a truly gifted song writer- a true master of his craft all wrapped up in an “aw shucks” country kid.

Nice. Nice

Ehhh. Decent songwriting. But he's a clown.

Flowers. No

Catchy and genius. I like his style of music and the combination of rock and country


Fan. Love it

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This is average for HARDY…. This isn’t the best song…

Country Rock, Yes. Rap has made it way into country, and it’s great As a rock fan i love the fusion of country and rock. A+ my man! Thanks

Phenomenal Masterpiece. I just cannot believe what my ears are a hearing when I first heard HARDY’s new Album. First new Album I have heard this year. Now this is an Album. My two favourites are “THE REDNECK SONG” and “here lies country music”. “here lies country music” has to be the most beautiful Country Song I have ever heard from the 21st Century. God Bless the mocking bird & THE CROW and all of its Phenomenal Glory

Thumbs up. One of my favourite albums to have come out so far this year. Love what Hardy's been doing

Wow!. What an amazing fusion of Country and Metal. This is an absolutely incredible album that is not for the faint of heart. How do you describe a mix of country music and some of the heaviest rock I have ever heard. You describe it HARDY. Not one weak song. If you like country, buy it. If you like rock, buy it. By far and away my favourite album in quite a long time.

Yes…’s that good!. Great album, well put together. Really like the idea and sound behind it. Nice work Hardy!

how do people listen to this?. u are not real if u listen to this. yes it has it's messages but it shows them in a really tacky way

Yes siree Hardy. 👏👏⭐️⭐️⭐️. Yes Siree Hardy 👏👏⭐️⭐️⭐️

Well done sir!. What an album! Fancy getting both the mocking bird and the crow! Catered for every mood!

Perfect. I can honestly say I have never been so hyped and in love with an album. The unbelievable blend of story telling, country, Rock and Metal is mind blowing and everything I have ever wanted in music. I have this on constant on Spotify and have dove deep into reactions on YT, had to come here and pay to push this further. Hardy is a genius and deserves everything! Ps Rhett absolutely slays on the guitar!

Magnificent. Brilliant.. start to finish. Every song has a hook. Production is outstanding.

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