Calm Down - Single by Rema & Selena Gomez

Genre Pop
Release 25 August 2022
Price $1.29
Tracks 1
Country USA
1.29 USD

Rema & Selena Gomez - Calm Down - Single Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Calm Down 3:59

Calm Down - Single by Rema & Selena Gomez Album Reviews

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Tristen Rosario. I am so obsessed and I’m only 9

🍍. On repeat

Awesome!. Loved this song they both look and sound awesome!!

💕💕. Only listened for Selena!!

Absolutely beautiful collaboration!. Love the addition with Selena! ♥️✨ Selena Gomez Forever ✨

No. Original is better Elena ruined it 🤢

Selena Gomez is back! ❤️. my queen is finally back. i miss her voice so much! thank you my queen for this beautiful song 🎶 plays on repeat!!!!

So good 🤩🤩. I love it that I listen to it all day long especially if Selena is a part of the song

Love this version. Love this version with Selena.

Love it!. Selena & Rema sound amazing! Spectacular song!

Calm down. This song will make you calm down

Bop. Bop of the year

Queeen. Queeen sellll ughhhh love this song

LATINA POP QUEEN❤️🌹. Selena’s vocals always on point with her unique collaborations!!!!!

Love it. Calm and doesn’t get old. Selena is awesome as usual and adds so much to this song.

Team Selena Always. For one she has such an amazing voice and is a star. Two Hailey is always coping Selena which shows how amazing Selena is to be so original. I love this song. Selena makes this song compLEtE!

Love it. Love this song

Mid with selena. It’s really good with just rema but selena kinda ruined it

Best song. Honestly I didn’t know who wrote this song but this is the best song ever

Trash eat potato. Hush

CALM DOWN. Such and amazing song TEAM SELENAAAAA

Perfect duo 🔥 🔥. Selena’s hidden vocals throughout the production of the song makes this remix slap soooo much harder 🔥 Their voices compliment each other so well, cannot wait for the music video to come out soon … 👀 It’s going to be top tier 💯

!!. This was amazing. This remix is so much better!! IMO.

Epic. Love this song! 😍😍😍😍

SELENA. team selena always

Amazing. I can’t stop listening to this song!!!!

Best remix. Selena showed she can hop on any beat or collab.

BEST VERSION. Selena’a voice 😍

Bop. 2022 banger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obsessed!. Listen to this on repeat for hrs!

Amazing. Love this song. Can’t stop listening to it!

Selena ruin it. Take that trash can out the song

Gorgeous❤️. The world needs more of this. Love

Selena made the whole song. Rema can’t even speak english. So why be on the song? Selena made the whole song and was the only listenable part . Her vocals and voice are so good and rema the trash ghetto wannabe musician can’t even comprehend selena’s beautiful face and body. Take this nasty rema off the song

AMAZING!!!. I can’t stop listening to it!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

0 stars... If I can give this 0 stars I would…team Hailey Bieber!!!! She’s the only one that hasn’t said anything negative about Selena. Selena has been bashing Hailey for years now. She ain’t nobody’s victim or saint. She’s left shady comments just like everybody else that’s mad their ex-boyfriend moved on…and she can’t sing. Worst singer ever…so yes 0 stars if I could.

BEST SONG EVER. Both Selena and Rema did great!!! I personally like the Selena version better.

Loved.. Love this song.

Lovely!. This is a beautiful song

love this remix. Amazingggg my favorite!

🍏🍎🍌. ❤️💙💜💚🇺🇸

idk. the beat is amazing, so is rena’s vocals but i feel like selena didn’t need to be on this song. it was fine without her 💀

Angelic voice 💕. Can’t stop listening to the masterpiece

On 🔁. 🔥

Ears hurt. It’s awful like seleneer take this down boo. Stream boys a liar pt2. #rebootmanifest

Love 💕 it. Great ritmo 🎵

Calm down. I love this song so much

Beautiful song. I love Rema & I love Selena. Y’all voices blended beautiful on this. The original song is just as amazing. Jamaica loves you guys 💙🇯🇲

Best song ever!!❤️😘💕. This is the best song I ever heard I secretly listen to this at school but I enjoy it and btw why does one person hate Rema?! He is a great singer although the doesn’t speak English… so whoever wrote that I have one thing to say…GET A LIFE!!! Seriously 😫but the music is great💕❤️😘

Love love love love. LOVE BOTH OF YOU GUYS🥰 GREAT SONG

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