Genre Pop
Release 29 July 2022
Price $12.99
Tracks 16
Country USA
12.99 USD

Beyoncé - RENAISSANCE Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. I'M THAT GIRL 3:28
2. COZY 3:30
4. CUFF IT 3:45
5. ENERGY (feat. BEAM) 1:56
10. MOVE (feat. Grace Jones & Tems) 3:23
11. HEATED 4:20
12. THIQUE 4:04
15. PURE/HONEY 4:48

RENAISSANCE by Beyoncé Album Reviews

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This is HOW MUSIC should be done!. This is such an amazing album. It is a beautiful homage to a music style that was stolen and commercialized - she did an amazing job in the production and here are my favorites so far - I did purchase the clean version: PURE/HONEY CUFF IT CHURCH GIRL BREAK MY SOUL Now for songs that gives us amazing vocals and sounds: her voice is amazing - Sing BEYONCE, listen to: Plastic on the Sofa Virgo Groove Pure/Honey This album went beyond expectation. She has reintroduced a music style that has been missed or badly misappropritated but she has taught a generation/world and even DJs how it should be done.

👎🏻👎🏻. Not a fan of this album

Horrible Music. Cannot stand the profanity in each of the songs. Even the clean version is gross. Low class music. So disappointing.

Amazing. Yes yes yes

Yeah, I know one of em’. Call me when you wanna get hot hot hot hot 😍

Cuff it and Break my soul. Best songs ever love them so much played them for my Boyfriend he cried and said did I break your soul baby I then cried and said no and then we just both keep crying in each other’s arms.

It’s a pass for me!. I guess I’m just getting old, I’m 35 and this ain’t it! I miss the “old Beyoncé”

Forever she’s that girl!. 5 STARS BEYONCÉ! You did what you NEEDED TO DO! AND WE STILL GOT 2 MORE ACTS??? The ending of heated has my mind body and SOUL shook. She said yadda yadda yadda yadda ya! Like what?! The KING BEY IS HERE BABY. 5 STARS AND NOTHING LESS. Release ya wiggle and get this album!

Awful. Just..awful

Not Pleased. Disappointing as a diva, showing a dark side of life. I guess Beyoncé is no longer a diva, at least in my book. Parents be aware; keeps this songs away from your children.

🐝. Bey is back and I’m sleeping realllll good tonight

Amazing. Love the album, the lyrics, and the beat … 🔥💛✨

It was ok. Some songs were annoying

Fire!. Everything!!! Come on queen B

An experience from beginning to end 🥹. She really broadened her horizons with this one! Its an endless groove of different sounds and instruments from the many eras of dance. Might be my favorite album of hers.

Best Album of 2022. No debate.

I like the old beyonce. The Dangerously in Love, B Day, and Sasha Feirce are the only beyonce albums i love and grew up on. 4 is alright as well as Lemonade and self titled. This new album is a no no no pt 3

Her Best Album Yet!!!. A fantastic album from start to finish, it’s a fun dance album!!

Album of the Year. Your fave could never!

Why?. Why does she have to have such profanity in her songs? Why do they all sound the same? I miss the old Beyoncé who had some good music.

AHMAZING’. This album is free & full of joy. Made me release the wiggle. 💃🏾🪩

Annoying. I can’t imagine being a Beyoncé hater “trash” “overrated” “she can’t sing” are you joking lol ?! you just hate her to hate her at this point 🤷🏾‍♀️.

Reality Redefined. When a musician changes your heart all lifelong. I and countless others are a better human because of you. You live at the highest level and you need to have all good days. Every human being is fortunate for you, Beyoncé. There will never be an artist like you ever again merely echos. It was over the first time you ever sang. Sweetly ruined. Like come on aren’t we all listening to every other song and we say, “well they can’t sing like Beyoncé though. Beyoncé is the best singer of all time.”

Magical Masterpiece. Cant stop listening!

Bey’s new jawn. I personally haven’t purchased a #yonce album since bday.. I’m def pleased with my purchase… absolutely Love it!! Thx Bey

No. Not a fan

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

ABSOLUTELY LIKE NOTHING BEFORE!!’. This impeccable album of liberation for the black woman, filled with unapologetic soul healing and dance inspiring HITS! I can hardly choose a favorite vibe! The ingenius vocal exercution and crystal clear mastering here puts this as number one album for 2022 for me, but then again, there’s MORE 🥰🥰🥰 😆BEYONCE. THANK YOU for this gift!!! I CANNOT stop playing it. 🐝🐝🐝

Best Album of The Year. 💚🙌🏽🙏🏽💅🏽

This is exactly what I needed. I love the album is fun it makes me feel good I listen to it every single day since it came out .

Legendary. I mean just listen and you can hear it for yourself how iconic this record and Beyoncé herself as an artist is. But first you have to have taste which is hard to obtain and not everyone has it 🤷🏽‍♀️💕💕🥰

Great. I absolutely love this Album! It’s legit on repeat EVERYTHING.

👎👎👎👎👎. Explicit version vs non•explicit version, either way it still 🗑 and a no go

Vocals are everything!. I absolutely love Beyoncé new album I act Renaissance. It’s AMAZING!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bey never ever disappoints!. This album is in heavy rotation at the moment. Looking forward to her hitting the road.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. The runs in “Plastic on the Sofa” are impressive but I wouldn’t expect nothing less from QUEEN BEY!!! Also Cuff It is my favorite.

Hi Knowles. CUFF IT and BREAK MY SOUL are my favs

Renaissance. Beyoncé is definitely a “MRS” on this album. I’d like to hear more of what DeShawn Drew wrote. Kudos Beyonce!

No talent hack. Sample, Sample, Sample No original thought. And she can’t sing….. Come on people Wake up

Amazing. Fantastic

Favorite Singer. This is why half of my usernames include "Beyoncé" or something referencing to her. Ofc not this username bc it's gonna be my YouTuber name and I don't want to steal her spotlight by having her name in my YT name. My ultimate favorite singer FOREVER. (Why can't I rate over 5 stars?)

Pleasantly surprised. With all the haters saying it was bad I decided to listen for myself and honestly I LOVE this album! Beyoncé does it again! Good music good vibes!

I love it!. So unexpected and sonically amazing!

Ok. Its missing jay-z definitely also it kind of sounds like dance music

Anything but 5 stars boo tomoato. Anything but 5 stars boo tomoato

QB. Dude queen b Does it again this album is the best one I’ve played

Beyoncé’ another one. This album is for the “GROWN” folks and real music lovers!! I love that she switched things up and didn’t give what is expected all of the time. Evolution is needed!!🔥🔥🔥🔥👑🐝🐝

Cuff it tho-. So good

AMAZING!!!!!!!. AOTY!!!!

Pure/Honey on repeat for the gurlllss.. .

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Ok. So there is a clean version! Beyoncé used to be good but maybe it’s time for retirement? Lemonade was class, this?

Love it!!. My Drive n pose in car go to blast in the tunes! Love love “Alien Superstar” & Cuff it!

THE QUEEN. Unbearable always

This is so good slay. Omg this album is so good Beyoncé ! I love you

Nah…. Same old same old ..

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