Summertime Blues - EP by Zach Bryan

Genre Country
Release 15 July 2022
Price $7.99
Tracks 9
Country USA
7.99 USD

Zach Bryan - Summertime Blues - EP Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Quittin' Time 3:40
2. Motorcycle Drive By 2:41
3. Summertime Blues 3:01
4. Oklahoma Smokeshow 3:31
5. Jamie (feat. Charles Wesley Godwin) 3:40
6. Twenty So 3:19
7. Us Then 2:46
8. Matt And Audie 2:06
9. All The Time 3:19

Summertime Blues - EP by Zach Bryan Album Reviews

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Never disappointed with Zach Bryan. I love this kids sound, feels so real and authentic, truly wonderful!

Fantastic artist. I hope the label doesn't ruin him and his music because right now he is doing everything RIGHT.

The Real Thing. When I first heard American Heartbreak, I knew I heard the "real thing." This simply proves the point. It annoys me to no end when artists are categorized, especially when they are beyond any castegory. Zach, to me is not a "country" singer. He's a singer and songwriter who writes with passion and experience and has been influneced be ALL the music in his life. He is definitely the real hat needed.

Decent. Decent follow up EP to American Heartbreak. Oklahoma Smokeshow is fantastic. A couple of other decent songs on here. The theme on these songs isn’t my favorite but still a few worth buying.

Banger. Highway boys never die <3

Just getting started. The best new artist out there….period. This EP only solidifies Zach Bryan’s place at the top of the the songwriter/singer mountain.

Better than Cody Jinks but there are artists I’d rather listen to. I don’t mean to be ugly but too many traditional country fans have made me mad and I’ve pushed me away from that style of country now I’m more of a hard rock fan into bands like skillet and Shinedown but the songs on this album are good to the best is motorcycle drive-by

Bussin. I love this dude

This guy🤯. American Heartbreak is an incredible album and to get a follow up a month and a half later that is equally as good is just more than I could ever ask for. My favorite artist just keeps outdoing himself. Saw him live the other day too, sounds just as good live as he does on the albums🔥🔥🔥

EP of the year. This man cannot write a bad song. Another masterpiece by the man himself! I love me some Zach Bryan!

Feel blue. If you listen this album,you don’t feel bule

No misses. The dude absolutely killed it. 42 songs in a month and a half? Unheard of. Ready for new music!!

He doesn’t miss. He doesn’t miss. Enough said. Best artist in the world right now. Another album full of bangers


Awesome!. Some feel good music :)

Speechless.. CWG on Jamie was incredible. Twenty So is my favorite song! Zach Bryan never misses! Track one to track 9 got charts written all over it!

Wow. I honestly didn’t think zach could come out with music this fast and this good but he has proved me wrong. He has taken his sound and evolved. The way he uses the instruments in some of these songs and the stories he tells is just amazing. Keep it up 👍

Hats off to Zach and the band. Well done sirs. Just as clean and cool as a cotton sheet. Simple, beautiful and from the heart. Love that banjo hiding in there too.

The mans done it again!!!!!!!!. 10/10 amazing

Great Tunes/Jams. I don’t know how, but the man is able to put out great music consistently. I hope it continues.

Main🌈. Love the song motorcycle Drive bye it’s so good love the song he is so good at singing love the song enjoy my review by main🌈

One star for one great song. You will want this for Oklahoma Smokeshow. Skip the rest. This guy really needs to change it up. He’s been writing like the same 5 great songs over and over plus filler.

Pure Art. This dude got me into country music and I swear it’s like he just can’t disappoint!

Nothing better in 2022. My granddaughters introduced me to his music. Couldn’t be prouder of them for recognizing such greatness.

Amazing. Just amazing

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