Takin' It Back by Meghan Trainor

Takin' It Back [Meghan Trainor] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Sensitive (feat. Scott Hoying) 2:58
2.Made You Look 2:14
3.Takin' It Back 2:21
4.Don't I Make It Look Easy 2:34
5.Shook 2:23
6.Bad For Me (feat. Teddy Swims) 3:33
7.Superwoman 2:25
8.Rainbow 3:21
9.Breezy (feat. Theron Theron) 3:04
10.Mama Wanna Mambo (feat. Natti Natas... 2:56
11.Drama Queen 3:08
12.While You're Young 2:30
13.Lucky 3:08
14.Dance About It 3:16
15.Remind Me 3:20
16.Final Breath 2:25

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Takin' It Back by Meghan Trainor Album Reviews

- I love it

Idk why but I love her songs

- Nah

The kid laroi is better he don’t go around body shaming people and put it over an overproduced sound that people get tired of in a week stop listening to her she got left in 2015 its time for new artists you had your turn and it didnt work out very well

- Made You Look Review

I love the song Made You Look cause it makes me listen to it every day and every day so I just want to thank @MeghanTrainor for putting out this song and there is a couple more I like so thank you @MeghanTrainor for thanking me and others cause if we didn’t have you there would be no songs from you. Thank you very much I love your songs so much thank you thank you YouTube- - - > @MeghanTrainor — @KashmeirShell

- Refreshing

Have always loved her. Since “all about that bass” in 2014 And I don’t like a lot of todays pop singers except for a handful. she’s one of my favorites. slay mama. she’s truly a gem

- Great songs

I like her music, great voice and fun music

- Went trash

Too bad her music became trash, too many explicit songs for my taste.

- Back to her winning formula👍

Meghan is back to doing what she does best. BOPS!👍 She has a style that’s all her own. Made you look 👀 is a fun 🤩 catchy tune. Congrats on Baby #2 on its way 🙏

- Made you look


- This girl named suan

Why are there so many haters her songs a fire

- Alright

I love only one song and its Made You Look.

- Love this album, thanks for bringing doo wop back!

I love this album, my favorite song is Superwoman and it is my ASMR. Love love!

- Love

Meghan Trainor is killing is

- Love it

Meghan your voice. I love it

- How much I love Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor is the girl she is the popstar. She makes all the best music girl she’s just the best she is the best Meghan Trainor girl. I love you I got your heart and I got your back. I’m only nine years old and I listen to your music you sound so good I sing your music almost every single day.

- No


- Ayla

I love the song I made you look it is my favorite song!!😍🥰🤗

- Love!

The OG Megan is back !

- So catchy

I love this song because it is so catchy!! $$

- Made you look!

Love that song, can’t stop singing it, my bf and I harmonize all the time great job!

- LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!! 🐹🥞🐹

I LOVE THE SONGS! I fell in love with the songs and now -Made You Look- is one of my favorite songs! I don’t get why people show how they don’t like it. If y’all don’t like it then go be bored and unhappy with something else. Megan doesn’t deserve all the 1 stars. -By: ThatOneHamster JollyCrown 🐹🍞🥞♓️

- Awful

All her songs sound the same!

- She’s happy and it shows!

You can hear the happiness in her voice! This album is so perfect! I love it!

- ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💓💗💖💘💝💞💕

I love love love this song and that is my opinion

- Louis Vaton


- Dookie

Pure crap.

- Yes Meghan !!

I’m so happy to see Meghan back and making her good style of music again! I love her and her tiktok is so fun. She has an ✨adorable✨ family. Her son is so cute. Great music, Meghan! Keep it up girlie! Love you! ❤️

- Love this album

I love Meghan and her new album is so good and puts me in a good mood!! I highly recommend it !!

- ??

Honestly this is terrible

- Bad

I really don’t get why this song is charting the top, it sounds like her other songs and it’s really boring.

- Glad she “took it back!”

Wanted more variety, but still good

- So many great songs

Love putting this album on! Her songs just make me happy!

- Love this!!!

Never liked Meghan so much until now! Amazing songs!!!!

- Love her!

What a great album. Very upbeat and Megan’s vocals are on point!!! Do yourself a favor and buy it!

- Best tone ever

This is my fav song and I also love Meghan trainer I’ve listened to all her songs their amazing!!!!

- Yassss girl.

She back and she’s here. That’s right. Don’t hate, congratulate. She beautiful, powerful and fierce.

- The hardest of passes

The only thing Meghan “needs a” trainor influences is the tides due to gravitational pull.

- Cool

I like it but where’s the song mother?

- Yeah, no

Same sound as her only hit but this time name dropping fashion. Yawn.

- Great 60’s Doo-Wop Inspired Sound!

It’s a solid 4 from me! A greatly 60s inspired album, like from her debut Album. I gave a 4 because she hasn’t developed much since Title.

- Be kind y’all

I don’t know why you guys think that hate comments are ok but guys grow up! Meghan is amazing and if you are gonna hate then go somewhere else to hate. You’re just jealous cause you guys aren’t famous like she is. And hate comments are for babies so don’t act like babies! Love you Meghan💕😍 sorry there’s haters and just being jealous buttholes.

- Okay

I like made you look but hate all the other songs Megan’s last hit was “NO” but after that her music started dying her only good album was Title with all about that bass lips are moving title like I’m gonna lose you and Dear future husband all her other songs I don’t like she should’ve just released made you look as a single and didn’t make an album because nobody likes these other songs

- Kids bop

5 stars for the butt. 1 star for the nauseating retro music.

- To Meghan Trainor

It’s a fact that ur talented, beautiful and just the best ur so natural and you tell us much about your privat life

- Cute and fun but…

I always listen to this song but the beat sounds the same and it gets annoying once you listen to it about three times. Otherwise keep up the good work!! 😁👍🏼

- Great!!

She is the future! Absolutely no doubt.

- Love

I love your song made you look and you have lovely voice

- Awful singing and toxic lyrics

All of her songs sound the same. Overproduced pop garbage forced onto every social media user. Her first “hit” was a disgusting body shaming hate tirade that was disguised as a catchy upbeat pop song. Seriously listen to these lyrics. Go away Megan!

- Trash

Think of something original. And you were a Best New Artist winner too.

- Great Album and Lyrics- haters move on

Too many haters in this world!!! If you don’t like her “sound” then move on. I think the album is good, she puts on a GREAT show when touring (and you can actually get tickets to her concerts). The lyrics of several tracks resonated with me and if you do not like the explicit lyrics you should listen to the clean version of the album before taking the time to trash hard work and quality! I think album is as good as the “Thank You” album and I’m grateful she keeps giving us great music and lyrics!

- Great album

Reminds me of her first album a lot, love the doo-wop and ska influences.

Wise 💸

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- 11/10

Absolutely Love this album and all her stuff! This album is fire 🔥

- Trash

Bad luck to the rest the world in this one game and I will not let this go on forever I am so sad to lose you I am very sorry to say that you have lost me and you will be my best friends and my family and my friends I love your mom I will never let go I love my family I will always be there to help and you are the only person that can make this decision I will not be there for the loss I love your dad I love your mother 👵 so many more I am sorry 😢 so sad 😞 sad 😔 I hope 🤞 your dad 👴 will always love 💕 so sad 😭 sorry 😢 sorry 😢 sorry 😢 sorry 😣 sorry 😣 sorry 😢 so much love to all my love I hope to be with my mom is there for you are there is no one can be with me and my dad will be with you and I will always be with me but I’m not there to be around people that love eyes are so much more love you guys I will be here to help me I love your dad so I am sorry to hear that I will always love my dad and my dad I will be with him and my mom I will be around my dad I love my mom I am very happy for him I will always love my mom I know that I will be there to support you but you are too far away I don’t will always love to be there to be with me I HAHA, I Just MADE YOU READ ALL THIS JUNK IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE!

- Will be amazing as always

Love bad for me


Album of 2022

- 🤮

more incessant crap



- Please stop

So annoying.

- Love


- Adore it


- Finally!!!🎉🎉🎉

I’ve been waiting for an album to come out this year that is actually decent and this album is absolutely superb! Congrats Meghan! 🥳

- Soundman

This album is a breath of fresh air! Beautifully performed, arranged and recorded! If you are sick of the same old same old? Buy this! If the odd bad word offends you, buy the version that doesn’t have them; don’t listen and then complain about it!

- Made you Look

Amazing best so I ever heard 😍😍😍😃👍👍👍👍👍👍


I love you songs they cheer me up when I am sad. You should totally make a movie abt your child hood and yas

- Why? What happened to music? 🤮

Made You Look is just a stupid song that was made popular by tiktok. It’s basically a meme, it’s so stupid you can’t even call it a song. Other songs deserve to be #1 and this definitely doesn’t. 0 stars.


This album is really good, a lot of good Bsides which is so rare. Go Meghan this is a 10/10 definitely one of the best modern pop albums

- As good as her debut album

Simply amazing. Too had to find bad songs, so I bough the whole album.

- Who the $$$$ listens to this song?

Trash song definitely the worst song I’ve ever heard

- She ‘made me look’ & listen

I love the vibes Meghan brings, we need more colour and joy in the world and she brings it. Keep doing you gurl, we loveeee🎶💛

- Made you look


- Too many songs!

Some cool songs on this record but there are far too many songs. The great thing about albums that have 10 songs on them is that you keep your audience wanting more, with this I was wanting less!

- Shameful & Morally Corrupt

She’s nothing but Lou Taylor’s Puppet.

- Made me upset

Today in class, my friend sang this song. I told him to stop and then people started playing it on their phones, and it really made me cry because I just wanted to do my work in peace. I just couldn’t help it. They just kept doing it.😭😭😭

- :/ could be better-

Takin it back” is the WORST Meghan Trainor song out there. Do us a favour and take back “takin it back”! it’s one of the most dumbest songs out there 😕 gonna be honest - not impressed.


Amazing album!!!!

- Lol

We still remember what you said about Britney. And your Lou roots.

Payoneer 💰

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- Great

I love her voice and I got all her albums and can’t wait to hear rest of this one. I hate when they call it come back as she not really gone anywhere

- Ridiculous

Appealed to brands to get in the spotlight….oh dear that shows how your management and all of you are so overrated …..shame on your luck of talent when lots of other people will gladly fill this spot substantially

- Incredible

Good to see Meghan doing well. Great album!

- Poor Song

Song sounds like a primary or elementary school disco and there playing musical chairs

- sadly no

such a cringe album, such a shame she’s done some really good stuff in the past

- Class

Great album

- Love it to bits

An incredible album with some great music on it. Played it several times and it is so infectious you just have to play it again. Super!!!!!!

- #justiceforbritney

Justice for Britney

- Justice for Britney

Investigate lou taylor

- Made you…

Turn it off and listen to something else!!!!!!

- R**e apologist.

Happily supports and works with R*pist dr Luke.

- Tripe

Made you look is 2 mins long Gucci … Louis Vuitton …. Desperately bad !

- My favourite song

Best song ever

- Good

I love this but there could be a few better songs that she wrote int he past

- Classic Meghan

Love it… Some really good tracks on here that are just infectious and you can’t help but dance and sing along

- Same boring sound

When is Meghan going to try something new and fresh? This sounds like every single song she’s recorded. It’s so boring

- Rubbish inappropriate content rubbish not working charged me £99:00i know

This was bad !!

- Amazing!!!

Once again Meghan drops music that speaks directly to our trauma filled hearts. Though there is a similar vibe to her album title, her music and vocal range continues to evolve. Meghan is an exceptionally gifted lyricist and artist and fingers crossed this album has the capability of dethroning title.

- Great Cohesive Album

Everyone taking about Made You Look (which granted, is the best) but there are so many fun songs on here: Dance About It, Lucky, Don’t I Make It Look Easy etc. + the BEAUTIFUL Superwoman

- Jungle brothers

Bad. Bad. Bad

- Disappointing

Rarely trust an artist enough to pre-order and pay for music I’ve never heard before but was sure queen Meghan would smash it as always. I love her easy listening up beat bop-py songs but there are like three on the whole album. It’s almost exclusively slower ballads rather than catchy dance-y songs that she usually nails. Her voice is beautiful and a couple of the slower tracks are meaningful, but without classic pop-py tunes, it doesn’t feel like the artist I fell in love with. Disappointing first listen :(

- Made you look

Very good I like it it is one of my favourite songs same with Breezy but I think it should be more improved by the lyrics. I like the most is Made you look the hole thing of the dance is very nice and not mean hard and ugly

- Investigate Lou Taylor


- #Imadeyoulook

I made you look.😄 It’s amazing, I also watch YouTube shorts and this song is trending all over it. It’s stuck in my head Great song and I would recommend ✌️

- cringe

Just no


Grow up Megan, your not a 12 year old girl! Make some proper adult music

- some people are crazy

This is the music I love to hear, it’s better than other rubbish out

- Emotional Excellence 🥹

Absolutely incredible first comeback single from Megan trainor I think bad For Me is a Great Song and Can’t wait For The New Full Album Amazing!! ❤️

- iconic

Made You Look is the surprise smash hit of the year. The Queen of Pop has delivered again. How will she ever top this, may I ask?

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