American Heartbreak by Zach Bryan

Genre Country
Release 20 May 2022
Price $14.99
Tracks 34
Country USA
14.99 USD

Zach Bryan - American Heartbreak Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Late July 2:58
2. Something In The Orange (Z&E's Vers... 4:14
3. Heavy Eyes 3:10
4. Mine Again 3:44
5. Happy Instead 4:09
6. Right Now The Best 3:10
7. The Outskirts 3:18
8. Younger Years 3:25
9. Cold Damn Vampires 4:52
10. Tishomingo 3:08
11. She's Alright 3:49
12. You Are My Sunshine 2:57
13. Darling 3:57
14. Ninth Cloud 3:23
15. Oklahoma City 4:00
16. Sun To Me 2:43
17. Highway Boys 3:40
18. Whiskey Fever 3:32
19. Billy Stay 5:16
20. Sober Side Of Sorry 3:33
21. High Beams 3:20
22. The Good I'll Do 3:31
23. Someday (Maggie's) 4:25
24. Poems And Closing Time 2:41
25. From Austin 3:27
26. If She Wants A Cowboy 3:12
27. Corinthians (Proctor's) 3:51
28. Open The Gate 3:54
29. Half Grown 3:27
30. No Cure 2:41
31. '68 Fastback 3:13
32. Blue 3:38
33. Morning Time 3:45
34. This Road I Know 3:24

American Heartbreak by Zach Bryan Album Reviews

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Wow. This man is something special.

Best album of the year.. Hands down the best record of the year.

Amazing. So much time and effort put into these songs

I love it. His songs are so great they are so good they make smile

The real deal. Real freaking country none of this pop stars wanna be rappers “country artist” come close to this kid!!

Great album. Great music and lyrics

Incredible. I’ve been listening to this over and over on YouTube and am happy to throw down the bucks. Will be listening to this over and over some more. Music is stripped down to the basics. Spare but not cold. Simple lyrics with depth. The last track and She’s Alright are heartbreaking. Whiskey Fever absolutely kills it and he doesn’t hold back ROCKS IT. This is old school country western - lyrics, lyrics, lyrics and a little gravel in the voice. The musicians are tight. Just go ahead and buy it already.

Best Country album of this Decade. Zach Bryan blended Acoustic Folk into some good American Country music and it worked out for him. My favorite country/folk artist. I can’t get enough of his music!

Great album. I love every song and listen while at work or fixing dinner. Love Zach’s style.

Great front to back. Just awesome

The King of country. Seriously he’s a true country singer

Love this song. Love this song to me it’s sad and I like sad music. Keep songwriting like this. You have an amazing talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fivestars ( ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ )

good stuff. this is some good stuff man

No words. I love the pureness of the album. WOW!

Fantastic work of art. Everything from beginning to end was such a joy to hear the combination of Zach’s writing paired with crisp production was so cool to hear

ZB❤️🎵. I absolutely love Zack Brayan he is one of my favorite artist. I hope to some day here soon make a cover of a couple of songs. 🙏

Unbelivable. Zach! You are so good with your songs! You do you!

Great album. so good

作为一个中国人也深爱的专辑. 作为一个美狗,我也特别喜欢zach 的歌曲,感觉唱出我自己的生活

Best album of 2022. A perfect mix of country, folk, rock with an alternative feel at times. Best songwriter out there.

Trash. Songs are trash just like his attitude and behavior

Tones. It’s very easy it’s fine I know what each ringtone is it makes it way easier.

Super Great. His voice goes with the music, it’s easy to relate too, and the album is just overall great. Zach Bryan is my idol, and I think it’s good to see him rising in popularity.

40 songs that sound the same.. not it.

Soul touching and eye opening. Never thought I was a fan of country music but I think I was just used to hearing that same old over produced Nashville garbage. You sir brought me in to the genre and showed me how beautiful it could be . Thank you !

Dutton Ranch. Yellowstone sent me 🤙

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.. Yet another bro-country collection of drivel that is a variation of a sound and story that has been done to death for decades. Boring, lazy, sad.

Soul touching.... If you cannot find a song on this album that speaks to you in that soul touching kind of way then you might be a soulless person. He personifies what songwriting should be in the modern music industry, but he will be stuck perpetually in a "country" stigma that will limit his genius. Give it a try, you cannot go wrong with this masterclass in song writing.

Lyrically, musically fantastic. He’s a master at his craft. Thanks for sharing the gift.

Notes. Greater

beautiful. all of these songs have such emotion and and amazing story to tell. thank you zach!

😭😭. Literally bawling!! Something in the Orange…I’m sorry I love this too much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love. Zach is the greatest of the 21st century, and possibly all time. Amazing

Not into it at all. Good songwriting skills, but songs sound too similar, would benefit from some production tweaking. However, it’s a good acoustic effort, more folksy than country. Not my cup of tea since I prefer more of a pop/rock sound.

So good. I’ve been waiting for music like this…great songwriting that you can feel in your bones. This album is amazing. I play it on repeat.

Best artist out there. Been following Zach for very long time and am so stoked at his success now this year with almost two number one albums in a year let’s F’n go

Zach Bryan & Cody Jinks are country music. You can keep all that bubble gum pop country crap, Cody and Zach are the country ticket!!!!

Real country. I don’t necessarily love the lyrics but I’ll take this over Walker Hayes any day

Best album ever!!!!!. If you are looking for a really good country song this is one I would highly recommend all of Zach Bryan’s songs they are super good!!!! I listen to this all the time!!! Hope you see this Zach Bryan

Good ol story tellin.. Brilliant and moving. I love it

Team Zach !!!💥. FIVE STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Been waiting for this for a while. I just hear “Something in the Orange” today on the radio so I immediately looked Zach Bryan up and loved what I heard. If the Lumineers and Bruce Springsteen had a music baby in the south, it would sound like this. Do yourself a favor and download this album!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Just came upon Zach Bryan and instantly a fan!

Something in Orange. Awesome ballads and bluesy country sound!

Genius!. Zach Bryan is one genius, moving and brilliant songwriter/singer. Awesome start to finish.

Repetitive with quite a bit of filler and a few outstanding moments.. When he’s on he has some fine moments. You hear that with “Something in the Orange” and “Open the Gate.” But quite often the bulk of his tunes have the same rehashed vocal melodies and instruments. This Album is way over bloated with repetitive songs and a ridiculous amount of filler. All on all he’s decent enough but way overhyped and insanely overated. I give it 2 stars 👍

Wow. This man knows how to make a good album

Refreshing!!. Great to hear some new in country music.

Great American song writer. There’s a drought in music these days everything’s repetitive Zach Bryan is something special in music it’s rare to get a musician that deviates from the normal.I was at a cook out and a friend was playing some of his songs I became a instant fan.

Love it. Best music ever

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Amazing. ❤️

Purely amazing. I listen to this album probably everyday. Zach soulful voice just captures me in and I find it hard to not put all the songs on repeat. Can’t wait for another album !

Incredible. My go to. I’ve been listening to this album on repeat for weeks

If you like bad music this isn’t the album for you. 33 songs & 1 poem of maximum buckin & suckin

Another great album, THANKS ZACH!. 34 tracks!!! Spoilt for the quality, speed and frequency Zach produces music.

Love love love. Love Zach’s voice so much! This album is amazing. Wish more of his old stuff was released, especially Dark!

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