Merry Christmas - Single by Ed Sheeran & Elton John

Genre Holiday
Release 03 December 2021
Price $0.69
Tracks 1
Country USA
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Ed Sheeran & Elton John - Merry Christmas - Single Album Songs

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1. Merry Christmas 3:28

Merry Christmas - Single by Ed Sheeran & Elton John Album Reviews

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Merry Christmas - Ed Sheeran and Elton John. I have been waiting excitedly to hear this new Christmas song, since Ed Sheeran first announced it. First of all, I was surprised to learn that no one had ever released a Christmas song titled, "Merry Christmas"! How crazy is that? I have listened to this several times now, and I've watched the video several times, too. I am just so happy that it was all done so well! Every Christmas I play the same old Christmas songs, although they are enjoyable, I always wish for something new that I will love. Well, this year, my wish has come true. The song is very festive and fun with all the [jingle] bells and whistles. I love Elton John's piano playing and his voice, and Ed Sheeran's voice blends well with Elton's, making this a real Christmas treasure. I love it!

Rockin It. Elton you're rockin it ths year!

Merry. Christmas!

Love happy music. I loved the song , lift my Spirit

Bad. Just bad

Good. !!

MY NEW FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG. I’ve loved everything that Elton John & Ed Sheehan have done I’ve heard all their songs & now finally they have come together to put out a beautiful & absolutely amazing Christmas duet I love it

Thank you. My two favorite musicians dropping a Christmas single made my year. I love it. Thank you for doing this.

Loved it. Don’t listen to the people hating this song it’s really good everything to the lyrics the singing the melody and the fact that we just have a heartwarming Song in a time where everyone wants to listen to the same Generic rap

A New Christmas Favorite. I’m never really a fan of “new” Christmas songs but I love this one! It will definitely become a regular on all my Christmas playlists!

Make it STOP!. Every single person in the country with good taste in music has had enough of Ed Sheeran.

Gold. Everything Ed touches is gold, and Elton joining in is magical. Thanks for existing, Ed.

Sad Christmas.. Just seeing that this nasal induced Xmas single is number one is hysterical. Just when I thought people of this country couldn't get much lower with their tastes, they proved to me once again that simple is their way of life. I thank the imaginary 8 lb. baby Jesus that I do not fit into this catagory of blandness.

Sausage roll is better. They should have just done the song with Ladbaby called sausage roll for everyone. Like the lyrics so much more and it’s for charity.

overrated. i can’t believe this boring, bland, bottom-tier christmas jingle is #1…

Beautiful lyrics. Love this duo

Great song. It’ll become a classic

Great Christmas Song. Don’t be a grinch. Enjoy this nice song.

Perfect 😃. I love Ed sheeran and he totally delivered with this song. I have been listening to it on repeat and I love it so much.

Fantastic. Wow from Ed and Captain Fantastic

Merry Christmas Ed Sheeran & Sir Elton John. We needed a new Christmas song to lift our spirits. My two most favorites, Elton & Ed have voices of Angels. I love this energy!

Prefect new Christmas classic. Love

Classic Fun. Wonderful catchy and uplifting song by Elton John and Ed. First time I saw the video I felt that the Christmas season was now underway. Great sing along for family and friends.

Would have been better without Elton. Elton ruined the song.

…eh,just another xmas song. Why is everybody collaborating with elton john these days?

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Kween Elton slays again. Most random collab but the song is good love it

So reflects what we all feel. Love this song. Might be my new favourite

Jesus. If I wasn’t an atheist before. This song is proof there is no god

Eh Christmas songs. Why? Christmas songs are just awful- there is no reason for this to exist.

It is Christmas after all !. Bah Humbug to those who obviously don’t like Christmas songs but they listened any way. Great modern song for Christmas time sung by two massively talented artists. 🇦🇺

Brilliant !!. Just love , love ❤️ both Ed and Elton ! Catchy Christmas song thank you 🌟🎄🤶

Merry Christmas 🎄. Two legends in Ed Sheeran & Elton John. It’s a wonderful and catchy song.

No.1 catchy tune. Ed and Elt are stars

BOOO. Horrible

Love it. Great Christmas song by Ed and Elton

Great little cheery number. In these times of gloom & doom, Ladbaby, Elton & Ed bring a bit of festive cheer to our ears. Even better as it’s all for charity 😊👍

Love this!. Love this catchy song! Thanks Elton and Ed - two incredible song writers.

Great song by 2 great artists. Fantastic song . What will need this year , well done too my great singers

Amazing song. This is a great song! I could listen to it all day!

Miserable sods. What a bunch of reviewers, are you all part of the wokes who, if it doesn’t suit you just trash it because you can. Well I am not really sure why I waste my time with you. Two singer song writers who have a huge amount of talent hats off to both of you. Good work.

Fab. This is what we need after so much pain in the last two years love love love this song

Boring. Nothing special....just another boring Xmas song.

New fave Xmas song! ❤️. I’m absolutely living for this Christmas song. It’s put a massive smile on my face. Ed & Elton are amazing. The video is just as brilliant!

Terrible. Desperate attempt to cash in on Christmas. Awful, forgettable and cringeworthy. Please make them stop.

Terrible. No effort made at all

Good effort. Good effort

Merry Christmas. amazing song from two legends what a banger . Well done gents

Just what the doctor ordered this Christmas. I’m shocked at the amount of haters on here leaving pretty nasty negative reviews. It’s all for charity folks & a really catchy tune. Just what’s needed this Christmas after another difficult year for some of us. #BeKind.

Happy song. Nice happy song

I think it’s great!!!. But I feel like Elton John ruins it :(

Just shocking. That’s all!

Love this. Fab song. Lovely to have a new Christmas anthem. Full of festive cheer.

Quite cheerful. This song is not bad but I find Elton struggling to sing, his voice has changed and doesn’t sound that good.

Beautiful. If we allow this well written, poignant song, sung by 2 legends lose Christmas number one to some attention seeker singing about sausage roll, we have failed.

C rap. C rap

Elton’s latest hitch. A dire and desperate attempt to stay relevant….yet again! Diva, darling, give it up already! Latching on is so desperate!

Love it 😍. Really good Christmas tune

haters, get your heads out your a**** !!. for all the haters, i’m guessing you’re all just pathetic moaners, as with the same as ladbaby, this track by ed and elton is recorded and sold purely for charity and is split between their two nominated charities, neither of them are making a penny from this song, so before you slate them think of the good work and help they are doing…. merry christmas !!!!

Dross. Sorry but this is below average at best

It’s a grower. I’ve really warmed to this and it’s been stuck in my head for a few days now. Whatever, it’s nice to have a new Christmas song and Elton John could basically sing the contents of the phone book and it would sound great. 🎄🎅🏻🎄🎅🏻🎄🎅🏻🎄🎅🏻🎄🎅🏻🎄🎅🏻🎄🎅🏻🎅🏻🎄

Werthers Adverts Next. Good try - especially as Cowell has nothing to do with it - but a bit ruined byold Reg

Old Reggie Dwight. Old Reggie ‘aka’ Elton John, ruins this decent Christmas track! Ed Sheeran should have recorded this alone as he sings the song beautifully, whilst Elton attack’s his vocals as if he’s reading off an autocue & shouts the lyrics out like he’s doing a quick Karaoke appearance at his local bar!

Jolly. Not a particular fan of either artist but it's jolly enough and all the profits are going to charity so what's not to like?

Sorry elton. Sorry but Ed would have been better singing this on his own, Elton ruins it for me

Love this. Wow what a cool tune Elton is on fire 🔥

Ignore the haters. Makes me laugh all the haters coming on here slating the song. No one is making you listen to it or maybe you are just jealous of there success.

More lift music. More lift music

Fun. I really like it. Catchy, I mean a lot of the Xmas songs out there aren't song writing masterpieces are they, they've just become Xmas classics!

Ew. Potentially the ugliest 2 in music

Hmm. Sounds as bad as watching both of them make love by the fire

Love it.. Great Christmas song. Happy, bouncy, jingle bells etc. Makes me feel good despite all the awful things going on around us.

Love it. I genuinely love this song - 2 great artists

Literal garbage. How do people sit and listen to this crap?

DROSS. I remember when this was the most sought after place in the charts Xmas number 1 which most were not too bad sometimes they were dreadful and not very memorable like mr blobby I’m afraid to say this falls into that category it is dreadful and the two “superstars” involved should be ashamed it’s definitely not a Mariah

Amazing!. Xmas no 1

Fun for Christmas. Catchy escapist tune in these torrid times.

Amazing! Festive! Solid Christmas Song. Love love love love love 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Banger. Certified Christmas slapper

Behave Grinches this is a great Christmas Tune !. Some of the reviews slate this song but come on it’s got all the stuff you need for a great Christmas tune, it’s cheesy, it has bells, catchy lyrics and it’s cheerful after nearly 2 years of lockdowns and the toll the pandemic has taken on everyone this just brings a cheerful tune with a mention of the pandemic within the song but hope for the future so for all those Grinches please don’t bother leaving crappy reviews go and be miserable somewhere else, life’s too short !

Geoff. Awesome song please god it replaces Noddy as the go to song.


Dug Meat. I think Ed Sheerin is a social experiment - he can release any old rubbish and people will lap it up.

Bland. Bland

Lilo. Elton that is a great name! For A song

Your music is dead. Boring ,Elton you’ve had your day give up

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