Donda by Kanye West

Donda [Kanye West] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Donda Chant 0:52
2.Jail 4:57
3.God Breathed 5:33
4.Off The Grid 5:39
5.Hurricane 4:03
6.Praise God 3:46
7.Jonah 3:15
8.Ok Ok 3:24
9.Junya 2:27
10.Believe What I Say 4:02
11.24 3:17
12.Remote Control 3:18
13.Moon 2:36
14.Heaven And Hell 2:25
15.Donda 2:08
16.Keep My Spirit Alive 3:41
17.Jesus Lord 8:58
18.New Again 3:03
19.Tell The Vision 1:44
20.Lord I Need You 2:42
21.Pure Souls 5:58
22.Come To Life 5:10
23.No Child Left Behind 2:58
24.Jail Pt 2 4:57
25.Ok Ok Pt 2 3:24
26.Junya Pt 2 3:02
27.Jesus Lord Pt 211:30

"Donda" is the tenth studio album by Kanye West. It is named after West's late mother, Donda West. The album was released to digital download and streaming on August 29, 2021 through GOOD Music and distributed by Def Jam Recordings. The album was initially set to be released on July 24, 2020, but was later delayed indefinitely. Multiple sources, including Def Jam, announced a July 23, 2021 release date; the album remained unreleased on that date. Release dates between August 6 and August 15 were speculated, including being listed on the music services iTunes and Apple Music. These dates were later revised to August 20, and later changed again to August 27, with the latter date also announced by West's manager, Bu Thiam. Following a listening party at Soldier Field on August 27, the album was released on August 29.

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Donda by Kanye West Album Reviews

- it’s pretty good

it’s pretty good

- Awesome


- Masterpiece

He definitely incorporated every Kanye West Project Into One

- A true great piece of work

This album by far has to be one of the greatest albums released this year. Kanye West has really shown his current capabilities and I heavily and strongly believe that it deserves its praise and appealing that it has received. 10/10 flawless album.

- better than clb

it’s just better

- Another Essential Album

I totally gets it. Nice work. Genius

- Hip-Hop Praise Masterpiece

Yeah, there’s no point raising eyebrows and using stuffy words to describe the album. It’s just so good, so important, almost perfect — and will age like wine. Enjoy it, people. This is peak Ye. This is what artistic people who love and try hard and believe in God — ‘that sound like a CHOICE’ — needed badly.

- “DONDA” Rating: Stream it

Keep in mind this album ain’t for hard core Hip Hop fans because of the gospel theme. The reason is because this where Kanye has been in his life in recent years & it's a tribute to his late mother, Dr. Donda West. The tracks are an improvement then his last two solo albums, while the instrumentals sound good in witch they sound like a smash up of "Yeezus" and "Life of Pablo”. For what it is, it has a good balance of older & younger artists to make the album relevant. Personally I won’t buy it ,but I enjoy the instrumental production & the features so I give a rating of “Stream it”.

- Religion ruins everything!

Proof religion ruins everything!

- Excellent


- When does it stop

Kanye West is no music artist. I can’t stand him for five seconds and he only ever made the kardashians look downgraded.

- Great song

I love this song.

- Really Fantastic!

Thank you Mr. West. May God continue to bless your great works of art. This is just pure artistry right here. I don't care how many names or personalities or inner egos they claim you have, you are a musical wizard. I love so many songs on this. I still think you have room to grow and continue sharpening your craft. So many great collaborations. Hurricane, New Again, Lord I Need You, Come To Life and Pure Souls are my favorites off this album. I find it funny that many of those that found it popular to slam you and call you trash are still playing your music, going out to your shows and jamming with you. Oh the irony! They'll turn full circle if you continue to slay them dragons.

- Exceptional Performance

Very Satisfied with Kanye’s 10th project.

- Why, just why?

Repetitive auto tuned pop-slop. True waste of time.

- Masterpiece

Start to finish perfection. Ye can’t miss and he definitely didn’t on this one.

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


- The legend continues.

I can hear all of Kanyes projects in this one. Unfortunately I know the ones that need to listen will sleep on it like they did 'Off-Season'. Kanye West has continued to evolve with the changes and has adapted to the new sounds, mixed it with his genius creativity, and destroyed his competition. You don't need the whole world Ye'. We still hear you, and you still killing it. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK BREDREN, FR. ✊🏽😌

- Jesus is King

Best album ever! Every song is phenomenal! God continue to bless Ye!

- Loved it

Amazing album. Timeless

- Perfect

This album is so good it’s hard to explain. That said if you aren’t following God or seeking to follow God it’s probably not going to resonate. This is the only Ye album I own and I am not a rap or hip hop aficionado but I want Ye to stay the course. He’s full of demons like all of us but he’s trying so hard to fight them off and you can hear it in every track. Amazing album for times like these.

- Pure Music

Donda Kanye West’s latest project is incredible to me the rollout was good with listening parties and with each listening party the album came into its own. Verses were changed, songs were added / removed. We saw the album evolve into something great. From Donda Chant to Jesus Lord Pt2 there’s only a few bad tracks. I like 24 out of 27 songs but some of the songs just have bad moments. Like the last half of “Pure Souls” is really not needed at all. The last two minutes of “God Breathed” is unnecessary. I just feel like this album has too many songs and too many idea being thrown around. For the most part I like the idea of “Pt2” songs but here it’s just not done right. But for the most part this album is great i’d personally give it 8.5/10

- 😃

the best album in the world!!!!



- Possibly my favorite Ye Album

Titles says it’s all



- lol what

flop and a half lol

- Masterpiece.

Album of the year

- Phenomenal

Praise God!

- Fye

It’s literally fye bro. GOAT

- I absolutely love this album

I really don’t understand why would anyone put so much effort into being negative with their comments about this album. Even if I didn’t love the album I wouldn’t write anything negative. I’m proud of Kanye.. He’s bringing people closer to God.

- Donda

Donda donda donda donda, donda donda, donda donda donda donda donda donda, donda, donda donda donda donda donda donda donda donda donda donda donda donda donda donda donda, donda donda, donda donda donda, donda donda donda donda donda donda donda donda donda donda, donda donda, donda, donda

- Bless him Lord Jesus 🙏🏾✝️🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

This is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Awesome album Brother Kanye.

- 10/10 album

Great features meaningful message Ye outdid himself

- Crap

What is this complete garbage?

- Best Kanye album

Best hip hop album of all time

- They playin soccer in my backyard

I think I see Messi

- i love ittt!

Thank u Kanye 🔥🔥

- Six

Six songs I enjoy that’s all . I’ll never listen to anything that 11:30 minutes long I’m good. The part 2’s were better than the ones .


"Make Me New Again" Give it a listen, I think you'll enjoy if you enjoy albums with an actual theme or purpose, that takes advantage of album sequencing, brilliant instrumentation, musical production, Lyrics for Longevity & overall human emotion. I love how Kanye drops new albums every couple years and it's like a big thing. Like, no matter who you are, when Kanye drops an album, YOU KNOW when Kanye drops an album. He doesn't even need to rap, it's more a hobby & moneymaker at this point. His business, Yeezy, and his plans to create architecture for the public in Wyoming are more than enough content for a TV show or Youtube Series, like Liza Koshy. It'd be very popular very fast, especially with guest appearances and the music alone speaks for itself. Maybe not Peak Ye, but still Ye.

- Great album

One of his best by far. Clearly the people hating on it is only truly because of their distaste of the fact that he sings to Jesus. Get over it and enjoy the music.

- Donda.

Flawless album from the goat

- Donda

This album is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Disappointing

I just really didn't enjoy anything on here. I tried. I tried to dig in and actually listen to the lyrics, I tried to just feel it, I tried all different ways and just couldn't come to a point where I enjoyed any part of this album. He hasn't put anything good out in quite awhile.

- beautiful, yet unpolished

finished product has some diamonds, but too long like the vision was unclear here. for an album titled after his mom, it is disrespectful to her legacy to include dababy and Marilyn Manson on this when they have their own issues revolving around hateful rhetoric.



- I love it

I love it 5 out of 5 stars Also much better than CLB

- Album is only hype

It’s a HARD NO for me.

- Completely Unlistenable

I tried to give this album a chance ..unfortunately this is what I expected..Complete trash!!!🗑Pretty sad 27 songs from a so called “legend” continues to disappoint.Anyone who can get through a song without their ears bleeding is completely insane.Even God himself I have a pair of ear protection to drown out this audible disaster. I’m not hating because he’s a sociopath or rapper trying to be a singer I’m just going on to the fact that literally does project there’s a complete nightmare and no other artist which is not featured can help this album.

- Ye is a genius

What else can I say

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- Transcendent music

Some of Ye’s best songs are on this masterpiece. A beautiful listen from start to finish. Donda is a great way to start his 3rd decade of classics for the culture... Drake could never.

- Aoty


- donda


- Donda

Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda Donda

- Aoty

True work of art.

- Donda

Will be listened to for years to come

- It’s ok

The only good songs are off the grid because it’s real hip hop, ok ok pt 2 and hurricane. I would choose clb any day over this

- Classic

Always play this over Drake Certified failure boy.

- Donda


- Kanye west ~ Donda

This is the BEST album of the YEAR 2021…this will go down in history..FINALLY A GREAT BODY OF WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Gets better every time I listen

I fell like this album is going to age fine like fine wine … DONDA over CLB any day

- 10/10

Love it



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- Ye’s Album

I see the whole album as a very thoughtful and expressive reality of being a follower of God. I also liked the hype and the positive reactions and involvement from his followers and fans. God bless DONDA!!!

- Great

Great album

- Rubbish


- Life changing

Need I say more

- Groundbreaking

Truly some of his best work in years.

- album of the life

lil baby my favorite rapper⛷

- Donda

Brilliant album, features are great and the production is innovative,

- Ruined it with the update

Changing keep my spirit alive and come to life was not a good choice get that fixed ye

- Easily better than clb

Kanye Makes it interesting and switches it up on every track.

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