Human: The Double Album by Cody Johnson

Genre Country
Release 08 October 2021
Price $13.99
Tracks 18
Country USA
13.99 USD

Cody Johnson - Human: The Double Album Album Songs

No Song Title Time
1. Human 3:41
2. Honky Tonk Hardwood Floors 3:19
3. Sad Songs And Waltzes 3:32
4. 'Til You Can't 3:44
5. God Bless The Boy (Cori's Song) 3:26
6. Known For Loving You 2:45
7. Driveway 2:47
8. Son Of A Ramblin' Man 3:12
9. I Always Wanted To 5:01
10. I Don't Know A Thing About Love 3:42
11. Longer Than She Did 3:18
12. Made A Home 3:25
13. Let's Build A Fire 2:56
14. When It Comes To You 3:36
15. Treasure 3:14
16. Stronger 3:14
17. Cowboy Scale Of 1 To 10 2:55
18. By Your Grace 3:58

Human: The Double Album by Cody Johnson Album Reviews

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5 star without a doubt. Cody Johnson is the best by far

Raw. Man, he is original and a classic!!!

Wow!!!. I was beyond impressed with this album!!! Real country, good songs !

What. Yikes

WOW!. Amazing COUNTRY music. You will not be disappointed with every song on this album.

The best. Album of the year

BEST!!. Real talent right here! Actually able to tell the story he is singing about

‘Til You Can’t. I love all of ur songs. My absolute favorite is ‘Til You Can’t . I can really feel what that song means .Every time I hear it I think about all the times I wished I did something with the people who aren’t hear anymore. I hope you keep writing and singing great songs.

Only criticism being length is a good thing. Good album. Doesn’t look great that it’s called a double album just for attention, but it doesn’t matter. Nice record. I like Johnson now.

Now this is country. This is how country use to be and thanks to Cody we get to enjoy some nowadays as well! Keep up the great work! COJO NATION

Great album. One the few albums that are actually great country music a lot of the reviews are against how long the album is but I actually like it

Amazing!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. He is an amazing singer. He’s always making new music and he’s just overall is great

What a record!!!!. Song after song after song…. Soooo good!!

Great. This is real county music

Real raw genuine country music. Cody is the man. This is the music we’ve needed!!! Till you can’t.. by your grace… longer than she did… HUMAN!!!

5 star two thumbs up REAL country music.. Cody Johnson has yet to disappoint. Fantastic new music. Human and I Always Wanted To are simply amazing.

Real country…genuine artist. Cody is the real deal bringing back real country music. Gotta have a fiddle in the band…and he does. He is even better live. Great album

Pure country. Cody is the real deal. This is an excellent album!

I remember when.... … a release of this length was just a single album. If you’re going to release a double album, make it a true double-length release. Otherwise it’s just a disingenuous marketing ploy.

Best Album…Love it!. Cody Johnson thank you for keeping it Country . Every Single Song Is Excellent ❤️❤️💙💙💙

Real Music. Country music isn’t dead!!!

Real Country. No real standout song, but a great must listen to album 🇺🇸

Great album. He’s criminally underrated on a national stage and doesn’t get the respect he deserves as a true country artist.

A top artist. CJ is easily one of todays top country music artists. So incredibly talented. Excellent album!

Best album yet!. This double album is probably the best one he’s done so far!! Can’t decide which song is my favorite!

Amazing.. Wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do.

Cojo Nation. Best current country artist to date no doubt!! Bringin county music back!

The Best. Incredible Country music, with a purpose and meaning.

love it. til you can't

nope. The Single Album. just 18 tracks spread across two discs - disc one 9 tracks 32min, disc two 9 tracks 31 minutes. Both could have fit on a single disc with room to spare for more songs. (CDs can hold 80 minutes)

He keeps the raw talent going and going. In a world of pop and rap with country elements mixed and called country, we still have artists throwing out pure country music. CMA and AMA are driving the nails in the coffin of country music by nominating pop crap for the awards instead of this😡😡. We love you Cody and thank you for staying true to your Texas Red Dirt country roots.🙏

Actually Country. I'm not a fan of modern country, although I believe there's a place at the table for everyone and understand that while it's not my thing, its popularity means it obviously connects with a lot of people, which has always been the number one goal of commerical country music. That said, Cody Johnson proves you can still be 21st century but pure country—and not just from a nostalgic "these are my roots" mentality. Listening to this album, the first thing that stands out is his voice. Again, not to harp on other country artists, but these days I feel like everyone is trying for a certain sound or to sound like someone else. Maybe it's becasue of all the reality singing competition shows or all the covers people post on YouTube and TikTok, but, to me, it's kind of rare that someone with a distinct but genuine voice comes along. I find myself wanting to compare him to, like, a George Strait. But even that's not quite right. I think he has his own sound. It's a strong, manly, country voice, but it has a lot of depth and color to it. It's not nasally or whiny. It's not forcefully gritty or affected. It's just a great, powerful, sound. The second thing that stands out listening to this is the songwriting. Again, he hits the mark. These songs have depth. They're singable and memorable, sometimes rambunctious and sometimes tender, but they're not gimmicky or trying to be so profound that they come off as cheesy. No, these songs seem authentic and personal. He really knows what he's doing, and I buy into it. Thirdly, the production is really good. I mean, the album sounds fantastic through my speakers. The mixing is great, and it puts his voice front and center without taking anything away from the other musicians. Finally, I have to say I like that Cody looks like a country star. What I mean by that is that in the past few years, there's been a slew of country artists who look like people you'd run into at Walmart on any given Friday night. And I get it. That's relatable. But, not to sound old-fashioned, there's something respectable about someone who presents himself like a bonafide star. He doesn't seem cocky or overly primped, just, again, genuinely country and well groomed. I started listening to this album after I saw a couple of the acoustic covers he did on YouTube. I have much respect for him and his music. This ablum is great, and I look forward to hearing more. I think hits all the right notes, literally and figuratively.

Love it ❤️❤️❤️. Just what we need these days, wholesome songs 🌻

Love it!. Great country songs, storytelling & vocals = a great album!

Amazing!. I loved all of Cody’s other albums .... but this album is top notch. You can sing along, cry, dance, just chill and listen. It’s what country music is supposed to be. Deserves album of the year, male vocalist, single and all the other categories that are out there. Fantastic back up singers, vocals and instrumentals on this album. Thank you Cody.

Absolutely Incredible. This album is everything that is right with country music and Cody Johnson is immensely talented. Thank you Cody for doing what you do and keeping true country music alive. For that, I will always be a fan. Been following Cody since the rodeo days…he’s the real deal.

Nothing original. Looks like a Garth Brooks clone.

Take note Nashville this is how it’s done.. Cody Johnson is one of the best country artist to date, love the past albums and this new one. This is real country not that pop radio crap you always hear. Thank for Cody for keeping country music true. Great album !!!

You got it. Love it . Good job

Best Country Album of the Year!. This is real country! Love every song on it! Keep up the good work!

Really Great Album. He has a nice smooth voice and great songs! I highly recommend this album to everyone I know!

I love country songs and these are amazing. I not one for all the country songs but these are awesome songs and I cant stop listening to them

5-Star Album by 5-Star Man. This is a 5-star album by a 5-star man. One of the good ones for sure. Purchasing the whole album to show support for this artist.

Zach. Hart

😴. All songs here sound like 5 cent bubblegum. His older albums are better. This is garbage. Although it did spit out a number one single which sounds like a Dan + Shay reject. I guess he jumped on the bubblegum band wagon. Not a fan anymore.

Cody Johnson 💙. Alright people stop hating. Y’all just need to stop if you don’t like it then go listen to something else, But if someone works their heart into a song and wants to share it to the world you better be dang thankful you can hear it . He is a very inspiring person and don’t just listen to the beats of the music listen to the words it has a lot of meaning so just give it some thought I know you do have your own opinions Bye 🤠

Human. True Country Music

Best album ever. I especially love Honky tonk hardwood floors i mean every Cody Johnson song I’ve listened to is great but that one just has something

Best new country album I’ve heard in a bit. Truly enjoyed every song on this double album. Of course, some more than others, but to have every song be a song that I’ll listen to repeatedly, is an accomplishment. And there are few albums with that kind of listen ability, while keeping it true to his roots. I’ll be playing this til I can’t. Thank you Cody! I did hear a few of these a few weeks back at his concert and was sold then on buying the whole album, instead of just some of the songs.

Love CoJo. Real country music!

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True moving country music. It’s country music at its finest! Not pop or rap crap!

Good country right here. Finally a new real country artist. Sounds great

Human: The Double Album (Cody Johnson Album) Comments

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