What A Song Can Do (Video Deluxe) by Lady A

What A Song Can Do (Video Deluxe) [Lady A] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Talk Of This Town 3:45
2.What A Song Can Do 3:41
3.Like A Lady 3:01
4.Things He Handed Down 3:18
5.Fire 3:14
6.Chance Of Rain 3:31
7.Worship What I Hate 4:20
8.Where Would I Be 3:43
9.Friends Don't Let Friends (feat. Ca... 3:32
10.In Waves 3:22
11.You Keep Thinking That 3:01
12.Be That For You 4:43
13.Workin' On This Love 3:50
14.Swore I Was Leaving 4:24

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What A Song Can Do (Video Deluxe) by Lady A Album Reviews

- Unlistenable

Lady A has been trying to chase the magic of the one song that made them famous only to realize they’re just not talented enough. But cool to see they’re not budging when it comes to stealing a name from a Black artist who had it long before they did! What better way to say “we’re fighting racism” than to steal a name from an already established Black female artist?! GOOD THINKING

- Don’t Support Sheep

Don’t support people who bow to the woke mob! There was nothing wrong with their original band name “Lady Antebellum”

- Only thing worse

Than woke, is fake woke.

- Water Down Songs

This is not great at all. Very generic.

- Garbage

Garbage and definitely not country.

- Lady Antebellum

Stealing from black artists. Typical klan mentality.

- Not like before

So sad you let the world dictate who you are

- Great Album

I'm not a fan of country but i love you guys.

- Not Anita White!!!

This is not Lady A. This is backround noise, watered down, pop country and the album should be called " What a Generic Song Can't Do"

- Lady A amazing!!

Wow there is some haters on here…do not let them keep you down…you will always be my favorite artists of any genre..you songs are so relatable!! Best music ever!!

- 🥱

16 tracks of a whole lot of nothing.

- Album cover is a perfect representation of failure

Look at their sad, deafeted faces on the album cover image. It's almost like they're asking themselves, "why did we bend the knee to people who don't even like our music?" That's a great question. Enjoy your irrelevance.

- Figures

Put some respect on the real Lady A’s name. This band ain’t it

- They sound like they stopped trying.

This not the energetic band that I saw in Nashville on music row years ago. They let pop sensibilities and social causes impact their music. They should step their game back up.

- Great record!

Back to their roots. This album is amazing! Loving Rain, Thinking, and Where Would I Be.

- Woke is a joke

Everything woke turns to……

- Spineless Sellouts

Lol. Lady A.

- It’s unfortunate

Not the vibe

- Awful

They steal from Black people. Don’t support these racist colonizers.

- Not country

All the songs are boring from this “woke” group. Time for them to retire and go protest something that the MSM told them to hate.

- Beautiful

Classic Melodies, harmonies, and songwriting are all part of Lady A’s sound. This album captures that all perfectly

- Confused

Just terrible

- Yikes

They’re still posing huh?

- Trash

Seems like they’ve been trending in the wrong direction their last couple albums. Get back to what made you famous in the first place and cut the woke garbage.

- Yuck

More crap, from a crap act.. Time to retire, or turn to acting

- Beautiful Album

People who can't see past a simple name change are insane. This is a beautiful album full of great songs.

- Sounds like woke whining

Any music I hear from them just sounds like woke whining. Hard pass.

- Dull

Plus quit taking from black people.

- Racist Group

Not cool to steal their name from a black artist and pretend that they’re doing it as a way to combat racism. Completely hypocritical. Don’t support fakes.

- Not what is expected.

Something is very off here.

- Go Away

You haven't been relevant since 2011 and you're not relevant now.

- Great album! Can’t stop listening to new songs!

Beware of fake reviews calling them woke. If you don’t agreed with them, don’t buy and you will miss a great album!

- Love these guys!

I’m so happy they’re still bringing out music! They are so talented and it’s easy to see they love what they do! 😃

- Will no longer support them or listen to their music

It is so not fair that they stole the name from a innocent black lady whose name was already Lady A. Shame on them. I’m not for Black Lives Matter, I’m just saying that it’s not fair that they stole a name from someone. Now, the original Lady A may or may not have lost her career just because of these a**holes. They have no shame.

- Love Lady A

Glad to hear there music again

- Love this Album

This music style is what we fell in love with, please make the next Album with this style. Lady Antebellum brings back the great memories

- Great music


- Mediocre

Not great, I think they worried to much about their name and being “woke”. They had a great name and wonderful songs, both are now pedestrian.

- Grade A

From Lady A. Keep up the great work!

- Lady A is an African-American blues artist

Congrats on erasing the black female artist who used this title for years in your pursuit of wokeness. How proud you must be of your win.

- Good Album

Love it.

- Great Return to Basics

This album is a return to their simpler music and soaring harmonies. A great listen. To those complaining about “woke” get off your confederate low horse, no one wants to hear about it. To those complaining about the name change, they trademarked the name 15 years ago. Anita White never trademarked it, so she has no right to complain about the band using their own trademarked name.

- So far I like it.

They are playing them all on siris Xm right now. Loving it. So many songs too. Great to have you back with some new stuff. Way to go guys! 🥰

- Terrible album

There’s not one song on here worth buying, very big disappointment, sad.

- lady antebell… um?

a D-tier group attempts to cling to relevancy with another so-so album after ditching their racist name & stealing their new one from a black artist. don’t support this group, give your money to artists with integrity.

- Racist fake band!

Stole name from the real lady A

- Incredible

They’re just as incredible as they’ve always been!

- Retire already

Lost me as a fan over name theft

- Ignore the hateful people here.

Antebellum It means time before the conflict. It’s not hard to see why anyone with a heart and half a conscience would change it when considering it’s meaning to anyone not yourself. But that’s ‘merica…….. people always need a chance to grow. They did. Try it yourself.

- Two Stars Because …….

The music is Lady Antebellum through and through and I love their music but I bought all seven songs from “Part A” and then now that the whole thing is out, there’s no option to download the other songs other than individually or paying full price for the album for seven songs I already paid for. That’s not right. Fix this iTunes, band, label, whoever.

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- Forget it

Find it hard to take these people serious now , jump to being woke as it was seen to be thing to do , change your name just in case it offended anyone , then take the name of an existing Black Female singer and no doubt put their lawyers on it. As for the music bland with no cutting edge just in case it offends

- Fantastic album

Really appalling that other comments have not focused on the music but rather on the band changing their name. Says it all I guess about the other reviews.

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