Now And Then by Paul Stanley's Soul Station

Now And Then [Paul Stanley's Soul Station] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Could It Be I'm Falling In Love 4:01
2.I Do 3:11
3.I, Oh I 3:17
4.Ooo Baby Baby 3:07
5.O-O-H Child 3:43
6.Save Me (From You) 3:31
7.Just My Imagination (Running Away W... 3:55
8.Whenever You're Ready (I'm Here) 3:04
9.The Tracks Of My Tears 3:03
10.Let's Stay Together 3:48
11.La-La – Means I Love You 4:00
12.Lorelei 3:09
13.You Are Everything 3:47
14.Baby I Need Your Loving 3:04

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Now And Then by Paul Stanley's Soul Station Album Reviews

- New Avenue For Paul!

I love what I hear so far in Ohh Child, can’t wait to hear the rest. I think he sounds great! As a loyal KISS fan since the 70’s (they were my first concert in 1979) and loving his voice as their front man, I am glad to see him relax into another avenue of music. I love Motown, R&B, etc, so to see one of my favorite rockers go down this road and show another side of himself is so awesome!

- Embarrassing

What a joke!

- Pure indulgent crap

No way I’m spending any money on this forgettable crap

- Why Not?

Hey why not? Paul Stanley has paid his musical dues and at this point in his career he can play whatever music he wants to. He definately has the voice for Motown and R&B in general for sure. "Experimental" albums such as this one have revived or extended the careers of many of Paul Stanley's contemporaries such as Rod Stewart and Phil Collins. While it is hard to judge an entire album based on one song, my guess is, knowing Paul Stanley, the rest of the album will be a winner as well.

- Been a fan

Grew up on kiss.Always been a fan. Really love what I am hearing and seeing now on this album.keep up the good work Paul. Been to the last 2 kiss concerts in Raleigh and hope to make next one at Walnut Creek in sept 2021. Stay safe out there!!!

- The origins of Rock and Roll

I don’t think some KISS fans understand the ingredients that go into making a rock band. You must have Elvis and with that MOTOWN, the Blues, R&B and even a little country. All of it lead to what we call Rock after Ike Turner pumped out “Rocket 88” at Sun Studios. Paul Stanley has been around for over 70 years and remembers hearing these songs when he was a kid and they stuck with him and I think it’s great that he’s bringing them to the next generation! This is a great album to put on while cooking, cleaning the house or cruising a convertible down the strip. Good job Paul and the band!

- Not for Nothing.

Thing is I know this is a pre order but I wish I could at least be able to preview the one song available for purchase. What gives? This is the only pre order I ever came across that did that. It doesn’t give me much confidence in this that they disabled you at least previewing the song. Not the way to go Paul & yes I was interested in this.

- Great Versions.

This is the music I grew up with. Great job, Paul.

- 🤢


- Terrible


- You go Paul!!

Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!!

- Paul is versatile 🎼🎶

I grew up on all kinds of music from Motown to hard rock. I was always taught to have an open mind in all music if it’s junk than so be it. But Paul has jump to a new level in this album. Ive u tubed some songs and you can see where Paul brings out his talent with this group. This guy can start a new life after KISS. Remember Paul Stanley does have an after life. F.E.2

- Different

Wow Paul Stanley going to the Motown days, it’s different not bad, can’t wait to hear the rest of the album...

- Mind Blowing

I’ve been a fan of Paul’s most of my life. Been singing along with him for as long as I can remember. When I heard him sing just now, time stood still as I reveled in his newest creation. Talk about light in the darkness, we needed this. Thank you for sharing your gift!!

- MusicMan523

Absolutely Brilliant...And he nailed the Vibe perfectly on the original song he wrote.I'M a huge KISS fan but I'm also a big Motown fan.This is the best of both worlds.Pay no attention to the negative reviews here.They are comments made by people who have no clue about music or Interpretations of classics.This is a winner hands down.Got my preorder all set

- Bold

Wow! If you would have suggested Paul Stanley could pull off a mowtown album, I would have your sanity checked. Guess what? He has. Only 3 songs available but he does a great job! It is refreshing to hear Paul reach back in his musical roots while doing something daring in his latter years. 30 years ago, this would be laughed at but now it is refreshing. Way to go Paul!

- Back to the beginnings....

Very cool of him to venture outside of what he’s known for. From what I’ve heard, it suits his voice. He was fantastic when he did, “Phantom” & I’m sure this will be just as impressive live. It’s nice to see Eric doing this with him...not to mention all the heavy hitting musicians he’s got. Well done & looking forward to it.

- Fantastic

Guys come on, Paul is showing he is ALL about music, liking diferent styles. He enjoys R&B and why not let him do his thing. I think the album is fantastic. Good bunch of musicians, and background singers. Nice to see Kiss Drummer Eric SInger playing smooth R&B grooves. I think its 2 huge thumbs up.

- Nope

Sorry Paul.

- I really like this

Will be proud to add this to my music library. Mr. Stanley, take a bow.

- Yess!!!!

Been a fan of Paul Stanley since 1977 and I was four years old back then. I always thought that he had an amazing voice!!! 😊❤️

- [email protected] the haters

Paul has shown true musical talent and took to a new level. I loved this and will buy the album when it’s available. Haters can KISS OFF!!!

- Following Robert Plant

Robert Plant explored various genres as a solo artist and really rocked the acoustic blues, yet many Led Zep fans couldn’t handle it. Paul Stanley excels vocally with these fun tunes, classics and a few originals. It may not be for KISS fans, but if you love music, especially music that was at the roots of rock n roll, then you’ll love this album.

- Yes Yes Yeeeeesssss!!!!

If the first released track is any indicator then Paul and the band have knocked it out of the park!! I’m a Kiss fan but I grew up on Philly Soul and the vocals and arrangements pay respect to their roots and bring new life to them too! God willing you will all be able to tour eventually as there’s nothing like experiencing this kind of music in person. Sincere thanks for putting this together and I so look forward to the album. 😊👍

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