Dangerous: The Double Album by Morgan Wallen

Genre Country
Release 08 January 2021
Price $14.99
Tracks 30
Country USA
14.99 USD

Morgan Wallen - Dangerous: The Double Album Album Songs

No Song Title Time
D1-1 Sand In My Boots 3:22
D1-2 Wasted On You 2:58
D1-3 Somebody’s Problem 2:41
D1-4 More Surprised Than Me 2:37
D1-5 865 3:10
D1-6 Warning 2:36
D1-7 Neon Eyes 3:46
D1-8 Outlaw (feat. Ben Burgess) 3:49
D1-9 Whiskey’d My Way 3:00
D1-10 Wonderin’ Bout The Wind 3:02
D1-11 Your Bartender 3:05
D1-12 Only Thing That’s Gone (feat. Chris... 3:16
D1-13 Cover Me Up 4:53
D1-14 7 Summers 3:30
D1-15 More Than My Hometown 3:36
D2-1 Still Goin Down 3:06
D2-2 Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt 3:05
D2-3 Dangerous 2:27
D2-4 Beer Don’t 3:16
D2-5 Blame It On Me 2:42
D2-6 Somethin’ Country 2:52
D2-7 This Bar 3:05
D2-8 Country A$$ Shit 3:06
D2-9 Whatcha Think Of Country Now 3:02
D2-10 Me On Whiskey 3:30
D2-11 Need A Boat 3:05
D2-12 Silverado For Sale 3:44
D2-13 Heartless (Wallen Album Mix) 2:49
D2-14 Livin’ The Dream 3:59
D2-15 Quittin’ Time 3:44

Dangerous: The Double Album by Morgan Wallen Album Reviews

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Go Morgan. No one can stop you !!!!!!

AMAZING. This album is soooo good! A DOUBLE album and all songs are straight FIRE!! Good Job! MW is the hottest in Country music at this time and I can't WAIT until we can go to concert's again. He will be selling out stadiums.

Morgen is the best!!!. Keep going buddy. Your music is awesome!! Your doing great! Don’t listen to the haters your the best!!!😎

Karlyn. Love

Wow- A double album of hits!. This guy is something special.

Best album!!. I love all of the music; not a bad song on it!

#istandformorganwallen. Amazing Artist, Amazing Album- such a shame what he is going through for something he said that was not targeting harm to anyone or was not used as a racial slur

Perfect♥️♥️. I don’t care what they think cause I think you are amazing and are really talented I hope you don’t care what the haters think you should just do you and never stop

LOVE your songs. The songs that you sing are so relatable. I love them and I love your voice. You’re one of my favorite artists right now. Keep it up!

Love This Guy. Thanks for making great music! I would give more than 5 stars if I could.

Absolutely Fabulous. A wonderful album from the first song to the last.

AMAZING. The whole ALBUM! 😍

Worth every penny. Beautiful Work Morgan

5 stars no matter the haters. Liven the dream, heartless, dangerous, sand in my boots, and wasted on you are just barely my favorites. All the people that put no stars are fat communists who don’t belong in this wonderful country🇺🇸

❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥. He is sooo country

🤩. Ok not only is this guy a great singer but he got some good looks. He is really cute. His songs just make me feel so inspired and out in the world if that makes sense🥰🥰😍🥰🥰😘😍🥰😘❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love your music so much. Morgan you are the best artist out there and I want to say that you can’t beat anyone and you need to keep making more and more music I love your music so much 😘😍😊🥰😻🤟🏼😽❤️😘😍😊🥰💕💙💜💗🖤💛💖💞💚❣️💓😻🧡💘💝🤟🏼😽💟💌🤍🤎❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹☺️plus my favorite song I 365. I want tickets to your concert how much are they

New Fan for life. Best country Album in decades by far. Voice and soulful sound is amazing. And to all you haters who judge a person by a greedy neighbor making a dime off of him when your own music has that nasty word in it should not judge. Look at yourself in the mirror. Keep on keeping on Morgan!!!!

MW is where it’s at. I love Morgan Wallen so much!!!for chillin’ on a dirt road to livin’ it up Morgan Wallen is where it’s at

Obsessed. ❤️❤️❤️

❤️. 🔥🔥🔥

Obsessed. Completely obsessed. All American guy, talented and so happy I was introduced to him over almost 2 years ago. I don’t particularly like country, but he’s my only exception and I can’t get enough! ❤️❤️

Read this please( to the end ). Amazing album been listening since the day it hit and hey if you’re reading this it isn’t his fault he came out and admitted he had been on a 72 hour bender no I don’t agree with what he said but he shouldn’t suffer for a generation long mistake I bet every country star has said something regretful drunk even if you don’t want to admit it you know it’s true don’t let his music suffer( keep it up Morgan )

So jealous. My girlfriend loves you and you look and sound awesome your so talented I wish I could be like you your my inspiration. Never shave the mullet

Great album. Definitely a must buy.

Wonderful. Could listen to these all day!

One of the best. This is one of the best albums in recent country music. A young guy keeping country music alive.

Finally some good country music. Finally some good country music

Amazing!!!. Love this album. It’s been on repeat. This whole album is great. Only artist that sounds country. Love you MW

Awesome. One of the best artists ever and for the people who don’t like it shut up

Nashville bound!. Obsessed with Morgan and his music!!! Best country music right now!!!

Awesome!. Love it!

He’s got to be the best country artist right now. Neon eyes and still goin down are so underrated

Great Album. This is the first Country album in a while that I can listen to every song and love every one of them.

MW. MW is the man! Hit after hit! Keep up the great work brotha!

Number one!!. Not one bad song!! I support you Morgan!! Keep it up!! 💜

Yesssss 😍. i love this album!! this album is one of very few that i love every song on it! 10/10 recommend. great job Morgan!

Ain’t no one More Surprised Than Me. In a good way that he has held the number one album nationwide for 9 straight weeks. Such awesome music; better than rap and pop.🤠

Best country 🔥🔥🔥. This is the most amazing country singer and the most inspiring music keep up the good work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Amazing. Best country out there!

Love it!!. Great music!

I sing. I sing all of your songs

🤢. This is the worst album I’ve ever heard. Do your ears a favor and go listen to AC/DC

5+ STARS. Love you and your music!!!!!!

GO MORGAN. Morgan I love all of your song they make me so so so happy I love 865 and cover me up

Great album. One of the best country singers out there.


The BEST. Love!!

Cringe-level bad. I can’t find one song that stands out. It’s such a mess. Bad writing, bad production, and boring. I can’t believe anyone is giving this album a positive review?

ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. BEST ARTIST OF ALL TIME! He doesn't know how to write a bad song! The man is a genius 😍

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Awesome. Brought this album when it first came out, have played nothing sense this man does not have 1 bad song! Disappointed his 2 bonus songs are not on here.

Love 😍. Can’t get enough of this album! Morgan has blessed the world with his incredible voice yet again 😍

Amazing talent. What an incredible talent and album! Well done Morgan

Played it safe. Not dangerous in the slightest.

-1. If possible

Dangerous: The Double Album (Morgan Wallen Album) Comments

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