The Good Times and The Bad Ones by Why Don't We

The Good Times and The Bad Ones [Why Don't We] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Fallin’ (Adrenaline) 3:36
2.Slow Down 3:08
3.Lotus Inn 3:15
4.Be Myself 3:33
5.Love Song 2:31
6.Grey 4:37
7.For You 3:22
8.I’ll Be Okay 3:22
9.Look At Me 1:57
10.Stay 2:47
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The Good Times and The Bad Ones by Why Don't We Album Reviews

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- Amazing

Love the album already can’t wait for the rest of it


Look I love love the why don’t we boys so much so I know this album will be a major BOP and lead to an uprising in their career but I’m SUPER SUPER excited! 💕💕💕

- LoVe iT

I already love the album- tho it hasn’t come out yet I can feel. The boys have come so far in the fast 4years🥺😊✨ with lav and everything else. Love the boys



- By @seavey_aubrey_ or Aubrey Davis

Dear Why Don’t We, Out of all the songs and albums you guys have made as a band. This is the best one yet! I’m saying this because, us fans can hear it in your voices. The way you guys feel while telling us, anything about your new songs in the album. You can hear it in the way you guys sing. You know they are proud of who they are and what their music has become. I know they feel like their music is more powerful, has more meaning to it and to them, because it’s actually them. They sing it with more meaning. They feel more like themselves knowing this is them. That this isn’t someone’s else story to tell but them. The way they are releasing their songs for this album, you can tell they don’t want to shower us with who they have become, how their music has changed, and themselves grown. They needed to leave to find themselves, and not just that but who they wanted to be in their music. That’s something most artists can’t do, or just don’t want to. Some people think that they are just a young boy band. Their not boys anymore! They are young men in a band, and their book has just begun to have people turning back the pages to see how far they have come in so little time over the years. But this album is a new chapter with new pages. Also with new views of how to look at them from different angles. I love this band, and how they are growing together as a band. But they are not just a band to me. They have helped me so much. They have helped me get through the hardest year of my life! Which was last year, with their song “8 letters” I wouldn’t be who I am today. But these songs are “something different” guys, they really are! I’m so proud of you all! I’m so beyond happy seeing you and your guys music and selfies grow! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs on this album. AND THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK! 💙 ,love Aubrey Davis

- Chefs kiss 🤌🏼

They are the best chefs kiss ..they are amazing




the amount of time and work that the boys put in to this album. it’s so good. i have no words to describe it just how far the boys have come from years back.

- Love it


- Soo good

Ahhh! This is so good!!! They have come so far and their songs get better and better. Like when you think they can't get any better they do. I'm so proud of these boys!! I love it!! I honestly can't get enough! You don't even know how many times I've played it. It's no joke on repeat. Umm so yeah stream Fallin’ and Lotus Inn! When the album comes out stream that!!! Love you!!! Limelight forever!!❤️


This is my favorite boy band all their songs are amazing

- my boyssssss

y’all why is there a comment that says terrible album when it hasn’t been released yet😭💀OML

- Lotus inn

My new favorite song 🎶 I love this so much ❤️

- love it!!

the new band instrument approach is amazing so far <3

- Why don’t we

Yes new song a couple hours ago can’t wait til January 15 when they release it

- yes yes yes yes yes

lotus inn is so good what the heck


im so proud of the boys 🥺😭💗

- Why Don’t we Is The best

Why don’t We Is The best Because There being themselves & There personality’s are The best , Every American Boyband from this Generation has Broken up but Why don’t We just Keeps going Why Don’t We You 5 Are Awesome & Cool , Keep being The best & im Already ready this Album , Every why Don’t we Fan Please Stay with Why don’t we Because This New Why Dont We Chapter is Gonna be The best , Awesome Albums & Awesome Tours is On It’s way 💯💯💯💯💯

- Smashing Pumpkins

Slow Down is 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins. Great song from the 90s



- LOVE IT 🥺❤️


- My favorite people

I love the boys so much they have inspired me so much and have helped me through “The good times and the bad ones” they have saved me and helped me through so much there music has inspired me to sing.

- love them so much


- Cheyenne


- omg

if fallin is this good.... TGTATBO is gonna be awesomeeee

- Love this album!

Love this album so far! You guys worked so hard keep up the great work! I love you guys!❤️🙏🏻


everyone needs to check out this album!! i have always loved wdw but this album so far is insanely good


bae. yes.

- Amazing song!!

It was absolutely amazing. I honestly am pretty sure I started to tear up.

- Who put a one


- Lotus inn and Fallin’

Both of these songs are so amazing and I think could be loved by all. Fallin has some rock and Lotus inn has pop they are both amazing songs

- Limelight’s unite 🥰

I’m so hyped for this album! They’ve been working so hard and it’s shown by their 2 releases. Love you guys, keep up the incredible work! 😪


the talent 👏🙌

- Finally

I’ve been waiting for them to do something like this for years now. This album is gonna be amazing. Like if Fallin’ (Adrenaline) is this good can you imagine how good the rest of the album is gonna be??💕

- The best 2 songs I have ever heard

Fallin’ has some rock and pop mixed together, and Lotus Inn has some nostalgic pop, which I cannot get my head rid of! I can’t wait for the rest!

- Limelight’s 🤍

They are the best band I’ve ever heard. Wish them nothing but the best

- Finally!

Lotus inn is sooooooo good!! I can’t explain how amazing it is, they have come so far from their EPs and I want them to know how amazing they are! My new favorite song, love u WDW!

- Incredible!!!! What a boy R&B group!!

Just simply incredible!! Yess!! Let’s go love em so much!!!

- Love you guys

I love the boys so much!! I’ve only been a limelight for a few months but this band has led to so many new friends!! I am so happy for them and am so glad that they get to do this themselves! The boys are so talented and I think that they deserve so many good things! I hate that some people hate on them when they are trying very hard but I hope that all of the haters know that all of us limelight’s outnumber them and that we would do anything for these boys. I hope these boys know how many people they have helped and how awesome they are going start 2021 off because they are releasing this album. 💙💙💙💙

- 💗💗💗

all by yourself you guys wrote these songs. Pure talent. Muah 💋 -ray💗

- (:

it is just so good. it’s not what i was expecting at all but i loved it. i suggested these songs to my friend who’s never listen to them before and she said “loved it, the vocals and everythingggg” ;) go stream lotus inn. <3

- another 5 stars lol

these guys are so talented

- Best album yet.

I love to hear the first 2 songs of the album. I 100% recommend this to everyone. Not because I’m a limelight but the quality. I waited 8 months and I’m grateful. Fallin’ is a more rock type song and I love it. Lotus inn is more on the pop side. Both of these songs were absolutely amazing, I have them on all of my playlists. As far as I can see Why Don’t We is about to get their big break. Great quality amd I can’t wait for the album drop!

- All 3 songs

They’re all AWESOME!!!!!!

- Lotus Inn!!!

I Cannot explain how freaking excited I am for the rest of the album!!!!!! Lotus Inn was AMAZING!!!!! I am sooooooo proud of the boys and can’t wait to see what they do next! Much love boys! 😘❤️

- Lotus Inn and Fallin

love both of these songs!! can’t wait for the entire album! keep up the great work boys!

- It ok

I liked it

- Love It

Love every song that has been released!!!

- 10/10

I would recommend a good listen, whenever you have time.

- 💛Very Exciting!!💜

TGTATBO is gonna be incredible! When they came back for the first time in 2020 with Fallin’, it was insane. (I screamed when I heard them on the radio for the first time since 2017 for sm.d, which was at like 10pm) Even though they were trying to come back a little bit earlier, but because of the pandemic, they couldn’t, but at least they started getting back on social media platforms. It’s crazy how they have come this far. All of that hard work, sweat and tears, (awesome dance moves, of course lol) for us and their families and friends, (from them and their team) has really paid off. I’m sooo proud of them. I can’t wait for the album and what else they have in storage for us next! Good luck for next year for everyone

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- So good!

I love this sooooo much I love you guys no homo



- Amazing singer!!

Amazing love every song they wright😍


A freaking masterpiece. Thank you Why Don’t We ♡

- beautiful

this album is so real. it’s amazing!

- Absolutely in love

I’m so proud of these guys, so far i’ve cried every time i listened to be myself, love song and grey

- Beautiful

The vocals and the mix of all their voices together are just incredible! This is some real talent especially considering they produced this themselves

- yes

they really popped off with this one🤩✌🏻

- Excitement😀

I’m so pumped for WHY DON’T WE’s New album TGTATBO this new album is going to be amazing one for the fans. And also I cannot wait to see them on tour again and perform there new album. WHY DON’T WE ROCKS!!!!!🤘

- Yesssss

Go offf

- Literally every song on this album is good. I cant choose my favourite!!🤍

U should listen to it 😏


Aahhhhhh I CANT WAIT

- Favorite album of 2021

I literally cried the whole time listening to this album. It is so beautiful! Why don’t we is so talented. Thank you for everything!

- masterpiece

i love every second of every song. carried out all of my emotions. the boys sounded amazing. everything was just perfect. i am so proud of the boys 🤍 i love you daniel seavey, corbyn besson, jonah marais, zach herron, and jack avery

- Disappointed

sounds like a generic pop song. expected something more

- Awesome!

I love these songs so much they are great and I defiantly recommend them ☺️☺️😊

- Proud limelight

I have been a fan sense the release of something different so I really got to see their vocals grow and their songs change from having a crush on someone to well 🍆🌮. I definitely recommend this album to anyone but there is some songs like look at me that focus on sexual stuff. Also I recommend listening to only the beginning by them then listening to this to hear the drastic change in vocals I am so proud of them. Also my favourite 3 songs are 1) Look at me 2) Stay 3 Love song or I’ll be ok


The guys worked so hard on this album and it really shows! Such great songs as always! 10/10 the wait was worth it ❤️

- Album of the year


- immaculate

First time I’ve ever felt so connected to music ☁️

- Exceptional talent in this album!!

This is definitely an album to be proud of!! Keep writing and producing your songs!! What amazing and raw talent you each bring to these songs!! What musical substance!!

- 😱

So good did not expect

- They’ve come so far

It’s incredible to see how much they’ve grown over the years. This album is the best music they’ve ever come out with. It’s truly a masterpiece. I’m so proud of them!!


i adore them and this entire album. you guys are amazing and im so FREAKIN PROUD!!!

- corbyn besson 😙

love it already. it’s perfect <3

- I love it

I love all the songs and it was no surprise that I was gonna love all the songs because I loved all their songs before this album came out 🥰

- 🕺🏼✨💜

I have seen these boys go through so much and I love how far they’ve came! This album is going to be one of the best! I love you guys and will forever continue to support you

- no skips

so goooooooooood. literally no skips ❤️



- 2021... you aren’t so bad

if my life ended right now... i wouldn’t even be mad because i got to experience this

- Awesomeeeeeee

love it

- Amazing! Best ALBUM EVER!!!

This album is sooo amazing!!!I just listened to all of the songs and I am in love with this album! Some of the songs made me cry, while others made my face light up in a big smile! I literally can’t stop smiling! I’m so happy that the boys from Why Don’t We released music that they wrote! They are so talented! I love you guys! Thank you for making my entire year!

- Best Album I’ve Heard In A While

I swear I never get sick of any of the songs no matter how many times I play. This album has zero skips and is a lyrical masterpiece and their vocals are everything. I love the album more and more as time goes by. Right now my faves are Grey, For You and I’ll Be Okay. But all of these songs are absolutely incredible, I’m mindblown and so proud of these boys that I’ve been supporting for the past 3 years!♥️

- mxchellehx

love itttt! 🤍


holy crap this album is EVERYTHING! i can’t explain how much this album means to me and how good it is! listening to it from fallin to stay is how you do it!!

- Masterpiece

The boys have worked so hard on this album so yeah. I love them so much and I love this album so enough said.

- The good times and the bad one

Its awesome!!! I love it


So excited for this album, i’d love to listen to the growth that they have achieved! Getting ready for a whole new era. :) - Z.B

- so good are you kidding


- The good times and the bad ones

Perfect !!!

- Wow


- I have been here since the start and will be here to the end a Lime light forever

I have been here since Taking You and i am so happy that fallin and lotus inn both got on the charts I love why dont we it is almost unhealthy but who cares #limelight

- Why Don’t We are awesome

Their music has always been helpful.

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- The best!!

Already loving this album and only heard two songs from it can’t wait for the 15th to hear the rest of the songs

- Why don’t we

Can’t wait to hear the rest of the Album

- Gorgeous

Album hasn’t even coke out and I’m obsessed. Jonah reply to my DM, also took your time boys, had a nice break at the start of 2020? x


I love the wdw boys and I love their music. I can’t wait for this! It’s going to be amazing and I can tell :) Also I love fallin :) I have already pre ordered the album :)

- excited

i can’t wait 😝😝 i know it’s gonna be AMAZING

- Amazing!!!!

Love the 3 songs already and can’t wait for the album to come out on the 15 of jan!!!

- Well done

I love these song already and I know the album will be amazing

- So excited!

I can't waittttttt!!!! This is going to be awesome!!

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Annie and Mia

So excited for the good times and the bad ones!! eeeee!!!.

Ren ♡ | alyssa’s day

@CVSLOWDOWN penis don’t we & the good times and the bad ones stans?.

Alexis Mayfield

@SeaveyDaniel The good times and the bad ones.

A R I A N N A | ²²

@fantobandd The Good Times and The Bad Ones by @whydontwemusic coming out January 15th.


I can already see it. The good times and the bad ones will be number one on iTunes. @ImZachHerron @JonahMarais @jackaverymusic @corbynbesson @SeaveyDaniel @whereiswdw @whydontwemusic .

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Nothing is fixed in life The bad times come and the good times do too The good times come and The bad ones do, too..


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The discography of Why Don't We, an American boy band consisting of Zach Herron, Jack Avery, Daniel Seavey, Corbyn Besson, and Jonah Marais. They have released two studio albums, six extended plays, sixteen music videos, twenty-six singles (including one as featured artist), and three promotional singles..

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