Medicine at Midnight by Foo Fighters

Medicine at Midnight [Foo Fighters] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Making A Fire 4:15
2.Shame Shame 4:17
3.Cloudspotter 3:53
4.Waiting On A War 4:13
5.Medicine At Midnight 3:29
6.No Son Of Mine 3:28
7.Holding Poison 4:24
8.Chasing Birds 4:12
9.Love Dies Young 4:21
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Medicine at Midnight by Foo Fighters Album Reviews

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- Haven’t heard a song I just saw Foo Fighters and thought that’s from jojo’s bizarre adventure

👍 aight

- Growing on me fast!

Life long Foo fan... I can always appreciate when a band evolves and keeps it fresh. Want the same ol same ol? A/C D/C and Green Day got you covered. That'a not to say they are bad bands but they arent on the Foo Fighters level. They rehash the same stuff and rock it well... Foo's dig a little deeper.

- Not one of their strongest efforts

The Foo Fighters have lost the rhythmic rock beat that drives their sound. The first 2 singels are on Medicine at Midnight are chaotic and unpolished. Love the band but this album so far misses the mark.

- Very. Different.

Grohl has already said in interviews that this song is not indicative of the entire record. I personally think the song is cool... and a band that doesn't explore other avenues...dies! This band is too good to stay pigeonholed in one place. The Foos are definitely innovative! I'm looking forward to the rest of the recored!

- No Shame

I love this single. It has a dark groove that I am drawn to. Is it hard rock, no but I will take it.

- Sad

This is not good! I’m just glad I saw the Foo’s in concert in 2011 during their Wasting Light tour. They peaked with Wasting Light. Every album released since then has been disappointing at best, with 1 or 2 songs that were decent.

- Can’t Base Rating Off ONE Track!

It’s pretty hilarious that people start bagging and bashing on an upcoming album just from hearing 1 song so far. This track sounds way different but I honestly love that it has an 80s retro vibe to it, yet also showcases the multi talent of Grohl and the guys’ writing ability, plus you still hear that original FOO when Dave starts to belt out his vocals. At least it’s not your typical auto tuned pop run of the mill over saturated genre that we hear sooooo much of today, or excess hip-hop with the “bragging” or dirty lyrical themes! I’m excited to hear more of this album and the talented onslaught the guys bring within it! God Bless you all :)

- It’s growing on me

I’ll be honest, I was not a huge fan when I first heard this song. But after listening to it a few times I’ve grown to like it! No it’s not my favorite song, but I still think it’s quite good! I went through the same thing with Concrete and Gold back in 2017. I didn’t think too much of it at first but the more I listened to it the more I enjoyed it! And the foos are still as talented as ever! As a Foo Fighters super fan I think it’s only fair for me to support this new work! And I’m sooo looking forward to the album! All I can say is good job guys! I’m stoked for more!

- I don’t care that they changed direction on purpose

The songs still aren’t good

- Shame Shame is exactly right.

First two tracks released are flat. Now that Waiting on a War has been released, I fear that the group has gone stale. 3rd single sounds like a reworked or left off tune from the "Nothing Left to Lose" period, which I'm fine with...but just wonder what's next after a triology of albums that are single driven, while albums lack substance. Wasting Light is the last great "album" these guys have managed to put out. Only certain artists can navigate multiple genres ... i.e. Bowie ... there's no "shame" in being like an AC/DC, and putting out straight rock.

- Amazing so far!!!!!!

Don’t listen to all the haters. All bands evolve and the foo fighters just keep getting better and better! These first two songs released are refreshing and amazing.My favorite so far is no son of mine. Can’t wait to see them in concert again when live shows come back. One of the best live bands there is! Keeep Rocking Dave and The Foos!

- Haven’t Been Good Since Wasting Light

Bland and boring.

- No Son of Mine

This album is seriously gonna rock

- Meh

It’s not a bad record, but it’s just not interesting. Not a single song is interesting. Is there a rule that says you need to lose intensity and get more bluesy as you get older?

- Love it!

Great music! Foo Fighters always exceed expectations! Can’t wait to have the full album.

- Good so far

Can’t wait to hear the rest. However, No Son of Mine is way better than Shame, Shame. IMO the latter should not have been the first single

- Good lord almighty

It’s defiantly a shame. U became Coldplay CraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! Pop seeeeeelllllllllll out!

- Digging it


- WOAW👌🏼

Waiting on a War is their best since Pretender . Banger

- Disappointed

Not impressed so far. Hope the album is better. No son of mine is the worst Foo fighters song I have ever heard. Waiting on a war - but honestly same song. Little effort given.

- Great live on SNL.

Not bad let’s hear the rest.

- Shame

I love the cool grove to Shame. Thank you FF for expanding your music catalog. I’m loving the new album

- Loving Waiting on a War and No Son of Mine

Can’t wait for the album

- Going a different route

I’m going to go a different route than other reviews. This song is good. It’s not hard rock old school foo fighters. But it’s not pop. It’s something different that has a good melody and beat. Bands that always shift to making what they did 20 years ago never sounds good. Bands that can create new sounds as they age always last. I’d rather have this than bad rock that is trying too hard and ends up not rocking. It’s happened with too many of my favorite bands and have some faith foo fighters (as one of the only rock bands I’d argue has lasted) knows what they are doing.

- When attempting to go more mainstream to sell more albums, you sold some of Foo Fighter's soul

The title says it all: you tried to change things up to appeal to the mainstream audience, took a risk and deviated from your genre, and "sold out" in a way by doing so. I think Kurt Cobain is face-palming in the spirit realm seeing what the Foo Fighters have turned into. Either way, putting this bias aside and listening to the songs trying to enjoy them, I had a hard time. Just not that good... Sorry!

- Awfully disappointing

Dave your voice is not made for pop.

- Sss-pit-tew🤮

America’s favorite rock group, hubs and I dubbed the Foo Fighters - and mine still, despite this single. It’s not even good Pop... so I don’t see it landing well anywhere. Eager to hear the rest of the album. *No stars b/c my plus column is empty🙁

- Wrong direction

I remember when Dave Grohl said he would only record with reel-to-reel tape, they obviously don’t anymore. Not to mention the song writing is just bad now

- More like the Poo Fighters on this album

Just feels uninspired. The band needs to take a few years break

- Not Typical

When FF make hook-driven songs, you hear people say they are getting formulaic. When they venture off and do something a little different to change things up a bit, people say they should make more stuff that sounds like their typical stuff... which is formulaic. You can't please every fan every time. Kudos for stepping out of the box and trying something new... even if I do like their older, harder stuff better.

- What's this? Some kind of joke?

The two songs released so far are aweful. Hope it gets better but normally the early releases are the best songs on album.

- Still Rocks

The first three previews bode well for the full release. lokk forward to 2/5/21 when the full album is available. Shame Shame was a bit poppy but the two other previews were five star Foo Fighters songs.

- Bizarre song

Given that the band is becoming the size of the Village People, there would be more to the song than this. This song is just not rockin’ enough. Looks like Grohl is going in a different direction with the band as this sounds like a continuation of the last album. Update: all 3 songs are terrible. Sounds like a Dave Grohl solo album.

- So far so good!

Preordered all ready! 🤘🏽

- Just not enjoyable

I’ve always loved the FF however these three releases just aren’t enjoyable. I think it’s good for a band to branch out with their music. They should do that... but they doesn’t mean they can’t fall flat doing it. I’ll listen to the whole album when it comes out but I can do without what I’ve heard so far.


I frickin don’t care what it sounds like. I like how it truly is. Idiot haters, don’t just come on here to hate. Wasting time on crap reviews does NOTHING. Keep up the good work!

- Save your money.

Save your money. And Just turn on Trump, They both just sound like A endless screaming Tantrum.

- Struggling through it to put 3 stars

More than 3 1/2 min into Waiting On A War and waiting for something to happen. Have to see what the rest holds but struggling through it.

- 🤢


- New Band who dis?

Sounds like the band wanted to pop out what sounds like a poor David Bowie Fame knockoff for the hell of it, Fame was catchy, so this is mildly catchy and that’s not saying much. I’ve been a fan an incredibly long time, I’m just glad I didn’t get the band tattoo because after the last three efforts I’d have it covered over. Bland, un-catchy, sub-par; three ways to describe the last three albums including this single, which if the last efforts are to be believed a tell-tale sign of what the rest of the album will sound like. I’ll be listening to Wasting Light and backwards from there, I really miss loving everything they put out.

- Awesome!

I actually really like this new album so far, my favorite song in it is probably shame.

- Digging it!

I really like all 3 songs to date. “Waiting on a war” has a classic Foo Fighters feel to it.

- Foo Fighters always ahead of the curve

Don’t listen to the haters. Dave knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s one of the best at what he does. I admit, the first single took me a few listens to grow on me. But after watching the music video made for it, it all made sense. I read this is going to be a big “chorus hook” sing-along record and I can’t wait! This is what the people need. Thanks Foo’s

- Love the evolution of Foo

Beautiful, heartfelt, full of energy.

- Second single

Better then the first

- New sound, same Foo

Love it. Does sound like Bowie but you’ve got to evolve and change it up or you’ll be the same ole same ole. Solid song and I can’t wait for the rest of the music.



- Awesome

I personally think it’s great that they are constantly growing and doing new things. I read all these negative reviews about how it sounds so different, but that’s what they were going for. I’m pretty open minded when it comes to music, so I love this. I actually loved shame shame. It’s pretty radically different sound wise, but again they knew they were doing that. But that song is a jam! Dave’s voice sounds great in that song. No son of mine is a banger, no doubt about that. The one thing that kind of bugged me were the back up vocals, but that’s a pretty small thing. It’s a great hard hitting foo song. Update: waiting on a war!!! While I don’t like the whole orchestra section, it’s such a beautiful song. I looovve Dave’s voice in this. So good. Plus the end of the song bangs, no doubt about it. I’ve been a long time foo fan. They’re the guys who got me into music in the first place. So grateful for these guys still putting good music into the world. Cannot wait for the rest of the album! It’s gonna be great just like every single other foo album. Rock on FF! 🤘🤘


Ya know, I’m totally ok with a band exploring new sounds as long as the lyrics are still good (example All Time Low with their 2017 album Last Young Renegade). But this, “Shame Shame” is just utter garbage.

- What the..

The only Foo album great from start to finish is the first album.

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- Poo fighter

One of my favourite all time bands but this song irritates the hell out of me

- More please ❗️

Their still here amazing


SHAME SHAME a song you will want to do EVERYTHING TOO...............WHAT A SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO GUYS !!!!!!!!

- Finally!!!

This is a great song!! The album will be great too!!!

- FF flying the flag

Evolving their sound and delivering musicality!

- G.O.A.T


- Foooey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As great a band as they are, I think that they're over extending themselves. Maybe...

- Mr Jahn

Nothing comes close to ‘The Oren tender’ and hasn’t since. Disappointing to say the least.

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- What the Hell

What a pile of Tripe shame shame is. Last album was the start of the decline. Stick to what you’re good at Dave and the boys.

- Hip Hop is Destroying Real Music

Hip Hop is the reason for this Seismic shift from Live Instruments to Digital. Everything has to have an Urban Beat these days and its Dreadful! What would Kurt say to Dave if he could hear this Mess? Shame Shame Dave Grohl is a Sellout; exactly what Kurt hated!!

- It’s been a while fellas

Shame shame has got my juices flowing in anticipation 🤤

- Don’t know what people are moaning about...

Can’t people get used to new music? Unlike other bands, they’re trying different & New approaches to writing music. Time to time, people like to change their Sound and I like the change!

- this is why i love foo fighters

great beginning album.

- The Foos can do no wrong!

Obviously, only heard Shame Shame so far. A grower in my eyes. As for the negative reviews - you don’t like it, fair enough, but at least wait for the album before claiming they’ve lost it!


Oh YES YES YES !!!!!! Great track. Bring it on ............

- Where have you gone Dave Grohl?

Unfortunately each song is dull so far - where’s the fire gone

- Dave does it again

Just what you need a great band playing great music , can’t wait for the next 6 to be released .

- Don’t be fooled... I was. This is nothing like 70s pop stars ABBA!

- Listen without prejudice

There was a similar chorus of disapproval with the last Arctic Monkeys album...which turned out to be, well... great! Don't some folks understand that music (and musicians) need to grow, mature and evolve. You would think that FF fans would get that better than most, given Dave G's metamorphosis from Nirvana. Please give the lads a chance and LISTEN.

- Shame

What's going on with this band? They've had the whole of lockdown to belt out some tunes and we end up with only 9 songs, and with at least one of them a total dud. Ever since they added a keyboard player to the line up their music has tanked. Ditch the ivory tickler, stomp on the distortion pedal and start screaming again.


Only heard the first 3 tracks so far but holy moly!!! Can’t wait for the rest of the album and to get out in a field to see them live sooooooo!! (Hopefully!!)

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No pressure, @foofighters, but I’m going to need at least one more after Medicine at Midnight. .


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Foo Fighters UK

...they've had their medicine at midnight.

Cara ◟̽◞̽ #TCOE

My brother is planning to watch endgame on a specific time so the snap will happen at midnight... He's lucky I'm a marvel fan 🙄.

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Foo Fighters' next 'Medicine At Midnight' song, "No Son Of Mine" is midnight tonight! .

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Foo Fighters - Medicine at Midnight Album Wiki

Medicine at Midnight is the tenth studio album by American rock band Foo Fighters. Originally scheduled for 2020, the album was delayed to February 5, 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Three singles were released ahead of the album's release: "Shame Shame" in November 2020, "No Son of Mine" on New Year's Day 2021, and "Waiting on a War" in January 2021. .

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